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People's Republic of China

Market Watch
Close of
February 2, 2023
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 2.391 1.5 ▲ 4.1 ▲ 5.2
5 Year 2.680 2.8 3.8 ▲ 5.5
10 Year 2.897 1.6 3.1 ▲ 5.8

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
CNY per USD 6.731 ▲ 0.2 ▲ 0.9 ▲ 2.4
CNY per JPY 0.052 0.1 0.3 ▲ 0.6

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
3M 1.865 ▲ 0.3 ▲ 9.0 26.9

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-year Medium-term
Lending Facility Rate
2.750     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I AA- stable 2019-12-25
RAM AA3 stable 2019-07-18
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch A+ stable 2019-11-19
S&P A+ stable 2019-09-30

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Between 31 August and 14 October, the People’s Republic of China’s (PRC) local currency government bond yields rose for nearly all tenors. The rise, however, was marginal, with tenors of longer than 3 months rising between 0.2 and 8.0 basis points (bps). The spread of the 10-year over 2-year tenor rose slightly to 65 bps on 14 October from 59 bps on 31 August. In contrast to other regional markets, the PRC’s yield curve was only marginally changed during the review period, with many other emerging East Asian markets pressured by tightening monetary policy in the United States and throughout the region. In contrast, external pressure on the PRC’s yields was offset by persistent weakness in the domestic economy.

Size and Composition

The local currency bond market in the PRC grew to a size of CNY125.8 trillion (USD17.7 trillion) at the end of September. Growth decelerated to 2.2% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) in the third quarter of 2022 from 3.5% q-o-q in the second quarter (Q2) of 2022. Total government bonds outstanding reached CNY81.9 trillion, with growth slowing to 2.8% q-o-q in third quarter of 2022 from 4.3% q-o-q in Q2 2022 as local government bond issuance weakened following the massive issuance spree in previous months in order to meet annual bond quotas. The PRC’s corporate bond market growth moderated to 1.2% q-o-q from 2.0% q-o-q in Q2 2022. Corporate bond issuers remained cautious over domestic market conditions.

Policy, Institutional and Regulatory Developments

In October, the People’s Bank of China raised the ratio for the cross-border borrowing of firms and banks from 1.00 to 1.25. The move will allow companies to issue more foreign debt.

Title Source Date
China Stock Rally Falters as Investors Seek Fresh ImpetusBloomberg2023-02-03
Yuan Rally Supercharges China Bond Returns as Foreigners ReturnBloomberg2023-02-02
China’s Growth Recovery Still Patchy Despite Better OutlookBloomberg2023-02-01
China’s Economic Activity Rebounds Sharply After ReopeningBloomberg2023-01-31
China Junk Dollar Bond Prices Swing From Record Low to Longest Winning StreakBloomberg2023-01-30
China Stock Rally Cools as Benchmark Flirts With Bull MarketBloomberg2023-01-30
China Stocks Near Bull Market Ahead of Lunar New Year HolidaysBloomberg2023-01-20
China Reassures Davos That Growth Will Return, Covid Has PeakedBloomberg2023-01-18
Foreigners Return to China Bluechips as Stocks Near Bull MarketBloomberg2023-01-16
Global Funds Flock Back to China Equities as Sentiment ShiftsBloomberg2023-01-13
China’s Exports Slump Further as Global Demand Drops OffBloomberg2023-01-13
China Runs Record Trade Deficit With Russia as Energy Costs JumpBloomberg2023-01-13
Yuan’s Reopening-Led Rally Faces Near-Term Growth HeadwindsBloomberg2023-01-12
Global Funds Invest More in China as Covid Zero End, Market Outlook BrightenBloomberg2023-01-11
China Deflation Pressure Worsens as Economy Slumps, Survey ShowsBloomberg2023-01-10
China Markets Start 2023 With a Bang as Policy Shift HastensBloomberg2023-01-05
China Weighs Steps to Shore Up ‘Too-Big-to-Fail’ DevelopersBloomberg2023-01-04
China Resumes Residential Real Estate Funds in Further SupportBloomberg2023-01-04
China Shares Extend Gain on Tech Rally, Property Rescue MeasuresBloomberg2023-01-04
China Ban on Cross-Border Brokers Seen Hurting Market SentimentBloomberg2023-01-03
China Economy Faces Bleak Few Months, Faster Rebound Next YearBloomberg2022-12-28
Chinese Stocks Are Suffering Massive Foreign Exodus as Covid BitesBloomberg2022-12-28
China’s Soaring Covid Cases Push Economic Activity Off A CliffBloomberg2022-12-23
China’s Abrupt Covid Shift Hits Supply Chains From Solar to CoalBloomberg2022-12-22
Economic Watch: China posts outstanding economic performance while battling COVID-19Xinhua2022-12-22
China Market’s Trading Plunges as Covid Keeps Investors at HomeBloomberg2022-12-21
World Bank slashes China growth forecastsKhmer Times2022-12-21
China’s Bonds Being Left Behind in Clamor for Emerging Market DebtBloomberg2022-12-20
China Stocks Erase Rally as Covid Woes Outweigh Policy PushBloomberg2022-12-19
China’s Equity Rally Needs Catalysts Beyond Reopening HeadlinesBloomberg2022-12-15
China Ramps Up Liquidity Injection Amid Bond Market TurmoilBloomberg2022-12-15
China Credit Markets Show More Cracks Amid ReopeningBloomberg2022-12-15
China’s Growing Bond Market Stress Puts PBOC Operation in FocusBloomberg2022-12-14
China to Set Economic Plans Amid Shift From Covid Zero to GrowthBloomberg2022-12-13
China’s Markets Are Primed for Extreme Volatility in 2023Bloomberg2022-12-12
China Stocks Slide as Traders Take Profit After Sharp Recent RunBloomberg2022-12-12
China Bond Traders Cut Leverage as Covid Shift Dampens Haven BidBloomberg2022-12-09
Yuan Faces Reality Check After China Reopening-Driven RallyBloomberg2022-12-08
China's Economy Is In for a Bumpy Ride as Covid Zero Comes to an EndBloomberg2022-12-08
China’s Local Credit Market Weakens Further on Fund OutflowsBloomberg2022-12-06
China Stocks Climb, Yuan Jumps Past Key Level on Reopening ShiftBloomberg2022-12-05
PBOC’s Yi Gang Says Focus Now on Economic GrowthBloomberg2022-12-02
China Wins Battle Versus Yuan Bears With 7 Per Dollar in SightBloomberg2022-12-01
Chinese Stocks Add to Historic Rally as Reopening Signs GrowBloomberg2022-12-01
Chinese Stocks May Extend Rally as Beijing Softens Covid StanceBloomberg2022-12-01
China's central bank conducts reverse repos to boost liquidityXinhua2022-11-29
China Unrest Sparks Haven Bid as Protests Hurt Growth OutlookBloomberg2022-11-28
China Markets Slide as Covid Protests Put Investors on EdgeBloomberg2022-11-28
China to Ramp Up Monetary Stimulus as Growth Outlook DarkensBloomberg2022-11-25
China Investors Look for Turning Point After $370 Billion RallyBloomberg2022-11-25
China to Ramp Up Monetary Stimulus as Growth Outlook DarkensBloomberg2022-11-24
China Signals Likely Reserve Requirement Cut to Aid GrowthBloomberg2022-11-23
China Central Bank Adviser Sees GDP Growth Above 5% in 2023Bloomberg2022-11-23
China’s ‘Slow, Painful’ Reopening Threatens More Economic StrainBloomberg2022-11-22
China Urges Banks to Maintain Stable Property FinancingBloomberg2022-11-21
Chinese Banks Maintain Lending Rates as PBOC Signals CautionBloomberg2022-11-21
China’s Healthcare-Linked Stocks Lure Buyers as Infections SurgeBloomberg2022-11-18
China Eases Cash Injections as Government Bonds SteadyBloomberg2022-11-18
China Asks Banks to Report on Liquidity After Sudden Bond SlumpBloomberg2022-11-17
China’s Refunded More Taxes in 2022 Than Last 3 Years CombinedBloomberg2022-11-16
ANZ Raises China 2023 Growth Forecast on ‘Policy Normalizing’Bloomberg2022-11-16
China Injects Enough Cash in System to Help Snap Bond SlumpBloomberg2022-11-15
China Keeps Ample Liquidity With One-Year, Long-Term InjectionsBloomberg2022-11-15
China Stocks Climb After More Property Support, Biden-Xi MeetingBloomberg2022-11-15
China Retail Sales Shrink as Covid Outbreaks Strain EconomyBloomberg2022-11-15
China Stocks in Hong Kong on the Verge of Technical Bull MarketBloomberg2022-11-14
China Plans Property Rescue as Xi Surprises With Policy ShiftsBloomberg2022-11-13
China Stocks Pare Gain as Rising Cases Thwart Reopening HopesBloomberg2022-11-11
‘Value Annihilation’ Haunts Investors in China Property BondsBloomberg2022-11-11
China Stock Traders Are Clinging to Every Sign of Hope They SeeBloomberg2022-11-10
China Property Crisis Imperils $1.6 Trillion of Local State DebtBloomberg2022-11-10
China Investors Have Snapped Up $15 billion of Tech Stocks in HKBloomberg2022-11-09
China Expands Financing Tool That Can Support Ailing DevelopersBloomberg2022-11-09
China Stock Rally Pauses as Covid Cases Surge Most Since AprilBloomberg2022-11-08
China Deflation Fears Rise as Demand Weakens on Covid OutbreaksBloomberg2022-11-08
Chinese Trade Unexpectedly Drops as Demand Slowdown WorsensBloomberg2022-11-07
China Ends Stronger-Than-Expected Yuan Fixings Amid Covid BetsBloomberg2022-11-07
China Stock Frenzy Enters Overdrive on Hopes That Worst Is OverBloomberg2022-11-04
China’s PBOC Reaffirms Pledge to Make Yuan More FlexibleBloomberg2022-11-04
China Reopening Is Dominant Theme as Traders Seek an End to RoutBloomberg2022-11-03
China Property Bonds Are ‘No Longer Analyzable’ as Crisis GrowsBloomberg2022-11-03
China Traders Gripped by Frenzied Reopening Talk as Stocks SoarBloomberg2022-11-02
Chinese Stocks Surge in US on Speculation of Covid Zero ExitBloomberg2022-11-01
China’s Economy Weakens and Signs Point to More Strain AheadBloomberg2022-10-31
China Stocks Extend Post-Congress Rout on Lockdowns, Weak DataBloomberg2022-10-31
China Stocks in Hong Kong Set for Lowest Since 2005 Amid RoutBloomberg2022-10-31
China’s Growth Now Seen Below 5% Through 2024 on Covid Zero RiskBloomberg2022-10-28
China Faces Tough Choices in Currency Defense as Yuan WeakensBloomberg2022-10-28
Morgan Stanley Slashes China Stock Outlook After Party CongressBloomberg2022-10-27
Chinese Stocks in US Rally, Erasing Most of Record SelloffBloomberg2022-10-27
Offshore Yuan Rises Most on Record as China Banks Sell DollarsBloomberg2022-10-27
China Stock Rally Fizzles as Covid Spurs Wuhan District LockdownBloomberg2022-10-26
China’s Economy Slows in October as Business Confidence SlumpsBloomberg2022-10-26
China Stock Rout Pauses as Investors Assess Xi’s Policy OutlookBloomberg2022-10-25
Foreigners Flee China Stocks at Record Pace as Panic SpreadsBloomberg2022-10-25
China’s Export Growth Slows as Global Demand WeakensBloomberg2022-10-24
Chinese Markets Tumble as Xi’s Tightening Grip Alarms InvestorsBloomberg2022-10-24
China Economy Shows Mixed Recovery as Industrial Activity ClimbsBloomberg2022-10-24
Chinese Junk Bonds Set Record Low as Property Crisis SpreadsBloomberg2022-10-18
China Rolls Over Policy Loans With Party Congress UnderwayBloomberg2022-10-17
China's CPI up 2.8 pct in SeptemberXinhua2022-10-14
China’s Dollar Debt Gets Riskier Than Ever While Yuan Bonds CalmBloomberg2022-10-14
China’s Inflation Remains Subdued on Lockdowns, Commodity PricesBloomberg2022-10-14
Offshore Yuan Gains Seen Allaying China’s Currency Woes, for NowBloomberg2022-10-06
China Shares Plunge to Lowest Valuation on Record in Hong KongBloomberg2022-09-30
China Has $340 Billion of Sovereign Bonds to Sell by Year EndBloomberg2022-09-29
China’s Fiscal Stimulus Exceeds 2020 as Spending Ramps UpBloomberg2022-09-29
China Warning on Speculation Sparks First Yuan Gain in Nine DaysBloomberg2022-09-29
Yuan Falls to Weakest Since 2008 on Signs PBOC Is Easing GripBloomberg2022-09-28
China Industrial Profits Fell More as Producer Prices SlowedBloomberg2022-09-27
China High-Grade Dollar Bonds Offer a Relative Haven Amid RoutBloomberg2022-09-27
Yuan Plunge Nears 14-Year Low, Inviting Aggressive PBOC PushbackBloomberg2022-09-27
China’s Commodities Demand Faces Another Headwind in Weaker YuanBloomberg2022-09-26
China Steps Up Yuan Support as Currency Nears Weakest Since 2008Bloomberg2022-09-26
Yuan Losses Deepen Highlighting Limits of PBOC Currency DefenseBloomberg2022-09-22
China’s Interest Rates Leave Room for Future Action, PBOC SaysBloomberg2022-09-21
Chinese Banks Keep Lending Rates Unchanged After PBOC PausesBloomberg2022-09-20
Global Investors Cut Exposure to China on Mounting RisksBloomberg2022-09-20
Chinese Banks Likely to Push Lending Rate Cuts to Later in YearBloomberg2022-09-19
China Struggles to Stem Yuan Slide With Fixing, Verbal WarningsBloomberg2022-09-19
China Sets Yuan Fix at Strongest Bias on Record to Lift CurrencyBloomberg2022-09-14
China's CPI up 2.5 pct in AugustXinhua2022-09-14
China's PPI up 2.3 pct in AugustXinhua2022-09-14
PBOC’s Strong Fix Fails to Prop Up Yuan as Bearishness ExtendsBloomberg2022-09-08
China Overtakes US With $306 Billion Corporate Credit BoomBloomberg2022-09-08
China Sets Yuan Fix at Strongest Bias on Record as Losses MountBloomberg2022-09-07
China’s Economy Takes Hit From Global Slowdown as Exports WeakenBloomberg2022-09-07
China Is Taking More Visible Measures to Slow Currency’s DescentBloomberg2022-09-06
Analysts Say PBOC Will Let Yuan Slide Past Key Threshold of 7 Per DollarBloomberg2022-09-02
PBOC Still Has Policy Room With Mild Inflation, Official SaysBloomberg2022-09-02
Yuan Appeal Fades in Hong Kong as Local Rates Hit 14-Year HighBloomberg2022-09-02
Worst China Property Earnings Since 2008 Signal More Stock AngstBloomberg2022-09-02
China Keeps Asia IPO Scene Booming With $15 Billion August HaulBloomberg2022-08-31
China Escalates Currency Defense as Yuan Nears 7 Per DollarBloomberg2022-08-31
China’s Premier Li Says Stimulus Now ‘More Forceful’ Than 2020Bloomberg2022-08-30
China to Require Approvals for Companies to Issue Offshore DebtBloomberg2022-08-30
China Gets More Aggressive in Pushing Back Against Weaker YuanBloomberg2022-08-30
PBOC Sets Stronger-Than-Expected Fix as Yuan Hits Two-Year LowBloomberg2022-08-29
China’s Growth Prospects Weaken as Economists Cut 2023 ForecastsBloomberg2022-08-29
China trims lending rates one week after surprise cuts in key rates (cnbc.com)CNBC2022-08-22
China Set to Sell More Local Debt as Fiscal Income SlumpsBloomberg2022-08-18
China’s Policy Easing Risks Upending Tentative Return of InflowsBloomberg2022-08-16
China’s Economic Recovery Weakens Amid Fresh Covid FlareupsBloomberg2022-08-15
China Rate Cut Seen Kicking Off Bull Run in Sovereign BondsBloomberg2022-08-15
China’s Growth Seen Weakening in Months Ahead, Economists SayBloomberg2022-08-15
China Shocks With Rate Cut as Data Show ‘Alarming’ SlowdownBloomberg2022-08-15
China’s Third-Biggest IPO of the Year Surges in Trading DebutBloomberg2022-08-12
China’s Provinces Vow to Meet GDP Targets Despite Growth SlumpBloomberg2022-08-11
China Consumer Inflation Reaches 2-Year High as Pork SurgesBloomberg2022-08-10
China State-Backed Builder’s Dollar Bonds Slump as Worries MountBloomberg2022-08-04
China Services Activity Sees Big Pick Up in July, Survey ShowsBloomberg2022-08-03
China in Longest Streak of Liquidity Withdrawals Since FebruaryBloomberg2022-08-02
Oil Declines as China Slowdown Spurs Concern Over Demand OutlookBloomberg2022-08-01
China ‘Groundbreaking’ Derivatives Law Is Bid to Open MarketBloomberg2022-08-01
Excess Cash Piles Up in China Havens Instead of Flowing Into Real EconomyBloomberg2022-07-29
Chinese Property Shares Rise as Investors Bet on State SupportBloomberg2022-07-28
Capital Outflows From China Sovereign Bonds Just Hit $30 BillionBloomberg2022-07-22
China Covid Cases Elevated as Officials Warn About Rising RisksBloomberg2022-07-21
China’s Premier Signals Flexible Growth Target, Stimulus CautionBloomberg2022-07-20
Chinese Banks Hold Lending Rates as PBOC Remains CautiousBloomberg2022-07-20
China Yield Curve Is Steepest in Two Years as Liquidity SwellsBloomberg2022-07-19
China Growth Slows Sharply, Putting GDP Target Out of ReachBloomberg2022-07-15
China Traders Pile Into Carry Trades While Easy Money LastsBloomberg2022-07-15
China Considers $220 Billion Stimulus With Unprecedented Bond SalesBloomberg2022-07-08
China Starts to Pull Cash in Pivot From Crisis Policy EasingBloomberg2022-07-07
China to Start Swap Connect With Hong Kong in Six MonthsBloomberg2022-07-04
Chinese Developer Shimao Defaults on $1 Billion Dollar BondBloomberg2022-07-04
China Adds $45 Billion to Stimulus to Pay for InfrastructureBloomberg2022-07-01
Economic Watch: China's PMI bounces back to expansion territory in JuneXinhua2022-06-30
JPMorgan Sees China as Equity ‘Safe Haven’ Due to Policy EasingBloomberg2022-06-29
China Said to Ask Banks to Prepare for Longer Yuan Trading HoursBloomberg2022-06-27
China Budget Dilemma Is Whether to Boost Debt or Slow GrowthBloomberg2022-06-17
China Rally Stands Out as Global Stocks Fret Over Fed HikesBloomberg2022-06-15
China Home Sales Post First Month-on-Month Gain Since DecemberBloomberg2022-06-15
China's CPI up 2.1 pct in May-Xinhua (news.cn)Xinhua2022-06-10
China Trade Data to Show If Easing Virus Is Boosting CommoditiesBloomberg2022-06-08
China Stocks See Record Foreign Outflows This YearBloomberg2022-05-31
China’s Reopening Plans Spark Rally in Consumer Stocks, YuanBloomberg2022-05-30
Commodities Turn Higher as China Loosens Its Virus RestrictionsBloomberg2022-05-30
Covid Lockdown Costs Shanghai Its China Currency Trading CrownBloomberg2022-05-26
How China Is Seeking to Revive a $2.4 Trillion Property MarketBloomberg2022-05-26
China Stimulus Fails to Impress Stock Traders Fixated on CovidBloomberg2022-05-24
China Stops Reporting Bond Trades by Foreigners After SelloffBloomberg2022-05-18
China Inflation Exceeds Forecasts as Lockdowns Roil SuppliesBloomberg2022-05-11
China Stocks Drop Again as Li’s Warning on Jobs Adds to ConcernsBloomberg2022-05-09
China Bond Connect market reports active trading in April-Xinhua (news.cn)Xinhua2022-05-09
Developers Rally on Politburo Support Pledge: Evergrande UpdateBloomberg2022-04-29
China Stocks Rise for Second Day as Shanghai Covid Cases DeclineBloomberg2022-04-28
Yuan Losses Have Room to Run as Covid Puts Economy Under SiegeBloomberg2022-04-27
Chinese Investment in Europe Up By a Third Last Year: ReportBloomberg2022-04-27
Skepticism Lingers in China’s Stock Market Amid Lockdown RisksBloomberg2022-04-26
China Lockdown Angst Rips Through Markets as Stocks, Yuan PlungeBloomberg2022-04-25
PBOC Adviser Calls for Growth-Boosting Policy Amid Yuan RiskBloomberg2022-04-25
China’s Plunging Markets Trigger Capital Flight, State SupportBloomberg2022-04-22
China’s Central Bank PBOC Unexpectedly Keeps Policy Rate Unchanged - BloombergBloomberg2022-04-20
China to ramp up financial support for real economyXinhua2022-04-20
China Jitters Mount as Easing Calls Echo Across Trading FloorsBloomberg2022-04-18
Economic Watch: China's inflation remains stable despite headwindsBloomberg2022-04-12
China’s $2.3 Trillion Infrastructure Plan Puts America’s to ShameBloomberg2022-04-07
China Tech Stocks Slide on Hawkish Fed, Lingering Delisting RiskBloomberg2022-04-06
China’s Stocks, Yuan Trading Dwindles Amid Shanghai LockdownBloomberg2022-03-30
China Lockdowns Cost at Least $46 Billion a Month, Academic SaysBloomberg2022-03-29
China’s Economy Faces New Blow From Shanghai LockdownBloomberg2022-03-28
Yuan at a Crossroads as Covid Outbreak Threatens GrowthBloomberg2022-03-23
China Stockpiles Record Cash In Sign of Slow Fiscal StimulusBloomberg2022-03-22
China Stocks Extend Stunning Surge as Traders Cheer Support VowsBloomberg2022-03-17
Tencent, Alibaba, Meituan Rebound on Dip Buying After Historic Rout - BloombergBloomberg2022-03-16
China's industrial output up 7.5 pct in first two monthsXinhua2022-03-16
China's fixed-asset investment up 12.2 pct in first two monthsXinhua2022-03-16
China’s Market Meltdown Has Traders Rushing to Buy ProtectionBloomberg2022-03-15
China's overnight Shibor interbank rate increases MondayXinhua2022-03-14
China to increase gov't spending for stable growth: premierXinhua2022-03-11
China's CPI up 0.9 pct in FebruaryXinhua2022-03-11
China's PPI up 8.8 pct in FebruaryXinhua2022-03-11
China Growth Faces Dual Shocks from Oil Spike and Virus SpreadBloomberg2022-03-09
China’s Export Growth Moderates as Global Demand StabilizesBloomberg2022-03-07
China Reopening Stocks Jump on Report of Covid Policy EasingBloomberg2022-03-03
China’s Yuan Becomes Unlikely Haven as Geopolitics Roil MarketsBloomberg2022-02-24
China Convertible Bonds Plunge as Valuation Hits SentimentBloomberg2022-02-15
China Market Watchers See PBOC Cutting Rates in Coming MonthsBloomberg2022-02-15
Global Demand for China Bonds Cools as Yield Premium ShrinksBloomberg2022-02-15
Rapid Plunge in Developer’s Bonds Shows Transparency Risk in Chinese PropertyBloomberg2022-02-14
PBOC’s Rate Decision Sparks Debate With Economy Under StrainBloomberg2022-02-14
China's new yuan loans beat expectations to hit record high-Xinhua (news.cn)Xinhua2022-02-11
China's outstanding local gov't debts over 30 trln yuan by end-December-Xinhua (news.cn)Xinhua2022-02-10
China State Funds’ Support Gives Hope for Wounded Stock MarketBloomberg2022-02-09
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