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Market Watch
Close of
February 2, 2023
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 5.359 0.2 ▲ 2.0 61.2
5 Year 5.829 0.1 ▲ 4.5 64.1
10 Year 6.066 3.4 ▲ 4.3 92.1

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
PHP per USD 53.865 ▲ 1.2 ▲ 1.0 ▲ 3.3
PHP per JPY 0.419 ▲ 0.9 0.2 ▲ 1.5

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
ON PHIREF 4.495 113.3 2.8 267.0
3M PHIREF 5.712     0.0 ▲ 27.5     0.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
BSP Overnight Borrowing
(Reverse Repo) Rate
5.500 ▲ 50.0     0.0
BSP Overnight Lending
(Repo) Rate
6.000 ▲ 50.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I BBB+ stable 2022-04-18
RAM BBB2 stable 2019-11-27
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB negative 2022-10-27
S&P BBB+ stable 2022-11-16

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2017: Philippines

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region''''s bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The Bond Market Guide 2017 for the Philippines is an outcome of the support and contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from the Philippines. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for the Philippines
February 2020

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for the Philippines are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of the Philippine market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

The Philippines’ local currency (LCY) government bond yields rose across all tenors between 31 August and 14 October, gaining an average of 86 basis points (bps). The large uptick in bond yields across the curve was propelled by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas’ (BSP) aggressive monetary tightening stance to ease rising inflationary pressure. The BSP has become the most aggressive central bank in the region in terms of tightening monetary policy, raising its policy rates consecutively each month from May through September, followed by the recent hike of 75 bps in November for a total of 300 bps. Amid persistent domestic inflation and the United States Federal Reserve maintaining its aggressive monetary stance, the market expects further BSP rate hikes before the year ends.

Size and Composition

During the third quarter (Q3) of 2022, the Philippines’ LCY bond market grew a modest 3.6% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q), reaching a total size of PHP11,063.1 billion (USD188.6 billion) at the end of September. The outstanding amount of LCY government bonds inched up to PHP9,635.7 billion at the end of September, displaying growth of 3.9% q-o-q in Q3 2022. The marginal decline in the q-o-q growth was due to the declining stock of Treasury bills, central bank securities, and other government bonds. However, Treasury bonds continued to dominate the government bond segment and showed the largest growth during the quarter, offsetting the contraction of all three components of the government bond segment. The corporate bond segment’s outstanding size grew to PHP1,427.4 billion, posting an increase of 1.4% q-o-q in Q3 2022. 

Policy, Institutional and Regulatory Developments

The Bureau of the Treasury intends to borrow PHP200 billion from the domestic market in October by offering PHP60 billion worth of Treasury bills and PHP140 billion worth of Treasury bonds with tenors of 3, 6, 10, and 13 years. The borrowing program for October is the same as September’s planned borrowing, which the Bureau of the Treasury failed to meet due to investors’ demand for higher yield in anticipation of a continued rise in interest rates. However, the government remains confident that funding requirements for its various programs remain adequate against current market circumstances.

Title Source Date
Philippines eyes at least P30 billion via new retail bond offerBusiness World2023-02-03
Committee Fully Awards Reissued Treasury Bonds at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2023-01-31
CREIT receives permit to sell P4.5-B green bondsBusiness World2023-01-31
Committee Fully Awards Treasury Bills at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2023-01-30
BPI raises P20.3 billion from RISE BondsThe Philippine Star2023-01-26
Committee Fully Awards Reissued 10-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2023-01-24
Committee Fully Awards Treasury Bills at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2023-01-23
SEC approves Citicore REIT's green bond offerThe Philippine Star2023-01-20
Century Properties plans to offer P3-billion retail bondsBsuiness World2023-01-18
Committee Fully Awards Reissued 20-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2023-01-17
Committee Fully Awards Treasury Bills at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2023-01-16
Citicore Energy REIT to issue Green Bonds in 2023The Philippine Star2023-01-12
PH bond issue nets $3B from offers worth $25BInquirer2023-01-11
Committee Fully Awards Reissued 25-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2023-01-10
Philippines launches $3-B new overseas bond offerInquirer2023-01-10
BPI rolls out P5-B bond saleInquirer2023-01-09
Philippine gov’t offers at least $1.5B in US dollar bondsInquirer2023-01-09
Treasury Bills Auction Results on 09 January 2023Bureau of the Treasury2023-01-09
Committee Fully Awards Reissued 7-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2023-01-04
Treasury Bills Auction Results on 03 January 2023Bureau of the Treasury2023-01-03
Arthaland lists P3-B ASEAN Green bondsManila Bulletin2022-12-25
SMC completes largest PH company bond issueInquirer2022-12-16
Arthaland offers second tranche of up to P3 Billion ASEAN green bondsInquirer2022-12-12
BPI raising P5B from bonds for loans to small businessesInquirer2022-12-07
Aboitiz holding firm lists P20-B bondsInquirer2022-12-07
Committee Fully Awards Reissued Treasury Bonds at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2022-12-06
Mixed Results At Treasury Bill AuctionBureau of the Treasury2022-12-05
Committee Partially Awards Reissued 20-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2022-11-29
Treasury Bills Auction Results on November 28, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-28
Treasury Bonds Auction Result on November 22, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-22
Treasury Bills Auction Results on November 21, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-21
SEC approves P90-B bond offerings of SMC, AEVManila Bulletin2022-11-18
TAP Facility Auction Result on November 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-15
AEV plans to raise up to P20 B from bond issueManila Bulletin2022-11-15
Treasury Bonds Auction Result on November 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-15
Treasury Bills Auction Results on November 14, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-14
Security Bank raises P14.6 B from upsized bondManila Bulletin2022-11-10
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on November 8, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-08
Committee Partially Awards Treasury Bills at AuctionBureau of the Treasury2022-11-07
DoubleDragon plans $70-M bond issueManila Bulletin2022-11-04
Metrobank sold P23.7-B bondsManila Bulletin2022-10-28
Committee Partially Awards Reissued 25-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2022-10-25
PH eyes retail dollar bond sale in DecemberPhilippine News Agency2022-10-24
Treasury Bills Auction Results on October 24, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-24
CREIT plans up to P4.5 billion ASEAN green bonds issueThe Philippine Star2022-10-21
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on October 18, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-18
Security Bank announces P3-B bonds saleThe Philippine Star2022-10-17
Metrobank closing P10-B bond offer earlyManila Bulletin2022-10-14
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on October 11, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-11
Arthaland plans P3-B more green bondsManila Bulletin2022-10-10
Treasury Bills Auction Results on October 10, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-10
Philippines eyes retail dollar bond for OFWsGMA News2022-10-09
Metrobank kicks off peso bond offeringPhilippine Star2022-10-07
RCBC looks to raise P5B in debt marketThe Manila Times2022-10-07
Republic of the Philippines Prices Inaugural Global Bond Issuance Under the New AdministrationDepartment of Finance2022-10-06
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on October 4, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-04
Treasury Bills Auction Results on September 19, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-09-19
Treasury Bond Auction Results on September 13, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-09-13
Treasury Bills Auction Results on September 12, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-09-12
Treasury Bills Auction Results on September 5, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-09-05
Treasury Bills Auction Results on August 22, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-22
Tap Facility Auction Results on August 16, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-16
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on August 16, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-16
Treasury Bills Auction Results on August 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-15
Tap Facility Auction Result on 9 August 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-09
Treasury Bonds Auction Results on 09 August 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-09
Committee Fully Awards Reissued 10-Year Treasury BondsBureau of the Treasury2022-08-09
Treasury Bills Auction Results August 8, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-08-08
BSP Securities Auction Results July 29, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-07-29
Bank of Commerce raises P7.5 billion from oversubscribed bond offerPhilippine Star2022-07-29
SMC power unit lists P40-billion fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2022-07-27
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 26, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-26
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 25, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-25
BSP Securities Auction Results July 22, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-07-22
Security Bank raises P16 billion from offer of 1.5-year peso bondsBusiness World2022-07-21
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 19, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-19
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 17, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-18
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 12, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-12
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 11, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-11
BSP Securities Auction Results July 8, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-07-08
ALI raises P33 billion from bond issuePhilippine Star2022-07-07
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 5, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-05
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 4, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-07-04
BSP Securities Auction Results July 1, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-07-01
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 28, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-28
Alsons lists P1.3-B debt papersBusiness World2022-06-28
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 27, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-27
BSP Securities Auction Results June 24, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-06-24
Filinvest Land raises P11.9B in oversubscribed bondsBusiness World2022-06-24
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 21, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-21
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 20, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-20
BSP Securities Auction Results June 17, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-06-17
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 14, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-14
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 13, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-13
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 7, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-07
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 6, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-06-06
BSP Securities Auction Results June 3, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-06-03
UnionBank’s P11-billion digital bond issuance listed at the secondary marketBusiness World2022-06-03
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 31, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-31
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 30, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-30
BSP Securities Auction Results May 27, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-05-27
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 24, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-24
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 23, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-23
BSP Securities Auction Results May 20, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-05-20
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 17, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-17
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 16, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-16
BSP Securities Auction Results May 13, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-05-13
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 10, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-10
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 11, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-04
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 4 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-04
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 3, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-05-02
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 26, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-19
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 19, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-19
BSP Securities Auction Results April 18, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-04-18
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 19, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-18
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 12, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-12
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 11, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-11
BSP Securities Auction Results April 8, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-04-08
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 5, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-05
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 4, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-04-04
BSP Securities Auction Results April 1, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-04-01
Treasury Bonds Auction Result March 29, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-29
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 28, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-28
BSP Securities Auction Results March 25, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-03-25
PHL raises $2.25B via offshore bondsBusiness World2022-03-22
Treasury Bonds Auction Result March 22, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-22
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 21, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-21
BSP Securities Auction Results March 18, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-03-18
Treasury Bonds Auction Result March 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-15
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 14, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-03-14
BSP Securities Auction Results March 11, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-03-11
BSP Securities Auction Results March 4, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-03-04
BSP Securities Auction Results February 28, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-28
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 28, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-02-28
Century Properties lists P3-B five-year bondsBusiness World2022-02-25
RCBC raises P14.76B via sustainable bondsBusiness World2022-02-22
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 21, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-02-21
SMIC lists P15-billion bondsBusiness World2022-02-21
BSP Securities Auction Results February 18, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-18
Retail Treasury Bonds Auction Result February 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-02-15
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 14, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-02-14
BSP Securities Auction Results February 11, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-11
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 7, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-02-07
BSP Securities Auction Results February 4, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-04
BPI secures P 27B from latest bond offeringInquirer2022-02-03
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
PH banks turn more wary about lending to companiesInquirer2923-01-30
UN says strong domestic demand to support Philippine growth this yearBusiness World2023-02-03
DOF's Diokno says inflation has peaked, softer US Fed hikes 'good'The Philippine Star2023-02-03
BSP bills oversubscribed at P167 BManila Bulletin2023-02-03
Vista Land gets lower rate for P2.9-B notesManila Bulletin2023-02-03
High rates, weak global demand to tame inflation – Moody’s unitThe Philippine Star2023-02-03
MUFG expects stronger peso through 2023Business World2023-02-02
Peso strengthens to 53-level after Fed rate hike; PSEi slipsPhilippine News Agency2023-02-02
National Government Debt Recorded at P13.42 Trillion as of end-December 2022Bureau of the Treasury2023-02-02
PH debt-to-GDP ratio down to 60.9% in 2022, consistent with medium-term fiscal planDepartment of Finance2023-02-02
RCBC eyes return to international debt marketThe Philippine Star2023-02-02
Peso seen weakening for 3rd straight yearThe Philippine Star2023-02-02
Term deposit yields climb ahead of Fed decisionBusiness World2023-02-02
NCR retail price growth in Dec. steady vs Nov., still highest since 2008Business World2023-02-01
Citi expects 2023 PHL inflation to average 5.3%Business World2023-02-01
Stocks rise on positive sentiments, peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2023-02-01
Philippine factories open 2023 strong as output soar to 7-month highThe Philippine Star2023-02-01
BSP to pause after Q1, will cut rate in 2024 – CitiManila Bulletin2023-02-01
BSP sees inflation relief in H2Inquirer2023-02-01
Bank lending growth slows in December as interest rates riseBusiness World2023-02-01
IMF maintains PHL growth forecastBusiness World2023-02-01
Inflation remained high in Jan. — BSPBusiness World2023-02-01
Fitch Solutions sees PHL consumer spending growth slowing in 2023Business World2023-01-31
Restrained consumption seen holding back Philippine growth this yearBusiness World2023-01-31
13-year T-bond rate dropsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-31
COL Financial sees PSE index to rise to 7,500-8,250 this yearPhilippine News Agency2023-01-31
PSEi, peso slip as US Fed meeting startsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-31
General Retail Price Index in the National Capital Region (2012=100) : December 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-31
Domestic Claims of Other Financial Corporations (OFCs) Increased by 3.3 Percent YOY in Q3 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-31
Local shares plunge as investors fear US Fed decisionThe Philippine Star2023-01-31
Standard Chartered eyes PH GDP at 5.3% in 2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-31
BSP eyes January inflation between 7.5%-8.3%Philippine News Agency2023-01-31
Domestic Liquidity Grows by 6.4 Percent, Year-on-Year, in December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-31
Bank Lending Expanded by 13.4 Percent, Year-on-Year, in December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-31
PSEi loses 7,000 foothold as Fed vigil beginsInquirer2023-01-31
BPI looking to issue dollar bonds next quarterBusiness World2023-01-31
Producers Price Index : December 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-31
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for January 2023Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-31
BPI upsizes RISE bond issue to P20.3 BManila Bulletin2023-01-30
Still no applicant for Islamic banks, IBUsManila Bulletin2023-01-30
Banks’ RR-compliant loans total P323BManila Bulletin2023-01-30
Yields on short-term loans declineManila Bulletin2023-01-30
Philippine companies seen raising up to $8.25B via bonds in 2023Business World2023-01-30
‘High prices, weaker demand to clip growth’The Philippine Star2023-01-30
Further rate hikes seen this yearThe Philippine Star2023-01-30
Retail investors more bullish on PSE stocksInquirer2023-01-30
Consumption likely to slow amid looming recession, say expertsBusiness World2023-01-30
Fitch sees better profits for PHL banks this yearBusiness World2023-01-30
GDP growth forecasts upgradedThe Philippine Star2023-01-29
Stocks to take cues from Fed meetingManila Bulletin2023-01-29
Fitch sees PH economic growth slowing down in ’23Inquirer2023-01-28
BSP vows sustained rate hikes to address 2nd-round effectsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-28
Rates up, bids lower for BSP's 28-day securitiesPhilippine News Agency2023-01-27
PSEi up on higher-than-expected GDP report, peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2023-01-27
Diokno announces strong PH economic growth at economic briefing in London, UK-PH partnership strengthenedDepartment of Finance2023-01-27
Banks Kept Credit Standards Steady in Q4 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-27
BSP has enough tools to manage inflation – MedallaManila Bulletin2023-01-27
BSP to start charging PhilPaSSplus feesManila Bulletin2023-01-27
With 7.6% GDP growth, Marcos Jr. says PH economy moving in right directionInquirer2023-01-27
Fitch Solutions sees PH GDP to grow 5.9% in 2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-27
Risks Mount for Philippines After Best Growth in Half a CenturyBloomberg2023-01-27
PH posted net ‘hot money’ inflows of $887M in 2022Inquirer2023-01-27
PH trade deficit widened by 38% in 2022 to $58.3BInquirer2023-01-27
BSP has space to tweak rates – BPIManila Bulletin2023-01-26
PH stocks down on earnings reports, peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2023-01-26
Normalization of economic activities, lower taxes to fuel GDPPhilippine News Agency2023-01-26
Preliminary Q2 2022 Philippine Balance Sheet Approach (BSA): The Country’s Net External Liability Position Improves, Quarter-on-QuarterBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-26
PH banks to realize P40-B windfall — FitchManila Bulletin2023-01-26
Philippines Shakes Off Inflation for Best Growth Since 1976Bloomberg2023-01-26
Foreign Investments Registered with the BSP, through Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)*, Yield Net Inflows in 2022, a Reversal from Net Outflows in 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-26
GDP Posted a Quarter-on-Quarter Growth of 2.4 Percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-26
The Seasonally Adjusted National Accounts of the Philippines: Fourth Quarter 2022 (At Constant 2018 Prices)Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-26
GDP Expands by 7.2 Percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2022, and by 7.6 Percent in Full-year 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-26
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics December 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-26
Philippines Posts Strong GDP Growth Amid Higher Prices and RatesBloomberg2023-01-26
PH trade deficit swelled by 38% in 2022Inquirer2023-01-26
2022 GDP growth seen to have surged past 7%Inquirer2023-01-26
Suntrust foreign ownership to increase from bond conversionThe Philippine Star2023-01-25
BSP profits up 38% end-Oct 2022Manila Bulletin2023-01-25
BSP FX swaps at $955MManila Bulletin2023-01-25
BSP term deposit facility rates post mixed resultsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-25
PH stocks up on positive US earnings reports, peso slipsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-25
PH brings initial investment pledges of P1.3B from Swiss firmsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-25
GDP Growth Rate for Third Quarter 2022 was Maintained at 7.6 PercentPhilippine Statistics Authority2023-01-25
‘Rise in rates will not affect fiscal consolidation’The Philippine Star2023-01-25
Higher credit card rates help banks cover costsThe Philippine Star2023-01-25
Infrastructure spending rises in Nov.Business World2023-01-25
PHL urged to ramp up infrastructure investmentBusiness World2023-01-25
Gov’t to borrow P200B from domestic marketBusiness World2023-01-25
Peza expects surge in investments this yearInquirer2023-01-25
Value of Production in Agriculture and Fisheries Declined by -1.0 Percent in the Fourth Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-25
Peso strengthens, PSEi slips ahead of GDP reportPhilippine News Agency2023-01-24
PH-US trade in 2022 exceeds $33B: envoyPhilippine News Agency2023-01-24
PH economic managers host Financial Literacy Session in FrankfurtDepartment of Finance2023-01-24
Economic team holds briefing in Frankfurt, showcases PH strong economic foundation and priority investment areasDepartment of Finance2023-01-24
Long-term benchmark yield dropsManila Bulletin2023-01-24
Islamic finance is not just for Muslims – BSP officialManila Bulletin2023-01-24
Stocks lower as investors wait for GDP reportManila Bulletin2023-01-24
Security Bank sees sustained double-digit loan growthThe Philippine Star2023-01-24
Government lowers minimum investment for RDB issueThe Philippine Star2023-01-24
Government raises almost full T-bill program in JanuaryThe Philippine Star2023-01-24
‘Economy likely grew over 7% in 2022’The Philippine Star2023-01-24
SEC drafts rules to protect consumers of financial products, servicesBusiness World2023-01-24
BSP sees inflation below 2% by 2024Business World2023-01-24
PH stocks index up, peso ends flat vs. US dollarPhilippine News Agency2023-01-23
Commodity prices seen to ease by mid-2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-23
Diokno: PH economy resilient to face post-pandemic worldPhilippine News Agency2023-01-23
Stocks up on late buyingManila Bulletin2023-01-23
Short-term yields drop ahead of Fed meetManila Bulletin2023-01-23
Salceda backs Marcos’ vision of PH economy with no recession, inflation dip to 4.0%Inquirer2023-01-23
Summit Ascent, Suntrust to settle P5.6 billion interest on Westside City bondsThe Philippine Star2023-01-23
T-bill, bond rates may drop ahead of Fed reviewBusiness World2023-01-23
GDP growth may have slowed in Q4 — pollBusiness World2023-01-23
PH 2022 GDP growth seen overshooting gov’t target at 7.7%Inquirer2023-01-23
BPI sees further rise in bank lendingThe Philippine Star2023-01-22
Philippine economy grows by over 7.5% in 2022The Philippine Star2023-01-22
Security Bank sees PH economic growth at 6.8% in Q4Inquirer2023-01-21
Philippines looks to issue by June $3B in RTBs for OFWsInquirer2023-01-21
First Economic Briefing for 2023 will showcase Philippine investment opportunities in EuropeDepartment of Budget and Management2023-01-20
PH stocks index, peso finish week sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2023-01-20
Monetary Board Approved US$2 Billion Foreign Borrowing of the Public Sector in Q4 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-20
BSP Adjusts Interest Rate Ceiling on Credit Card TransactionsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-20
Philippine Central Bank Chief Sees Rate Peaking This QuarterBloomberg2023-01-20
GDP likely grew 7.1% in 2022 – HSBCManila Bulletin2023-01-20
Yield of BSP bills continue to drop this weekManila Bulletin2023-01-20
Banks broadly steady despite headwinds – Moody’sThe Philippine Star2023-01-20
Inflation tamed by 2024, Marcos’ team vowsInquirer2023-01-20
More dollars flowed out of PH in 2022 on import spendingInquirer2023-01-20
Banks released P254 B MSME loans as reserves’ complianceManila Bulletin2023-01-19
Economist eyes further improvement in PH balance of paymentsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-19
PH stocks index, peso post correctionPhilippine News Agency2023-01-19
Investment leads in PBBM foreign trips to benefit PH beyond 2028Philippine News Agency2023-01-19
BOP Posts US$612 Million Surplus in December 2022; Full-Year 2022 BOP Deficit Reached US$7.3 Billion & End-2022 GIR Level Rises to US$96.1 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-19
BBM says he is confident of PH economic growth due to ‘very good workforce’Inquirer2023-01-19
Philippines to boost trade facilitation with ASEANThe Philippine Star2023-01-19
WEF hails Philippines’ ‘incredible’ growth trajectoryInquirer2023-01-19
Bongbong Marcos says Philippines to resist ‘recessionary forces’Inquirer2023-01-19
‘Early signs point to PH exceeding 2023 GDP goal’Inquirer2023-01-19
BSP to pilot test wholesale digital currency ’til 2024Business World2023-01-19
Diokno briefs World Economic Forum CEOs on PH economy and the proposed Maharlika Investment FundDepartment of Finance2023-01-19
PH to gain from biz, cooperation opportunities from WEF meetingPhilippine News Agency2023-01-19
Growth in November bulk prices eases to nine-month lowBusiness World2023-01-18
PH stocks index, peso up anewPhilippine News Agency2023-01-18
BSP improves ‘targeted actions’ on price stabilityManila Bulletin2023-01-18
PH banks strong but face risks — FitchManila Bulletin2023-01-18
TDF rates down anewPhilippine News Agency2023-01-18
Marcos Sees Philippine Economy Growing Fastest in Asia at 7%Bloomberg2023-01-18
Global slowdown may hurt OFW remittancesBusiness World2023-01-18
Revised Guidelines for the Sale of Government Securities through the TAP Facility, Amending Memorandun Dated 18 November 2018Bureau of the Treasury2023-01-18
Romualdez: PH can lure investments at WEF despite possible global slowdownInquirer2023-01-17
BSP notes improvement in accuracy of household inflation viewsBusiness World2023-01-17
DTI chief presents PH as investment hub in Asia at WEFPhilippine News Agency2023-01-17
PH stocks index slips, peso finishes sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2023-01-17
General Wholesale Price Index (2012=100) : November 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-17
AMRO revises PH growth outlook for 2022, 2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-17
Philippines Says 2022 GDP Likely Grew Much Faster Than 6.5%-7.5%Bloomberg2023-01-17
Petron to buy $22.47M of its debt securitiesBusiness World2023-01-17
BSP rate may peak at 6.25% in 1st halfBusiness World2023-01-17
Cash remittances hit 6-month lowBusiness World2023-01-17
Financial resources total P27.64 T end-NovManila Bulletin2023-01-16
PH stocks index, peso start the week upPhilippine News Agency2023-01-16
T-bill rates up anewPhilippine News Agency2023-01-16
Upward momentum expected to continueThe Philippine Star2023-01-16
President Marcos Jr. to promote PH as growth driver, gateway to the Asia-Pacific at WEFDepartment of Finance2023-01-16
Personal Remittances Post US$2.9 Billion in November 2022; January-November Level Rises by 3.4 Percent YoY to US$32.6 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-16
Marcos Sees Philippine Inflation Easing as He Boosts Farm OutputBloomberg2023-01-16
Electronics exports forecast to grow 9%Inquirer2023-01-16
Cheaper energy expected to tame 2023 PH inflationInquirer2023-01-16
Philippines to tap debt market anewThe Philippine Star2023-01-15
BSP to cut RRR by 200 bps at the right time — MedallaManila Bulletin2023-01-15
Debt service bill declines 24% in NovemberBusiness World2023-01-15
Monetary Board flags more rate hikes in Dec. meeting minutesBusiness World2023-01-15
Economy likely grew 4.6% in Q4The Philippine Star2023-01-14
Stocks up on risk-on sentiments, peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2023-01-13
BSP's 28-day bill rate declinesPhilippine News Agency2023-01-13
Philippine Stocks Near Bull Market as End of Tightening in SightBloomberg2023-01-13
BSP approves higher 3% cap on credit card rateManila Bulletin2023-01-13
Philippines Planning at Least $545 Million Peso Bond Sale, Sources SayBloomberg2023-01-13
BSP rediscount loans reach P15.3 billion in 2022The Philippine Star2023-01-13
Economic growth may slow this yearThe Philippine Star2023-01-13
NPL ratio of banks down to 3.35% in NovemberThe Philippine Star2023-01-13
Another borrowing cost hike expectedInquirer2023-01-13
PSEi recovers, peso slips to 55-levelPhilippine News Agency2023-01-12
Highlights of the Meeting of the Monetary Board on the Monetary Policy Stance Held on 15 December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-12
Philippines central bank hopes to cut rates in 2024, flags RRR reductionInquirer2023-01-12
Wholesale price growth eased in OctoberThe Philippine Star2023-01-12
World Bank sees moderate growth for PhilippinesThe Philippine Star2023-01-12
Inbound long-term capital rose in Oct despite global woesInquirer2023-01-12
PSEi slips on Fed rate hike expectations, peso keeps footingPhilippine News Agency2023-01-11
HSBC economist eyes 75 bps hike in BSP rates in H1Philippine News Agency2023-01-11
FMIC sees 6% growth for PH economy in 2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-11
BSP’s term deposit facility rates post mixed resultsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-11
FDIs eke out gains in October amid headwindsThe Philippine Star2023-01-11
Fewer IPOs seen in 2023 as inflation, rising interest rates make investors uneasyThe Philippine Star2023-01-11
BSP mulls 3% cap on credit card rateManila Bulletin2023-01-11
FSCC Highlights Strengths of PH's Financial Markets, Identifies Areas for Enhancement Moving ForwardBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-11
NEDA sees inflation easingThe Philippine Star2023-01-11
Trade deficit narrows for 3rd straight monthInquirer2023-01-11
Peso hits strongest level in six monthsInquirer2023-01-11
Medalla sees ‘system resilience’ buildup for PHManila Bulletin2023-01-10
BSP rate at 6% possible next monthManila Bulletin2023-01-10
Global economic woes seen to gnaw on external accountInquirer2023-01-10
Biz group cautiously optimistic about economy’s prospects amid inflationInquirer2023-01-10
Inflation in Central Luzon climbs to 9.0% in Dec. 2022Philippine News Agency2023-01-10
PSEi tracks US market decline, peso strengthens to 54 vs. dollarPhilippine News Agency2023-01-10
Medalla discounts another huge rate hike as dollar weakensPhilippine News Agency2023-01-10
BSP chief eyes over 6% growth for PH economy this yearPhilippine News Agency2023-01-10
BSP Rediscount Rates for January 2023 and Loan Availments for the Period 01 January to 31 December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-10
FDI Net Inflows Grow by 6.3 Percent in October 2022; January-October Level at US$7.6 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-10
Philippines central bank sees inflation ‘back to normal’ near 3% later this yearInquirer2023-01-10
Filinvest REIT retires P6B in bondsInquirer2023-01-10
Philippines debt may ease this yearThe Philippine Star2023-01-10
Remittances seen growing 5% this yearThe Philippine Star2023-01-10
PH rings up $3B in fresh foreign debtInquirer2023-01-10
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics November 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-10
PHL current account deficit forecast raised to 4.7% of GDP in 2023Business World2023-01-09
General Wholesale Price Index (2012=100) : October 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-09
BSP continues pilot testing of digital currenciesThe Philippine Star2023-01-09
Fitch unit: Philippine exports to soften in 2023 despite China reopeningThe Philippine Star2023-01-09
PH bond sale assigned good ratingsManila Bulletin2023-01-09
Stocks surge on foreign buyingManila Bulletin2023-01-09
Peso Bulls Face Disappointment as Headwinds for Currency MountBloomberg2023-01-09
PSEi poised to test 6,800 as PH restarts fight vs inflationInquirer2023-01-09
No pause in BSP rate hikes on horizon as risks remainInquirer2023-01-09
Groundwork to improve business conditions not in place as Senate RCEP trade deal approval loomsBusiness World2023-01-08
Foreign investors’ choice of Asian manufacturing base seen as critical for PHL export prospectsBusiness World2023-01-08
Gov’t borrowings accelerate in NovemberManila Bulletin2023-01-08
BSP to issue arbitration rules this monthManila Bulletin2023-01-08
PH dollar reserves down 12% in 2022 but remains adequate — BSPManila Bulletin2023-01-08
BSP’s 28-day securities rate up againPhilippine News Agency2023-01-06
PSEi slips for first time in 2023 on profit-taking, peso upPhilippine News Agency2023-01-06
PH manufacturing posts growth in NovemberPhilippine News Agency2023-01-06
End-December 2022 GIR Level Rises to US$96.0 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-06
PSE, Shenzen bourse sign MOUManila Bulletin2023-01-06
BSP Enhances Regulations Related to Single Borrower’s LimitBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-06
More BSP rate hikes loom as inflation spikesThe Philippine Star2023-01-06
Unemployment Rate in November 2022 is Estimated at 4.2 PercentPhilippine Statistics Authority2023-01-06
Production Index and Net Sales Index (Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries) November 2022 (2018=100)Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-06
Stocks, peso gain on economic data releasesPhilippine News Agency2023-01-05
HSBC eyes 4.4% growth for PH economy in 2023Philippine News Agency2023-01-05
Full-year inflation meets DBCC’s assumption of 5.8% for 2022Department of Finance2023-01-05
Extended tariff cuts to control inflation—DOFManila Bulletin2023-01-05
PH 2022 inflation within gov’t targetPhilippine News Agency2023-01-05
Quicker Philippine Inflation Opens Door to Sustained Rate ActionBloomberg2023-01-05
UK think tank sees Philippine inflation easingThe Philippine Star2023-01-05
Petron sets tender offer for $50 million perpetual bondsThe Philippine Star2023-01-05
Rising borrowing costs fail to dampen demand for bank loansInquirer2023-01-05
ADDRESSING INFLATION REMAINS ON TOP OF PH GOV’T PRIORITIES—NEDANational Economic and Development Authority2023-01-05
Seasonally Adjusted Consumer Price Index (2018=100): December 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index for the Bottom 30% Income Households (2012=100): December 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): December 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2023-01-05
Highlights of the Foreign Trade Statistics for Agricultural Commodities in the Philippines Third Quarter 2022, PreliminaryPhilippine Statistics Authority2023-01-04
PH stocks index sustains rise as peso slipsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-04
TDF registers strong demand, rates upPhilippine News Agency2023-01-04
Domestic Liquidity Grows by 5.4 Percent, Year-on-Year, in NovemberBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-04
Bank Lending Grew by 13.7 Percent, Year-on-Year, in NovemberBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2023-01-04
Stocks up on first trading day of 2023Manila Bulletin2023-01-03
Short-term benchmark yields move sidewaysManila Bulletin2023-01-03
Reserve requirement-compliant loans up 23% — BSPManila Bulletin2023-01-03
Strong peso softens rise in gov’t debtManila Bulletin2023-01-03
PH factories’ performance in Dec. '22 highest in 6 monthsPhilippine News Agency2023-01-03
National Government Debt Recorded at P13.64 Trillion as of end-November 2022Bureau of the Treasury2023-01-03
Inflation seen dropping in January – FMIC/UA&PThe Philippine Star2023-01-03
Philippine banks remain resilient amid headwindsThe Philippine Star2023-01-03
NEDA releases new five-year Philippines Development PlanThe Philippine Star2023-01-02
PSE chief targets 14 IPOs, P160B worth of equity deals in 2023Inquirer2023-01-02
BSP poised to adjust cap on credit card ratesManila Bulletin2023-01-02
Stocks to open 2023 with guarded optimismManila Bulletin2023-01-02
Vista Land raising P12 B from corporate notes facilityManila Bulletin2023-01-01
Moody’s hikes Philippines growth outlook for 2022The Philippine Star2022-12-31
Sustained recovery amid high inflation, weak pesoManila Bulletin2022-12-31
Peso slumps by 9.3% in 2022The Philippine Star2022-12-30
PH to weather global recession in 2023—DOFManila Bulletin2022-12-30
Hot money nets $489 M in Nov.Manila Bulletin2022-12-30
2022: Not a good year for stocksManila Bulletin2022-12-30
PH eyed as one of leading economies in Asia Pacific regionPhilippine News Agency2022-12-30
Bond listings reach record high in 2022The Philippine Star2022-12-29
PSEi ends flat, peso finishes strong on 2022 last tradingPhilippine News Agency2022-12-29
C. Luzon’s economy moves toward steady recovery in 2022Philippine News Agency2022-12-29
Stocks still up ahead of New Year; peso returns to P56 levelPhilippine News Agency2022-12-29
Producers Price Index : November 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-29
FCDU Lending Decreases Slightly in Q3 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-29
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-29
Philippines’ Net External Liability Position as of End-September 2022 Rises to US$30.1 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-29
Foreign Investments Registered with the BSP, through Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)*, Yield Net Inflows in November 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-29
Philippine economy to enter 2023 still sailing into global headwindsThe Philippine Star2022-12-28
Banks continue to prefer 7-day TDF – BSP officialManila Bulletin2022-12-28
Diokno expects economic growth to exceed targetManila Bulletin2022-12-28
Despite rising inflation, government sees growth spurtThe Philippine Star2022-12-28
Government spending rises 10% to P455 billion in NovemberThe Philippine Star2022-12-28
PSEi tracks Asian shares’ rise, peso weak after Christmas holidayPhilippine News Agency2022-12-27
Gov’t on track to hit revenue goalManila Bulletin2022-12-27
After surviving COVID, PH economy grapples with inflation nextInquirer2022-12-27
November 2022 Fiscal Deficit Declines to P123.9 billionBureau of the Treasury2022-12-27
Tax cuts may impact revenue, growthThe Philippine Star2022-12-27
Philippines likely to attain 2022 growth targetThe Philippine Star2022-12-27
Think tank raises Philippines growth target for 2022The Philippine Star2022-12-27
PSEi expected to end the year with no fireworksInquirer2022-12-27
Alsons raises P 620M from debt paper saleInquirer2022-12-27
Debt-to-GDP ratio expected to hit 64% by year-endInquirer2022-12-27
AboitizPower eyes green bond issuance next yearThe Philippine Star2022-12-26
High inflation, weak peso banner challenges faced by BSPThe Philippine Star2022-12-26
BSP reactivates FX swapsManila Bulletin2022-12-26
Metro Manila retail prices grow fastest in 14 yearsThe Philippine Star2022-12-25
IMF suggests ‘extensive’ digital currency pilots for PHManila Bulletin2022-12-25
Inflation to drop below 6% in Q2 – analystsManila Bulletin2022-12-25
Gov’t to borrow P200 B locally in JanuaryManila Bulletin2022-12-24
Sharp economic slowdown in 2023 unlikely— FMIC, UA&PManila Bulletin2022-12-23
PH stocks index slips as peso keeps footing vs. US dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-12-23
BSP's 28-day bill rates up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-12-23
New PH dev't plan to address economic scarring, inflation: NEDAPhilippine News Agency2022-12-23
Highlights of the Domestic Trade Statistics in the Philippines Third Quarter 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-23
Domestic trade slumps by 25.5% in the third quarterBusinessWorld2022-12-23
BSP launches own 11-point strategy for sustainabilityManila Bulletin2022-12-22
PSEi tracks Wall Street’s rise, peso almost flatPhilippine News Agency2022-12-22
BOI-approved investments up 11%The Philippine Star2022-12-22
Risk-on sentiments lift PH equities index, pesoPhilippine News Agency2022-12-21
TDF yields track uptrend in central bank's policy ratesPhilippine News Agency2022-12-21
Oxford Economics raises Philippine GDP growth forecast to 7%The Philippine Star2022-12-21
Gov’t incurs lower budget deficit in Nov.Manila Bulletin2022-12-21
PH financial resources at P27.5 T end-OctManila Bulletin2022-12-21
PH forex reserves rose to $95.1B in NovemberInquirer2022-12-21
PSEi up on bargain-hunting, peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2022-12-20
Medalla discounts extreme rate hikes in Q1 2023Philippine News Agency2022-12-20
Debt payments leave Philippines' dollar position stewing in deficit in NovemberThe Philippine Star2022-12-20
Philippine inflation will likely peak in December, says central bank governorInquirer2022-12-20
PLDT debacle adds to woes of inflation-battered PH stocksInquirer2022-12-20
Robust domestic demand to thwart recession in PHPhilippine News Agency2022-12-20
PH seen to exceed GDP target for 2022: NEDAPhilippine News Agency2022-12-19
Recession worries trigger another PH equities index sliPhilippine News Agency2022-12-19
PH dev’t plan 2023-2028 to focus on ‘transformation agenda’Philippine News Agency2022-12-19
58th SEACEN Governors’ Conference / High-Level Seminar and the 42nd Meeting of the SEACEN Board of GovernorsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-19
BOP Posts US$756 Million Deficit in November 2022; End-November GIR Rises to US$95.1 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-19
NEDA to Work Closely with Implementing Agencies, Legislature, and Stakeholders in Achieving PDP 2023-2028 TargetsNational Economic and Development Authority2022-12-19
Inflation may remain high at 4.8% next yearThe Philippine Star2022-12-19
Philippine growth seen to slow to 5% amid tailwindsThe Philippine Star2022-12-18
Moody’s Analytics says lack of capital formation recovery a drag on Philippine growth potentialBusiness World2022-12-18
Stocks to be dampened by US recession fearsManila Bulletin2022-12-18
PH moves target to become upper-middle-income status to 2025Inquirer2022-12-18
NEDA Board Approves PH Dev’t Plan 2023-2028, Extension of Tariff Reduction on Key CommoditiesNational Economic and Development Authority2022-12-17
BSP's 28-day securities rate tracks path of policy ratePhilippine News Agency2022-12-16
PH equities index slip, peso gains vs. US dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-12-16
Consumer Outlook More Pessimistic in Q4 2022, and Less Optimistic for Q1 2023 and the Next 12 Months*Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-16
DBP net income in first 9 months soars to P5.35BPhilippine News Agency2022-12-16
BSP Rediscount Rates Effective 19 December 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-16
Government Maintains Inflation Target at 3 Percent ± 1 Percentage Point for 2023-2024 and Sets Inflation Target at the Same Range for 2025-2026Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-16
Business Sentiment Weakens in Q4 2022 and 2023*Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-16
BPI sees below 6% GDP growth next yearThe Philippine Star2022-12-16
Ocean-based Industries Grew by 6.7 Percent, Accounted for 3.6 Percent of GDP in 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-16
PH stocks slip, peso almost flat on Fed, BSP’s rate hikesPhilippine News Agency2022-12-15
Monetary Board Raises Policy Rate by 50 Basis PointsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-15
BSP continues inflation fight but goes easy with rate hikesThe Philippine Star2022-12-15
BPI’s P5-B bonds qualify as ASEAN Social BondsManila Bulletin2022-12-15
Personal Remittances Reach US$3.2 Billion in October 2022; YTD Growth at 3.1 Percent YoYBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-15
PH has ‘big chance’ of avoiding 2023 recession, says BPI lead economistInquirer2022-12-14
PH external debt service drops 29%Manila Bulletin2022-12-14
BSP term deposit facility rates up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-12-14
PH stocks index, peso rise as US inflation easesPhilippine News Agency2022-12-14
PH needs to boost investments to hit 6%-7% GDP target in 2023Philippine News Agency2022-12-14
ADB raises 2022 economic growth forecast for Philippines to 7.4%Inquirer2022-12-14
Budget Chief Confident 2023 Growth Targets Will Be MetDepartment of Budget and Management2022-12-14
Philippines among fastest growing ASEAN economy in next 2 yearsThe Philippine Star2022-12-14
GDP growth to fall below 2023 targetThe Philippine Star2022-12-14
Government adds P261 billion in extra budget for 2022The Philippine Star2022-12-14
Peza investments rose to P57B in NovemberInquirer2022-12-14
PH exports surged 20% in Oct to $7.7BInquirer2022-12-14
PH stocks index ended sideways, peso slipsPhilippine News Agency2022-12-13
Banks’ bad loans ratio down to 3.41% in OctoberThe Philippine Star2022-12-13
Forex gains boost BSP’s 9-month profit to P95 billionThe Philippine Star2022-12-13
All eyes on US, PH policy rate decisions as PSEi barely movesInquirer2022-12-13
PH trade deficit narrowed to $3.3B in OctoberInquirer2022-12-13
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics October 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-13
PH stocks end sideways, peso slips ahead of Fed, BSP meetingsPhilippine News Agency2022-12-12
C. Luzon’s inflation rate climbs to 8.8% in NovemberPhilippine News Agency2022-12-12
Gov’t borrows lower than planned in 2022Manila Bulletin2022-12-12
FDI Net Inflows at US$626 Million in September 2022; First Three-Quarter Level Reaches US$6.7 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-12
Foreign debt swells to $108 billion in SeptemberThe Philippine Star2022-12-12
PH cut back on debt servicing to P 929.7B as of OctInquirer2022-12-12
PH braces for another BSP rate hikeInquirer2022-12-12
Treasury ends 2022 with P65 billion borrowingsThe Philippine Star2022-12-11
OFW remittances to grow 4% this year and in 2023The Philippine Star2022-12-11
Stock investors to take cues from Fed meetingManila Bulletin2022-12-11
PH stocks index recovers, peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-12-09
BSP 28-day bill rate up anew amid hawkish sentimentPhilippine News Agency2022-12-09
October 2022 labor force survey records lowest unemployment rate since 2005Department of Finance2022-12-09
Persistent External Risks Continue to Weigh on the BOP OutlookBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-09
The Philippines' External Debt Ratios Remain at Prudent Levels even as External Debt Slightly Rises in the 3rd Quarter of 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-09
Stocks bounce after Wednesday’s dropManila Bulletin2022-12-09
Philippines revises 2022, 2023 current account projectionsInquirer2022-12-09
BOP Position in Q3 2022 Reverses to a Deficit; Posts a Higher Deficit in the First Three Quarters of 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-09
Philippines greenfield investment growth highest in SouthEast AsiaThe Philippine Star2022-12-09
Less choppy waters ahead for peso in 2023The Philippine Star2022-12-09
DTI pins hopes on Senate for RCEP approval in early 2023Inquirer2022-12-09
BSP, FRBC discuss global risksManila Bulletin2022-12-08
Economic indicators point to strong Q4 growth—DioknoManila Bulletin2022-12-08
Nomura sees slower 2023 growth for PhilippinesThe Philippine Star2022-12-08
Mixed economic numbers rattle PH sharesInquirer2022-12-08
BSP term deposit facility rates rise anewPhilippine News Agency2022-12-07
PSEi slips, peso improves to nearly 4-month highPhilippine News Agency2022-12-07
End-November 2022 GIR Level Settles at US$93.95 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-07
Financial Stability Authorities Discuss Frontier Risks in New NormalBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-07
National Government Debt Recorded at P13.64 Trillion as of end-October 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-12-07
BSP Rediscount Rates for December 2022 and Loan Availments for the Period 01 January to 30 November 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-07
Government lowers deficit to GDP ratioThe Philippine Star2022-12-07
Cirtek lists debt paper for working capital fundingInquirer2022-12-07
PH Sustains Strong Recovery, Upbeat Labor Market – NEDANational Economic and Development Authority2022-12-07
Employment Rate in October 2022 is Estimated at 95.5 PercentPhilippine Statistics Authority2022-12-07
Production Index and Net Sales Index (Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries) October 2022 (2018=100)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-07
PH stocks index recovers, peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-12-06
World Bank raises 2022 growth outlook for PHManila Bulletin2022-12-06
Inflation risks seen to be balanced by 2024: BSPPhilippine News Agency2022-12-06
NEDA Confident of Robust Recovery, Sustained Growth with New PH Dev’t PlanNational Economic and Development Authority2022-12-06
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index for the Bottom 30% Income Households (2012=100): November 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-06
Seasonally Adjusted Consumer Price Index (2018=100): November 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-06
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): November 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-06
Stocks lost early gains before inflation reportManila Bulletin2022-12-05
FX risk low for PH banks – Moody’sManila Bulletin2022-12-05
DBCC Affirms Moody's Forecast as Fastest Growing Economy in Asia PacificDepartment of Budget and Management2022-12-05
No respite this month from inflationThe Philippine Star2022-12-05
Market to take cue from inflation resultsThe Philippine Star2022-12-05
Philippines cuts 2023 GDP growth target to 6.0-7.0%Inquirer2022-12-05
Nov inflation pegged at a faster 8.2%Inquirer2022-12-05
Review of the Medium-Term Macroeconomic Assumptions and Fiscal Program for FY 2023 to 2028National Economic and Development Authority2022-12-05
Philippine export growth to lag in Southeast AsiaThe Philippine Star2022-12-05
Sustaining GDP growth will be challengingThe Philippine Star2022-12-05
Banks’ trust holdings up 3.8% in 3QManila Bulletin2022-12-04
PH FX reserves to stay above $90 B – BSP chiefManila Bulletin2022-12-04
Gov’t borrowings rise in OctoberManila Bulletin2022-12-04
PH peso climbs to P55-level, but stocks index slips anewPhilippine News Agency2022-12-02
BSP 28-day bill rate up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-12-02
BSP to raise rates by 25-50 bps next weekManila Bulletin2022-12-02
JFC: Philippines to attract $128 billion FDI by 2030The Philippine Star2022-12-02
Philippines among top recipients of remittances this yearThe Philippine Star2022-12-02
Producers Price Index : October 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-12-02
Stocks down on profit-takingManila Bulletin2022-12-01
Economist eyes sustained mid-single digit M3 growthPhilippine News Agency2022-12-01
Factory output moves up in November despite inflation woesThe Philippine Star2022-12-01
DBCC to keep growth targets—DioknoManila Bulletin2022-12-01
BSP: Phil Economy Remains ResilientBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-12-01
FX interventions a good use for inflation controlManila Bulletin2022-11-30
Gov’t plans retail dollar bond sale in Q1Manila Bulletin2022-11-30
Bank lending, M3 growth seen as economy reopens, recoversPhilippine News Agency2022-11-30
Gov't 2023 growth target still feasible amid rate upticksPhilippine News Agency2022-11-30
BSP eyes November inflation at 7.4% to 8.2%Philippine News Agency2022-11-30
Domestic Liquidity Grows by 5.4 Percent, Year-on-Year, in OctoberBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-29
Undersubscription, rate uptick reign in TDF auctionPhilippine News Agency2022-11-29
IMF: PH’s post-pandemic economic recovery, driven by sustained reforms and sound macroeconomic policiesDepartment of Finance2022-11-29
Tracking regional surge, Philippine shares rally close to 6,800-levelThe Philippine Star2022-11-29
Budget gap seen at 6% of GDP next yearInquirer2022-11-29
S&P hikes Philippine 2022 GDP growth target to over 7%Inquirer2022-11-29
Investor appetite for equities on the riseInquirer2022-11-29
Philippines may lead AsPac growth in 2023 – Moody’sInquirer2022-11-28
Peso has stabilized – BSP officialManila Bulletin2022-11-28
NEDA expects slower growth in 2023Manila Bulletin2022-11-28
PH logs highest sales in China’s import expoPhilippine News Agency2022-11-28
BSP Issues Implementing Rules for Financial Consumer Protection ActBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-28
External debt service falls 35%Manila Bulletin2022-11-27
Banks release P281.3-B compliance loans in Sept.Manila Bulletin2022-11-27
50% debt ratio by 2028 achievable—DOFManila Bulletin2022-11-27
General Wholesale Price Index (2012=100) : September 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-25
ALI to raise P45 B in debt capitalManila Bulletin2022-11-25
Inflation seen easing below 6% in Q1 2023Manila Bulletin2022-11-25
Undersubscribed 28-day securities fetch higher yield: BSPPhilippine News Agency2022-11-25
October 2022 NG Budget Deficit Reaches P99.1 billionBureau of the Treasury2022-11-25
Philippines got more ‘hot money’ in October, says BSPInquirer2022-11-25
Stocks rise, dollar slips as Fed signals softer rate hike paceThe Philippine Star2022-11-25
Gov’t to borrow less locally in DecemberManila Bulletin2022-11-24
Fintech eyes 20% share in remittance servicing from USPhilippine News Agency2022-11-24
Foreign Investments Registered with the BSP, through Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)*, Yield Net Inflows in October 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-24
Urgent action needed in RCEP – ADBThe Philippine Star2022-11-24
‘Philippine debt level not cause for concern’The Philippine Star2022-11-24
Peso rises to strongest level in over 2 monthsInquirer2022-11-24
Global economic growth to slow to 2.2% in 2023: OECDPhilippine News Agency2022-11-23
BSP’s TDF rates up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-11-23
PSEi up on risk-on sentiments; peso strengthens to 56-levelPhilippine News Agency2022-11-23
‘Jumbo rate hikes over’The Philippine Star2022-11-23
Credit growth may slow next year – S&PThe Philippine Star2022-11-23
Rate hikes boost net interest margins of banksThe Philippine Star2022-11-22
BSP chief says tightening not yet done, but sees softer Fed rate hikesThe Philippine Star2022-11-22
DBCC to raise GDP targetThe Philippine Star2022-11-22
BOI investment pledges hit P644.4B as of Nov, up 73.5%Inquirer2022-11-22
PH stocks index up but peso slightly slipsPhilippine News Agency2022-11-22
PSEi snaps rally ahead of key data releases; peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-11-21
T-bill rates end in different directionsPhilippine News Agency2022-11-21
Financial system resources grew 8% in Sept.Manila Bulletin2022-11-21
DOF confident of hitting 2022 growth targetManila Bulletin2022-11-21
Fitch Solutions eyes BSP rate peak by H1 2023Philippine News Agency2022-11-21
Firms face debt payment woes – BSPThe Philippine Star2022-11-21
Inflation expected to accelerate furtherThe Philippine Star2022-11-21
MUFG sees Philippines growing by up to 8% in 2022The Philippine Star2022-11-20
BSP to hike policy rates again in Dec.Manila Bulletin2022-11-20
Peso above P55 to persist, analysts expect more rate hikes – BSPManila Bulletin2022-11-20
Budget deficit may fall below ceiling in 2022Manila Bulletin2022-11-20
BSP mulls retail digital currencyManila Bulletin2022-11-18
No recession for PH – MedallaManila Bulletin2022-11-18
BSP 28-day bill rate up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-11-18
PH stocks index, peso finish week on positive territoryPhilippine News Agency2022-11-18
BOP Posts US$711 Million Surplus in October 2022; End-October GIR Rises to US$94.0 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-18
PH equity mart cheers BSP’s inflation-busting moveInquirer2022-11-18
BSP Rediscount Rates Effective 21 November 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-18
Inflation will not exceed 8% in Nov-Dec – MedallaManila Bulletin2022-11-17
Economist eyes inflation peak in Q4Philippine News Agency2022-11-17
PH stocks index up, peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-11-17
Monetary Board Raises Policy Rate by 75 Basis PointsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-17
S&P reaffirms Philippines' investment-grade 'BBB+' ratingThe Philippine Star2022-11-17
Budget releases improve from January to OctoberThe Philippine Star2022-11-17
Deficit-to-GDP ratio eases to 6.5% in Q3The Philippine Star2022-11-17
Filipino consumers brace for higher interest ratesInquirer2022-11-17
MUFG Bank eyes 6.7% growth for PH economy this yearPhilippine News Agency2022-11-16
Stocks index, peso slip ahead of BSP policy meetingPhilippine News Agency2022-11-16
S&P, Moody’s see slower 2023 Philippine growthThe Philippine Star2022-11-16
BSP keeps cap on credit card charges at 24% a yearInquirer2022-11-16
Marcos meets with NEDA to tackle Philippine Development PlanGMA News2022-11-15
Marcos admin confident it will bring down poverty rate to 9% by 2028GMA News2022-11-15
PSEi rises as investors in wait-and-see mode, peso nearly flatPhilippine News Agency2022-11-15
BTr fully awards 12-year T-bond amid higher yieldPhilippine News Agency2022-11-15
Personal Remittances Rise by 4.0 Percent YoY in September 2022; First Three Quarters Level Reaches US$26.5 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-15
Approved Foreign Investments Reached PhP 13.05 Billion in Third Quarter 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-15
Peso ends sideways, PSEi rallies on positive earnings reportsPhilippine News Agency2022-11-14
T-bill rates up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-11-14
[Joint Press Release] Central Banks of Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand Seal Cooperation in Regional Payment ConnectivityBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-14
Rates to rise by another 75 bpsThe Philippine Star2022-11-14
Debt payments cut by 7.7% in 9 monthsThe Philippine Star2022-11-14
Shares nearing breakout zone as PH readies another rate hikeInquirer2022-11-14
BSP bill auction oversubscribedManila Bulletin2022-11-13
‘No need’ for FX buffer assistance — MedallaManila Bulletin2022-11-13
PH stock index, peso finish week upPhilippine News Agency2022-11-11
Fitch Solutions revises 2022 GDP projection for PHPhilippine News Agency2022-11-11
NEDA confident Philippine economy will hit 6.5%-7.5% target this yearGMA News2022-11-11
Debt-to-GDP ratio rises to 17-year high in Q3The Philippine Star2022-11-11
Tense PH investors to contend with US inflation nextManila Bulletin2022-11-11
BSP updates template for mergers, consolidationsManila Bulletin2022-11-11
Economic recovery gains traction—DOFManila Bulletin2022-11-11
BSP's accommodative stance helps entice FDIsPhilippine News Agency2022-11-10
Stocks, peso slip despite higher-than-expected Q3 GDPPhilippine News Agency2022-11-10
Gov’t vows policies to ensure food security, stable pricesPhilippine News Agency2022-11-10
Global economic growth seen to slow to 2.4% in 2023: KIEPPhilippine News Agency2022-11-10
Economist eyes GDP breaching gov't targetPhilippine News Agency2022-11-10
FDI Register US$797 Million Net Inflows in August 2022; January-August Level at US$5.9 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-10
The Seasonally Adjusted National Accounts of the Philippines: Third Quarter 2022 (at Constant 2018 Prices)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-10
GDP Expands by 7.6 Percent in the Third Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-10
Fitch Solutions eyes growth in PH household spending in 2023Philippine News Agency2022-11-09
PH stock gauge slips anew, peso finishes up at 57-levelPhilippine News Agency2022-11-09
Term deposit facility rates up ahead of MB meetingPhilippine News Agency2022-11-09
Inflation slowed growth in factories’ sales in SeptemberInquirer2022-11-09
Value of Production in Agriculture and Fisheries Increased by 1.8 Percent in the Third Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-09
GDP Growth Rate for Second Quarter 2022 was Revised to 7.5 PercentPhilippine Statistics Authority2022-11-09
Bad loans ratio continues to improveManila Bulletin2022-11-08
PSEi ends flat ahead of US inflation data, peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2022-11-08
Central Luzon posts record-high 8.4% inflation rate in OctoberPhilippine News Agency2022-11-08
PH logs lowest unemployment rate since Covid-19 onsetPhilippine News Agency2022-11-08
BSP Standardizes Business Loan Forms to Enhance MSME Credit AccessBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-08
SMC Global completes Singapore tender offerThe Philippine Star2022-11-08
Production Index and Net Sales Index (Monthly Integrated Survey of Selected Industries) September 2022 (2018=100)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-08
PH stocks up, peso sideways ahead of economic report releasesPhilippine News Agency2022-11-07
PH inflation to stay stubbornly highInquirer2022-11-07
BSP Rediscount Rates for November 2022 and Loan Availments for the Period 01 January to 31 October 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-07
End-October 2022 GIR Level Rises to US$94.1 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-07
Pantheon hikes inflation outlook for 2022, 2023The Philippine Star2022-11-07
Key policy rate seen hitting 6% next yearThe Philippine Star2022-11-07
Economic growth likely slowed in Q3The Philippine Star2022-11-07
Stocks to be weighed down by interest rate, inflation fearsManila Bulletin2022-11-06
BSP's 28-day bill rate up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-11-04
Inflation likely to decelerate in 2023: BSPPhilippine News Agency2022-11-04
Diokno: Marcos admin to ensure inflation will be target-consistent over the medium termDepartment of Finance2022-11-04
BSP telegraphs rate hike to reassure local marketsInquirer2022-11-04
Seasonally Adjusted Consumer Price Index (2018=100): October 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-04
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index for the Bottom 30% Income Households (2012=100): October 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-04
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): October 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-04
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics September 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-04
Producers Price Index : September 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-11-04
PH stocks index, peso weaken after fresh Fed rate hikePhilippine News Agency2022-11-03
UnionBank targets P20 billion from SRO or private placementThe Philippine Star2022-11-03
BSP drafts rules on intraday liquidity facilityManila Bulletin2022-11-03
Negative outlook won’t hinder investments—DOFManila Bulletin2022-11-03
National Government Debt Recorded at P13.52 Trillion as of end-September 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-11-03
BSP to raise policy rate by 0.75 ppt on Nov. 17Inquirer2022-11-03
Medalla reiterates BSP credibility in managing FX volatilityManila Bulletin2022-11-03
PSEi starts shortened trading week higher, peso downPhilippine News Agency2022-11-02
BTr rejects bids for T-bills, 3-year T-bondPhilippine News Agency2022-11-02
BSP term deposit facility rates rise anewPhilippine News Agency2022-11-02
IFC invests S$157 million in sustainability bonds for hospitality sectorThe Philippine Star2022-11-02
BSP Underscores Need to Smoothen FX MovementsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-11-02
Stocks to continue riding on higher earningsManila Bulletin2022-11-01
Planned BSP-Fed repo deal to boost PH’s forex reserves: economistPhilippine News Agency2022-11-01
Moody’s Analytics eyes PH October inflation at 7.4%Philippine News Agency2022-10-31
Q2 2022 Domestic Claims of Other Financial Corporations (OFCs) Grew by 1.7% YoYBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-31
Market to trade in tight range this weekThe Philippine Star2022-10-31
Domestic Liquidity Grows by 5.0 Percent, Year-on-Year, in SeptemberBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-31
Bank Lending Grows by 13.4 Percent, Year-on-Year, in SeptemberBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-31
Q3 GDP data, earnings to influence stocksThe Manila Times2022-10-31
US investors seek fresh investment opportunities in PHInquirer2022-10-31
PH gov’t goes slow on new borrowings, down 28% as of SeptInquirer2022-10-31
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for October 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-31
Aboitiz redeems bonds ahead of maturityThe Philippine Star2022-10-30
Philippine growth likely to slow down in 2023 – OxfordThe Philippine Star2022-10-30
Lending in Q4 to ease for households, tighten for firms, says BSP surveyInquirer2022-10-29
Globe completes rights offer with P17B in funds securedInquirer2022-10-29
Watch out for PH core inflation, 2nd-round effects: IMF execPhilippine News Agency2022-10-29
BSP more active in forex marketThe Philippine Star2022-10-28
PH peso improves to P57-level but stock gauge slipsPhilippine News Agency2022-10-28
Country’s Digital Transactions Reached PhP 1.87 Trillion in 2021, with 9.6 Percent Contribution to the Gross Domestic ProductPhilippine Statistics Authority2022-10-28
Globe lists P17 B rights offerManila Bulletin2022-10-28
Recession not yet imminent in PH—PangandamanManila Bulletin2022-10-28
Highlights of the Foreign Trade Statistics for Agricultural Commodities in the Philippines Second Quarter 2022, PreliminaryPhilippine Statistics Authority2022-10-28
Fitch keeps PH investment grade statusManila Bulletin2022-10-27
Drop in debt-to-GDP ratio seen to encourage foreign investmentsPhilippine News Agency2022-10-27
BTr sets P215-B borrowing program for NovemberPhilippine News Agency2022-10-27
Peso strengthens, PSEi sustains rise amid risk-on sentimentsPhilippine News Agency2022-10-27
Diokno showcases PH investment environment to US-ASEAN Business CouncilDepartment of Finance2022-10-27
Preliminary Q1 2022 Philippine Balance Sheet Approach (BSA): The Country’s Net External Liability Position Widens, Quarter-on-QuarterBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-27
Foreign Investments Registered with the BSP through Authorized Agent Banks (AABs)* Yield Net Outflows in September 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-27
Philippines economy on track to grow by 6.5% this yearThe Philippine Star2022-10-27
BSP to mimic Fed moves as inflation woes lingerInquirer2022-10-27
SMC Global Power to buy back $400-M perpetual securitiesManila Bulletin2022-10-26
Stocks rise as US bond yields easeManila Bulletin2022-10-26
TDF rates up anew, 7-day facility posts undersubscriptionPhilippine News Agency2022-10-26
PSEi up on positive earnings reports; peso ends strongerPhilippine News Agency2022-10-26
Government fails to meet October borrowing targetThe Philippine Star2022-10-26
Shares buoyed by optimism on Q3 earnings seasonInquirer2022-10-26
NG Posts P179.8-billion Budget Deficit in September 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-10-26
BSP Continues to Safeguard Price Stability Amid Challenging TimesBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-26
PSEi up anew, peso finishes sideways vs. US dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-10-25
Climate risks pose ‘significant threat’ to PH growthManila Bulletin2022-10-25
Stocks up following US gainsManila Bulletin2022-10-25
BSP Supports Government Initiatives to Boost Supply and Moderate Prices of FoodBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-25
T-bill rates rise across the boardInquirer2022-10-25
Stocks rise ahead of earnings seasonThe Philippine Star2022-10-25
Gov't firm on preventing PHP from touching 60-level: DOFPhilippine News Agency2022-10-25
Gov’t borrows less than plannedManila Bulletin2022-10-24
D&L’s P5-B bonds retain highest ratingManila Bulletin2022-10-24
PSEi back at 6,000 level on bargain huntingManila Bulletin2022-10-24
BSP intensifies move to curb peso speculationManila Bulletin2022-10-23
Rate hike expectations push BSP's 28-day bills yield up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-10-21
PSEi down anew on negative dev’ts overseas; peso strengthensPhilippine News Agency2022-10-21
Highlights of the Domestic Trade Statistics in the Philippines Second Quarter 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-10-21
SL Agritech to raise P4 B from commercial papersManila Bulletin2022-10-21
Non-residents can now invest in BSP securitiesThe Philippine Star2022-10-21
Double-barreled approach deployed to stabilize pesoThe Philippine Star2022-10-21
General Wholesale Price Index (2012=100) : July 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-10-20
Recession by late 2023 tops list of PHL economic worriesBusiness World2022-10-20
Interest rate hikes statement of PBBM, reiteration of BSP’s bidPhilippine News Agency2022-10-20
Stocks slip on risk-off sentiments; peso ends flat vs. dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-10-20
BSP approves ‘recovery planning’ guidelines for banksManila Bulletin2022-10-20
Marcos admin on top of managing economic risks, prioritizes addressing inflationDepartment of Finance2022-10-20
PH to join ranks of high-flying ASEAN neighborsManila Bulletin2022-10-19
TDF rates up anew, preference up for 7-day facilityPhilippine News Agency2022-10-19
Stocks rise anew on bargain hunting; peso weakens vs. dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-10-19
Sustained uptick in inflation to cut growth by 0.6% in 2023The Philippine Star2022-10-19
Growth projected at only 4.1% in 2023The Philippine Star2022-10-19
PH Confident of Economic Growth Momentum Amid Global Headwinds – NEDANational Economic and Development Authority2022-10-19
BOP Posts US$2.3 Billion Deficit in September 2022; End-September GIR Settles at US$93.0 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-19
PH stocks index, peso gain on TuesdayPhilippine News Agency2022-10-19
Gov’t borrows P35 B from local lendersManila Bulletin2022-10-18
Public Sector Leaders Vital In Attaining Robust Economic Recovery – NEDANational Economic and Development Authority2022-10-18
Government says painfully high inflation to temper growth in 2023The Philippine Star2022-10-18
BSP Expands Access of Unit Investment Trust Funds to BSP Securities in the Secondary MarketBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-18
BTr reject bids as T-bill rates soarThe Philippine Star2022-10-18
PSEi up on Fed statements; peso weakens anew to 59 vs. US dollarPhilippine News Agency2022-10-17
PEZA optimistic to hit 6-7% investment pledges growthPhilippine News Agency2022-10-17
Banks’ real estate exposure eases to 21.8% in 1st halfThe Philippine Star2022-10-17
Personal Remittances Up by 4.4 Percent YoY in August 2022; YTD Level Reaches US$23.3 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-17
BSP approves $8.5-B public loans in 9 monthsManila Bulletin2022-10-16
BSP policy rate should be 100 bps higher than US – MedallaManila Bulletin2022-10-16
Interest rate hike fears to weigh on stocksManila Bulletin2022-10-16
Diokno gives green light to foreign investors, says PH fully prepared to address ongoing risks to economyDepartment of Finance2022-10-16
Pangandaman to US business communities: PH on track towards strong recoveryDepartment of Budget and Management2022-10-15
Diokno welcomes foreign investments in telco, airports, toll roads, and shippingDepartment of Finance2022-10-15
PH equities index, peso end week up amid higher US inflationPhilippine News Agency2022-10-14
Stocks inched up despite higher US inflationManila Bulletin2022-10-14
28-day BSP bill rate up anewPhilippine News Agency2022-10-14
DBM, World Bank plan reforms in PH procurement lawManila Bulletin2022-10-14
Peso closes at P59 vs dollarThe Manila Times2022-10-14
Food business at risk from inflation, forexThe Philippine Star2022-10-14
Thrift banks lead entire banking sector in income growthThe Philippine Star2022-10-14
Budget releases improve in 9-month periodThe Philippine Star2022-10-14
Health Spending Registered 18.5 Percent Growth, Share of Health to Economy Went Up to 6.0 Percent in 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2022-10-14
Peso touches record low anew, equities index upPhilippine News Agency2022-10-13
BSP pushes for sustainable finance as Agri-Agra law complianceManila Bulletin2022-10-13
Bias for local industries seen amid peso depreciationPhilippine News Agency2022-10-13
Diokno highlights increasing demand for real estate servicesDepartment of Finance2022-10-13
Diokno calls for stronger commitment and financing support from multilateral institutionsDepartment of Finance2022-10-13
Diokno to World Bank: PH gov’t to prioritize inflation, climate change risk mitigationDepartment of Finance2022-10-13
Diokno meets World Bank president to scale support for Marcos admin’s socioeconomic agendaDepartment of Finance2022-10-13
Rice and Corn Stocks Inventory, August 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-10-13
BSP Recognizes Collective Effort of the Banking Industry in Supporting Economic Growth, DigitalizationBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-13
Peso closes at P58.965 vs USDThe Manila Times2022-10-13
IRR for amended PDIC charter signedManila Bulletin2022-10-12
BSP closely watching peso impact on inflation – MedallaManila Bulletin2022-10-12
$72-M investments seen in Palawan drillingPhilippine News Agency2022-10-12
PH stocks flat, peso down ahead of US inflation reportPhilippine News Agency2022-10-12
TDF posts undersubscription, rates upPhilippine News Agency2022-10-12
BAP vows close coordination with BSP vs. speculative activitiesPhilippine News Agency2022-10-12
Revised BOT Law IRR allowing PPP-driven economic transformation now in effectDepartment of Finance2022-10-12
Diokno: Private sector participation crucial to economic recoveryDepartment of Finance2022-10-12
BSP net income up 37.2%Manila Bulletin2022-10-11
Peso back at P58-level to USDManila Bulletin2022-10-11
LGU borrowing applications decline sharply in first nine monthsBusiness World2022-10-11
2022 budget release rate 99.7% at end-SeptemberBusiness World2022-10-11
PH stocks, peso gain ground amid possibility of US recessionPhilippine News Agency2022-10-11
BTr partially awards 7-year T-bond as rate risesPhilippine News Agency2022-10-11
DBM increases budget allocation for Buffer Stocking ProgramDepartment of Budget and Management2022-10-11
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics August 2022 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2022-10-11
Government trims debt payments in AugustThe Philippine Star2022-10-11
Inflation expected to remain elevatedThe Philippine Star2022-10-11
Slide in PH foreign investments continued in July, down 64%Inquirer2022-10-11
Stocks, peso down on more rate hikes expectationsPhilippine News Agency2022-10-10
Peso back at P59:$1Manila Bulletin2022-10-10
Treasury makes another partial borrowingManila Bulletin2022-10-10
FDI Posts US$460 Million Net Inflows in July 2022; YTD Level Reaches US$5.1 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-10
PH inflation to 'cool down' soon – DioknoThe Manila Times2022-10-10
BSP: PH economy now strongerThe Manila Times2022-10-10
PH shares seen moving sidewaysThe Manila Times2022-10-10
BSP bills undersubscribedManila Bulletin2022-10-09
Fitch unit expects wider budget gap for 2022The Philippine Star2022-10-09
BSP says it won’t allow ‘excessive changes’ in peso exchange rateGMA News2022-10-09
BSP eyes more CB bill issuancesGMA News2022-10-09
To control inflation, NEDA exec tells consumers: Don’t buy excessivelyGMA News2022-10-08
PSEi down amid 5.3% unemployment rateThe Manila Times2022-10-07
BSP Rediscount Rates for October 2022 and Loan Availments for the Period 01 January to 30 September 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-07
End-September 2022 GIR Level Settles at US$95 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-10-07
Share prices ease as investors take profitsPhilippine Star2022-10-07
Gov’t signs four ADB loan contractsManila Bulletin2022-10-06
PH equities index dips but peso finishes sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-10-06
AMRO keeps PH growth forecast for 2022, revises 2023 outlookPhilippine News Agency2022-10-06
PSEi up 0.02% as Sept inflation hits 6.9%The Manila Times2022-10-06
Inflation will remain elevated within rest of 2022 —DOF, PSAGMA News2022-10-05
BSP signals further rate tightening as upside risks dominate inflation outlookGMA News2022-10-05
Inflation climbs to 6.9% in SeptemberManila Bulletin2022-10-05
GDP growth forecast revised downwardPhilippine Star2022-10-05
Peso recovers to P58.65 vs dollarManila times2022-10-05
Gov’t rejects all bids for T-bills as rates rise ahead of CPI dataBusiness World2022-10-04
Peso climb ends, skids to record low 59:$1Inquirer2022-10-04
Philippine peso may slide to an all-time low as trade deficit widensBusiness World2022-10-03
Faster inflation seen in Sept. — pollBusiness World2022-10-03
BSP says September annual inflation within 6.6% to 7.4% rangeBusiness World2022-09-30
PHL fiscal deficit sharply narrows in AugustBusiness World2022-09-30
Despite headwinds, PH seen keeping investment-grade ratingInquirer2022-09-30
Peso touches P59 vs dollar for 1st timeBusiness World2022-09-29
Gov’t to borrow P200B from domestic marketBusiness World2022-09-29
Metrobank plans P10-B bond issueManila Bulletin2022-09-27
Philippine Stocks Flirt With Bear Market, Fall to Two-Year LowBloomberg2022-09-27
Fitch Solutions, Moody’s eye more rate increasesBusiness World2022-09-27
IMF cuts Philippine growth estimateBusiness World2022-09-27
BSP may continue rate hikes this yearBusiness World2022-09-26
Economists expect less optimistic macroeconomic goalsBusiness World2022-09-26
Philippines Signals More Rate Hikes, FX Moves to Defend PesoBloomberg2022-09-23
Monetary Board Hikes Policy Rate by 50 Basis PointsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-09-22
Peso sinks to new low of P58 on hawkish Fed betsBusiness World2022-09-22
ADB keeps PHL GDP forecast at 6.5%Business World2022-09-22
Private firms’ debt-to-GDP ratios ease in Q2 as economy recoversBusiness World2022-09-20
August BoP deficit lowest since AprilBusiness World2022-09-20
BSP to hike rates by 50 bps — pollBusiness World2022-09-19
Moody’s affirms PHL credit ratingBusiness World2022-09-16
July remittances hit 7-month highBusiness World2022-09-16
Nat’l budget seen to benefit from peso depreciationBusiness World2022-09-15
Highlights of the Meeting of the Monetary Board on the Monetary Policy Stance Held on 18 August 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-09-15
Peso weakness worries retailers, supermarketsBusiness World2022-09-13
July debt service bill jumps to P156BBusiness World2022-09-12
Peso closes at record low for 4th straight dayBusiness World2022-09-08
BSP chief signals more rate increasesBusiness World2022-09-08
Peso trades at P57 for the first timeBusiness World2022-09-06
Gov’t partially awards T-bill offer as rates climbBusiness World2022-09-06
Philippines Raises $7.4 Billion Via First Marcos Retail BondBloomberg2022-09-02
Philippine Peso Slides to Record, Boosting Case for Rate HikesBloomberg2022-09-02
BSP sees 5.9-6.7% inflation in Aug.Business World2022-09-01
Peso weakness persistsInquirer2022-09-01
Bank lending growth steady at 12% in JulyBusiness World2022-09-01
Hawkish Fed chair weighs down local sharesInquirer2022-08-31
NG to borrow P200B locally in SeptemberBusiness World2022-08-31
‘Hot money’ outflows slow in JulyBusiness World2022-08-26
DoF says debt service bill only 11.6% of 2023 budgetBusiness World2022-08-25
Gov’t eyes $4.14B from multilateral lendersBusiness World2022-08-24
P163B raised from 1st Marcos RTBsBusiness World2022-08-24
Marcos proposes record P5.3-T budgetBusiness World2022-08-23
BSP expected to hike rate to 4.5% by end-2022Business World2022-08-23
BSP chief confident PH’s dollar reserves at decent levelInquirer2022-08-22
Yields mixed on BSP movesBusiness World2022-08-22
T-bill rates seen to rise ahead of retail bond offeringBusiness World2022-08-22
Peso may drop further vs dollar on hawkish FedBusiness World2022-08-22
Philippines Plans $3-4 Billion Foreign-Bond Sales This YearBloomberg2022-08-19
Peso loses ground vs US dollarInquirer2022-08-19
PSEi barely moves after anticipated BSP rate hikeInquirer2022-08-19
PHL seen on track for 6-7% growth in 2022Business World2022-08-19
Philippines plans 1st retail bond under MarcosBusiness World2022-08-19
BSP raises key interest rate by 50 bps to 3.75%Inquirer2022-08-18
Megawide lists P4-B fixed-rate bonds on PDExBusiness World2022-08-18
Gov’t ‘working on’ sovereign rating upgrade, Diokno saysBusiness World2022-08-17
BTr fully awards T-bonds amid strong demandBusiness World2022-08-17
NEDA aims to release new PDP before DecemberBusiness World2022-08-16
T-bill rates up across the board ahead of expected BSP rate hikePhilippine Daily Inquirer2022-08-15
Debt service bill falls 70% in JuneBusiness World2022-08-15
BSP may hike rates by 50 bps — pollBusiness World2022-08-15
BSP seen poised to hike rates anewPhilippine Daily Inquirer2022-08-15
PHL Economy Strong Enough to Absorb Rate Hikes, says BSPBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-08-13
Fitch Solutions raises 2022 PHL GDP forecast to 6.6%Business World2022-08-11
Stocks, peso up on US slower inflationPhilippine News Agency2022-08-11
Stocks end flat, peso sideways ahead of US inflation reportPhilippine News Agency2022-08-10
FDI Net Inflows Rise by 64.1% in May 2022; January-May Level at US$4.2 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-08-10
PHL debt now at 62.1% of GDPBusiness World2022-08-10
Q2 growth slows amid rising inflationBusiness World2022-08-10
10-year T-bond rate slips on high demandPhilippine News Agency2022-08-09
Stocks up anew on Q2 economic data; peso ends sidewaysPhilippine News Agency2022-08-09
GDP Expands by 7.4 Percent in the Second Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-08-09
Gov’t fully awards T-bills at mostly higher ratesBusiness World2022-08-09
Peso weakens on lower GIR, Fed worriesBusiness World2022-08-08
Rates of T-bills, bonds to climbBusiness World2022-08-08
GDP Growth Rate for First Quarter 2022 was Revised to 8.2 PercentPhilippine Statistics Authority2022-08-08
Moody’s Analytics sees PH economy growing 8.8% in Q2 ‘22Philippine News Agency2022-08-08
Economic recovery on track despite slower Q2Business World2022-08-04
Higher rates won’t kill growth — BSPBusiness World2022-08-03
PHL economy seen to expand 6.5% this yearBusiness World2022-08-03
Rising rates put more pressure on consumers, SMEs — FitchBusiness World2022-08-02
PHL factory activity slows in JulyBusiness World2022-08-02
Net ‘hot money’ outflows up in JuneInquirer2022-07-29
BSP chief sees 2023 inflation back within target bandBusiness World2022-07-29
Peso sinks further after Fed decisionBusiness World2022-07-29
Significant China slowdown may hurt PHL credit ratingBusiness World2022-07-29
BSP to continue policy tighteningBusiness World2022-07-29
Bank of Commerce raises P7.5 billion from oversubscribed bond offerPhilippine Star2022-07-29
Medalla tames pesoInquirer2022-07-28
IMF sees slower growth for PHL in 2023Business World2022-07-28
NG to borrow P215B locally in Aug.Business World2022-07-28
No need to ramp up borrowings — DioknoBusiness World2022-07-27
Budget deficit widens to P215 billion in JuneBusiness World2022-07-27
BSP signals less than 75-bp rate hikeBusiness World2022-07-27
UnionBank’s social bond proceeds finance loans to 3,751 small businessesBusiness World2022-07-27
SMC power unit lists P40-billion fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2022-07-27
BTr fully awards bond offer on strong demand for long tenorsBusiness World2022-07-27
PHL below Asia-Pacific average in tax revenuesBusiness World2022-07-26
Peso rises on lower oil prices, dollar weaknessBusiness World2022-07-26
T-bills partially awarded at higher ratesBusiness World2022-07-26
ANZ sees slow reduction in Philippine debtPhilippine Star2022-07-25
Think tanks: Higher inflation, interest rates to temper PH growthInquirer2022-07-25
Peso may move sideways ahead of Fed policy meetingBusiness World2022-07-25
DoF says on track to hit revenue goalsBusiness World2022-07-25
Yields on government securities mixedBusiness World2022-07-25
T-bills, bonds may fetch higher rates on BSP’s tightening cycleBusiness World2022-07-25
Peso declines on recession fears, ECBBusiness World2022-07-22
Country’s debt-to-GDP ratio rose the most in 2 years, says think tankBusiness World2022-07-22
Philippine growth forecast upgradedBusiness World2022-07-22
BoP deficit hits $1.57 billion in JuneBusiness World2022-07-21
Debt service bill seen rising when PHL refinances short-term loansBusiness World2022-07-21
Dollar debts of Globe and SMC ‘sufficiently’ hedged: CreditSightsBusiness World2022-07-21
Security Bank raises P16 billion from offer of 1.5-year peso bondsBusiness World2022-07-21
Fitch lowers PHL GDP forecastBusiness World2022-07-20
CLI bonds rated PRS Aa plus by PhilRatingsBusiness World2022-07-20
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bonds as demand soarsBusiness World2022-07-20
BSP cautioned not to overdo rate hikesPhilippine Star2022-07-19
Elevated inflation may push central bank to further hike ratesBusiness World2022-07-19
Economy to sustain recovery — BSPBusiness World2022-07-19
Gov’t partially awards Treasury bill offerBusiness World2022-07-19
New fiscal consolidation goal ‘realistic’–think tankInquirer2022-07-18
Peso may rebound vs dollar as BSP turns hawkishBusiness World2022-07-18
T-bills, bonds may fetch higher rates after central bank’s moveBusiness World2022-07-18
Government debt yields rise on surprise hikeBusiness World2022-07-18
BSP seen to deliver more rate hikesBusiness World2022-07-18
Benjamin Diokno says PH to grow up to 7.5 percent despite BSP rate hikeInquirer2022-07-15
Benjamin Diokno: Overall economy, not just debt, mattersInquirer2022-07-15
Peso strengthens on aggressive BSP hikeBusiness World2022-07-15
Debt-to-GDP ratio still manageable — DoFBusiness World2022-07-15
BSP delivers its biggest rate hike everBusiness World2022-07-15
Monetary Board Hikes Policy Rate by 75 Basis PointsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-07-14
Slower GDP growth seen in 2nd quarterPhilippine Star2022-07-14
‘BSP firmly in inflation combat mode’Philippine Star2022-07-14
UK think tank: Peso to rebound soonInquirer2022-07-14
Diokno says ‘too early to tinker’ with TRAIN, CREATE reformsBusiness World2022-07-14
Philippine rating downgrade ‘unlikely’Business World2022-07-14
Peso touches record low against US dollarBusiness World2022-07-13
Twin deficits, negative real rate to put pressure on pesoBusiness World2022-07-13
Trade gap widens in May as imports riseBusiness World2022-07-13
ACEN files P30-B debt securities with SECBusiness World2022-07-13
Gov’t fully awards reissued bonds at higher ratesBusiness World2022-07-13
Economists: Peso to stay weak as trade gap widens, oil prices riseInquirer2022-07-12
Think tank: Outlook for investments in PH ‘deteriorating’Inquirer2022-07-12
Bank of Commerce to raise P3 billion via peso bondsPhilippine Star2022-07-12
Marcos’ planned new taxes may have limited impactBusiness World2022-07-12
BTr partially awards T-bills at mixed ratesBusiness World2022-07-12
Marcos economic team’s targets achievable — expertsBusiness World2022-07-11
BSP has room to raise rates — IMFBusiness World2022-07-11
Gov’t borrowing falls 43.38% at end of MayBusiness World2022-07-11
Treasury bills, bonds seen to fetch higher ratesBusiness World2022-07-11
Yields on gov’t debt rise on faster June inflationBusiness World2022-07-11
Peso falls through 56:$1 levelInquirer2022-07-08
Manufacturing activity grows for 14th straight month as economy reopensBusiness World2022-07-08
BSP ready to hike rates by 50 bps as peso nears record low against dollarBusiness World2022-07-08
ALI raises P33 billion from bond issuePhilippine Star2022-07-07
Fitch Solutions downgrades peso outlook, sees P56.40:$1 average in 2023GMA News2022-07-07
Peso now region’s worst performerInquirer2022-07-07
ACEN plans P30-B bonds, readies 458-MW solar farmsBusiness World2022-07-07
Gov’t tempers 2022 growth targetBusiness World2022-07-07
Peso seen sinking to new record low in Q1 2023Inquirer2022-07-06
AMRO raises PHL growth forecast for 2022Business World2022-07-06
BSP signals more rate hikes to curb inflationBusiness World2022-07-06
Inflation nears 4-year high in JuneBusiness World2022-07-06
BTr fully awards reissued bonds at higher ratesBusiness World2022-07-06
New Neda chief Balisacan: PH safe from stagflation, but high income schedule at riskInquirer2022-07-05
Balisacan downplays currency fallBusiness World2022-07-05
Security Bank starts offer of 1.5-year bondsBusiness World2022-07-05
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills at higher rates on inflation woesBusiness World2022-07-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): June 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-07-05
June inflation likely hit 6% — pollBusiness World2022-07-04
Rates of T-bills, bonds to climbBusiness World2022-07-04
Yields on government debt mixedBusiness World2022-07-04
Diokno: Bongbong Marcos to be ‘opportunistic’ in foreign borrowingsInquirer2022-07-01
Diokno unfazed by weak pesoInquirer2022-07-01
Peso rebounds on rate hike bets, oilBusiness World2022-07-01
Cebu Landmasters files shelf registration for P15-B bondsBusiness World2022-07-01
Debt-to-GDP ratio projected to peak at 66.8% in 2023Business World2022-07-01
BSP may consider bigger rate hikesBusiness World2022-07-01
S&P retains Philippine GDP growth outlook for 2022Philippine Star2022-06-30
Inflation, growth Challenges to weigh on Marcos adminInquirer2022-06-30
Peso sinks to P55-a-dollar levelBusiness World2022-06-30
RCBC doubles peso bond, commercial paper program to P200 billionPhilippine Star2022-06-29
PH credit rating seen safe despite high debtInquirer2022-06-29
Peso rises on stock market gainsBusiness World2022-06-29
Government to borrow P200B locally in JulyBusiness World2022-06-29
Treasury bureau rejects all bids for 7-year bondsBusiness World2022-06-29
Peso breaches 55:$1, now Asean’s worst performerInquirer2022-06-28
BSP may need to be more hawkish to curb inflationBusiness World2022-06-28
Alsons lists P1.3-B debt papersBusiness World2022-06-28
Gov’t partially awards T-bills as rates rise furtherBusiness World2022-06-28
PHL bond market expands faster in Q1Business World2022-06-28
Peso extends rout on 'dovish' BSP, breaches 55-level vs dollarBusiness World2022-06-27
Peso may depreciate further on US recession fears due to hawkish FedBusiness World2022-06-27
Weak peso to further bloat PHL debt stockBusiness World2022-06-27
New taxes needed, Balisacan saysBusiness World2022-06-27
Treasury bills, bonds to fetch higher ratesBusiness World2022-06-27
Yields on government debt mixed after BSP decisionBusiness World2022-06-27
PH peso further weakens to 54.7 against US dollarInquirer2022-06-24
NG budget deficit narrows in MayBusiness World2022-06-24
Filinvest Land raises P11.9B in oversubscribed bondsBusiness World2022-06-24
BSP hikes key rate on inflation risksBusiness World2022-06-24
Gradual BSP rate hikes get think tank nodInquirer2022-06-23
Peso slumps to lowest since 2005Business World2022-06-23
Pressured peso nears 17-year low vs US dollarInquirer2022-06-22
May BoP deficit widens to $1.6 billionBusiness World2022-06-22
BTr partially awards offer of fresh 10-year bondsBusiness World2022-06-22
UK think tank: Gov’t spending ultimate sacrifice in Bongbong Marcos bid to narrow deficitInquirer2022-06-21
Short-term local debt yields rise ahead of anticipated BSP rate hikeInquirer2022-06-21
Peso sinks to over three-year low as hawkish Fed fans growth concernsBusiness World2022-06-21
BTr partially awards T-bill offer as rates climb across all tenorsBusiness World2022-06-21
BSP chief says 25-bp rate increase ‘likely’Business World2022-06-21
PH policymakers brace for economic oil shockInquirer2022-06-20
Philippines sees wider current account deficits as global risks buildBusiness World2022-06-20
BSP may go for up to 50-bp hike — pollBusiness World2022-06-20
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds may rise ahead of BSP reviewBusiness World2022-06-20
Yields on gov’t debt climb as Fed fires off 75-bp hikeBusiness World2022-06-20
BSP may raise rates by 50 bps next weekBusiness World2022-06-17
Stagflation not a risk to economy — BSPBusiness World2022-06-17
BSP seen poised to rev up rate hikes on inflation woesBusiness World2022-06-16
Inflation, rate hike fears fuel PSEi ‘bloodbath’Business World2022-06-16
Remittances rise in AprilBusiness World2022-06-16
Medalla signals gradual tighteningBusiness World2022-06-16
Peso rebounds vs dollar on positive sentimentBusiness World2022-06-15
Reissued 7-year bonds partially awarded on rate hike concernsBusiness World2022-06-15
Cutting infrastructure spending will hurt economy’s recovery, DoF saysBusiness World2022-06-15
PHL seen to expand 6% this yearBusiness World2022-06-15
Peso weakens to over 3-year low on Fed hike fearsBusiness World2022-06-14
Yields increase on May inflation printBusiness World2022-06-14
Gov’t securities seen to climb on planned rate hike, inflationBusiness World2022-06-14
BSP to turn GS purchasing window into regular facilityBusiness World2022-06-14
BTr partially awards T-bill offer as rates rise on tightening betsBusiness World2022-06-14
April manufacturing growth slowest in 13 monthsBusiness World2022-06-10
Wage hikes, fare increases likely to push inflation beyond targetBusiness World2022-06-10
Philippine April trade gap narrowsBusiness World2022-06-10
Dollar reserves drop to $103BBusiness World2022-06-09
Philippines may need ten years to bring debt-to-GDP ratio down to 40%Business World2022-06-09
PHL debt is still manageable — WBBusiness World2022-06-09
Finance dep’t sees deficit falling without sacrificing infrastructureBusiness World2022-06-08
HSBC cuts PHL growth outlookBusiness World2022-06-08
Next central bank governor signals at least two rate hikesBusiness World2022-06-08
Marcos gov’t unlikely to suspend fuel taxBusiness World2022-06-08
May inflation sizzles to 3-1/2-year highBusiness World2022-06-08
BTr makes partial award of reissued 7-year bondsBusiness World2022-06-08
Expensive food, fuel push PH inflation to 42-month high of 5.4 percentInquirer2022-06-07
PH braces for mostly external risks to financial system stabilityInquirer2022-06-07
Benjamin Diokno: Bongbong Marcos aims for highest “A” credit rating for PHInquirer2022-06-07
Diokno sees no need for spending cutsBusiness World2022-06-07
Gov’t partially awards Treasury bills at higher ratesBusiness World2022-06-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): May 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-06-07
Peso may drop further versus the greenbackBusiness World2022-06-06
Debt yields mixed on hawkish FedBusiness World2022-06-06
T-bills, bonds may fetch higher rates with inflation seen surgingBusiness World2022-06-06
Philippine history circles back with continuity presidentBusiness World2022-06-06
May inflation likely surged past 5%Business World2022-06-06
Robinsons Land seeks to secure up to P15B from bond offeringInquirer2022-06-03
UnionBank’s P11-billion digital bond issuance listed at the secondary marketBusiness World2022-06-03
FSCC to take ‘preemptive’ stance vs emerging systemic risksBusiness World2022-06-03
PHL likely to miss out on RCEP opportunities as ratification deferredBusiness World2022-06-03
NG debt rises to record P12.76 trillionBusiness World2022-06-03
Economic reopening seen bolstering growth into Q2 — FMIC, UA&PBusiness World2022-06-02
Peso drops further on inflation fearsBusiness World2022-06-02
Robinsons Land approves up to P15-B bond issuanceBusiness World2022-06-02
Manufacturing PMI slips in MayBusiness World2022-06-02
Bank lending jumps 10% in April, fastest in 2 yearsBusiness World2022-06-01
Tax reform laws added P229 billion in revenues in 2021Business World2022-06-01
BSP sees inflation above 5% in MayBusiness World2022-06-01
Gov’t makes partial award of reissued three-year T-bondsBusiness World2022-06-01
Diokno brushes aside recession concernsInquirer2022-05-31
BTr rejects all bids for one-year T-bills as rates rise on hike betsBusiness World2022-05-31
Peso seen stronger as safe-haven demand easesBusiness World2022-05-30
Diokno backs tax on digital servicesBusiness World2022-05-30
Treasury bill, bond rates expected to move sideways ahead of inflation dataBusiness World2022-05-30
Yields on gov’t debt end mixed after BSP signal, June borrowing planBusiness World2022-05-30
Think tanks see below-goal PH growth in 2022Business World2022-05-27
PH to sink P250B deeper in debt in last days of Duterte presidencyBusiness World2022-05-27
For next Finance chief, the top priority is debt managementBusiness World2022-05-27
BSP signals rate hike in JuneBusiness World2022-05-27
DBP raises P12B from bond offerBusiness World2022-05-27
Gov’t to borrow P250 billion from domestic market in JuneBusiness World2022-05-27
Marcos urged to impose new taxesBusiness World2022-05-26
Gov’t raises inflation forecast to 3.7%-4.7% in 2022Inquirer2022-05-26
Indonesia, PHL recoveries to outperform ASEAN — Bloomberg EconomicsBusiness World2022-05-25
Pre-pandemic economy seen restored by 2022 second halfBusiness World2022-05-25
DBCC lowers growth target for 2022Business World2022-05-25
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bonds at higher rateBusiness World2022-05-25
PHL risks slower growth without RCEP membershipBusiness World2022-05-24
UnionBank looking to raise at least P1 billion from digital bond offeringBusiness World2022-05-24
Gov’t partially awards T-bills after BSP decisionBusiness World2022-05-24
BIR falls short of Q1 collection goalBusiness World2022-05-23
PSE aims for better stock liquidity after ‘investor day’Business World2022-05-23
BSP pledges to balance growth, inflation concernsBusiness World2022-05-23
Treasury bills, bonds may fetch higher rates after BSP decisionBusiness World2022-05-23
Yields on government debt rise as central bank hikes borrowing costsBusiness World2022-05-23
Credit raters awaiting incoming administration’s fiscal consolidation planBusiness World2022-05-20
BSP hikes rates for 1st time since 2018Business World2022-05-20
BPI sets P100-B bond programBusiness World2022-05-20
BOP Posts US$415 Million Deficit in April 2022; End-April GIR at US$105.4 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-05-20
Monetary Board Raises Policy Rate by 25 Basis PointsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-05-20
BSP raises rates for the first time in over 3 years to fight inflationPhilippine Star2022-05-19
Wage hikes push BSP closer to policy tighteningInquirer2022-05-19
Space for accommodative policy narrowing, Diokno says: BSP set to begin tightening cycleBusiness World2022-05-19
Investment pledges fall to 13-year lowBusiness World2022-05-18
PHL economy now seen to grow by 8% this yearBusiness World2022-05-18
Gov’t partially awards fresh seven-year bondsBusiness World2022-05-18
Remittances jump 3.2% in MarchBusiness World2022-05-17
PHL ‘likely’ to achieve upper middle-income status by 2023 — ChuaBusiness World2022-05-17
PHL seen facing risk of imported inflation as currency weakensBusiness World2022-05-17
Bids for T-bills rejected as market bets on BSP hikeBusiness World2022-05-17
Gov’t debt yields climb as market prices in BSP hikeBusiness World2022-05-16
Treasury bills, bonds may fetch higher rates on faster inflationBusiness World2022-05-16
Debt service payments plunge in MarchBusiness World2022-05-16
Analysts divided on rate hike moveBusiness World2022-05-16
Inflation should be Marcos’ top priority — NEDA chiefBusiness World2022-05-13
Early BSP rate hike looms as GDP outperforms in Q1Philippine Star2022-05-13
Gov’t debt at end March hits 63.5% of GDP at P12.68-TBusiness World2022-05-13
Q1 GDP surpasses pre-pandemic levelBusiness World2022-05-13
PH gets better political risk rating, but 2022 growth still in doubtInquirer2022-05-12
Manufacturing grows at its fastest pace in 7 monthsBusiness World2022-05-12
FDI inflows surge in FebruaryBusiness World2022-05-12
Reissued T-bonds fetch higher ratesBusiness World2022-05-12
GDP Posts an 8.3 Percent Growth in the First Quarter of 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-05-12
Investors await Marcos Cabinet picksBusiness World2022-05-11
J.P. Morgan drops PH to bottom of Asean investment preference list after May 9 pollsInquirer2022-05-11
Treasury bills partially awarded as rates increaseBusiness World2022-05-11
Philippine peso poised for deeper drop as Marcos eyes presidencyBusiness World2022-05-10
BSP seen to hike interest rates by 75 bps on inflation, currency risksBusiness World2022-05-10
Q1 GDP growth likely picked up — pollBusiness World2022-05-10
MUFG sees PHL economy growing by 6.5% this yearBusiness World2022-05-10
Inflation a ‘headache’ for next leaderBusiness World2022-05-10
Economists see strong PH GDP growth in Q1Inquirer2022-05-09
Export performance touted as heralding broader recoveryBusiness World2022-05-08
NEDA sees pre-pandemic growth restored this yearBusiness World2022-05-08
Inflation zooms to over 3-year highBusiness World2022-05-06
BSP seen doubling its key rate over the next 10 monthsBusiness World2022-05-06
BSP must brace for more US policy tightening — analystsBusiness World2022-05-06
NG debt hits record P12.68 trillion as of end-MarchBusiness World2022-05-06
Pre-pandemic job market seen by 2nd halfBusiness World2022-05-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): April 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-05-05
Gov’t fully awards bondsBusiness World2022-05-05
Peso to further weaken as trade deficit widensInquirer2022-05-04
Next president needs to build on Duterte’s reforms — economistBusiness World2022-05-04
April PMI jumps to over 4-year highBusiness World2022-05-03
BSP to ensure sustainable recovery before tighteningBusiness World2022-05-03
Gov’t partially awards T-bills at higher yieldsBusiness World2022-05-03
Rates of T-bills, bonds may move sideways ahead of inflation dataBusiness World2022-05-03
Yields on gov’t debt mixed as BSP chief turns hawkishBusiness World2022-05-03
More ‘hot money’ left country in MarchBusiness World2022-04-29
Gov’t sets P200-billion borrowing plan for MayBusiness World2022-04-29
Fitch worried by constraints to debt reduction effortsInquirer2022-04-28
Peso climbs as budget gap narrowsBusiness World2022-04-28
NG budget deficit narrows in MarchBusiness World2022-04-28
BSP to scale back policy support as economy recovers, Diokno saysBusiness World2022-04-28
Moody’s Analytics lowers 2022 PHL growth outlookBusiness World2022-04-27
Gov’t bond yields continue to riseInquirer2022-04-27
BTr makes partial award of bonds at higher rateBusiness World2022-04-27
BSP likely to raise rates in June — DioknoPhilippine Star2022-04-26
Rates of T-bills, bonds may move sideways as central banks tightenBusiness World2022-04-25
BSP bullish on PHL’s ‘full recovery’Business World2022-04-25
PHL needs to grow over 6% to cut debtBusiness World2022-04-22
2021 trade deficit widest in 3 yearsBusiness World2022-04-22
IMF prognosis sends PSEi swinging above 7,100Inquirer2022-04-21
Peso down as Evans signals support for 50-bp increasesBusiness World2022-04-21
Remittances seen to support recoveryBusiness World2022-04-21
March BoP surplus biggest in 3 monthsBusiness World2022-04-20
IMF sees faster PHL growth this yearBusiness World2022-04-20
R&I keeps Philippines’ investment grade ratingBusiness World2022-04-20
Gov’t makes full award of bonds at higher rate on inflation fearsBusiness World2022-04-20
Peso down on hawkish FedBusiness World2022-04-19
Remittance growth slows in FebruaryBusiness World2022-04-19
Central bank raises P140 billion from 28-day securitiesBusiness World2022-04-19
Gov’t fully awards T-billsBusiness World2022-04-19
Foreign borrowing still seen as ‘prudent’ despite major expansion in gov’t debtBusiness World2022-04-18
BSP likely to ‘significantly’ tighten policy this year — S&PBusiness World2022-04-18
Filinvest Land approves P11.9-billion bond issuanceBusiness World2022-04-18
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds seen mixed on inflation fearsBusiness World2022-04-18
Yields on gov’t debt move sidewaysBusiness World2022-04-18
Ayala eyes P15 billion from bond offerPhilippine Star2022-04-13
Gov’t partially awards reissued bonds on US CPI, Fed hike fearsBusiness World2022-04-13
Philippines raises $559M via Samurai bond dealBusiness World2022-04-13
Inflation may breach BSP target by 2nd halfBusiness World2022-04-13
PHL growth forecast upgraded despite risksBusiness World2022-04-13
Peso sinks to P52:$1 level on hawkish Fed, ongoing warBusiness World2022-04-12
War’s impact on PHL ‘minimal’ — BSPBusiness World2022-04-12
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills on strong demand amid tightening betsBusiness World2022-04-12
Converge’s bond offer swamped by fundersInquirer2022-04-11
Peso may rise vs dollar on remittance inflows ahead of Holy Week breakBusiness World2022-04-11
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds may move sideways this weekBusiness World2022-04-11
Yields on gov’t debt mixed on inflation, Fed minutesBusiness World2022-04-11
PSEi plunges below 7,000 as Fed signals bolder rate hikesInquirer2022-04-08
Peso sideways after Fed minutesBusiness World2022-04-08
Manufacturing bounces back as restrictions easeBusiness World2022-04-08
Philippines’ 2021 GDP growth upgraded to 5.7%Business World2022-04-08
Trade gap may weaken peso to 54:$1 this quarterInquirer2022-04-07
TDF yields slip on oil’s drop, global bond issueBusiness World2022-04-07
Economy to grow by 6% despite risks from Ukraine war, ADB saysBusiness World2022-04-07
World Bank trims Philippine growth outlook for 2022 on Ukraine warBusiness World2022-04-06
Budget gap seen to narrow this year as economy recovers ‘strongly’Business World2022-04-06
BSP ready for preemptive action to tame inflation risks — DioknoBusiness World2022-04-06
March inflation climbs to 6-month highBusiness World2022-04-06
SM Prime sets interest rate for retail bondsBusiness World2022-04-06
Gov’t partially awards fresh 3-year bondsBusiness World2022-04-06
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): March 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-04-05
BSP seen hiking rates by 75 bps in 2nd halfBusiness World2022-04-05
SL Agritech in P2-B social finance issuanceBusiness World2022-04-05
Gov’t fully awards T-bills amid strong demandBusiness World2022-04-05
Philippines bond yields see biggest increasePhilippine Star2022-04-05
Neda chief sees ‘respectable’ GDP growth in 1st quarter 2022Inquirer2022-04-04
Inflation likely accelerated in MarchBusiness World2022-04-04
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to rise on Fed, BSP tightening betsBusiness World2022-04-04
Yields on government debt climb on expectations of faster inflationBusiness World2022-04-04
Inflation may have breached target in March — BSP chiefBusiness World2022-04-01
National Government debt hits record P12.09 trillion as of end-FebruaryBusiness World2022-04-01
Budget deficit narrows in FebruaryBusiness World2022-04-01
Capital Economics: Near-term PH outlook improvingInquirer2022-03-31
Bond yields may rise in AprilPhilippine Star2022-03-31
Diokno sees rate rise to 2.5%-2.75% as reasonableBusiness World2022-03-31
Treasury sets P200-B borrowing plan for AprilBusiness World2022-03-31
Converge raising P10 billion from maiden bond offeringPhilippine Star2022-03-30
Treasury fully awards reissued 10-year bonds at higher yieldBusiness World2022-03-30
High inflation ‘back with vengeance,’ says DioknoInquirer2022-03-29
Moody’s Analytics: Stronger PH growth at risk from high inflation, weaker pesoInquirer2022-03-29
Peso strengthens as oil prices fallBusiness World2022-03-29
BSP may face risks amid global policy tighteningBusiness World2022-03-29
Gov’t partially awards T-billsBusiness World2022-03-29
Economic think tanks: PH inflation risks intensifyingInquirer2022-03-28
Moody’s Analytics raises 2022 Philippine GDP growth estimateBusiness World2022-03-28
BSP rules out rate hike amid oil surgeBusiness World2022-03-28
Yields on government debt mixed on BSP, hawkish FedBusiness World2022-03-28
Rates of T-bills, bonds seen to riseBusiness World2022-03-28
Think tank cuts PH growth forecast as oil price surge, poll uncertainty loomInquirer2022-03-25
Peso advances as central bank keeps key policy rates untouchedBusiness World2022-03-25
Converge gets go signal for P20-B bond offeringBusiness World2022-03-25
Philippine external position to support credit rating — S&PBusiness World2022-03-25
Central bank extends key rate pauseBusiness World2022-03-25
Monetary Board Maintains Policy SettingsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-03-24
‘BSP risks falling behind curve in inflation fight'Inquirer2022-03-24
Peso rebounds ahead of BSP policy meetingBusiness World2022-03-24
Duterte signs EO on economic recoveryBusiness World2022-03-24
IMF sees need to adjust rates earlierBusiness World2022-03-24
OECD: PH economy to grow fastest in Southeast Asia in 2022Inquirer2022-03-23
Peso weakens against the dollar on Powell remarks, rising oil pricesBusiness World2022-03-23
Gov’t partially awards reissued 7-year T-bonds on hawkish FedBusiness World2022-03-23
PHL raises $2.25B via offshore bondsBusiness World2022-03-23
Remittances from Filipinos abroad expected to rise by 4% in ’22Inquirer2022-03-22
Duterte signs law allowing full foreign ownership in key sectorsBusiness World2022-03-22
PHL returns to offshore bond marketBusiness World2022-03-22
Gov’t partially awards T-bills as rates rise furtherBusiness World2022-03-22
Peso may go up before BSP’s policy reviewBusiness World2022-03-21
BSP sees wider current account deficit in 2022, 2023Business World2022-03-21
External debt hits a record $106.428 billion in 2021Business World2022-03-21
BSP to keep policy rates steady — pollBusiness World2022-03-21
Yields on government debt climb ahead of US Fed hikeBusiness World2022-03-21
Treasury bill, bond rates to rise further amid inflation concernsBusiness World2022-03-21
PH braces for spillover impact of Russia sanctionsInquirer2022-03-18
Budget deficit widens in JanuaryBusiness World2022-03-18
BSP unlikely to move in lockstep with FedBusiness World2022-03-18
PDEx clears AboitizPower’s P10-B bonds listingBusiness World2022-03-18
Fed hike decision clouds PSEi directionInquirer2022-03-17
Jan. remittances up despite virus surgeBusiness World2022-03-17
BSP still plans to start rate hike cycle in 2nd halfBusiness World2022-03-17
PHL still on track to reach GDP target this year — ChuaBusiness World2022-03-16
Gov’t makes partial award of reissued bonds at higher rateBusiness World2022-03-16
Nomura cuts PHL growth forecast to 6.3% due to inflationBusiness World2022-03-15
Limited ties to Russia, Ukraine may minimize war impact on PHLBusiness World2022-03-15
Gov’t partially awards T-bills as rates rise furtherBusiness World2022-03-15
BSP inclined to keep rates low despite Ukraine worriesInquirer2022-03-14
Goldman Sachs cuts PH 2022 growth forecastInquirer2022-03-14
High inflation puts GDP target at riskBusiness World2022-03-14
Debt service bill hits P1.2 trillion in 2021Business World2022-03-14
Rates of T-bills, bonds may riseBusiness World2022-03-14
Yields climb on Russia-Ukraine crisisBusiness World2022-03-14
DBM fund releases top P3 trillion, exceeding 60% of 2022 budgetBusiness World2022-03-11
BSP to keep focus on supporting growth despite inflation risksBusiness World2022-03-11
Outstanding PH Treasury IOUs up to P8.11 trillion in FebruaryInquirer2022-03-10
US-based think tank: Interests on record debts to make life tougher for PH, other countriesInquirer2022-03-10
Manufacturing growth slows down in JanuaryBusiness World2022-03-10
BSP seen to raise rates before midyearBusiness World2022-03-10
Dollar reserves rise to $107.98B as of end-Feb.Business World2022-03-09
PHL moves to cushion oil shock impactBusiness World2022-03-09
Gov’t rejects all bids for 7-year Treasury bondsBusiness World2022-03-09
Peso sinks to P52:$1 level as oil prices surgeBusiness World2022-03-08
NEDA weighs impact of fare hike on inflationBusiness World2022-03-08
Surging oil a key risk to PHL — DioknoBusiness World2022-03-08
T-bill bids rejected as investors ask for high ratesBusiness World2022-03-08
Pressure rising for BSP to soon raise key ratesInquirer2022-03-07
Gov’t debt hits record P12.03TBusiness World2022-03-07
Gross borrowings hit P2.58 trillion in 2021Business World2022-03-07
BSP chief says PHL credit rating downgrade unlikelyBusiness World2022-03-07
Government debt yields end mixedBusiness World2022-03-07
Rates of T-bills, bonds may riseBusiness World2022-03-07
High oil prices, PH economic rebound seen to weaken pesoInquirer2022-03-04
PH spending-to-GDP ratio hits record 24.1 percentInquirer2022-03-04
Higher oil prices may dampen consumption in Asia, PHLBusiness World2022-03-04
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): February 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-03-04
Treasury: PH’s record-high debt remains “sustainable”Inquirer2022-03-03
Ukraine crisis threatens BSP’s dovish stanceInquirer2022-03-03
Peso drops vs dollar as tensions deepenBusiness World2022-03-03
AboitizPower gets SEC nod to issue P10-B retail bondsBusiness World2022-03-03
Philippines’ manufacturing PMI highest in over 3 yearsBusiness World2022-03-02
Oil spike could drive up Q2 inflationBusiness World2022-03-02
2021 budget deficit falls below ceilingBusiness World2022-03-02
Gov’t rejects all bids for 3-year Treasury bonds as rates climbBusiness World2022-03-02
Gov’t raises P458 billion from latest RTB offeringBusiness World2022-03-02
Feb. CPI likely within target — BSPBusiness World2022-03-01
Economic recovery seen to get ‘significant’ boost from shift to Alert Level 1Business World2022-03-01
BSP raises P130B from offering of 28-day billsBusiness World2022-03-01
T-bill bids rejected as investors seek higher yieldsBusiness World2022-03-01
Current account deficit may rise above 2% of GDPPhilippine Star2022-02-28
Inflation likely jumped 3.3% in Feb.Business World2022-02-28
Yields on government debt increaseBusiness World2022-02-28
Rates of T-bills, bonds may rise as oil prices climb due to crisisBusiness World2022-02-28
BSP invests in Asian Green Bond FundBusiness World2022-02-28
To pay record debt, next President should ‘cut off fat’ from budget—NedaInquirer2022-02-25
PHL economy seen to grow by 6% this year but still vulnerable to pandemic disruptionsBusiness World2022-02-25
Century Properties lists P3-B five-year bondsBusiness World2022-02-25
Inflation uptick feared anew amid Ukraine crisisPhilippine Star2022-02-24
TDF yields mixed on inflation outlook, geopolitical tensionsBusiness World2022-02-24
Government to settle debt to BSP before new administrationPhilippine Star2022-02-24
BSP’s dovish stance causing peso weaknessInquirer2022-02-23
PHL investment grade rating to be supported by sustained policy reformsBusiness World2022-02-23
BSP has room to keep policy rates lowBusiness World2022-02-22
Philippines faces risks from mounting debt — analystsBusiness World2022-02-22
DoubleDragon plans offering of $75-M bonds in SGXBusiness World2022-02-22
RCBC raises P14.76B via sustainable bondsBusiness World2022-02-22
Gov’t fully awards Treasury bills at higher ratesBusiness World2022-02-22
PH urged to brace for impact of global inflation, Fed hikesInquirer2022-02-21
Policy normalization seen in 2nd halfBusiness World2022-02-21
BSP bills undersubscribed due to RTB offerBusiness World2022-02-21
SMIC lists P15-billion bondsBusiness World2022-02-21
Treasury bill rates to climb as liquidity shifts to retail bondsBusiness World2022-02-21
Yields on government debt end higherBusiness World2022-02-21
DOF cheers slowing inflation, but says risks remainInquirer2022-02-18
DoF in talks with banks on maiden green bond offerBusiness World2022-02-18
Rates on hold amid recovery risksBusiness World2022-02-18
Fitch Affirms Philippines' BBB Investment-Grade RatingBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-18
Monetary Board Holds Policy Settings SteadyBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-02-18
SEC greenlights Bank of Commerce IPO, SMC bonds’ shelf registrationBusiness World2022-02-17
S&P sees above 7% GDP growth for PHLBusiness World2022-02-17
Gov’t green bond issue to encourage firms to go into sustainable financeBusiness World2022-02-16
WB sees end of PHL pandemic relief heightening default riskBusiness World2022-02-16
Cash remittances hit record high in 2021Business World2022-02-16
BTr raises P121B from RTB auctionBusiness World2022-02-16
BSP seen keeping key policy rate at a low 2%Inquirer2022-02-15
Century Properties sets 5.7524% rate for P3-B bondBusiness World2022-02-15
Gov’t fully awards T-bill offering at higher rates on Fed hike fearsBusiness World2022-02-15
Yields on government debt climb as US inflation surgesBusiness World2022-02-14
SEC clears registration of Century Properties’ P6-B debtBusiness World2022-02-14
Treasury bill rates may go up ahead of retail bond offeringBusiness World2022-02-14
Treasury to sell P30-B retail bondsBusiness World2022-02-14
Next administration faces ‘twin deficits’ — JPMorganBusiness World2022-02-14
Rates likely to stay on hold — pollBusiness World2022-02-14
NEDA backs move to relaxed quarantine setting by MarchBusiness World2022-02-11
PHL needs to spend better, collect more taxes — World BankBusiness World2022-02-11
Nov. FDI inflows biggest in nearly 2 yearsBusiness World2022-02-11
BSP shifting to sustainable investmentsBusiness World2022-02-11
ADB working with PHL to develop blue bondBusiness World2022-02-10
Peso sinks on expectations of faster US CPIBusiness World2022-02-09
BSP weighs impact of soaring oil prices on inflation outlookBusiness World2022-02-09
Manufacturing growth eases in Dec.Business World2022-02-09
Reissued 10-year Treasury bonds fully awardedBusiness World2022-02-09
Omicron impact on PH seen to be mildInquirer2022-02-08
Series of fuel price hikes may dampen recovery of PH economy — economistInquirer2022-02-08
Pandemic clouds BSP exit strategyBusiness World2022-02-08
T-bills fully awarded as yields move sidewaysBusiness World2022-02-08
Inflation slowed to 3% in JanuaryBusiness World2022-02-07
Yields mixed on Jan. CPIBusiness World2022-02-07
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to move sideways on inflation dataBusiness World2022-02-07
Dominguez flags tax advisers’ role in raising gov’t borrowingBusiness World2022-02-04
FDI surge expected as full foreign ownership allowed in more sectorsBusiness World2022-02-04
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2018=100): January 2022Philippine Statistics Authority2022-02-04
BPI secures P 27B from latest bond offeringInquirer2022-02-03
Lost income from coronavirus pandemic may be recovered by 4th quarter of 2023 — FSCCBusiness World2022-02-03
Rising food, fuel prices likely drove inflation in January, says BSPBusiness World2022-02-03
Reissued T-bonds fully awarded at higher rate on Fed hike fearsBusiness World2022-02-03
Manufacturing growth loses steamBusiness World2022-02-03
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