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People's Republic of China

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April 13, 2021
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 2.704 4.0 3.8 0.6
5 Year 2.981 4.7 6.2 ▲ 4.1
10 Year 3.169 2.2 3.8 ▲ 2.3

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
CNY per USD 6.544 ▲ 0.1 0.1 0.3
CNY per JPY 0.060 0.2 0.7 ▲ 5.1

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
No data available for this market
Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-year Medium-term
Lending Facility Rate
2.950     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I AA- stable 2019-12-25
RAM AA3 stable 2019-07-18
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch A+ stable 2019-11-19
S&P A+ stable 2019-09-30

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2019: People's Republic of China

Published by the ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum (ABMF) in collaboration with the ADB as its secretariat, the two-volume guide contains detailed information on bond market infrastructure; transaction flows, including information on matching, settlement cycles, and numbering; and the regulatory framework and market practices in the Peoples's Republic of China (PRC). View Report

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Market Summary

Size and Composition

The People’s Republic of China’s outstanding local currency bonds grew 3.3% quarter-on-quarter to CNY101.4 trillion (USD15.5 trillion) at the end of December 2020, slower than the 5.4% quarter-on-quarter growth in the earlier quarter. The decline was largely due to lower issuance in local government and policy bank bonds. On a year-on-year basis, bonds outstanding grew 20.5%.

Notable Corporate Bond Issuances in Q4 2020

Total corporate bond issuance in the People’s Republic of China declined 4.4% quarter-on-quarter but rose 22.9% year-on-year to CNY4.6 trillion. The quarter saw a number of perpetual bond issues from financial institutions.

Title Source Date
China Pulls Support From Local Funding Vehicles to Cut RiskBloomberg2021-04-14
China’s Trade Surges as Global Economy Recovers from Pandemic - BloombergBloomberg2021-04-13
Red Lights Flashing in Credit Markets as Huarong Concern GrowsBloomberg2021-04-13
China Flags Deeper Clampdown on Debt Growth at Local BanksBloomberg2021-04-09
Global Funds End Two-Year Buying Spree in China Government DebtBloomberg2021-04-08
China Asks Banks to Curtail Credit for Rest of YearBloomberg2021-04-06
China Considers New Bourse to Attract Overseas-Listed Firms: ReutersBloomberg2021-03-31
China FTSE Bond Index Inclusion to Take Much Longer Than PlannedBloomberg2021-03-30
Worst Yuan Selloff in Year Drives Traders Back to Daily FixBloomberg2021-03-29
China’s Shift Toward Consumer-Driven Economy Is Set to SlowBloomberg2021-03-29
China’s Industrial Strength Drives Economic Rebound In MarchBloomberg2021-03-26
China’s Central Bank Estimates Potential Growth of Under 6%Bloomberg2021-03-26
China’s Economic Growth Could Exceed Target, Premier Li SaysBloomberg2021-03-23
China’s CSI 300 Slumps to Breach 5,000 Support Level Yet AgainBloomberg2021-03-23
China's central bank conducts 10 bln yuan of reverse reposXinhua2021-03-22
China Stocks Slump as Alaska Talks With U.S. Show Gap Remains WideBloomberg2021-03-19
State Council distributes work priorities to reinforce economic recoveryXinhua2021-03-16
China’s Economic Activity Data Soars a Year After LockdownBloomberg2021-03-15
China’s Credit Better Than Forecast Despite February HolidayBloomberg2021-03-11
China State Funds Buy Stocks to Stem Worsening RoutBloomberg2021-03-09
China’s Central Bank to Step Up Efforts to Curb Financial RisksBloomberg2021-03-09
Back-to-Back Chinese Defaults Contained as Credit Market MaturesBloomberg2021-03-04
China Seen Cutting Local Government Bond Quota to Curb DebtBloomberg2021-03-01
China’s Recovery Slows Amid HolidayBloomberg2021-03-01
China Stock Traders Sell Favorites After Benchmark Tests RecordBloomberg2021-02-19
Chinese Markets Reopen With Stocks Primed to Hit All-Time HighsBloomberg2021-02-18
China’s Inflation Divergence Shows Unbalanced Economic RecoveryBloomberg2021-02-10
S&P Global Ratings: China Economy to Grow About 7% in 2021Bloomberg2021-02-08
Chinese Offshore Bond Defaults Reach Nearly 33% of 2020’s TotalBloomberg2021-02-04
How China’s Liquidity Squeeze Got Markets All RattledBloomberg2021-02-03
China Drains Funds from Banking System as Cash Crunch EaseBloomberg2021-02-03
China factory activity slows slightly on new COVID-19 waveKhmer Times2021-02-01
China Central Bank Drains Most Short-Term Funds Since OctoberBloomberg2021-01-28
China Won’t Exit From Stimulus Prematurely, PBOC’s Yi SaysBloomberg2021-01-27
China’s Economy Picks Up in January, Building on 2020’s RecoveryBloomberg2021-01-26
China Overtook U.S. in Foreign Direct Investment, UN Agency SaysBloomberg2021-01-25
Chinese banks report net forex purchase in DecemberXinhua2021-01-22
China Stocks Rise Most in a Week as Buyers Shift From Hong KongBloomberg2021-01-21
China’s Big Three State Telcos Seek Review of NYSE DelistingBloomberg2021-01-21
Irresistible? Pension funds plot move on China's $16 trillion sovereigThe Jakarta Post2021-01-20
China Outbound M&A Seen Driving Rebound in Loans This YearBloomberg2021-01-20
China’s Economy Grew 2.3% in 2020, Accelerating Global RiseBloomberg2021-01-18
A Year After Covid Began, China’s Economy Is Beating WorldBloomberg2021-01-15
China’s Trade Surplus Hits Record as Pandemic Fuels ExportsBloomberg2021-01-14
China Nears Approval of Its First Public REITs to Ease DebtBloomberg2021-01-13
Investors Have a New Default Worry in China’s Debt MarketBloomberg2021-01-12
China Stocks Climb the Most Since October to Touch 13-Year HighBloomberg2021-01-12
China’s Record $30 Billion Bond Defaults Seen Rising This YearBloomberg2021-01-12
China’s Consumer Prices Gain in December After Brief DeclineBloomberg2021-01-11
China’s Rapid Recovery Puts Global Dollar Hegemony in DoubtBloomberg2021-01-08
MSCI Cuts China Telcos From Indexes After Trump Ban; Shares FallBloomberg2021-01-08
China's central bank injects liquidity into marketXinhua2021-01-07
China Allows for Strong Yuan While Discouraging Excessive GainsBloomberg2021-01-06
FTSE Russell Removes Three More Chinese Firms After Trump OrderBloomberg2021-01-05
Chinese Stocks Are on the Brink of Exceeding 2015 BubbleBloomberg2021-01-05
China Reaffirms Goal to Bolster Food Security as Imports SwellBloomberg2021-01-04
China’s Three Big Telcos Slide on NYSE’s Move to Delist SharesBloomberg2021-01-04
Chinese Retailers See Rise in Loan Rejections, Beige Book SaysBloomberg2020-12-29
China’s Industrial Profits Grow at Slower Pace in NovemberBloomberg2020-12-27
China Approves Heavier Penalties on Capital Market ViolationsBloomberg2020-12-27
Yuan Reversal Shows 6.5 Per Dollar Is New Line of ResistanceBloomberg2020-12-17
China to Provide Financial Support to Key Foreign CompaniesBloomberg2020-12-17
China’s Central Bank Going It Alone Spurs an Influx of CapitalBloomberg2020-12-17
China Eyes Economic Goals for Next Year as Debt Levels SoarBloomberg2020-12-16
Chinese Clothing Giant Defaults on Second Domestic Yuan BondBloomberg2020-12-16
China’s Economic Recovery Strengthens, Fueled by Export BoomBloomberg2020-12-15
China Offers $145 Billion in Bank Funding as Liquidity TightensBloomberg2020-12-15
China Pledges Better Supervision of Bond Credit Rating IndustryBloomberg2020-12-14
Rapid China Inflows Spur Call for Strongest Yuan Since 1993Bloomberg2020-12-13
China Outgrows Emerging-Market Strategies for Biggest InvestorsBloomberg2020-12-10
China's Consumer Prices Decline for First Time Since 2009Bloomberg2020-12-09
China's Financial Markets Start to Price In DeleveragingBloomberg2020-12-08
This Year Chinese Sovereign Bonds Became a Global Yield PlayBloomberg2020-12-07
China Punctuates Greater Market Freedoms With Tough CrackdownsBloomberg2020-12-03
China Default Fears Curb Year-End Sales of New Dollar BondsBloomberg2020-12-02
50 bln yuan drained from market TuesdayXinhua2020-12-01
China conducts this year's 11th central bank bills swapXinhua2020-11-27
China's Industrial Profits Surge at Fastest Pace in Nine YearsBloomberg2020-11-27
China bond market remains attractive on high returns: expertsXinhua2020-11-26
China Won't Hike Rates Soon as it Exits Stimulus, Says State MediaBloomberg2020-11-26
China's central bank injects liquidity into marketBloomberg2020-11-25
These AAA-Rated Bonds Are Tumbling as China Default Fears SpreadBloomberg2020-11-24
China Bond Big Bang, Bubble Delay, Ultimate Stress Test: Eco DayBloomberg2020-11-23
China Opens Its Bond Market—With Unknown Consequences for WorldBloomberg2020-11-22
China's loan prime rates remain unchangedXinhua2020-11-20
Shanghai's paid-in foreign investment up 6.2 percent in Jan.-Oct.Xinhua2020-11-19
China issues 4 billion euro-denominated bondsXinhua2020-11-19
China's Credit Jitters Deepen a Selloff in Government BondsBloomberg2020-11-18
China Markets Euro Bond Deal After Blowout Demand Last YearBloomberg2020-11-18
China's central bank drains liquidity from marketXinhua2020-11-17
Economic Watch: China's economic recovery gathers steam as major indicators improve furtherXinhua2020-11-16
China's Economic Recovery Strengthens as Consumer Spending GainsBloomberg2020-11-16
Stress in China's Credit Market Spills Over to Financial StocksBloomberg2020-11-13
China's central bank injects liquidity into market via reverse reposXinhua2020-11-13
Alibaba Leads Chinese Internet Selloff Approaching $260 BillionBloomberg2020-11-11
China's Yunnan imports breeding sows to restore hog productionXinhua2020-11-11
China's auto sales rise 12.5 pct in OctoberXinhua2020-11-11
Billionaire Who Invested in Evergrande Faces Bondholder ExodusBloomberg2020-11-10
China's Inflation Weakens to Below 1% as Pork Prices SlumpBloomberg2020-11-10
China Crop Futures Tumble as Biden Election Spurs Import HopesBloomberg2020-11-09
China's food industry posts strong profit growthXinhua2020-11-08
China Starts Thinking About Stimulus Exit as Economy RecoversBloomberg2020-11-06
FDI into China to hit 690 bln USD in 2016-2020Xinhua2020-11-06
China's central bank injects liquidity into market via reverse reposXinhua2020-11-05
China's New Growth Plan May Push Economy Past U.S. Within DecadeBloomberg2020-10-26
China's U.S. Challenge, Expectations Reset, Rates, GDP: Eco DayBloomberg2020-10-25
Foreigners Are Snapping Up China Government Bonds Like Never BeforeBloomberg2020-10-25
China's Economy Accelerates, Broadening Recovery From Pandemic updated 28 minutes agoBloomberg2020-10-19
China's Stock Market Tops $10 Trillion for First Time Since 2015Bloomberg2020-10-13
China Acts to Slow Yuan's Rapid Ascent Without Causing PanicBloomberg2020-10-12
Yuan Gain May Be Capped After PBOC Cuts Shorting CostsBloomberg2020-10-12
Markets Yuan Down on China Rule Change; Stocks Push Higher: Markets WrapBloomberg2020-10-12
China establishes countercyclical capital buffer mechanismXinhua2020-10-01
China's Factory Outlook Brightens on Signs of Solid RecoveryBloomberg2020-09-30
FTSE Russell Says China to Be Included in Global Bond IndexBloomberg2020-09-24
China's Unspent Stimulus Pile Primed to Fuel Economic RecoveryBloomberg2020-09-23
Yuan Chips Away at U.S. Dominance of FX MarketBloomberg2020-09-23
Pullback in China Stocks Has Investors Fearing Deeper SlumpBloomberg2020-09-10
China's Record Dollar-Bond Flood Leaves Buyers Wanting Even MoreBloomberg2020-09-10
China's non-manufacturing PMI rises in AugustXinhua2020-09-02
China's Growth Rate Seen Decelerating to 2.9% in 2050Bloomberg2020-09-01
China's Economic Rebound Continued in August on Strong ServicesBloomberg2020-08-31
Chinese Borrowers Face Fresh Tests as Debt Reprieve Nears EndBloomberg2020-08-31
China Expects Trade Deal Talks With U.S. to Take Place SoonBloomberg2020-08-21
Oil Extends Gains With Weaker Dollar And Declining StockpilesBloomberg2020-08-16
Stocks, Futures Rise Ahead of Fed Meeting; Oil Up: Markets WrapBloomberg2020-08-16
Chinese Consumers Join Industrial Recovery From Covid-19Bloomberg2020-08-15
China's Industry-Led Recovery Continues But Retail is WeakBloomberg2020-08-14
Borrowing to Buy Stocks Pushes Up China's Record Household DebtBloomberg2020-08-14
China's Bond Data Hint Central Bank Is Buying Government DebtBloomberg2020-08-13
China's Recovery Threatened by Surging Prices, Stagnant WagesBloomberg2020-08-12
China's factory gate prices fall for sixth straight month in JulyIntellasia.net2020-08-11
China July Consumer Inflation Picks Up Amid Flood DisruptionBloomberg2020-08-10
China Exempts Foreign Banks From Massive Loan Relief PushBloomberg2020-08-06
PBOC's Attempt to Exit Crisis Mode Faces a $500 Billion TestBloomberg2020-08-05
China Stocks Will Only Get Wilder After July Whipsaws InvestorsBloomberg2020-07-31
China's Economy Sped Up in July as Factory Output RecoveredBloomberg2020-07-31
China's Economy Will Grow 2.5% This Year, UBS SaysBloomberg2020-07-23
BlackRock Shifts Money From China in Wake of Stocks RallyBloomberg2020-07-22
China Stocks' Quickest Reversal Since 2015 Blindsides InvestorsBloomberg2020-07-22
Xi's Radical Stock Market Reforms Shield China Firms From U.S.Bloomberg2020-07-22
Risk Sentiment Worsens Amid Jitters Over China StocksBloomberg2020-07-17
China Economy Returned to Growth Last Quarter as Virus EasedBloomberg2020-07-16
A Spate of Bank Runs Breaks Out in China, Fueled by Social MediaBloomberg2020-07-15
China Set to Post Return to Growth After Easing LockdownsBloomberg2020-07-15
China's Hottest Stocks Sink as Beijing Cools Speculative FervorBloomberg2020-07-14
China's Trade Rose in Yuan Terms in June Amid Worsening VirusBloomberg2020-07-14
China Renews Push for Increased Global Role for the YuanBloomberg2020-07-13
How China's Stock Market Today Compares With 2014 Melt-UpBloomberg2020-07-13
China's Rebound Fuels Emerging Market OptimismBloomberg2020-07-13
Producer Prices for the Industrial Sector for June 2020National Bureau of Statistics of China2020-07-10
Consumer Prices for June 2020National Bureau of Statistics of China2020-07-10
All Eyes on China's Unstoppable Stocks After $460 Billion RallyBloomberg2020-07-07
China Stokes a Stock-Market Mania, Risking Repeat of 2015 BubbleBloomberg2020-07-06
China's Services Activity Jumped in June, Private Gauge ShowsBloomberg2020-07-03
China's Central Bank Is Signaling a Slower Pace of EasingBloomberg2020-07-02
China's June factory activity quickens to three-month high: official PMIThe Jakarta Post2020-06-30
China Weighs Letting Big Banks Broker Deals on Wall Street ThreatBloomberg2020-06-29
China's Economy Continues Slow Recovery, Early Data ShowBloomberg2020-06-25
As China's Economy Slows, Why the World Should CareBloomberg2020-06-24
China's Growing Dollar Bond Defaults Reveal Depth of StressBloomberg2020-06-24
China Asks Banks to Forgo $211 Billion to Help Boost EconomyBloomberg2020-06-18
China's Most Volatile Shares Soon Be Able to Move 20% DailyBloomberg2020-06-18
China's issuance of enterprise bonds top 193 bln yuanXinhua2020-06-16
China to issue 100 bln yuan of special government bonds for COVID-19 controlXinhua2020-06-15
China's central bank injects liquidity into marketXinhua2020-06-15
China central bank continues to inject liquidity via reverse reposXinhua2020-06-11
Chinese yuan strengthens to 7.0711 against USD TuesdayXinhua2020-06-09
China to accelerate issuance, use of local government bondsXinhua2020-06-09
China's Monthly Car Sales Rise for First Time in Almost a YearBloomberg2020-06-08
Record $666 Billion China Local-Debt Wave Sees Foreigners WaryBloomberg2020-06-03
Phase One Trade Deal Pretty Much Dead: EU Chamber of Commerce in ChinaBloomberg2020-06-03
Chinese shares close higher MondayXinhua2020-06-01
China's central bank injects 240 bln yuan into market ThursdayXinhua2020-05-28
China Sets Stronger-Than-Expected Fixing After Yuan's TumbleBloomberg2020-05-28
Shanghai Stock Exchange Mulls First Revamp of Benchmark in 30 YearsBloomberg2020-05-27
China's industrial profits down 27.4 pct in first four monthsXinhua2020-05-27
China's Lower Rates Boost a Trade That it Wants To RestrainBloomberg2020-05-27
China's Economy Is Inching Out of Virus Slump, Early Data ShowBloomberg2020-05-27
Xinhua Headlines: China's production resumption drives Belt and Road cooperation, fuels global growthXinhua2020-05-26
China's central bank injects 10 bln yuan into market TuesdayXinhua2020-05-26
RRR for financial institutions drops to 9.4 pct: central bankXinhua2020-05-26
China Will Maintain Stimulus Even as Economy ImprovesBloomberg2020-05-26
Alibaba Drops After Projecting Slowing Growth in Uncertain TimesBloomberg2020-05-25
Economists See China Holding Stimulus in Check Amid UncertaintyBloomberg2020-05-25
China Sets Yuan Fix at Weakest Since 2008 After Currency DropBloomberg2020-05-25
China Extends Relief for Trillions of Yuan in Bank LoansBloomberg2020-05-22
China Pledges to Implement U.S. Trade Deal Amid Rising TensionsBloomberg2020-05-22
China Abandons Numerical GDP Target on 'Great Uncertainty'Bloomberg2020-05-22
Senate Passes Bill to Delist Chinese Companies From ExchangesBloomberg2020-05-21
China to steadfastly advance opening up: spokespersonXinhua2020-05-20
China Is Days Away From Revealing If It Dumped Its GDP Growth TargetBloomberg2020-05-19
China Considers Further Relief as Deadline Nears on $211 Billion in Bad DebtBloomberg2020-05-19
China's consumer market bounces back from COVID-19 impact during May Day holidayXinhua2020-05-08
China's consumer inflation expected to edge down in AprilXinhua2020-05-08
China's exports up 8.2 pct, imports down 10.2 pct in AprilXinhua2020-05-07
China cuts TMLF interest rate by 20 basis points in latest economy support stepReuters2020-04-24
China Adds Cash to Banking System, Cuts Interest Rate on LoansBloomberg2020-04-15
China's Trade Fell Less Than Expected Even as Virus SpreadBloomberg2020-04-14
China's producer prices down 1.5 pct in MarchXinhua2020-04-14
China's CPI up 4.3 pct in MarchXinhua2020-04-14
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