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People's Republic of China

Market Watch
Close of
February 29, 2024
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 2.028 2.0 2.5 16.9
5 Year 2.222 0.1 3.0 17.2
10 Year 2.353 0.5 5.2 20.8

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
CNY per USD 7.189 ▲ 0.1 ▲ 0.1 1.2
CNY per JPY 0.048 0.3 0.3 ▲ 4.8

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
3M 1.836     0.0     0.0 58.6

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-year Medium-term
Lending Facility Rate
2.500     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I AA- stable 2019-12-25
RAM AA3 stable 2019-07-18
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch A+ stable 2019-11-19
S&P A+ stable 2019-09-30

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Between 1 September and 10 November, local currency (LCY) government bond yields in the People’s Republic of China (PRC) rose for most maturities following cues from the United States Federal Reserve that it would enter into an extended period where it would leave policy rates unchanged at elevated levels. Yields rose, however, more at the shorter-end, with the 2-year yield rising 22 basis points while the 10-year yield rose only 2 basis points, capped by nonexistent inflation of 0.0% year-on-year (y-o-y) in October and 0.1% y-o-y in September. Gross domestic product growth also declined from 6.3% y-o-y in the second quarter of 2023 to 4.9% y-o-y in the third quarter (Q3), which was still higher than expected. Also dragging on the economic outlook were continued property market woes.

Local Currency Bond Market Size and Issuance

LCY bonds outstanding in the PRC posted a modest expansion in Q3 2023 as the government urged local governments to complete their bond quotas by September 2023. Overall LCY bonds outstanding in the PRC rose 2.5% quarter-on-quarter to CNY136.3 trillion at the end of September. LCY bond sales in the PRC totaled CNY12.0 trillion in Q3 2023, growing 11.5% quarter-on-quarter largely due to local government bond issuance.

Policy and Regulatory Developments

On 25 October, the People’s Republic of China announced that it would issue an additional CNY1.0 trillion of government bonds to help support fiscal stimulus measures. Under the plan, the proceeds of the government bonds will be transferred to local government units. In addition, the government raised its budget deficit target for 2023 from 3.0% to 3.8%.

Title Source Date
China Banks Approve $28 Billion Loans for Property MarketBloomberg2024-03-01
China State Firm Sells Bonds to Help Fund LGFV in Rare MoveBloomberg2024-02-26
China's Economy Under Pressure as Inflation Drops at Fastest Pace in 14 YearsBloomberg2024-02-08
China Share Buybacks Hit Three-Year High Amid Market SlumpBloomberg2024-02-07
China Stocks Rebound as Beijing Intensifies Efforts to Stem RoutBloomberg2024-02-06
China Vows Plan to Attract Investment, Offers No New DetailBloomberg2024-02-05
China Stocks Post More Wild Swings Amid Beijing Stability VowBloomberg2024-02-05
China Factory Activity Expands Again, Private Survey ShowsBloomberg2024-02-01
China Vows to Keep ‘Necessary’ Strength for 2024 Fiscal SpendingBloomberg2024-02-01
China Stocks Erase Gains Spurred by Rescue-Package OptimismBloomberg2024-01-31
China’s 10-Year Yield Falls to Two-Decade Low on Rate Cut HopesBloomberg2024-01-30
China Markets Show Pressure Growing for Beijing to Do MoreBloomberg2024-01-30
China Signals More Targeted Stimulus to ComeBloomberg2024-01-26
China's $6 Trillion Stock Wipeout Exposes Deeper Problems for XiBloomberg2024-01-25
China’s Provinces Mostly Target GDP Growth of 5% Or More in 2024Bloomberg2024-01-24
China to Cut Bank Reserve Ratio in Bid to Boost Growth, MarketsBloomberg2024-01-24
China Stock Rout Sends Local Funds Scurrying to Safety of BondsBloomberg2024-01-24
China Selloff Leads to Record $38 Trillion Gap With US StocksBloomberg2024-01-23
China Weighs Stock Market Rescue Package Backed by $278 BillionBloomberg2024-01-23
Chinese Banks Hold Rates, Expectations Rise for Easing by SpringBloomberg2024-01-22
China's Mutual Funds Implode at Fastest Pace in Five Years as Stocks SinkBloomberg2024-01-19
China Swap Market Goes Into Overdrive as Traders Seek FX BypassBloomberg2024-01-19
China’s Stock Slump Shows No Signs of Let-Up as Risks AboundBloomberg2024-01-18
China Weighs More Stimulus With $139 Billion of Special BondsBloomberg2024-01-16
China Bond Inflow Extends on Lucrative Swaps, PBOC Easing HopeBloomberg2024-01-16
China Seen Cutting Rate, Boosting Cash to Support EconomyBloomberg2024-01-12
China’s Exports Drop for First Time Since 2016 as Demand CoolsBloomberg2024-01-12
China’s Worst Deflation Streak in 14 Years Puts Pressure on PBOCBloomberg2024-01-12
China Hints at More Easing With Possible Reserve Ratio CutBloomberg2024-01-09
China’s Top Car Dealer Mulls Repayment Options as Debt MaturesBloomberg2024-01-08
China Builder Xinyuan’s US Unit Files for Chapter 11 BankruptcyBloomberg2024-01-08
China’s Fiscal Reforms Need to Help Local Morale, Experts SayBloomberg2024-01-08
China Markets Are Betting Big on Further PBOC Easing This YearBloomberg2024-01-05
China’s Fiscal Spending Will Rise This Year, Finance Chief SaysBloomberg2024-01-04
China 10-Year Yield Hits Lowest Since 2020 as Easing Bets MountBloomberg2024-01-04
China Bad-Debt Managers Cut by Fitch on Weaker State SupportBloomberg2024-01-04
China’s Commodities Demand Remains Resilient Despite Factory SlumpBloomberg2024-01-03
China Fortune Land’s Bond Investors Get Only Partial PaymentBloomberg2024-01-03
China Stocks See Worst Start to Year Since 2019 on Economic WoesBloomberg2024-01-02
China’s Factory Activity Picks Up, Private Survey ShowsBloomberg2024-01-02
China’s Industrial Profits Jump Though Deflation Woes LingerBloomberg2023-12-27
China Bond Inflow Surprise May Be False Dawn as PBOC Hands TiedBloomberg2023-12-23
China’s CSI 300 Index Caps Longest Weekly Losing Streak Since 2012Bloomberg2023-12-22
China’s 30-Year Yield Hits Lowest Since ‘05 on Deposit Rate CutsBloomberg2023-12-22
China’s Budget Shift Risks Local Officials ‘Lying Flat’Bloomberg2023-12-21
Chinese Banks Hold Lending Rates as PBOC Seen Easing in 2024Bloomberg2023-12-20
China Flows Into New Stock Funds Plunge to Lowest in DecadeBloomberg2023-12-19
China’s Surviving Borrowers Enjoy Lowest Stress Since CrisisBloomberg2023-12-19
China’s Gloomy Economic Data Paints ‘Dire’ Growth PictureBloomberg2023-12-15
China’s Policy Combo Gives Investors Hope for a Market RallyBloomberg2023-12-15
China’s Economy Seen Weakening on Drags From Deflation, PropertyBloomberg2023-12-14
China Official Vows to Prevent Deluge of Defaults by DevelopersBloomberg2023-12-13
Country Garden Set to Avoid Yuan Bond Default After Holder DealBloomberg2023-12-12
China’s Surging Real Borrowing Costs to Drag on Growth Into 2024Bloomberg2023-12-11
China Stocks Test Critical Support Levels as Selloff ExtendsBloomberg2023-12-08
China’s Weak Trade Data Signals More Economic Pain to ComeBloomberg2023-12-07
China Seen Targeting Ambitious 2024 Growth Goal at Key MeetingsBloomberg2023-12-05
Moody’s Cuts China Credit Outlook to Negative on Rising DebtBloomberg2023-12-05
China Stock Slump Deepens as Traders Fret Over Economy’s HealthBloomberg2023-12-05
PBOC Chief Pledges to Keep Growth of Money Supply in CheckBloomberg2023-12-04
China’s Economic Heft Sinks for First Time in Three DecadesBloomberg2023-12-02
Foreigners Sell China Stocks For Fourth Month in Record StreakBloomberg2023-12-01
Chinese Stocks Stage Late Recovery After State Buying ReportBloomberg2023-12-01
Chinese-Style Quantitative Easing Emerges as Option to Fix Property SectorBloomberg2023-11-29
PBOC Chief Warns of ‘Long and Difficult’ Economic TransformationBloomberg2023-11-28
China Seen Unleashing $319 Billion of Special Bond Quota EarlyBloomberg2023-11-28
China Industrial Profit Growth Eases as Deflation PersistsBloomberg2023-11-27
China Bank-Backed Dollar Bond Sales Plunge Amid Default JittersBloomberg2023-11-27
Yuan’s Recovery Gains Momentum as Seasonal Tailwind Kicks InBloomberg2023-11-27
China’s Belt and Road Eyes Smaller Projects, More Use of YuanBloomberg2023-11-24
China Races to End Property Panic, Fill $446 Billion GapBloomberg2023-11-23
Chinese Debt Deemed Asia's Biggest Risk Turns Into a Lucrative BetBloomberg2023-11-23
Yuan Rally Offers Scope for PBOC to Loosen Grip Over CurrencyBloomberg2023-11-20
China Pauses Rate Cuts as Focus Shifts to Credit StabilityBloomberg2023-11-20
China Asks Some Big Banks to Cap Rates on Short-Term FundingBloomberg2023-11-17
China Is Sailing Its Way Through a Record Year of Debt SalesBloomberg2023-11-17
China Property Slump Deepens as Beijing Mulls More StimulusBloomberg2023-11-15
China Set to Add Liquidity Support to Stave Off Cash SqueezeBloomberg2023-11-13
China Revamps Overseas Lending as US Narrows Spending GapBloomberg2023-11-07
IMF Lifts China Growth Forecasts Through 2024 on StimulusBloomberg2023-11-07
China’s Import Surprise Offers Hope as Recovery Risks LingerBloomberg2023-11-07
China’s 2024 Growth May Even Beat 2023, Ex-PBOC Adviser SaysBloomberg2023-11-02
China Signals Zero Tolerance For Sharp Economic Slowdown With Rare StepsBloomberg2023-10-25
China Money Markets Suggest Even More PBOC Support RequiredBloomberg2023-10-25
China Developer Country Garden Deemed in Default on Dollar Bond for First TimeBloomberg2023-10-25
China Stocks Rally Cools in Sign Fresh Stimulus Not EnoughBloomberg2023-10-25
China Stocks Erase All Reopening Gains as Property Woes PersistBloomberg2023-10-20
China Offers Record Cash Infusion to Keep Rates Low for GrowthBloomberg2023-10-20
China’s Export Slump Eases as Beijing Tries to Boost OutlookBloomberg2023-10-13
China’s Credit Growth Beats Expectations on Stronger StimulusBloomberg2023-10-13
China Weighs New Stabilization Fund to Prop Up Stock MarketBloomberg2023-10-13
China on Brink of Deflation Again Reveals Still-Fragile RecoveryBloomberg2023-10-13
China Stocks Gain as Infrastructure Stimulus Bets Aid SentimentBloomberg2023-10-11
China Budget Revision Would Mark ‘Sea Change’ in Fiscal StrategyBloomberg2023-10-11
China’s Golden Week May Spur Volatility for Yuan at ‘Red Line’Bloomberg2023-09-28
China Sovereign Debt Sales Surge to Test PBOC Liquidity SupportBloomberg2023-09-28
China Growth Target Hangs in Balance While Economists Cut ForecastsBloomberg2023-09-27
China Industrial Profits Jump Sharply as Economy StabilizesBloomberg2023-09-27
China’s Tight Grip on Yuan Crushes Trading Volume Before HolidayBloomberg2023-09-27
China Property Stocks Head for Lowest Since 2011 as Rout ExtendsBloomberg2023-09-27
Yuan Drops Toward Weak End of PBOC Trading Band as Stress MountsBloomberg2023-09-26
Evergrande Crisis Worsens as Defaults Pile Up, Ex-CEO DetainedBloomberg2023-09-26
China Mulls Easing Foreign Stake Limits to Lure Global FundsBloomberg2023-09-21
Chinese Banks Keep Lending Rates Unchanged in Line With PBOCBloomberg2023-09-20
China LGFV Bond Sales Boom Again as Beijing Steps Up SupportBloomberg2023-09-20
China’s Economy Picks Up in August on Travel Boom, Policy PushBloomberg2023-09-15
Chinese Developer Sino-Ocean Suspends Offshore Debt PaymentsBloomberg2023-09-15
PBOC Steps Up Support for Economy By Adding One-Year FundsBloomberg2023-09-15
China’s Data to Show Economy Is Trying to Move Past the WorstBloomberg2023-09-14
Yuan Bears Feel Heat of PBOC Defense as Funding Costs SurgeBloomberg2023-09-13
It’s Not Just the US Dollar. China Supports Yuan Against 23 Other Currencies.Bloomberg2023-09-13
Country Garden Gets Respite as $1.4 Billion of Bonds ExtendedBloomberg2023-09-13
Yuan Drops Toward Record Low as China Budges in Fight With BearsBloomberg2023-09-06
China Ramps Up Campaign to Boost Fragile Economy, CurrencyBloomberg2023-09-01
China Uses Another Tool to Aid Yuan in String of Market SupportBloomberg2023-09-01
China Is Speeding Up Infrastructure Bond Sales to Boost SpendingBloomberg2023-08-31
Economists Trim China Growth Forecasts, See More PBOC EasingBloomberg2023-08-29
Offshore Yuan Seen Tumbling to New Low Against Dollar in China SelloffBloomberg2023-08-28
China Eases Home Purchase Rules in New Push to Boost EconomyBloomberg2023-08-25
China’s Stumbling Economy Speeds Up Demand for Sovereign BondsBloomberg2023-08-25
China Regulator to Meet Global Investors to Shore Up MarketBloomberg2023-08-25
Country Garden Troubles Threaten to Cause Mayhem for Chinese Property Firms and BanksBloomberg2023-08-25
China Ramps Up Fight With Yuan Bears to Stop Selloff SpiralingBloomberg2023-08-22
Chinese Banks Challenged as Economy Wobbles and Property Market Woes MountBloomberg2023-08-18
China’s Hidden Financial Dangers Erupt With Shadow Bank CrisisBloomberg2023-08-18
China Steps Up Efforts to Stabilize Markets as Confidence SlumpsBloomberg2023-08-18
PBOC’s Yuan Fix Is Losing Its Bite as Bearish Sentiment MountsBloomberg2023-08-15
China Cuts Rate by Most Since 2020 as Economic Woes DeepenBloomberg2023-08-15
China’s Snoozing Rates Traders Eye Next Round of PBOC ActionBloomberg2023-08-11
Biden Limits US Investment In Key Chinese Tech SectorsBloomberg2023-08-10
China Deflation Threat Grows as Companies Cut Prices to SurviveBloomberg2023-08-08
China’s Trade Plunges More Than Forecast in Blow to RecoveryBloomberg2023-08-08
China Stocks in Hong Kong Drop During Growing Economic StrainsBloomberg2023-08-08
China Foreign Investment Gauge Drops to 25-Year LowBloomberg2023-08-08
China Services Activity Surprisingly Picks up in Private SurveyBloomberg2023-08-03
China’s Push to Clear Hidden Debt Likely to Benefit Weak RegionsBloomberg2023-08-03
China Seen Cutting Banks’ Reserve Ratio in August to Add CashBloomberg2023-08-03
China Puts Pressure on Local Governments in Pro-Growth PushBloomberg2023-08-02
China's non-manufacturing sector continues to expand in JulyXinhua2023-07-31
China's manufacturing PMI up in JulyXinhua2023-07-31
China Vows Pit Hopefuls Against Skeptics on Market RecoveryBloomberg2023-07-25
China Junk Bonds Suffer Worst Slide of 2023 as Defaults MountBloomberg2023-07-19
China Support Measures Buoy Stocks to Commodities: Markets WrapBloomberg2023-07-11
A $28 Billion Wave of Selling Pressure Threatens China StocksBloomberg2023-07-10
China’s producer prices sink again in June in latest sign of stalled recoveryCNBC2023-07-09
China's bond market sees net purchases from overseas investorsBloomberg2023-07-05
Chinese Firms Are Issuing the Fewest Dollar Bonds in a DecadeBloomberg2023-07-04
China’s PBOC Sticks With Yuan Support as Currency Losses DeepenBloomberg2023-06-30
China Growth Momentum Slows Further Amid Calls for StimulusBloomberg2023-06-30
Big China Stimulus Isn’t Coming, Former IMF Official SaysBloomberg2023-06-29
China Likely to Ramp Up Monetary, Fiscal Stimulus, Survey ShowsBloomberg2023-06-28
China Tightens Grip on Markets After Selloff in Currency, StocksBloomberg2023-06-27
China Economy Gloom Worsens With Weak Consumer Spending DataBloomberg2023-06-26
China Stimulus Calls Mount From State Media, Top AdvisersBloomberg2023-06-21
Yuan Extends Drop as PBOC’s Weak Fix Worsens Fragile SentimentBloomberg2023-06-21
Chinese Banks Disappoint With Modest Cut to Five-Year RateBloomberg2023-06-20
How China’s Sputtering Recovery Is Hurting Crude Oil PricesBloomberg2023-06-14
Chinese Investors Shift More Cash Abroad in Blow to Local StocksBloomberg2023-06-14
China’s Offshore Green Bond Market Evaporates on Default WorriesBloomberg2023-06-14
China Rate Cut Gives Investors Reason to Buy Yuan Bonds AgainBloomberg2023-06-14
China Considers Developing Domestic High-Yield Bond MarketBloomberg2023-06-13
China Credit Demand Weakens In Fresh Sign of Waning RecoveryBloomberg2023-06-13
Yuan Pares Loss, Bonds Rally as Stimulus Report Boosts SentimentBloomberg2023-06-13
China’s Surprise Rate Cut Fuels Expectations of More EasingBloomberg2023-06-13
China’s Deflation Risk Fuels Calls for Interest Rate CutsBloomberg2023-06-09
China’s State Banks Cut Deposit Rates to Bolster EconomyBloomberg2023-06-08
China Exports Drop More Than Expected, Fueling Growth Risks - BloombergBloomberg2023-06-07
China Asks Big Banks to Cut Deposit Rates to Boost GrowthBloomberg2023-06-06
Over a Dozen Chinese Developers Face Delisting From ExchangesBloomberg2023-06-06
China’s Targeted Stimulus Steps Raise Doubts About Rate CutsBloomberg2023-06-05
China Bonds at Center of Crisis Fears Are Posting Surprise GainsBloomberg2023-06-05
Investors Zero In on China Local Debt Blowup as Top Risk in AsiaBloomberg2023-06-02
China Stocks Rebound as Fed Concerns Ease, Dip-Buyers EmergeBloomberg2023-06-02
China Mulls New Property-Market Support Package to Boost EconomyBloomberg2023-06-02
China’s Economy Faces Gloomy Outlook as Manufacturing SlumpsBloomberg2023-05-31
Offshore Bonds Make Up a Record Percentage of Chinese DefaultsBloomberg2023-05-30
China Stock Gauge Slumps 20% From 2023 Peak as Pessimism AboundsBloomberg2023-05-30
China’s Manufacturing Sector Improved in May, Surveys ShowBloomberg2023-05-30
Chinese Stocks Wipe Out 2023 Gains as Headwinds IntensifyBloomberg2023-05-24
China Considers Moving Stakes in Bad Banks to Sovereign Wealth FundBloomberg2023-05-19
Yuan Weakens Past Seven Per Dollar After China Data DisappointBloomberg2023-05-17
China’s Credit, New Loans Plunge as Worries Over Recovery MountBloomberg2023-05-11
Yuan Primed for Losses on Uneven Recovery, Political TensionsBloomberg2023-05-11
China’s High Turnover Stock Market Is Punishing Liquidity TradesBloomberg2023-05-08
China Services Activity Eases as Concerns Mount Over ReboundBloomberg2023-05-05
IMF Says China Has Space to Keep Monetary, Fiscal Policy LooseBloomberg2023-05-03
China Extends Cash Injections to Curb Month-End Rate SwingsBloomberg2023-04-28
China’s Leaders Stick to Pro-Growth Stance, Vow SupportBloomberg2023-04-28
China’s Deepening Selloff Shows Investors Are Losing ConfidenceBloomberg2023-04-25
China Province Steps Up Its Plead for State Aid on Debt WoesBloomberg2023-04-24
China Bond Selloff Eased in March as Global Volatility SpikedBloomberg2023-04-24
China Central Bank Signals It Will Dial Back Pandemic StimulusBloomberg2023-04-21
China’s Consumer-Driven Growth Gives Boost to Global EconomyBloomberg2023-04-18
China Searches for Clearer Signs of Economic MomentumBloomberg2023-04-17
China Pumps $25 Billion in Funds to Banks While Keeping Key Rate on HoldBloomberg2023-04-17
China Megabanks Plan Funding Spree to Plug Capital ShortfallBloomberg2023-04-14
China Eases Debt-Relief Stance in Hint of Progress in TalksBloomberg2023-04-13
China Bonds Rally on Hopes PBOC Will Ease to Stimulate GrowthBloomberg2023-04-12
China Bets $1.8 Trillion of Construction Will Boost EconomyBloomberg2023-04-11
China’s Stock Markets Show Elevated Turnover as Optimism ReturnsBloomberg2023-04-11
China’s Weak Inflation Fuels Calls for More Policy StimulusBloomberg2023-04-11
China Expands Gold Reserves at Central Bank For Fifth MonthBloomberg2023-04-10
Traders Traumatized by Volatile Treasuries Consider China BondsBloomberg2023-04-10
China’s economic recovery ‘on track’ as services activity hits 12-year high in MarchSouth China Morning Post2023-03-31
China’s Economic Planning Official Sees Risks to Global Growth, InflationBloomberg2023-03-29
Global Banking Woes Put Spotlight on China Regional LendersBloomberg2023-03-29
China Lent Heavily to Developing Nations. Now It’s Helping Them Manage Their DebtBloomberg2023-03-28
China Central Government Is Borrowing at Fastest Pace on RecordBloomberg2023-03-27
China’s Economic Recovery Faces Risks From Global Trade SlumpBloomberg2023-03-27
China Overnight Funding Rate Soars Ahead of PBOC Easing MoveBloomberg2023-03-21
China Tech Giants Earnings Under Spotlight After SVB TurmoiBloomberg2023-03-17
Chinese Banking Shares Emerge as Havens Amid Global Sector WoesBloomberg2023-03-16
China Regulators Gather Feedback, Plan Talks on Bond MarketBloomberg2023-03-16
Bond Market Split Shows China’s Economy Looks Rosier From AfarBloomberg2023-03-15
PBOC to Continue With Liquidity Help as Yi Stays On as GovernorBloomberg2023-03-13
China Stocks Outperform in Asia on Bets for Policy ConsistencyBloomberg2023-03-13
China’s Consumer Spending Shows Signs of Strong ReboundBloomberg2023-03-10
MSCI China Stocks Gauge Erases 2023 Gains as NPC UnderwhelmsBloomberg2023-03-10
China to Set Up Enlarged Financial Regulatory AuthorityBloomberg2023-03-07
China’s Exports Extend Declines, Adding Pressure to EconomyBloomberg2023-03-07
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