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Market Watch
Close of
January 14, 2022
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 4.332 ▲ 0.9 ▲ 6.9 ▲ 20.7
5 Year 5.210 1.1 3.5 ▲ 11.1
10 Year 6.387 1.8 7.0 ▲ 0.5

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
IDR per USD 14,296.000 0.0 ▲ 0.4 0.2
IDR per JPY 125.195 0.0 0.8 1.0

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D INDONIA 2.787 ▲ 0.5     0.0 ▲ 0.4
3M JIBOR 3.750     0.0     0.0     0.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
Bank Indonesia 7-day
Reverse Repo Rate
3.500     0.0 25.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I BBB+ stable 2020-03-17
RAM BBB2 stable 2019-10-31
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB stable 2021-11-22
S&P BBB negative 2021-04-22

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Local currency (LCY) government bond yield curve in Indonesia shifted upward between 31 August and 15 October. Yields for all maturities that gained rose an average of 7 basis points (bps), while the 3-year, 4-year, 6-year, and 9-year bonds shed 38 bps, 17 bps, 8 bps, and 6 bps, respectively. Rising yields across the curve largely tracked movements in yields in advanced and regional markets amid rising inflationary concerns and an earlier-than-expected unwinding of asset purchases by the United States (US) Federal Reserve. A shift in monetary stance by the Federal Reserve caused an exodus of funds from the Indonesian government bond market, leading to a continued decline in the foreign holdings share. The increase in yields was also buoyed by a slew of positive developments pointing to a much improved economic outlook after mobility restrictions were eased in September.  

Size and Composition

The size of Indonesia’s LCY bond market reached IDR5,089.5 trillion (USD355.6 billion) at the end of September. Overall growth inched up to 3.6% quarter-on-quarter in the third quarter (Q3) of 2021 from 2.4% quarter-on-quarter in the second quarter. The higher growth was largely driven by government bonds, particularly Treasury bills and bonds, following increased issuance in Q3 2021.  On a year-on-year basis, LCY bond market growth in Indonesia rose 23.9% in Q3 2021, moderating from a 30.6% hike in the preceding quarter. Indonesia remained the fastest-growing LCY bond market in emerging East Asia on a year-on-year basis.

Policy, Institutional, and Regulatory Developments

On 30 August, the Government of Indonesia reduced the tax on interest income on bond investments for domestic investors. The tax rate was lowered to 10% from the previous 15% to align the tax rate with that of foreign investors. (In February, the government reduced the tax on interest income for foreign bond investors from 20% to 10%.) The move is expected to further deepen the LCY bond market, encourage greater participation from domestic investors, and enhance liquidity. The tax cut applies to investments in both government bonds and corporate bonds, including sukuk (Islamic bonds).

Title Source Date
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan III Chandra Asri Petrochemical Tahap IV Tahun 2021 PT Chandra Asri Petrochemical (TPIA)Indonesia Stock Exchange2921-11-01
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan II Aneka Gas Industri Tahap IV Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Ijarah Berkelanjutan II Aneka Gas Industri Tahap IV Tahun 2021 on December 23rd 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-12-23
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan II Protelindo Tahap II Tahun 2021 on December 20th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-12-20
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan V Tower Bersama Infrastructure Tahap II Tahun 2021 on December 13th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-12-13
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan IV PNM Tahap I Tahun 2021 on December 13th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-12-13
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan I SPINDO Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Ijarah Berkelanjutan I SPINDO Tahap I Tahun 2021 PT Steel Pipe Industry Of Indonesia Tbk (ISSP) on Dec 3th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-12-03
Listing of the Obligasi Berkelanjutan II Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Mudharabah Berkelanjutan I Indah Kiat Pulp & Paper Tahap I Tahun 2021 in October 1, 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-10-01
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan II Global Mediacom Tahap II Tahun 2021 and Sukuk Ijarah Berkelanjutan II Global Mediacom Tahap II Tahun 2021 on September 15th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-15
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan I Bank KB Bukopin Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Obligasi Subordinasi Berkelanjutan III Bank KB Bukopin Tahap I Tahun 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-10
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan IV Medco Energi Internasional Tahap I Tahun 2021 on September 10th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-10
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan II Wijaya Karya Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Mudharabah Berkelanjutan II Wijaya Karya Tahap I Tahun 2021 on September 9th, 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-09
Listing of Obligasi II Polytama Propindo Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Ijarah II Polytama Propindo Tahun 2021 on September 9th 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-09
Listing of Obligasi Berkelanjutan I Angkasa Pura I Tahap I Tahun 2021 dan Sukuk Ijarah Berkelanjutan I Angkasa Pura I Tahap I Tahun 2021 on September 9th, 2021Indonesia Stock Exchange2021-09-09
Indonesia: Chandra Asri Getting Funds US$69M from Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-05-06
Mandiri Raises $300m From Its First Green BondsJakarta Globe2021-04-15
Indonesia’s Astra Sedaya Offers Rupiah Bond US$173MThe Insider Stories2021-03-29
Bank Negara Indonesia to Releases Global Bond US$500MThe Insider Stories2021-03-22
Japfa Comfeed Indonesia Raises US$350M from Global Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-03-17
Indonesia’s Indah Kita Slices the Bond Issuances to US$227MThe Insider Stories2021-03-04
Indonesia’s Pertamina Raises US$1.9B from Global Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-02-05
Indonesia’s Ciputra Issues Another US$19M from the Global Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-02-04
Government Debt Securities Auction Result on Tuesday, February 2, 2021Directorate General of Budget Financing and Risk Management2021-02-02
Indonesia’s Sarana Mulitgriya Offers Rupiah Bond US$143MThe Insider Stories2021-01-26
Indonesia’s Ciputra Will Refinancing Global Bonds with MTNThe Insider Stories2021-01-18
Indonesia’s Tower Bersama Releases Global Bond US$300MThe Insider Stories2021-01-15
Indonesia’s J Resources Releases Bond US$27MThe Insider Stories2021-01-12
Indonesia’s Sritex Offers Bond US$150M for Debt RefinancingThe Insider Stories2021-01-11
Indonesia Releases Global Bond US$4.23B TodayThe Insider Stories2021-01-06
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Indonesia’s GDP seen to grow 5.1% despite Omicron threatThe Jakarta Post2022-01-13
Government stimulus still underpins property sector in 2022Antara News2022-01-12
New capital development dominated 2022 state budget design: ministerAntara News2022-01-07
Indonesian Bonds Get Further Ahead of India Debt With Policy GapBloomberg2022-01-06
Manufacturing recovery slows in DecemberThe Jakarta Post2022-01-04
OJK optimistic of handling economic challenges in 2022Antara News2022-01-03
Indonesia's Manufacturing Sector Ends 2021 in Expansion ModeJakarta Globe2022-01-03
Tax revenue exceeds target for first time in 12 yearsThe Jakarta Post2021-12-28
Exports hit record high for third month in row in NovemberThe Jakarta Post2021-12-16
Bank Indonesia Holds Rate Steady to Shield Rupiah From OutflowsBloomberg2021-12-16
Govt invests Rp695.6 trillion in 2005-2021Antara News2021-12-16
National recovery program on track and continue in 2022: ministerAntara News2021-12-15
National recovery program on track and continue in 2022: ministerAntara News2021-12-14
Indonesia Expects Drastic Cut to Budget Deficit on Tax WindfallBloomberg2021-12-12
Demand for green economy opportunity for Indonesia: BIAntara News2021-12-09
Loan, deposit growth to beat forecast this year: Bank MandiriThe Jakarta Post2021-12-07
Increase in Indonesia's debt ratio relatively small: BKFAntara News2021-12-07
Customer protection crucial for financial services industry: ministerAntara News2021-12-03
Omicron variant casts shadow over Indonesia's economic recoveryThe Jakarta Post2021-12-02
Fiscal policy should foster creating a dynamic economic environmentAntara News2021-12-01
BI expects rapid loan growth in 2022The Jakarta Post2021-12-01
Tourism recovery faces setback amid fresh COVID-19 scareThe Jakarta Post2021-12-01
BI upbeat about economic growth of 4.7-5.5 percent in 2022Antara News2021-11-24
Finance Ministry optimistic of 95% PEN stimulus absorption by year-endAntara News2021-11-22
Lower budget deficit to help Indonesia face global risks in 2022The Jakarta Post2021-11-22
Indonesia's Balance of Payment in Q3/2021 Surplus, External Resilience MaintainedBank Indonesia2021-11-19
BI holds benchmark interest rate at 3.5%The Jakarta Post2021-11-19
Indonesia to place all provinces under stricter curbs for year-end holidays - Archipelago - The Jakarta PostThe Jakarta Post2021-11-19
Indonesian govt projects 16.3-percent growth in state revenue in 2021Antara News2021-11-18
Indonesia's export, trade surpluses hit record high again in OctoberThe Jakarta Post2021-11-17
State expenditure grew 0.8 percent to Rp2,058 trillion in OctoberAntara News2021-11-16
Indonesia’s Monthly Export Value Reaches All-Time High in OctoberJakarta Globe2021-11-15
Consumer confidence, retail sales recover from Delta impactThe Jakarta Post2021-11-09
Indonesian growth boosted by strong exports in third quarterThe Jakarta Post2021-11-06
Manufacturing activity reaches record-high in OctoberThe Jakarta Post2021-11-02
Inflation rises for fourth month in a row to 1.66% in OctoberThe Jakarta Post2021-11-01
Indonesia Controls 23% of Global Sharia Bonds Issuance: Finance MinisterJakarta Globe2021-10-26
Economic recovery in Indonesia continues as optimism remains highAntara News2021-10-23
BCA eyes corporate bonds to boost loan growthThe Jakarta Post2021-10-22
Bank Indonesia Stays on Hold, Extends Pro-Growth PoliciesBloomberg2021-10-19
Indonesia’s Indrawati Sees Smaller-Than-Expected Budget DeficitBloomberg2021-10-18
Rising investment to boost fourth-quarter growth: vice ministerAntara News2021-10-17
September 2021 exports reached US$20.60 billion, imports reached to US$16.23 billion.Statistics Indonesia2021-10-15
Indonesia, Japan extend Bilateral Swap AgreementAntara News2021-10-14
Islamic-based financial industry to foster sustainable economy: VPAntara News2021-10-13
Retail sales show gradual improvement in SeptemberThe Jakarta Post2021-10-11
New tax law expected to raise tax revenue by at least 9%The Jakarta Post2021-10-11
Indonesia poised to become seventh-largest economy globally by 2030Antara News2021-10-11
Indonesia’s Rupiah Could Become Asia’s Best-Performing Currency in 2021Bloomberg2021-10-11
Indonesia Pursues Local Currency Settlements Deal with Philippines, SingaporeJakarta Globe2021-10-08
Indonesia passes major tax overhaul bill, VAT to rise next yearReuters2021-10-07
Treasury Storm May Hit India, Indonesia’s Bonds Less Than OthersBloomberg2021-09-30
BRI raises $6.73b in Southeast Asia's 'biggest' rights issueThe Jakarta Post2021-09-29
Delta outbreak to slow Indonesia’s GDP growth this year: World BankThe Jakarta Post2021-09-28
Govt debt issuance well below budget planThe Jakarta Post2021-09-24
Govt, BI keep watchful eye on China’s EvergrandeThe Jakarta Post2021-09-23
Fitch Ratings places Indosat on negative watch amid planned mergerThe Jakarta Post2021-09-23
ADB slashes GDP growth outlook for IndonesiaThe Jakarta Post2021-09-22
Bank Indonesia Holds Rates as Economy Flashes Recovery SignsBloomberg2021-09-21
Fed taper fears: How vulnerable is Indonesia’s economy?The Jakarta Post2021-09-19
Indonesia c.bank seen holding rates steady as economy gradually reopensReuters2021-09-17
SMIs contribute significantly to Indonesia's exports: HartartoAntara News2021-09-16
Indonesia's exports hit 10-year high in AugustAntara News2021-09-15
Expanding bond marketThe Jakarta Post2021-09-15
In first, Indonesia to buy back some global bonds after raising $1.84 blnReuters2021-09-14
Indonesia govt, key parliamentary body set 2022 GDP growth target at 5.2%Reuters2021-09-14
Consumer confidence plunges to lowest level in 12 yearsThe Jakarta Post2021-09-10
Why Indonesia Abandons Dollar in Bilateral TradeJakarta Globe2021-09-09
Foreign reserves hit highest ever in August with IMF fundsThe Jakarta Post2021-09-08
Indonesia Consumers Are Most Pessimistic in 16 Years on OutbreakBloomberg2021-09-08
Indonesian coal price hits decade highThe Jakarta Post2021-09-07
Indonesia Cuts Bond Income Tax for Local Investors to Record LowBloomberg2021-09-03
In contrast to developed economies, inflation in Indonesia remains mildThe Jakarta Post2021-09-02
Credit growth slows, NPL ratio up slightly in JulyThe Jakarta Post2021-08-25
5.5% economic growth possible in 2022: Finance ministerAntara News2021-08-24
Govt expects wider deficit, plans to issue more debtThe Jakarta Post2021-08-24
BI holds policy rate at 3.5%, prepares MSME financing boostThe Jakarta Post2021-08-19
Indonesia's economic recovery goals pushed back to 2022The Jakarta Post2021-08-18
Trade surplus hits $2.59b in July as commodity prices riseThe Jakarta Post2021-08-18
Indonesia sets sights on 5.5% GDP growth, 4.85% budget deficit in 2022The Jakarta Post2021-08-16
Foreign debt stabilizes at $415 billion in Q2 after years of risingThe Jakarta Post2021-08-16
Stalled Stimulus Leaves Indonesia’s Small Firms With No LifelineBloomberg2021-08-09
Indonesia GDP grows for first time since pandemic hitThe Jakarta Post2021-08-06
Govt bonds still worthwhile investment option despite lower yields: AnalystsThe Jakarta Post2021-08-04
Bonds Rally in Indonesia With Very Little Help From Global FundsBloomberg2021-07-29
IMF lowers Indonesia's GDP growth forecast for 2021The Jakarta Post2021-07-29
Sharia growth better than national economic growth: Bank IndonesiaAntara News2021-07-28
Bank Indonesia Holds Rates as Covid Surge Dims Recovery ProspectBloomberg2021-07-22
Indonesia Revamps Debt Strategy to Slash Sales by $20 BillionBloomberg2021-07-20
Indonesia's external debt declines to US$415 bln in MayAntara News2021-07-16
Sharia sovereign bonds worth Rp1,810 trillion issued since 2008: govtAntara News2021-07-15
Indonesia's export performance in 2021 very promising: BPSAntara News2021-07-15
Manufacturing recovery in jeopardy as virus curbs hurt businessesThe Jakarta Post2021-07-15
Govt expects less new debt this year with higher tax collectionThe Jakarta Post2021-07-13
BI buys government bonds worth Rp120.83 trillion in first halfAntara News2021-07-12
Indonesia falls back into lower-middle-income ranksThe Jakarta Post2021-07-09
GDP growth forecast slashed to 3.7-4.5% as pandemic worsensThe Jakarta Post2021-07-08
Finance minister projects 2021 economic growth in 3.7-4.5 pct rangeAntara News2021-07-07
Govt expects Indonesia to miss 2021 GDP growth targetThe Jakarta Post2021-07-06
Indonesia's budget deficit reaches 1.72% of GDP in first half: govtAntara News2021-07-05
Govt revises downward Q3 growth forecast to 3.7-4%Antara News2021-07-05
Emergency PPKM: BI maintains forecast of 7% credit growthAntara News2021-07-02
Indonesia sees monthly deflation in June as food, transportation prices normalizeThe Jakarta Post2021-07-01
RI president optimistic of 7% economic growth in second quarterAntara News2021-07-01
Marine Affairs Ministry upbeat of economic recovery with rising exportAntara News2021-06-28
Indonesia Sets Out Tax Plan With New Income Bracket, AmnestyBloomberg2021-06-28
BPK raises concern about govt's ability to service debtThe Jakarta Post2021-06-24
Indonesia extends tax cuts to bolster faltering economic recoveryThe Jakarta Post2021-06-22
Billion-Dollar IPOs Spur Huge Rallies in Some Indonesia StocksBloomberg2021-06-22
Indonesia booked trade surplus of US$2.36 billion in May 2021Antara News2021-06-18
BI holds benchmark rate as Fed remains dovishThe Jakarta Post2021-06-17
BI bans cryptocurrency use as payment instrument, financial toolThe Jakarta Post2021-06-15
Exports, imports maintain rapid growth in MayThe Jakarta Post2021-06-15
Credit risk remains high in Indonesia despite recovery: S&PThe Jakarta Post2021-06-09
Foreign exchange reserves stood at US$136.4 billion in May-end 2021Antara News2021-06-08
PEN budget realization reaches 29.9% of Rp699-trillion budget ceilingAntara News2021-06-07
Tech industry to lead growth in Indonesia until 2022The Jakarta Post2021-06-07
Garuda’s recovery from debt crisis hinges on business restructuring: AnalystsThe Jakarta Post2021-06-04
Global, domestic economic recovery starting to show: BIAntara News2021-06-03
Inflation remains low despite Ramadan, Idul Fitri driving demand for food, transportationThe Jakarta Post2021-06-02
Interpreting anticipated high growth in the second quarterThe Jakarta Post2021-06-01
Indonesia Keeps Fiscal Deficit Promise Despite Pandemic WoesBloomberg2021-05-31
Economic chiefs forecast GDP growth of more than 6% in Q2The Jakarta Post2021-05-29
M2 growth of 11.5 percent recorded in April 2021: BIAntara News2021-05-27
Indonesia’s Outperforming Bonds Are Near End of Winning StreakBloomberg2021-05-27
BI holds 3.5% benchmark rate amid weak rupiah, unusually low inflationThe Jakarta Post2021-05-26
Gov't to Increase Top Earner's Income Tax to 35%Jakarta Globe2021-05-25
Finance Minister pegs April state budget deficit at Rp138.1 trillionAntara News2021-05-24
Indications of economic recovery becoming increasingly apparentAntara News2021-05-24
Banks expect loan disbursement to rebound this yearThe Jakarta Post2021-05-24
Government positive economic recovery on horizonAntara News2021-05-23
Corporate bond default risk remains high this yearThe Jakarta Post2021-05-20
Indonesia books trade surplus for 12 consecutive monthsThe Jakarta Post2021-05-20
Realization of economic recovery budget reaches Rp172.35 trillionAntara News2021-05-18
Indonesia's economic growth rate believed to reach 7%: ministerAntara News2021-05-17
March retail sales up 6.1%: BI survey - ANTARA NewsAntara News2021-05-12
Unemployment remains high at 6.26% as millions continue to reel from pandemic 'fallout'The Jakarta Post2021-05-10
BI: Forex Reserves Increases to US$137B in AprilThe Insider Stories2021-05-07
Decline in US bond yield bolsters rupiahAntara News2021-05-06
Indonesia Aims for V-Shaped Recovery After Disappointing GDPBloomberg2021-05-06
Economic contraction of 0.6-0.9 percent to continue in 2021: Minister - ANTARA NewsAntara News2021-05-04
Inflation Picks Up to Fastest Pace in Three Months Ahead of Idul FitriBloomberg2021-05-03
Indonesia’s Budget Deficit to Reach as High as 4.85% Next YearBloomberg2021-04-29
Jokowi Pushes Foreign Investment Drive With Cabinet ShiftBloomberg2021-04-29
S&P, Fitch hold Indonesia’s credit rating with mixed outlookThe The Jakarta Post2021-04-27
Indonesia posts 4.3-percent rise in investment realization in 2021 Q1Antara News2021-04-26
Govt allocates Rp1.7 trillion for new capital development this yearAntara News2021-04-23
Banks Need to Step Up as BI Runs Out Options to Spur RecoveryJakarta Globe2021-04-22
BI lowers economic growth forecast to 4.1-5.1% - ANTARA NewsAntara News2021-04-21
Indonesia's creative economy 3rd largest in GDP terms: UnoAntara News2021-04-20
Bank Indonesia Holds Key Rate Steady While Lowering GDP OutlookBloomberg2021-04-20
Indonesia Seen on Hold as Rupiah Depreciates: Decision GuideBloomberg2021-04-20
Indonesia's foreign debt swells 4% to $422.6 bln in FebAntara News2021-04-19
Narrowest Trade Surplus in 10 Months Points to Recovering DemandJakarta Globe2021-04-16
President Jokowi, Chancellor Merkel hold virtual bilateral talksAntara News2021-04-15
Indonesia Embraces Higher Borrowing Costs to Sell More Bonds - BloombergBloomberg2021-04-14
Goldman Joins PineBridge to Go Bearish on Indonesian RupiahBloomberg2021-04-13
Indonesian economy to grow by 8% in second quarter: ministryAntara News2021-04-09
Indonesia prepares $275 million to build infrastructure for ‘five new Balis’The Jakarta Post2021-04-09
Jokowi Backs Central Bank Mandate to Aid Indonesia’s GrowthBloomberg2021-04-08
IMF Cuts Indonesia Growth Projection Amid Global UpgradesJakarta Globe2021-04-07
Indonesia’s Forex Reserves Drops to US$137B in MarchThe Insider Stories2021-04-07
Minister believes sharia economy and finance to facilitate recoveryAntara News2021-04-06
Inflation rises 0.08% in MarchAntara News2021-04-05
Indonesia's manufacturing PMI hits 10 year-high in MarchThe Jakarta Post2021-04-05
BI persistently pushes for transformation of sharia economyAntara News2021-03-31
Indonesia’s Chandra Asri Offers Rupiah Bond US$69MThe Insider Stories2021-03-31
Indonesia’s Tower Bersama Offers Rupiah Bond US$67M in This MonthThe Insider Stories2021-03-31
IHSG ends in green as foreign investors extend buying streakAntara News2021-03-27
US stimulus to have positive impact on Indonesia's economy: BIAntara News2021-03-25
Indonesia can clock seven-percent economic growth in Q3: MinistryAntara News2021-03-23
State spending increased 1.2 percent as of February 2021: MulyaniAntara News2021-03-23
Fitch Affirms Indonesia Sovereign Rating at ‘BBB’The Insider Stories2021-03-23
Indrawati Sees Indonesia’s GDP Still Contracted in First QuarterThe Insider Stories2021-03-23
Moody’s Assigns Ba2 to Bank Negara Indonesia’s Notes ProgramThe Insider Stories2021-03-22
Trade Minister optimistic of 4% export growth this yearAntara News2021-03-19
IDX: 13 Issuers Meets the Free Float Requirement in 2021The Insider Stories2021-03-19
BI envisions economy in 2021 first-quarter to grow strongerAntara News2021-03-18
BI buys SBNs worth Rp65.03 trillion in primary marketAntara News2021-03-18
OECD Revises Up Indonesian Economic Growth to 4.9% in 2021The Insider Stories2021-03-18
Bank Indonesia Kept the Benchmark Rate Steady in MarchThe Insider Stories2021-03-18
IHSG ends lower over rise in US bond yieldsAntara News2021-03-16
Indonesia's foreign debts at Jan-end 2021 reached US$420.7 billionAntara News2021-03-15
Tunas Baru Lampung Plans to Sell Global Bond US$400MThe Insider Stories2021-03-15
Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus US$2.01B in FebruaryThe Insider Stories2021-03-15
Indonesian Car Sales Drops 38% in February Amidst the Low DemandThe Insider Stories2021-03-15
Indonesia Draft Law Seeks to Limit Central Bank AutonomyBloomberg2021-03-15
IHSG ends higher on easing concerns over rising yields on US bondsAntara News2021-03-11
Indonesia-Singapore bilateral investment treaty comes into effectJakarta Globe2021-03-11
Consumer Confidence Index of Indonesia Improves in FebruaryThe Insider Stories2021-03-09
BI survey indicates improved consumer confidence in economic conditionAntara News2021-03-08
Cut consumer goods imports to maintain trade balance: INDEF to govtAntara News2021-03-08
Economic growth must be supported by investment: ADBAntara News2021-03-04
Widodo Optimistic Indonesian Economic Growth 5% in This YearThe Insider Stories2021-03-04
Indrawati Targeting New Investment US$21B Through INAThe Insider Stories2021-03-04
Indonesia’s Modernland Delays Bond Interest PaymentThe Insider Stories2021-02-24
Govt highlights increased 2021 PEN budget to reach Rp699.43 trillionAntara News2021-02-23
Budget deficit at 0.26% of GDP: Finance MinisterAntara News2021-02-23
Indonesia Slices State Bond Issuance Due to Excess CashThe Insider Stories2021-02-23
Indonesia Releases Positive Investment List to Boost Capital InflowThe Insider Stories2021-02-23
Indonesia Loosen Income Tax for Foreign InvestorThe Insider Stories2021-02-22
Govt assures state budget support for MSME revivalAntara News2021-02-20
BI Bets on Record Low Rate, Zero Down Payment to Woo Consumers to SpendAntara News2021-02-19
IDX: Eight Issuers to Releases US$750M of Bond and SUKUKThe Insider Stories2021-02-19
BI Cuts the Interest Rate to 3.50% in February MeetingThe Insider Stories2021-02-18
Indonesia Seen Lowering Rates as Recovery Dims: Decision GuideBloomberg2021-02-18
Minister forecasts economy to rebound to 4.5-5.5 percent in 2021Antara News2021-02-17
Indonesia's Sovereign Wealth Fund Unveils Initial Strategy to Attract InvestorsJakarta Globe2021-02-16
Gov't Moves to Address Lingering Demand Weakness as Trade Data UnderwhelmJakarta Globe2021-02-16
Indonesia economic contraction moderate: Finance MinisterAntara News2021-02-15
Indonesian Car Sales Still Weak, Drops 34% in JanuaryThe Insider Stories2021-02-15
Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus US$1.96B in JanuaryThe Insider Stories2021-02-15
Indonesia's foreign debt recorded at US$417.5 billion in Q4 2020Antara News2021-02-15
Government upbeat on 2022 economic growthAntara News2021-02-12
Government, BI agree on five inflation-control strategies for 2021Antara News2021-02-12
Indonesia’s CPO Export Values Rise 13.6% in 2020The Insider Stories2021-02-11
Consumer Confidence Index of Indonesia Drops to 84.9 in JanuaryThe Insider Stories2021-02-10
Bank Indonesia Considers More Rate Cuts as Inflation Falls ‘Too Low’Bloomberg2021-02-10
Health Ministry shoots down rumors of total lockdown in JakartaThe The Jakarta Post2021-02-08
Indonesia's forex reserves increased to US$138 billion in Jan 2021Antara News2021-02-05
Indonesia’s sovereign wealth fund should look 'beyond infrastructure'The The Jakarta Post2021-02-05
Indonesian Economy Contractions 2.07% in 2020The Insider Stories2021-02-05
Indonesia’s Pertamina Offers Global Bond for Business ExpansionThe Insider Stories2021-02-03
Indonesia Targets Export to Grow 6.3% in This YearThe Insider Stories2021-02-02
JCI under pressure amid forced selling, economic uncertaintyThe The Jakarta Post2021-02-01
Islamic banking grew faster than conventional banking amid pandemicAntara News2021-02-01
Indonesia’s Manufacturing PMI Exceeds Vietnam and ThailandThe Insider Stories2021-02-01
Indonesia Posts an Inflation 0.26% in JanuaryThe Insider Stories2021-02-01
Indonesia’s Ciputra Development Offers Notes US$75MThe Insider Stories2021-01-28
Indonesia’s Tower Bersama Seeks US$208M from Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-01-28
Indonesia’s Bank Mandiri to Releases Global Bond US$750MThe Insider Stories2021-01-28
Indonesia Bucks the FDI Trend as Omnibus Law, Vaccination Stoke Investors' ConfidenceJakarta Globe2021-01-28
IHSG slides as regional markets weakenAntara News2021-01-27
5% Growth Target Still Achievable, Says Indonesia Finance MinisterBloomberg2021-01-27
Indonesia raises economic recovery budget to $39bThe The Jakarta Post2021-01-26
Indonesia retail bond issue aims to raise $712MThe Phnom Penh Post2021-01-26
Indonesian Motorcyle Sales Drastically Fell by 43.57% in 2020The Insider Stories2021-01-26
Singapore remains largest investor in Indonesia in 2020: BKPMAntara News2021-01-25
Indonesia should harness untapped sharia economic potential: JokowiAntara News2021-01-25
FDI to Indonesia Drops 2.43% in 2020 Caused of the PandemicThe Insider Stories2021-01-25
World Bank Lends Indonesia US$500M for Fiscal ResilienceThe Insider Stories2021-01-22
Malaysia, Indonesia May See More Monetary Easing, Continuum Economics' Chanana SaysBloomberg2021-01-22
BI sees foreign investment reaching $19.1 billion in 2021Antara News2021-01-21
Indonesia plans $2b sukuk issue to fund infrastructure projectsThe The Jakarta Post2021-01-21
Indonesia Holds Key Rate on Tame Inflation, Gradual RecoveryBloomberg2021-01-21
Indonesia Allocates US$2B of Sharia-based Project Financing in 2021The Insider Stories2021-01-20
Infrastructure development must continue despite pandemic: MinisterAntara News2021-01-20
Sharia finance thrives despite pandemic, to further grow in 2021: OJKThe The Jakarta Post2021-01-20
Deutsche Bank sees foreign investor resurgence in Indonesia’s bond marketThe The Jakarta Post2021-01-18
FSA: Indonesian Banking Loans to Grow 7.5% in 2021The Insider Stories2021-01-18
Indonesian Mutual Fund Management US$39B in 2020The Insider Stories2021-01-18
Indonesia’s IPOs to Considers in 2021The Insider Stories2021-01-18
Indonesia’s Car Sales Drops 48.35% in 2020The Insider Stories2021-01-15
Indonesia Posts Trade Surplus US$21.74B in 2020The Insider Stories2021-01-15
IHSG sees correction after three-day rallyAntara News2021-01-14
Indonesia’s Adhi Commuter Seeks Funds US$35M from Bond MarketThe Insider Stories2021-01-14
IHSG opens higher as vaccination campaign commencesAntara News2021-01-13
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