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Market Watch
Close of
January 14, 2022
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 2.317 1.6 28.4 36.1
5 Year 4.052 9.3 20.0 14.5
10 Year 4.824 ▲ 0.7 0.2 ▲ 0.2

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
PHP per USD 51.115 0.1 ▲ 0.5 0.2
PHP per JPY 0.448 0.1 0.7 1.0

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
ON PHIREF 1.510 12.6 22.2 ▲ 52.0
3M PHIREF 1.945 ▲ 1.6 ▲ 5.8 ▲ 36.3

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
BSP Overnight Borrowing
(Reverse Repo) Rate
2.000     0.0     0.0
BSP Overnight Lending
(Repo) Rate
2.500     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I BBB+ stable 2021-04-22
RAM BBB2 stable 2019-11-27
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB negative 2021-07-12
S&P BBB+ stable 2021-05-27

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  • Sustainability Bonds Outstanding

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2017: Philippines

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region''''s bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The Bond Market Guide 2017 for the Philippines is an outcome of the support and contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from the Philippines. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for the Philippines
February 2020

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for the Philippines are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of the Philippine market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

The yields of local currency (LCY) government bonds in the Philippines increased for all tenors between 31 August and 15 October except for 1-year bonds. Yields on the shorter end of the curve (1-month to 6-month tenors) climbed 4 basis points (bps) on average, while those at the longer end of the curve (20-year and 25-year tenors) increased an average of 5 bps. Much larger increases were seen for the yields of bonds with 2-year to 10-year maturities, which rose by 64 bps on average. In contrast, the yield fell 2 bps for 1-year bonds. Inflation concerns and the impending winding down of the United States Federal Reserve’s monetary stimulus largely caused the upward movement of the yield curve.

Size and Composition

The Philippine LCY bond market expanded 4.4% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) in the third quarter of 2021 to reach a size of PHP9,761.7 billion (USD191.4 billion) at the end of September. The quarterly growth was driven solely by the government segment as the corporate segment contracted during the quarter. Government bonds outstanding amounted to PHP8,322.0 billion on growth of 6.2% q-o-q, largely driven by the in increase in Treasury bond issuance. Debt outstanding in the corporate sector registered a decline of 5.1% q-o-q on the back of maturation of bonds amid low issuance volume during the quarter. On an annual basis, the size of the LCY bond market increased 20.0% year-on-year. Government bonds accounted for 85.3% of the total bond market at the end of September, while corporate bonds accounted for 14.7%.

Policy, Institutional, and Regulatory Developments

On 15 September, the Bureau of the Treasury (BTr) launched its maiden issuance of Retail Dollar Bonds (RDBs). The BTr stated that the RDB offer aimed to further advance financial inclusion in the Philippines by diversifying the investor portfolio. At the same time, the RDBs also diversified the government’s funding types and sources. The RDB issuance comprised 5-year and 10-year tenors with coupon rates of 1.375% and 2.250%, respectively. The BTr issued a total of USD1.59 billion: USD1.11 billion of 5-year bonds and USD0.48 billion of 10-year bonds. The last time the BTr issued onshore USD-denominated bonds was in December 2012, when they were offered to institutional investors only.

Title Source Date
BSP Securities Auction Results January 14, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-01-14
Treasury Bonds Auction Result January 11, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-01-11
Treasury Bills Auction Result January 10, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-01-10
BSP Securities Auction Results January 7, 2022Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2022-01-07
Treasury Bills Auction Result January 3, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2022-01-03
AREIT raises P3 billion from bond issuePhilippine Star2021-12-29
FLI’s P10-B bonds four-times oversubscribedBusiness World2021-12-22
BSP Securities Auction Results December 17, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-12-17
Treasury Bills Auction Result December 13, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-12-13
Treasury Bills Auction Result December 6, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-12-06
BSP Securities Auction Results December 10, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-12-03
BSP Securities Auction Results December 3, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-12-03
Treasury Bills Auction Result November 29, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-29
BSP Securities Auction Results November 26, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-26
Treasury Bills Auction Result November 22, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-22
BSP Securities Auction Results November 19, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-19
Retail Treasury Bonds Auction Result November 16, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-16
Treasury Bills Auction Result November 15, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-15
BSP Securities Auction Results November 12, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-12
Treasury Bills Auction Result November 8, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-08
BSP Securities Auction Results November 5, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-05
Treasury Bonds Auction Result November 9, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-03
Treasury Bonds Auction Result November 3, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-03
Treasury Bills Auction Result November 2, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-11-02
BSP Securities Auction Results October 29, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-29
Treasury Bonds Auction Result October 26, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-26
Treasury Bills Auction Result October 25, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-25
BSP Securities Auction Results October 22, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-22
Treasury Bills Auction Result October 18, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-18
BSP Securities Auction Results October 15, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-15
Petron completes P18-B fixed-rate bond saleBusiness World2021-10-12
Treasury Bills Auction Result October 11, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-11
BSP Securities Auction Results October 8, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-08
Treasury Bonds Auction Result October 12, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-05
Treasury Bonds Auction Result October 5, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-05
Treasury Bills Auction Result October 4, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-10-04
BSP Securities Auction Results October 1, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-01
Treasury Bonds Auction Result September 28, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-28
Treasury Bills Auction Result September 27, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-27
BSP Securities Auction Results September 24, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-09-24
Treasury Bonds Auction Result September 21, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-21
Treasury Bills Auction Result September 20, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-20
BSP Securities Auction Results September 17, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-09-17
10-Year Retail Dollar BondsBureau of the Treasury2021-09-15
5-Year Retail Dollar BondsBureau of the Treasury2021-09-15
D&L completes P5-B maiden bond offerBusiness World2021-09-15
Treasury Bonds Auction Result September 14, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-14
Treasury Bills Auction Result July September 13, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-13
BSP Securities Auction Results September 10, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-09-10
AC Energy subsidiary issues $400 million in green bondsABS CBN News2021-09-09
Treasury Bonds Auction Result September 7, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-07
Treasury Bills Auction Result July September 6, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-06
BSP Securities Auction Results September 3, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-09-03
Treasury Bonds Auction Result September 1, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-09-01
Treasury Bills Auction Result July August 31, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-31
BSP Securities Auction Results August 27, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-08-27
Treasury Bonds Auction Result August 24, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-24
Treasury Bills Auction Result July August 23, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-23
BSP Securities Auction Results August 20, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-08-20
Treasury Bonds Auction Result August 17, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-17
Treasury Bills Auction Result July August 16, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-16
BSP Securities Auction Results August 13, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-08-13
Treasury Bonds Auction Result August 10, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-10
Treasury Bills Auction Result July August 9, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-09
BSP Securities Auction Results August 6, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-08-06
Treasury Bonds Auction Result August 3, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-03
Treasury Bills Auction Result July August 2, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-08-02
BSP Securities Auction Results July 30, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-30
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 27, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-27
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills at mixed rates amid virus fearsBusiness World2021-07-27
BSP Securities Auction Results July 23, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-23
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 21, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-21
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 19, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-19
BSP Securities Auction Results July 16, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-16
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 13, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-13
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 12, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-12
BSP Securities Auction Results July 9, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-09
SMC lists ‘jumbo’ P30-B first tranche bondsBusiness World2021-07-09
Treasury Bonds Auction Result July 6, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-06
Treasury Bills Auction Result July 5, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-07-05
BSP Securities Auction Results July 2, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-02
PHL raises $3B from global bond saleBusiness World2021-06-29
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 29, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-29
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 28, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-28
BSP Securities Auction Results June 25, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-25
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 22, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-22
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 21, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-21
BSP Securities Auction Results June 18, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-18
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 15, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-15
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 14, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-14
BSP Securities Auction Results June 11, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-11
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 8, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-08
Treasury Bills Auction Result June 7, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-07
Metrobank raises P19B from latest bond offeringBusiness World2021-06-07
BSP Securities Auction Results June 6, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-04
Treasury Bonds Auction Result June 1, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-06-01
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 31, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-31
BSP Securities Auction Results May 28, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-05-28
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 24, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-24
BSP Securities Auction Results May 21, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-05-21
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 18, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-18
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 17, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-17
BSP Securities Auction Results May 14, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-05-14
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 10, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-10
BSP Securities Auction Results May 7, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-05-07
Treasury Bonds Auction Result May 4, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-04
Treasury Bills Auction Result May 3, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-05-03
BSP Securities Auction Results April 30, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-30
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 26, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-26
BSP Securities Auction Results April 16, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-23
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 20, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-20
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 19, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-19
BSP Securities Auction Results April 16, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-16
BSP Securities Auction Results April 12, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-12
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 12, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-12
Treasury Bonds Auction Result April 6, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-06
BSP Securities Auction Results April 5, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-05
Treasury Bills Auction Result April 5, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-04-05
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 29, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-29
Treasury Bonds Auction Result March 23, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-23
RCBC raises P3B from fresh bond offeringInquirer2021-03-23
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 22, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-22
BSP Securities Auction Results March 19, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-22
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 15, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-15
BSP Securities Auction Results March 12, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-12
DBP sells $300 million in global bonds to refinance debt maturing this monthBusiness World2021-03-11
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 9, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-09
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 8, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-08
BSP Securities Auction Results March 5, 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-05
Century Properties raises P3B from bond offeringBusiness World2021-03-02
Treasury Bills Auction Result March 1, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-03-01
BSP Securities Auction Results February 26,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-26
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 22, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-22
BSP Securities Auction Results February 19,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-19
China Bank raises P20 billion from three-year bondsBusiness World2021-02-19
BSP Securities Auction Results February 15,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-15
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 15, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-15
Retail Treasury Bonds Auction Result February 9, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-09
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 8, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-08
BSP Securities Auction Results February 5,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-05
Treasury Bonds Auction Result February 2, 2022Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-02
Treasury Bills Auction Result February 1, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-02-01
BSP Securities Auction Results January 29,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-01-29
Treasury Bills Auction Result January 25, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-01-25
BSP Securities Auction Results January 29,2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-01-22
Treasury Bonds Auction Result January 19, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-01-19
Treasury Bills Auction Result January 18, 2021Bureau of the Treasury2021-01-18
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
BPI shortens bond offer period amid ‘overwhelming demand’Business World2022-01-17
Gross borrowings hit P2.78 trillionBusiness World2022-01-17
Debt yields decline on dovish BSPBusiness World2022-01-17
Rates of T-bills, bonds to dropBusiness World2022-01-17
GDP growth target attainable, says BSPPhilippine Star2022-01-14
Higher growth seen with fiscally aggressive ’22 national budgetInquirer2022-01-14
Forex reserves hit $108.89B in ’21, down 1%Inquirer2022-01-14
Top challenge for next PH president: Surging debtInquirer2022-01-14
UK think tank sees 6.7% PH GDP growth in 4th quarter 2021Inquirer2022-01-13
Prolonged economic stagnation seen among top risks faced by PHLBusiness World2022-01-13
Omicron clouds PHL growth outlook — WBBusiness World2022-01-13
Petron plans $500-M notes to pay for plant projectBusiness World2022-01-13
Nov. trade deficit balloons to recordBusiness World2022-01-12
Rate hike unlikely in first half of 2022, says DioknoBusiness World2022-01-12
GDP growth seen below gov’t target this yearBusiness World2022-01-12
Gov’t partially awards T-bonds as investors ask for high yieldsBusiness World2022-01-12
BDO starts offer of sustainability bonds to raise at least P5 billionBusiness World2022-01-11
Government fully awards T-bills as rates go downBusiness World2022-01-11
UK think tank: Omicron tilted 2022 PH growth prospect to downsideInquirer2022-01-10
Yields on government debt end mixedBusiness World2022-01-10
Rates of T-bills, bonds may fallBusiness World2022-01-10
Peso seen depreciating to 52 by 3rd quarterPhilippine Star2022-01-10
Surprise rate cut unlikelyPhilippine Star2022-01-10
P300-B facility to aid PH recovery OkdInquirer2022-01-07
BPI starts offering of two-year fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2022-01-07
BSP eyes careful exit from easy policyBusiness World2022-01-07
Peso strengthens as inflation eases in DecemberBusiness World2022-01-06
Inflation eases to lowest in 12 monthsBusiness World2022-01-06
PH, Japan renew currency swap dealInquirer2022-01-05
Omicron restrictions to have ‘modest’ impact on PHInquirer2022-01-05
Stock exchange trading halted due to technical glitchBusiness World2022-01-05
Gov’t rejects bids for reissued 7-year T-bonds on rising ratesBusiness World2022-01-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): December 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2022-01-05
Peso retreats to P51:$1 level as outlook dims due to fresh surge in casesBusiness World2022-01-04
Omicron could derail short-term Philippine growthBusiness World2022-01-04
PDS plans to launch country’s first digital corporate bonds in FebruaryBusiness World2022-01-04
Gov’t fully awards Treasury bills as rates drop on strong demandBusiness World2022-01-04
Rates of T-bills, bonds may dropBusiness World2022-01-04
Gov’t debt yields flat amid lack of leadsBusiness World2022-01-04
Peso weakens amid news of new virus casesBusiness World2021-12-29
PNB sees up to 75 bps rate hike in 2022Philippine Star2021-12-29
AREIT raises P3 billion from bond issuePhilippine Star2021-12-29
Peso weakens as surge in virus cases poses risks to recoveryBusiness World2021-12-28
Ballooning budget deficit, debt top post-COVID issuesInquirer2021-12-28
BSP sees more sustainability, green bond issuance by banksPhilippine Star2021-12-27
BSP on track to lower RRR to single-digitPhilippine Star2021-12-27
Peso seen to weaken ahead of gov’t move on lockdown levelsBusiness World2021-12-27
Yields rise after release of Jan. borrowing planBusiness World2021-12-27
Slow, steady remittance growth seen until 2025Inquirer2021-12-23
PH ’21 economic growth forecast upgradedInquirer2021-12-23
PHL recovery could lag Asia’s because of election spending banBusiness World2021-12-23
RRR cuts still on the tableBusiness World2021-12-23
SMIC registers P15-billion fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-12-23
BoP back to deficit in NovemberBusiness World2021-12-22
Converge gets top rating for maiden bond offeringBusiness World2021-12-22
FLI’s P10-B bonds four-times oversubscribedBusiness World2021-12-22
Fresh fuel price hikes not enough to alter course of inflation, says BSPInquirer2021-12-21
2022 election spending seen aiding PH recoveryInquirer2021-12-21
Peso climbs vs dollar on remittancesBusiness World2021-12-21
BDO looking to raise at least P5B via sustainability bondsBusiness World2021-12-21
‘Odette’ may dampen PHL recoveryBusiness World2021-12-20
BSP may start hiking cycle next yearBusiness World2021-12-20
AboitizPower to issue P10-B retail bondsBusiness World2021-12-20
Century Properties board clears P6-B debt programBusiness World2021-12-20
Yields on government debt drop on auction results, policy meetingsBusiness World2021-12-20
Peso soars as BSP retains ratesBusiness World2021-12-17
BSP holds rates amid Omicron threatBusiness World2021-12-17
Monetary Board Holds Policy Settings SteadyBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-12-16
Underspending’s good news: 2021 budget deficit smaller than projectedInquirer2021-12-16
DoF confident 2021 GDP goal ‘doable’ with 7% fourth quarterBusiness World2021-12-16
Cash remittances hit three-month highBusiness World2021-12-16
Metrobank doubles domestic borrowing program to P200 billionPhilippine Star2021-12-16
DBCC sees faster 2021 GDP growthInquirer2021-12-15
ADB raises PHL economic outlook for this year, 2022Inquirer2021-12-15
Gov’t expects lower domestic borrowingsInquirer2021-12-15
Gov’t rejects all bids for 7-year T-bonds as rates remained highInquirer2021-12-15
PH foreign debt still manageable, says BSPInquirer2021-12-14
Peso climbs vs dollarBusiness World2021-12-14
Gov’t fully awards T-bill offer as yields inch downBusiness World2021-12-14
National Government’s debt service bill surges to P89 billionBusiness World2021-12-13
BSP to stand pat on rates anew — pollBusiness World2021-12-13
BPI looking to raise at least P5 billion from bond offerBusiness World2021-12-13
Yields on gov’t debt drop as inflation eases in Nov.Business World2021-12-13
Treasury bill, bond rates may decline this weekBusiness World2021-12-13
SEC approves FLI’s P10 billion bond issuePhilippine Star2021-12-10
Factory output up 7 months in a rowBusiness World2021-12-10
PHL economy likely to grow ‘at least 7%’ in Q4 — DioknoBusiness World2021-12-10
Peso depreciation may prompt BSP to normalize policy stanceBusiness World2021-12-09
Coronavirus downturn pushed external borrowings to $23.4 billion — DominguezBusiness World2021-12-09
Gov’t seeks P300-B loan from BSPBusiness World2021-12-09
Despite CREATE law, foreign investment pledges down 45.8 percentInquirer2021-12-08
World Bank raises PHL growth forecast to 5.3%Business World2021-12-08
Inflation eases to four-month low in NovemberBusiness World2021-12-08
San Miguel plans P30-B fixed-rate bond offerBusiness World2021-12-08
Gov’t rejects bids for reissued 10-year T-bondsBusiness World2021-12-08
GDP to grow by 5.5% — GlobalSourceBusiness World2021-12-07
Peso weakens vs dollar on improved US labor market dataBusiness World2021-12-07
Gov’t fully awards T-bills ahead of inflation reportBusiness World2021-12-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): November 2021Business World2021-12-07
Inflation likely eased in Nov. — pollBusiness World2021-12-06
Yields on gov’t debt mixed on RTB sale, variant fearsBusiness World2021-12-06
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to rise on strong US jobs dataBusiness World2021-12-06
Election spending ban poses fiscal riskBusiness World2021-12-06
Bonds from Philippines, India most at risk amid variant threatBusiness World2021-12-03
BSP vows to keep easy money policyBusiness World2021-12-03
Low vax rate obscuring econ recovery, says DioknoInquirer2021-12-02
Outstanding gov’t debt hit historic high in OctInquirer2021-12-02
Peso strengthens vs dollar on strong manufacturing data, remittancesBusiness World2021-12-02
November PMI jumps to 8-month highBusiness World2021-12-02
More debts: Treasury raises P360B from 5.5-year RTBsInquirer2021-12-01
Containing Omicron key to sustaining PH recovery—economistsInquirer2021-12-01
DOF: PH borrowed P1.15 trillion to fight COVID-19Inquirer2021-12-01
Implementation of the Mandanas ruling seen to dampen economic growthBusiness World2021-12-01
S&P raises growth forecast for PHLBusiness World2021-12-01
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for November 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-12-01
Return to pre-COVID growth seen by Q1 ’22Inquirer2021-11-29
Peso may weaken on dataBusiness World2021-11-29
CPI base year to be changed to 2018 starting JanuaryBusiness World2021-11-29
Gross borrowings hit P2.75 trillionBusiness World2021-11-29
T-bill rates may move sideways due to new variant, RTB offeringBusiness World2021-11-29
Yields on gov’t debt drop on BTr’s borrowing planBusiness World2021-11-29
Budget deficit eases to 6-month lowBusiness World2021-11-26
PHL economy not quite out of the woods yet — DioknoBusiness World2021-11-26
Debt management seen as key transition issueBusiness World2021-11-26
Gov’t plans to borrow P70B from local market in Dec.Business World2021-11-26
Fitch raises growth forecast for PhilippinesPhilippine Star2021-11-25
October BoP surplus hits six-month highBusiness World2021-11-25
Economic outlook brightens but risks to recovery remainBusiness World2021-11-25
Peso rises vs dollar following decline in oil pricesBusiness World2021-11-24
Technology to spur GDP growth of 4.9% this year — CitiBusiness World2021-11-24
Think tanks: BSP to keep interest rates low to back PH economic recoveryInquirer2021-11-24
Del Monte Pacific approves issuance of dollar-denominated senior notesBusiness World2021-11-23
BSP likely to start hiking rates next yearBusiness World2021-11-23
Gov’t fully awards Treasury bills at higher yieldsBusiness World2021-11-23
Slower inflation in store for PHInquirer2021-11-22
Low BSP rates to stay— for now, say economistsInquirer2021-11-22
Fitch cites potential credit rating cutBusiness World2021-11-22
Election spending not a concern for prices — BSPBusiness World2021-11-22
Debt yields drop as BSP cuts inflation estimateBusiness World2021-11-22
T-bill rates may inch up as funds shift to RTBsBusiness World2021-11-22
Gov’t, private spending may bolster 2022 GDP growthBusiness World2021-11-19
BSP keeps rates to boost recoveryBusiness World2021-11-19
Monetary Board Maintains Policy RateBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-18
UK think tank sees PH interest rates staying low until 2023Inquirer2021-11-18
Consumer, business borrowings seen to start picking upInquirer2021-11-18
BSP rates seen stable until early 2023 on ‘transitory’ inflationBusiness World2021-11-18
UK think tank: PH to be among last in Asia Pacific to reopenInquirer2021-11-17
Peso down ahead of US retail sales dataBusiness World2021-11-17
No need for further policy adjustments — DioknoBusiness World2021-11-17
Gov’t raises initial P113B via RTBsBusiness World2021-11-17
Treasury bill rates inch higher ahead of retail bond offeringBusiness World2021-11-16
Budget deficit at 8.3% of GDP as of end-Sept.Business World2021-11-16
Personal Remittances Rise by 4.8 Percent YoY in September 2021; First Nine-Month Level Reaches US$25.7 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-11-16
Yields on gov’t debt climbBusiness World2021-11-15
Philippines to offer P30B in retail treasury bondsBusiness World2021-11-15
GDP on track to hit pre-pandemic level by Q3 2022Business World2021-11-15
Rates of Treasury bills may move sideways ahead of RTB offeringBusiness World2021-11-15
September debt service bill falls by 26% to P54.45 billionBusiness World2021-11-15
PHL credit rating supported by economy’s long-term track recordBusiness World2021-11-15
Further open up PH economy to spur recovery, gov’t urgedInquirer2021-11-12
Peso weakens as US consumer price index hits multi-year highBusiness World2021-11-12
Economy sufficiently buffered in case trade disrupted, BSP saysBusiness World2021-11-12
ICTSI to raise $300M from int’l bond marketInquirer2021-11-11
Economists raise 2021 growth forecasts for PHInquirer2021-11-11
Fitch Solutions raises PHL GDP forecast for 2021Business World2021-11-11
Despite strong Q3 GDP, BSP says rates to stay lowBusiness World2021-11-10
Peso climbs on strong Q3 GDP growthBusiness World2021-11-10
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bonds at higher rateBusiness World2021-11-10
GDP grows faster than expected in Q3Business World2021-11-10
Gov’t makes full award of T-bill offering at slightly higher ratesBusiness World2021-11-09
GDP Growth Rate for Second Quarter 2021 was revised to 12.0 percentPhilippine Statistics Authority2021-11-09
GDP posted a growth of 7.1 percent in the third quarter of 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-11-09
More debts: Retail treasury bond sale eyed before 2021 endsInquirer2021-11-08
Peso may decline vs the dollar on expectations of weak GDPBusiness World2021-11-08
Q3 GDP growth likely slowed — pollBusiness World2021-11-08
Inflation slows to three-month lowBusiness World2021-11-08
Yields on government debt inch up on inflation, Fed meetingBusiness World2021-11-08
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds may climb this weekBusiness World2021-11-08
Peso slips on weak labor dataBusiness World2021-11-05
BSP’s green investments may reach $1B by 2023Business World2021-11-05
BSP to keep accommodative policy to aid recoveryBusiness World2021-11-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): October 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-11-05
Rising oil prices to erode PH dollar reservesInquirer2021-11-04
Gov’t makes full award of bondsBusiness World2021-11-04
BSP: PH economy can withstand pummeling by COVIDInquirer2021-11-03
Peso up on manufacturing PMIBusiness World2021-11-03
T-bill rates inch up ahead of inflation, Fed meetBusiness World2021-11-03
Factory activity hits 7-month high in Oct.Business World2021-11-03
PH debt hits new high of P11.92TInquirer2021-11-02
Yields on gov’t debt dropBusiness World2021-11-02
Rates of T-bills, bonds may move sideways ahead of Fed meetingBusiness World2021-11-02
Inflation likely quickened in OctoberBusiness World2021-11-02
Lending growth seen subdued this yearBusiness World2021-11-02
Gov’t keeps lowered GDP growth goalBusiness World2021-11-02
‘Hot money’ continues to exit PHLBusiness World2021-10-29
Petron Corp. completes redemption of P13-B bondsBusiness World2021-10-29
Gov’t to borrow P200B from local market in Nov.Business World2021-10-29
Fiscal restraint may reduce risk but likely to stunt growth, says IIFInquirer2021-10-28
Peso up on Diokno comments, expectations of weak US dataBusiness World2021-10-28
Globe prices $600-M perpetual capital securitiesBusiness World2021-10-28
BSP seeing concrete signs of reboundBusiness World2021-10-28
BOP in September 2021 Posts US$412 Million Deficit, GIR as of end-September 2021 Settles at US$106.6 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-10-27
BSP’s policy stance appropriate — AMROBusiness World2021-10-27
Ayala Land lists first tranche of P50-B bondsBusiness World2021-10-27
Gov’t partially awards reissued seven-year bondsBusiness World2021-10-27
Peso strengthens against the dollar as Fed chief says rates may stay lowBusiness World2021-10-26
Sept. budget gap widens to P181BBusiness World2021-10-26
Gov’t makes full award of T-billsBusiness World2021-10-26
ECQ pulled back PH growth in Q3, says think tankInquirer2021-10-25
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds may rise on inflation concernsBusiness World2021-10-25
Debt yields up on Fed betsBusiness World2021-10-25
Deep ‘scarring’ from virus holds back PH recoveryInquirer2021-10-22
Long Philippine bonds likely out of favor on inflation fearsBusiness World2021-10-22
BSP to focus on keeping policy support for economyBusiness World2021-10-22
Peso weakens on hawkish comments from Fed officialBusiness World2021-10-21
Coronavirus remains a major risk for PHL recoveryBusiness World2021-10-21
PH economic recovery fragile, say think tanksInquirer2021-10-20
Peso rebounds as oil prices dropBusiness World2021-10-20
Policy support seen to mitigate ‘scarring’Business World2021-10-20
Gov’t rejects all bids for reissued 10-year bondsBusiness World2021-10-20
Gov’t makes full award of T-billsBusiness World2021-10-19
BSP sees no rate adjustments this yearBusiness World2021-10-19
PH on the way to recovery, say economistsInquirer2021-10-18
Peso to appreciate against the dollar on lower daily coronavirus casesBusiness World2021-10-18
Consumer spending likely to inch up as restrictions easeBusiness World2021-10-18
Diokno sees more harm in raising rates ‘too early’Business World2021-10-18
Yields on government debt climb on Fed taper betsBusiness World2021-10-18
Rates of T-bills, bonds to rise as oil rally fuels inflation concernsBusiness World2021-10-18
Despite Delta, PH expects to hit ’21 GDP growth goalInquirer2021-10-15
Peso rises as gov’t eases Metro Manila restrictionsBusiness World2021-10-15
No need to increase direct advances to NG — BSPBusiness World2021-10-15
PHL open to more global bond offeringsBusiness World2021-10-15
BSP needs to start raising interest rates by year’s end, says VillegasInquirer2021-10-14
2021 growth target achievable–ChuaInquirer2021-10-14
GIR falls as of end-Sept. on gov’t debt paymentsBusiness World2021-10-14
BSP to continue to support recoveryBusiness World2021-10-14
Exports and imports continue double-digit growth in AugustBusiness World2021-10-13
PHL growth forecast slashed by IMFBusiness World2021-10-13
BTr fully awards reissued bonds at higher rate on inflation fearsBusiness World2021-10-13
Long term funds in PH lifted by foreign purchase of debt papersInquirer2021-10-12
PSEi escapes COVID-19 rut; hits 8-month highInquirer2021-10-12
Banks tap rediscount window in SeptemberBusiness World2021-10-12
Gov’t makes full award of T-bill offer as yields move sidewaysBusiness World2021-10-12
Petron completes P18-B fixed-rate bond saleBusiness World2021-10-12
SEC approves 4 major capital-building exercisesInquirer2021-10-11
Central bank sees prices easing in Q4Business World2021-10-11
Fitch says will assess ‘scarring effects’ of pandemic on economyBusiness World2021-10-11
Gov’t debt service bill sinks in AugustBusiness World2021-10-11
Rates of T-bills, bonds may rise on concerns over high inflationBusiness World2021-10-11
Yields edge up on hawkish FedBusiness World2021-10-11
Peso rebounds on strong US jobs dataBusiness World2021-10-08
Diokno open to extend higher SBLBusiness World2021-10-08
Fitch, AMRO lower Philippine growth forecast this year as coronavirus persistsBusiness World2021-10-08
Inflation seen to get ‘much hotter’ before cooling down by mid-2022Inquirer2021-10-07
Peso weakens vs the dollar on higher oil pricesBusiness World2021-10-07
BSP proposes 3% RRR on digital banksBusiness World2021-10-07
Pressure for BSP to hike rates eases as September inflation lowerInquirer2021-10-06
PH urged to reopen economy with cautionInquirer2021-10-06
Inflation slows from near 3-year highBusiness World2021-10-06
PHL likely to be Asia’s economic laggard in 2022Business World2021-10-06
JFC unit to buy back $250-M perpetual debt listed on SGXBusiness World2021-10-06
BTr partially awards seven-year bonds as rate rises on inflationBusiness World2021-10-06
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): September 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-10-05
7,000 within reach, but inflation may yet give PSEi joltInquirer2021-10-05
Peso strengthens as dollar takes hit from us debt ceiling impasseBusiness World2021-10-05
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills at higher rates on inflation betsBusiness World2021-10-05
Elevated inflation in PH feared; pressure on peso risesInquirer2021-10-04
Local yields track US debtBusiness World2021-10-04
T-bill, bond rates to end mixedBusiness World2021-10-04
PHL raises $1.6B via retail dollar bondsBusiness World2021-10-04
Gross borrowings hit P2.4TBusiness World2021-10-04
Inflation likely reached 5% in Sept. — pollBusiness World2021-10-04
Neda chief optimistic on Q3 GDP performanceInquirer2021-10-01
August hot money net inflow smallest since 2008Business World2021-10-01
AboitizPower seeks regulatory approval for fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-10-01
Gov’t to borrow less from local market this monthBusiness World2021-10-01
Sept. inflation likely topped 5% — BSPBusiness World2021-10-01
‘Heavy lifting’ from fiscal policy needed to ensure recovery — DioknoBusiness World2021-09-30
Weak consumption likely to persistBusiness World2021-09-30
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bonds at higher rateBusiness World2021-09-29
BSP rate hikes could come sooner due to inflation surgeBusiness World2021-09-29
Delta clouds PHL growth outlookBusiness World2021-09-29
Retail dollar bonds open investment opportunitiesInquirer2021-09-28
Lockdown likely hurt Q3 GDP growthBusiness World2021-09-28
Gov’t upsizes T-bills volume as rates go downBusiness World2021-09-28
Think tank: Expect peso weakness when the US Fed starts ‘tapering’Inquirer2021-09-27
Elevated inflation threatens to slow PH recovery, says AmroInquirer2021-09-27
T-bill, bond rates seen to inch up amid inflation fearsBusiness World2021-09-27
Yields rise after BSP revises inflation anew, hawkish FedBusiness World2021-09-27
Economists further cut 2021 GDP growth forecast for PH to 4.6%Inquirer2021-09-24
Peso drops further as Fed hints at November taperingBusiness World2021-09-24
Filinvest Land looks to offer P10-B fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-09-24
PHL banks’ exposure to Chinese assets minimalBusiness World2021-09-24
August deficit balloons on pandemic subsidiesBusiness World2021-09-24
BSP holds key rate to boost recoveryBusiness World2021-09-24
Monetary Board Maintains Policy SettingsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-09-23
Yields on BSP’s term deposits mixed ahead of policy reviewBusiness World2021-09-23
Bank lending seen to improve on easy policy, economy’s reopeningBusiness World2021-09-23
ADB maintains growth outlook for PhilippinesBusiness World2021-09-23
PH economy to emerge from pandemic stronger, Diokno saysInquirer2021-09-22
Weaker fundamentals to affect peso’s strengthBusiness World2021-09-22
Gov’t fully awards 7-year bonds at higher rate on rising inflationBusiness World2021-09-22
COVID’s economic cost to hit P41TBusiness World2021-09-22
Peso sinks to P50:$1 level ahead of Fed meetBusiness World2021-09-21
AboitizPower approves P12-billion retail bondsBusiness World2021-09-21
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills as rates declineBusiness World2021-09-21
BSP lowers balance of payments projectionsBusiness World2021-09-20
Foreign debt hits highest level in nearly 10 yearsBusiness World2021-09-20
Poll: BSP to keep rates untouchedBusiness World2021-09-20
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds to inch up on RDB offerBusiness World2021-09-20
Gov’t debt yields flat on mixed tradeBusiness World2021-09-20
Delta outbreak seen to slow PH recoveryInquirer2021-09-17
Ayala, AYC Finance plan notes issue, tender offerBusiness World2021-09-17
Banks told to find new reference rates ahead of LIBOR’s phaseoutBusiness World2021-09-17
Moody’s downgrades PHL growth forecastBusiness World2021-09-17
Peso rises after gov’t RDB sale, US CPI reportBusiness World2021-09-16
BSP remits P15B in dividends to gov’tBusiness World2021-09-16
Cash remittances reach seven-month high in JulyBusiness World2021-09-16
Philippines raises $866M from maiden retail dollar bond offerBusiness World2021-09-16
Philippines Sells $866 Million of Maiden Retail Dollar BondsBloomberg2021-09-15
Diokno: Sound economic fundamentals aiding PH recoveryInquirer2021-09-15
Gov’t makes full award of bonds at higher rate on rising inflationBusiness World2021-09-15
D&L completes P5-B maiden bond offerBusiness World2021-09-15
Dollar reserves rise to seven-month highBusiness World2021-09-14
Gov’t readies retail dollar bond offerBusiness World2021-09-14
Gov’t fully awards T-bills as rates move sidewaysBusiness World2021-09-14
Bank NPL ratio at 4.51% in July, highest since 2008Business World2021-09-13
Peso may climb versus dollar on remittance dataBusiness World2021-09-13
BSP willing to extend direct advances to NG ‘as long as necessary’Business World2021-09-13
Gov’t debt service bill dips in JulyBusiness World2021-09-13
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds seen mixed on inflation dataBusiness World2021-09-13
Yields on government debt end flatBusiness World2021-09-13
Diokno sees recovery by first quarter of 2023Business World2021-09-10
Manufacturing output expands for 4th straight monthBusiness World2021-09-10
Trade deficit balloons to $3.29 billionBusiness World2021-09-10
AC Energy subsidiary issues $400 million in green bondsABS CBN News2021-09-09
Peso weakens as gov’t defers lockdown easingBusiness World2021-09-09
Bangko Sentral seen keeping interest rates steadyInquirer2021-09-09
Gov’t fully awards reissued seven-year T-bondsBusiness World2021-09-08
Monetary easing still ‘on the table,’ says BSPBusiness World2021-09-08
Aug. inflation fastest in over 2 yearsBusiness World2021-09-08
DoF thumbs down bill on debt capBusiness World2021-09-07
Japan debt watcher affirms PHL ratingBusiness World2021-09-07
SM Prime plans P10-billion fixed-rate bond saleBusiness World2021-09-07
Gov’t fully awards T-bills as yields move sidewaysBusiness World2021-09-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): August 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-09-07
Peso may drop on expectations of faster inflationBusiness World2021-09-06
Yields on government debt end flatBusiness World2021-09-06
D&L says maiden bond offering nearly five times oversubscribedBusiness World2021-09-06
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds likely to move sidewaysBusiness World2021-09-06
Aug. inflation likely above target — pollBusiness World2021-09-06
Gross borrowings hit P2.27 trillion as of end-JulyBusiness World2021-09-06
Sustained PH recovery may be finally under wayInquirer2021-09-03
Filipinos’ dollar deposits helping with PH economic recoveryInquirer2021-09-03
Gov’t think tank backs stimulus to be directed to ‘green recovery’Business World2021-09-03
BSP says ample policy leeway to support recoveryBusiness World2021-09-03
Peso drops vs dollar on weak PMIBusiness World2021-09-02
Bank lending slips for 8th straight month in JulyBusiness World2021-09-02
Philippine factory activity plunges to 15-month lowBusiness World2021-09-02
Gov’t fully awards five-year bonds as rate declines on strong demandBusiness World2021-09-02
D&L sets coupon rates for maiden P5-B bond offerBusiness World2021-09-02
Philippines on long road to recovery – ADBPhilippine Star2021-09-01
AC Energy unit to list notes on Singapore ExchangeBusiness World2021-09-01
July government debt hits record P11.6T as state taps local and dollar bond marketsBusiness World2021-09-01
August inflation likely over targetBusiness World2021-09-01
AC Energy to tap green bond market anewPhilippine Star2021-08-31
PHL recovery uncertain due to ‘less effective’ COVID-19 strategyBusiness World2021-08-31
As bad loans pile up, big banks cut back on lendingBusiness World2021-08-31
Peso may climb vs dollar as US central bank chief fails to signal taper timingBusiness World2021-08-30
Tax effort improves in first six monthsBusiness World2021-08-30
Philippine credit downgrade imminent — INGBusiness World2021-08-30
Debt yields rise on BTr borrowing plan, PowellBusiness World2021-08-30
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds likely to move sideways on Fed betsBusiness World2021-08-30
Peso retreats ahead of Fed’s Jackson Hole symposiumBusiness World2021-08-27
Central bank eyes more FX reformsBusiness World2021-08-27
SEC greenlights D&L’s P5-billion bond offeringBusiness World2021-08-27
BSP to keep rates low as long as inflation stays stableBusiness World2021-08-27
Gov’t to raise P250 billion from local mart in Sept.Business World2021-08-27
NEDA says PHL may return to pre-pandemic level by end-2022Business World2021-08-27
‘Hot money’ exits PHL amid Delta fearsBusiness World2021-08-27
Peso rallies on lower oil prices, wider BoP surplusBusiness World2021-08-26
Passage of key bills to ease FDI restrictivenessBusiness World2021-08-26
BoP surplus widens to $642M in JulyBusiness World2021-08-26
Gov’t rejects all bids for Treasury bonds on ‘unreasonably’ high ratesBusiness World2021-08-25
Gov’t seeks more loans from ADB, WBBusiness World2021-08-25
Philippines gets $2.8B in new SDRs from IMFBusiness World2021-08-25
July budget gap narrows to P121BBusiness World2021-08-25
Philippines debt to hit P13 trillion next yearPhilippine Star2021-08-24
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills as investors flock to safe assetsBusiness World2021-08-24
S&P says PHL credit rating likely unaffected by rising debt loadBusiness World2021-08-24
BSP chief says no drastic change in monetary policyBusiness World2021-08-24
PHL economy to remain a laggard as herd immunity seen by May 2022Business World2021-08-23
Debt yields climb on auction results, FedBusiness World2021-08-23
Peso may rise vs dollar in volatile tradeBusiness World2021-08-23
Budget gap may return to pre-crisis level by 2025Business World2021-08-23
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds to rise as gov’t cuts GDP goalBusiness World2021-08-23
Peso weakens vs dollar on downgraded GDP growth goal, Fed minutesBusiness World2021-08-20
Gov’t can afford to ramp up stimulus, economists sayBusiness World2021-08-20
Lockdown to deepen ‘economic scarring’Business World2021-08-20
Peso drops on hawkish Fed commentsBusiness World2021-08-19
D&L adjusts timeline for P5-B bond offeringBusiness World2021-08-19
Philippines cuts GDP growth outlook as virus surgesBusiness World2021-08-19
Gov’t makes full award of reissued bondsBusiness World2021-08-18
Renewed lockdowns prompt DBCC to revisit economic growth targetsBusiness World2021-08-18
Gov’t fully awards T-bills as rates move sidewaysBusiness World2021-08-17
BIR beats July collection targetBusiness World2021-08-17
Remittances hit 6-month high in JuneBusiness World2021-08-17
Moody’s Analytics trims growth outlook for PHL economy anewBusiness World2021-08-16
Debt payments surge in first halfBusiness World2021-08-16
Yields on gov’t debt rise on GDP data, inflationBusiness World2021-08-16
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds on offer this week seen moving sidewaysBusiness World2021-08-16
BSP eases FX selling regulationsBusiness World2021-08-13
Philippines faces sluggish recovery as Delta threat risesBusiness World2021-08-13
Diokno warns lockdown poses risk to recovery: BSP keeps key rate at a record lowBusiness World2021-08-13
Monetary Board Keeps Policy Settings UnchangedBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-08-13
Weak demand may dampen 2021 growthPhilippine Star2021-08-12
COVID variants likely to dent PHL recoveryBusiness World2021-08-12
DoF sees 7.4% GDP growth in 2022Business World2021-08-12
Peso slips vs dollar on Fed, GDP reportBusiness World2021-08-11
Recession ends as GDP grows by 11.8%Business World2021-08-11
Gov’t makes full award of fresh seven-year T-bondsBusiness World2021-08-11
T-bill yields inch up as investors ask for higher returnsBusiness World2021-08-10
PDEx clears Aboitiz firm’s P10-billion debt securitiesBusiness World2021-08-10
Retail dollar bond offering eyed before end of the yearBusiness World2021-08-10
BSP unlikely to hike rates, cut RRR anytime soonBusiness World2021-08-10
Q1 GDP drop smaller than initially reportedBusiness World2021-08-10
GDP posted double digit growth of 11.8 percent in the second quarter of 2021, the highest since fourth quarter of 1988Philippine Statistics Authority2021-08-10
PHL likely exited recession in Q2Business World2021-08-09
Yields on gov’t debt fallBusiness World2021-08-09
T-bill, bond rates likely to dropBusiness World2021-08-09
Gross borrowings reach P1.9 trillion in the first halfBusiness World2021-08-09
BSP seen to keep policy rates at record low — pollBusiness World2021-08-09
Stocks slip as PH mulls over fate of battered economyInquirer2021-08-06
Peso retreats on Fed taper hints, virus concernsBusiness World2021-08-06
Inflation eases to 7-month low in JulyBusiness World2021-08-06
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): July 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-08-06
Higher infrastructure spending to widen CA deficitPhilippine Star2021-08-05
PH recovery ‘will not be easy,’ BSP warnsInquirer2021-08-05
Gov’t sells P35B in 10-year bonds amid strong demandBusiness World2021-08-04
China Lianhe maintains Philippines’ AAA ratingBusiness World2021-08-04
PHL recovery hopes lie in private investmentsBusiness World2021-08-04
Downtrodden peso may extend drop on Philippine rating riskBusiness World2021-08-03
Treasury bills fetch mixed rates on bets of slower July inflationBusiness World2021-08-03
Growth prospects could dim if NCR lockdown is extendedBusiness World2021-08-03
July manufacturing activity extends glutBusiness World2021-08-03
Peso to weaken on fears over rising cases of Delta variantBusiness World2021-08-02
Yields on gov’t debt slipBusiness World2021-08-02
T-bill, bond rates likely to dropBusiness World2021-08-02
July inflation seen within BSP targetBusiness World2021-08-02
Capital Economics: BSP likely to cut rates in Sept.Inquirer2021-07-30
BSP allays fears over weakening pesoBusiness World2021-07-30
Debt climbs to new high of P11.2TBusiness World2021-07-30
Peso inches up against the dollar despite fears of stricter lockdownsBusiness World2021-07-29
Yields on term deposits mixed on concerns over Delta variantBusiness World2021-07-29
Gov’t to borrow P200 billion from the local mart in AugustBusiness World2021-07-29
Amid underspending in first half: Budget deficit falls below ceilingBusiness World2021-07-28
Balance of payments deficit hits $312MBusiness World2021-07-28
Peso weakens vs dollar on budget balance, BoP dataBusiness World2021-07-28
UnionBank to issue social bondsBusiness World2021-07-28
Gov’t fully awards 7-year bonds at higher yieldBusiness World2021-07-28
Gov't at risk of breaching deficit cap as pandemic tests fiscal stabilityThe Philippine Star2021-07-27
COVID-19 bites: PH revises economic targetsInquirer2021-07-27
PHL economy faces slower growth after 2022Business World2021-07-27
Gov’t urged to pivot from fiscal prudence to stimulating growthBusiness World2021-07-23
Loose monetary policy appropriate — BSPBusiness World2021-07-23
Peso slips on stock market losses, worries over virusBusiness World2021-07-22
Moody’s slashes Philippine GDP forecast for 2021Business World2021-07-22
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bondsBusiness World2021-07-22
ADB maintains Philippine growth forecast but Delta variant poses risk to recoveryBusiness World2021-07-21
BSP chief: Faster vaccine rollout, not ‘Bayanihan 3,’ needed to spur growthInquirer2021-07-21
Gov’t awards T-bills at higher ratesBusiness World2021-07-20
Economic bills move to front burner in SenateBusiness World2021-07-20
DBCC keeps economic growth targetBusiness World2021-07-20
Economic team may rethink stimulusBusiness World2021-07-19
BSP seen to keep rates unchanged through 2022Business World2021-07-19
DoF says peso more volatile in the first halfBusiness World2021-07-19
Yields on gov’t debt end flat after Fitch moveBusiness World2021-07-19
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds likely to inch up furtherBusiness World2021-07-19
Nat’l government borrows another P540B from BSPBusiness World2021-07-16
Interest rates to stay low until recovery firmly underway–DioknoInquirer2021-07-16
PH sets first retail dollar bond offeringInquirer2021-07-16
Peso retreats as Wall Street climbs on dataBusiness World2021-07-15
FMIC, UA&P see economy growing 5-6%, PSEi hitting 7,800Business World2021-07-15
Rising debt, return of ‘twin deficits’ complicate PH journey to recoveryInquirer2021-07-15
Gov’t moves to shore up PH credit rating after Fitch cuts outlook to ‘negative’Inquirer2021-07-14
PHL reserves slip to $106B at end-JuneBusiness World2021-07-14
Remittances up for 4th straight monthBusiness World2021-07-14
Investor sentiment may be affected by Fitch’s negative outlook on PHLBusiness World2021-07-14
Treasury partially awards bond offer as rate rises on Fitch moveBusiness World2021-07-14
PH outlook ‘looking up,’ says Moody’s AnalyticsInquirer2021-07-13
Gov’t fully awards T-bill offerBusiness World2021-07-13
BSP chief keen on keeping accommodative policyBusiness World2021-07-13
Fitch Ratings revises Philippines’ outlook to negativeBusiness World2021-07-13
BSP seen firm on keeping interest rates steadyInquirer2021-07-12
Outstanding government securities rise to P7.398 trillion in JuneBusiness World2021-07-12
Gov’t debt yields end flatBusiness World2021-07-12
Weak demand to push up rates of T-bills, bondsBusiness World2021-07-12
IMF says Philippine government needs to boost spending capacity during crisisBusiness World2021-07-12
SMC lists ‘jumbo’ P30-B first tranche bondsBusiness World2021-07-09
PHL manufacturing output’s rebound continues in MayBusiness World2021-07-09
Banks’ bad loans hit 13-year highBusiness World2021-07-09
Lingering high inflation seen to turn BSP hawkishInquirer2021-07-08
PH seen missing 2021 GDP growth targetInquirer2021-07-08
Finance dep’t says manageable fiscal deficit, BoP keys to recoveryBusiness World2021-07-08
PHL outlook clouded by political risks from upcoming pollsBusiness World2021-07-08
Petron plans shelf registration of P50-B fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-07-07
Aboitiz group to redeem P8.5-B fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-07-07
BTr makes full award of T-bonds as rate drops on easing inflationBusiness World2021-07-07
Inflation eases to 6-month low in JuneBusiness World2021-07-07
BSP may withdraw support only if there are ‘indisputable’ signs of economic recoveryBusiness World2021-07-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): June 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-07-06
Peso drops vs dollar as oil prices climb after OPEC+ fails to reach dealBusiness World2021-07-06
‘Sluggish’ vaccine rollout weighs on PHL recoveryBusiness World2021-07-06
NG outstanding debt hits P11 trillionBusiness World2021-07-06
Gov’t fully awards T-bills even as yields rise on inflation betsBusiness World2021-07-06
Peso may rise on slower inflation expectationsBusiness World2021-07-05
Yields on gov’t debt mixed on month-end positioningBusiness World2021-07-05
T-bill, bond rates may inch downBusiness World2021-07-05
Five-month borrowings rise during health crisisBusiness World2021-07-05
Inflation likely eased, still above goalBusiness World2021-07-05
BSP pushes for more capital sources to help PH investors, borrowersInquirer2021-07-02
Philippine manufacturing activity expands in JuneBusiness World2021-07-02
Peso retreats to P49:$1 level on local manufacturing data, virus concernsBusiness World2021-07-02
PHL net external liability down as of MarchBusiness World2021-07-02
Q2 GDP seen up by more than 10%Inquirer2021-07-01
Peso down on month-end dollar demand, virus concernsBusiness World2021-07-01
Yields on term deposits mixed after PHL global bond offeringBusiness World2021-07-01
Domestic Liquidity Rises by 4.7 Percent, Year-on-Year, in MayBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-01
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for June 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-07-01
Peso rises as Metro Manila remains under looser quarantine measuresBusiness World2021-06-30
Gov’t fully awards reissued 20-year bondsBusiness World2021-06-30
Slower PHL growth seen amid prolonged pandemicBusiness World2021-06-30
PHL raises $3B from global bond saleBusiness World2021-06-30
Inflation, vaccine hesitancy lurk as threats to PH economic recoveryInquirer2021-06-29
Peso weakens vs dollar as FATF adds the Philippines to ‘gray list’Business World2021-06-29
Gov’t fully awards T-bills as rates dropBusiness World2021-06-29
Next BSP rate hike seen in late 2022 — FitchBusiness World2021-06-29
Philippines to launch dollar bond issueBusiness World2021-06-29
Economy seen facing bumpier ride to recoveryInquirer2021-06-28
Gov’t issuances fuel expansion of PH bond marketInquirer2021-06-28
Peso may weaken ahead of key reportsBusiness World2021-06-28
Yields on gov’t debt drop on July borrowing planBusiness World2021-06-28
Rates of T-bills, bonds to move sideways on steady BSP policyBusiness World2021-06-28
Philippines says to launch benchmark-sized dollar bond issueBusiness World2021-06-28
Peso rebounds ahead of BSP decision, US dataBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-25
S&P sees PHL economy growing by 6% this yearBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-25
BSP keeps interest rates at historic lowsInquirer2021-06-25
Monetary Board Maintains Policy SettingsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-25
Peso sinks ahead of BSP decisionBusiness World2021-06-24
BSP seen to keep rates unchanged in today’s meetInquirer2021-06-24
More dollars flowed out of PH in May as gov’t repaid maturing foreign debtInquirer2021-06-24
May budget deficit narrows to P200BBusiness World2021-06-23
San Miguel to issue first tranche of shelf-registered bonds in JulyBusiness World2021-06-23
Treasury makes full award of bond offer on strong demandBusiness World2021-06-23
Treasury hikes July borrowing programBusiness World2021-06-23
Peso sinks on Fed’s hawkish shiftBusiness World2021-06-22
Gov’t increases T-bill award as rates drop furtherBusiness World2021-06-22
PHL credit rating unlikely to be hurt by Mandanas rulingBusiness World2021-06-22
Central bank chief says Fed rate hike not a threat to PHLBusiness World2021-06-22
BSP sees bigger dollar flow surplus in 2021Inquirer2021-06-21
Monetary tightening ?seen in 2022Inquirer2021-06-21
Outstanding T-bills, bonds hit record P7.38T in MayInquirer2021-06-21
Fitch sees peso trading in range around P48/dollar this yearBusiness World2021-06-21
Yields mixed after Fed remarksBusiness World2021-06-21
Gov’t debt rates seen droppingBusiness World2021-06-21
BSP: No interest rate hikes yet as PH economy recoversInquirer2021-06-18
Peso sinks as US central bank hints at higher rates by 2023Business World2021-06-18
Inflation trend turns friend for outperforming Philippine bondsBusiness World2021-06-18
Peso retreats vs dollar on higher oil prices, US central bank meetBusiness World2021-06-17
DoF firm on keeping stimulus at P173BBusiness World2021-06-17
IMF slashes PHL growth outlook anewBusiness World2021-06-17
PH seeks $500-M contingent credit line from World BankInquirer2021-06-17
D&L sets P5-B debut in bond marketInquirer2021-06-17
Duterte economic team sees recovery starting in second quarterInquirer2021-06-16
Inflation to settle down by yearend, normalize in 2022—BSPInquirer2021-06-16
Gov’t vows fiscal prudence to revive ailing economyBusiness World2021-06-16
Remittance growth fastest since 2016Business World2021-06-16
Philippines tops Asian forecasts for lower GDP, faster inflationBusiness World2021-06-16
Peso weakens to P48-a-dollar levelBusiness World2021-06-16
SEC clears San Miguel’s P50-B bond offeringBusiness World2021-06-16
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bonds as rate dropsBusiness World2021-06-16
Bank lending to resume growth in third quarter as confidence improvesBusiness World2021-06-15
Gov’t hikes Treasury bill awardBusiness World2021-06-15
Peso down ahead of decision on quarantine measuresBusiness World2021-06-15
BSP closely watching wage levels for clues on future inflationInquirer2021-06-14
Public debt seen peaking at 58% of GDPInquirer2021-06-14
Central bank fully awards offer of one-month billsBusiness World2021-06-14
Gov’t debt yields declineBusiness World2021-06-14
Rates of T-bills, bonds to dropBusiness World2021-06-14
BSP dollar reserves dip in MayBusiness World2021-06-14
Gov’t debt service bill falls in AprilBusiness World2021-06-14
BSP seen to maintain accommodative policyBusiness World2021-06-14
Peso inches down versus dollar as oil prices climb furtherBusiness World2021-06-10
Yields on term deposits climb on concerns over US inflationBusiness World2021-06-10
PH external trade doubled in AprilInquirer2021-06-10
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics April 2021 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2021-06-10
Peso drops on labor dataBusiness World2021-06-09
Gov’t fully awards reissued seven-year T-bondsBusiness World2021-06-09
World Bank cuts GDP growth outlook for PhilippinesBusiness World2021-06-09
PSEi down as caution engulfs investorsInquirer2021-06-08
Inflation projected to start easing this monthInquirer2021-06-08
Peso climbs on vaccine arrival, soft US jobs reportBusiness World2021-06-08
Gov’t hikes Treasury bill award as rates drop on strong demandBusiness World2021-06-08
Metrobank raises P19B from latest bond offeringInquirer2021-06-07
Monetary tightening likely if inflationary pressures persistInquirer2021-06-07
Yields on gov’t debt drop on steady May inflationBusiness World2021-06-07
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to decline on strong demandBusiness World2021-06-07
May inflation steadies at 4.5%Business World2021-06-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): May 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-06-07
BSP says PHL prepared to handle changes in Fed policyBusiness World2021-06-04
Government debt nears P11 trillion as of AprilBusiness World2021-06-04
Peso declines vs dollar as gov’t debt stock climbsBusiness World2021-06-04
Foreign exchange rules liberalized furtherBusiness World2021-06-04
Gov’t chief economist confident PH on road to recoveryInquirer2021-06-03
Higher oil prices cause peso to dropBusiness World2021-06-03
Peso may weaken vs dollar on new COVID-19 variantsBusiness World2021-06-03
Yields on term deposits mixed ahead of inflationBusiness World2021-06-03
Deutsche Bank cuts PH growth forecast to 5%Inquirer2021-06-02
Treasury monitoring market appetite for possible debt swapBusiness World2021-06-02
Peso weakens vs dollar as factory activity improvesBusiness World2021-06-02
Gov’t fully awards reissued T-bondsBusiness World2021-06-02
PHL factory activity sees softer downturn in MayBusiness World2021-06-02
Gov’t increases T-bill award as strong demand pulls down rateBusiness World2021-06-01
Aboitiz firm to issue third tranche of P30-B bondsBusiness World2021-06-01
BSP sees May inflation easing slightlyInquirer2021-06-01
Month-Ahead Inflation Forecast for May 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-06-01
Yields on gov’t securities go up on stimulus hopesBusiness World2021-05-31
Treasury bills, bonds may fetch higher rates as BTr adjusts planBusiness World2021-05-31
NG borrowings hit P1.65 trillion as of AprilBusiness World2021-05-31
Big Philippine banks lend less amid rising bad loansBusiness World2021-05-31
May inflation likely steady at 4.5% — pollBusiness World2021-05-31
BSP keeping watch as rising crude prices feared to keep PH inflation upInquirer2021-05-28
UK think tanks see lower 2nd quarter growth driven by NCR COVID-19 surgeInquirer2021-05-28
Foreign loans by gov’t bring in more dollars to PH economyInquirer2021-05-28
BSP seen keeping interest rates unchanged for the rest of 2021Inquirer2021-05-28
Peso strengthens vs dollar as third stimulus bill nears approvalBusiness World2021-05-28
S&P affirms Philippines’ BBB+ ratingBusiness World2021-05-28
Peso drops further on foreign outflowsBusiness World2021-05-27
Vista Land subsidiary adds $50M to senior guaranteed notes due 2027Business World2021-05-27
Term deposit yields mixed on case tally, Fed concernsBusiness World2021-05-27
BoP swings to $2.6-B surplus in AprilBusiness World2021-05-27
Peso weakens for fifth day on rising oil pricesBusiness World2021-05-26
PHL debt service bill seen as manageable even if rates riseBusiness World2021-05-26
Deficit narrows as spending dropsBusiness World2021-05-26
PH seen unlikely to hit 2021 economic targetsInquirer2021-05-25
Peso drops on hawkish FedBusiness World2021-05-25
Gov’t fully awards T-bill offering on strong demand from marketBusiness World2021-05-25
Yields on gov’t securities end mixed on GDP, FedBusiness World2021-05-24
Rates of Treasury bills to move sideways on lack of fresh leadsBusiness World2021-05-24
BSP Monetary Board approves FIST law guidelines for banksBusiness World2021-05-24
PH jobless rate worst in emerging AsiaInquirer2021-05-24
Foreign debt approved by Monetary Board reaches $15.5 billionBusiness World2021-05-21
Peso drops as Fed considers tapering its asset purchasesBusiness World2021-05-21
Remittances not enough to revive spending, economists sayInquirer2021-05-20
Yields on term deposits mixed on local virus cases, US inflationBusiness World2021-05-20
PHL among most risk-exposed Asian economies due to slow vaccinationBusiness World2021-05-20
Gov’t can pay its foreign debts, Finance chief saysBusiness World2021-05-20
Peso weakens as gov’t cuts growth targetsBusiness World2021-05-20
Metrobank upsizes bond issuance to P19 billion on strong investor demandBusiness World2021-05-20
Remittances still in decline in real terms, Nomura saysBusiness World2021-05-19
PHL slashes GDP growth outlook amid virus fightBusiness World2021-05-19
Peso strengthens on lower daily coronavirus casesBusiness World2021-05-19
BTr makes full award of seven-year bondsBusiness World2021-05-19
Rising share of debt to shrinking economy endangers PH credit ratings, says INGInquirer2021-05-18
Government urged to reassess strategy of fiscal prudenceBusiness World2021-05-18
Remittances up for 2nd straight monthBusiness World2021-05-18
Peso drops vs dollar on oil pricesBusiness World2021-05-18
Gov’t fully awards Treasury bills as yields drop on inflation betsBusiness World2021-05-18
Peso to strengthen vs dollar on remittances, central banks’ policiesBusiness World2021-05-17
Yields on government debt fall on GDP, inflation betsBusiness World2021-05-17
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to edge sideways on BSP moveBusiness World2021-05-17
Bank lending likely to pick up by 2nd half of 2021Business World2021-05-17
Debt service bill surges in MarchBusiness World2021-05-17
Economists slash growth forecasts for PHInquirer2021-05-14
Weak bank lending may force BSP to keep interest rates lowBusiness World2021-05-14
Remittance inflows likely to pick up ‘modestly’ this yearBusiness World2021-05-14
Debt service seen to be a ‘greater burden’ for PHLBusiness World2021-05-14
PHL economy will struggle to recover — Fitch SolutionsBusiness World2021-05-13
Gov’t eyes credit rating system for LGUs by 2022Business World2021-05-13
Yields on term deposits drop on GDP data ahead of BSP reviewBusiness World2021-05-13
SEC greenlights Ayala Corp.’s P30-B debt programBusiness World2021-05-13
Outstanding gov’t securities hit P7.3 trillionBusiness World2021-05-13
Monetary Board Keeps Policy Settings SteadyBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-05-13
Peso rises on sluggish import prospects after weak Q1 GDP dataBusiness World2021-05-12
Bank lending declines for third straight month on risk aversionBusiness World2021-05-12
PSEi inches up on bargain hunting after GDP dropBusiness World2021-05-12
PHL needs to grow by 10% in next three quarters to hit target, NEDA saysBusiness World2021-05-12
Peso ends flat vs dollarBusiness World2021-05-11
Banks’ NPL ratio up as soured loans riseBusiness World2021-05-11
Gov’t hikes award of T-bills as rates drop furtherBusiness World2021-05-11
Pandemic impact: UK think tank sees bigger decline in second quarter GDPInquirer2021-05-11
GDP declines by -4.2 percent in the first quarter of 2021 (at Constant 2018 Prices)Philippine Statistics Authority2021-05-11
Rates of Treasury bills likely to decline ahead of Q1 GDP dataBusiness World2021-05-10
GDP likely shrank anew in Q1 — pollBusiness World2021-05-10
Economists expect BSP to keep policy unchangedBusiness World2021-05-10
Peso may climb further despite expected GDP contraction in Q1Business World2021-05-10
Yields on gov’t debt drop on steady April inflationBusiness World2021-05-10
Peso climbs further as PHL unemployment rate easesBusiness World2021-05-07
Metrobank eyes P10B from 5.25-year bondsBusiness World2021-05-07
Philippines likely remained in recession in Q1Business World2021-05-07
IIF slashes 2021 growth forecast for PhilippinesBusiness World2021-05-07
Worst day of the year so far for PH stocksInquirer2021-05-06
Yields on BSP’s term deposits drop on steady April inflationBusiness World2021-05-06
April inflation steadies at 4.5%Business World2021-05-06
Remittances, BPO receipts boost the peso amid pandemicBusiness World2021-05-06
Peso ends at 2-month highBusiness World2021-05-05
Gov’t fully awards 5-year bonds as rate declinesBusiness World2021-05-05
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): April 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-05-05
Peso climbs on PMI dataBusiness World2021-05-04
Gov’t hikes Treasury bill award to P28 billion as yields declineBusiness World2021-05-04
Lockdown pushes Philippines’ April PMI into contractionBusiness World2021-05-04
Gov’t debt stock hits P10.77 trillion as of end-MarchBusiness World2021-05-04
BSP approved 20% more foreign loans for gov’t’s pandemic fight in Q1Inquirer2021-05-03
Peso seen weaker on projected faster inflation, better US economic outlookBusiness World2021-05-03
Rates of T-bills, T-bonds seen to move sideways ahead of inflation dataBusiness World2021-05-03
Lockdown to deal setback to second-quarter GDP growthBusiness World2021-05-03
Foreign loans to fund Philippines’ COVID-19 response hit $18.4 billionBusiness World2021-05-03
BSP sees inflation breaching target anew in AprilBusiness World2021-05-03
Gov’t gross borrowings hit P1.4T in 1st quarterBusiness World2021-05-03
Peso declines vs dollar as oil prices inch higherBusiness World2021-04-29
Cirtek Holdings lists P1-B commercial papers on PDExBusiness World2021-04-29
Yields on term deposits drop on tax flows, gov’t euro bond issueBusiness World2021-04-29
PHL faces ‘fragile’ recovery — ADBBusiness World2021-04-29
Peso inches up vs dollar ahead of Fed meetingBusiness World2021-04-28
March deficit spending balloonsBusiness World2021-04-28
Fitch Ratings lowers PHL growth outlookBusiness World2021-04-28
Government to borrow P170B in MayBusiness World2021-04-28
DBCC to review economic growth targets in MayBusiness World2021-04-27
San Miguel plans P50-billion fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-04-27
Gov’t makes full award of T-billsBusiness World2021-04-27
BSP to keep interest rates low as long as possible to aid economyInquirer2021-04-27
Peso may weaken vs dollar on Fed meeting, budget balance dataBusiness World2021-04-26
Government debt yields dropBusiness World2021-04-26
T-bill rates seen mixedBusiness World2021-04-26
First-quarter growth gains could be wiped out by COVID surgeBusiness World2021-04-26
Philippines’ BBB+ rating affirmedBusiness World2021-04-26
State bonds to stay most appealing, but equities worth a second lookThe Philippine Star2021-04-23
Lockdowns to impede recovery in H1The Philippine Star2021-04-23
PH raises more than P122B via biggest euro bond saleInquirer2021-04-23
BDO broadens ESG investmentsThe Philippine Star2021-04-22
TDF yields decline, track rates of US TreasuriesInquirer2021-04-22
SEC OKs P72.45-B Monde Nissin Corp. IPO, biggest in stock market historyInquirer2021-04-21
BSP crafting policies for Islamic banksBusiness World2021-04-21
Peso up on gov’t euro bond offerBusiness World2021-04-21
Petron completes $550-million securities issueBusiness World2021-04-21
Gov’t makes full award of fresh 7-year bonds on robust demandBusiness World2021-04-21
BTr fully awards T-bill offer on strong demandBusiness World2021-04-20
Cebu Air raises $250 million through convertible bondBusiness World2021-04-20
High food prices to continue driving inflation — NEDABusiness World2021-04-20
PHL economy seen as region’s laggard on virus spike, slow vaccinationsBusiness World2021-04-20
Gov’t prepares euro bond issuanceBusiness World2021-04-20
Lending-averse banks swamp BSP with over P500B in short-term loansInquirer2021-04-19
GIR drops as of March on gov’t debt paymentsBusiness World2021-04-19
Peso to rise on flows from tax paymentsBusiness World2021-04-19
Yields on government debt close flatBusiness World2021-04-19
Gov’t debt repayments rise to P253 billionBusiness World2021-04-19
PHL has fiscal space to aid recovery — IMFBusiness World2021-04-19
Peso climbs on remittance dataBusiness World2021-04-16
Personal Remittances in February 2021 Expands YoY by 5.3 percentBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-04-16
Yields on term deposits declineBusiness World2021-04-15
Outstanding T-bills, bonds hit P7.2 trillion as of MarchBusiness World2021-04-15
Moody’s warns of risks in rolling back QEBusiness World2021-04-15
SMIC sets early redemption of bonds due in 2024Business World2021-04-14
Peso ends flat vs dollar on vaccine delaysBusiness World2021-04-14
Moody’s raises banking sector outlook to ‘stable’Business World2021-04-14
February NPL ratio highest in 11 yearsBusiness World2021-04-14
UK think tank sees 1.5 percent GDP decline in 2nd quarter of 2021Inquirer2021-04-13
Rediscount facility left untouchedBusiness World2021-04-13
BSP raises P80 billion from short-term securitiesBusiness World2021-04-13
Gov’t fully awards Treasury billsBusiness World2021-04-13
San Miguel plans to fully redeem $800-M outstanding notes due 2023Business World2021-04-13
Economist sees slim chance of 5% GDP growthInquirer2021-04-12
Peso may rise vs dollar on remittances dataBusiness World2021-04-12
Gov’t debt yields end mixed on inflation, Fed minutesBusiness World2021-04-12
Treasury bill rates to inch lowerBusiness World2021-04-12
Gross borrowings plunge in FebruaryBusiness World2021-04-12
Inflation seen to remain elevated throughout Q2Business World2021-04-12
Severe slump may amplify risks for Philippine banks – IMFBusiness World2021-04-12
PHL economic recovery seen lagging regionBusiness World2021-04-09
Petron approves issuance of dollar-denominated senior capital securitiesBusiness World2021-04-09
No ‘drastic’ liquidity moves for now — BSPBusiness World2021-04-09
Highlights of the Philippine Export and Import Statistics February 2021 (Preliminary)Philippine Statistics Authority2021-04-09
PSA Releases Annual Revisions of the National Accounts of the PhilippinesPhilippine Statistics Authority2021-04-09
Pandemic jitters dampen local firms’ demand for dollar loans, tooInquirer2021-04-08
Yields on BSP’s term deposits drop on lower March inflationBusiness World2021-04-08
PSE index rises on hopes of economic recoveryBusiness World2021-04-08
Peso declines vs dollar on lockdown concernsBusiness World2021-04-08
BSP sees inflation easing in 2022 but tells gov’t to untangle supply knotsInquirer2021-04-07
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): March 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-04-07
Gov’t makes full award of fresh 5-year bonds on strong demandBusiness World2021-04-07
PHL faces ‘substantial’ uncertainty over virus surge, lockdown — IMFBusiness World2021-04-07
PHL plans US dollar bonds ‘before rates skyrocket’Business World2021-04-07
Economic managers now see slower GDP growth this yearBusiness World2021-04-07
PH growth forecasts for 2021 scaled downInquirer2021-04-06
Peso retreats vs dollar on extended lockdownBusiness World2021-04-06
BSP raises P80 billion from short-term securitiesBusiness World2021-04-06
Treasury fully awards bonds, while yields move sidewaysBusiness World2021-04-06
PSE says nearly P42-B capital raised in first quarterBusiness World2021-04-06
Factory activity expansion dips in MarchBusiness World2021-04-06
Credit downgrade looms on piling debt, weak GDPInquirer2021-04-05
Yields on government debt climb amid renewed COVID-19 concernsBusiness World2021-04-05
T-bill, T-bond rates seen mixed as lockdown staysBusiness World2021-04-05
Lockdown, surge in COVID cases seen to weaken pesoBusiness World2021-04-05
PHL inflation uptick seen in March — pollBusiness World2021-04-05
Extended ECQ likely to dampen Philippine growthBusiness World2021-04-05
Philippine credit quality to lag behind peers, says S&PBusiness World2021-03-31
UN ESCAP downgrades Philippine growth forecast as virus infections surgeBusiness World2021-03-31
Peso weakens on wider Feb. deficit, tighter restrictionsBusiness World2021-03-31
Cirtek Holdings receives approval for shelf registration of P6-B commercial papersBusiness World2021-03-31
Ayala Corp. seeks regulatory nod for shelf registration of P30-B debtBusiness World2021-03-31
Deficit balloons in Feb. as spending picks upBusiness World2021-03-31
PHL raises P24B via Samurai bondsBusiness World2021-03-31
BSP: No ‘reflation’ so no monetary move vs supply-induced inflationInquirer2021-03-30
Surge in PHL infection case count heightens recession riskBusiness World2021-03-30
BSP seen keeping rates steady this year to support economyBusiness World2021-03-30
Gov’t hikes award of T-bills as investors flock to safer assetsBusiness World2021-03-30
Over P150B in bad assets likely to be disposed under FIST law — BSPBusiness World2021-03-30
Gov’t sets P170-B borrowing plan for AprilBusiness World2021-03-30
Peso seen falling back to 50 to $1Inquirer2021-03-29
Yields drop on BSP, rising casesBusiness World2021-03-29
BSP to remain on guard against external shocksBusiness World2021-03-29
T-bill rates may declineBusiness World2021-03-29
Moody’s: Virus surge, lockdown ‘credit negative’ for PHLBusiness World2021-03-29
Philippine GDP outlook dims with stricter lockdownBusiness World2021-03-29
Gross borrowings nearly triple in Jan.Business World2021-03-29
Regulators ease listing rules, set guidelines for SME sponsoringBusiness World2021-03-26
S&P lowers PHL growth forecastBusiness World2021-03-26
Monetary Board Maintains Policy SettingsBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-26
Peso weakens as virus infections continue surgeBusiness World2021-03-25
Central bank touts Islamic bankingBusiness World2021-03-25
TDF yields up before rate rulingBusiness World2021-03-25
2021 ‘too early’ to end BSP easingBusiness World2021-03-25
Fiscal spending sought to jumpstart PH economy as ‘bubble’ seen to delay recovery until late 2022Inquirer2021-03-24
BSP seen to keep policy rate steadyInquirer2021-03-24
PSE index rebounds as investors pick up bargainsBusiness World2021-03-24
Peso drops on safe-haven demand for the dollarBusiness World2021-03-24
ANZ sees 2021 Philippine GDP growth at 7.1%Business World2021-03-24
Fitch warns of stability risks of central banks’ asset purchasesBusiness World2021-03-24
Treasury fully awards reissued bonds despite surge in yieldsBusiness World2021-03-24
Peso seen to depreciate vs the dollar on rising US yields, global oil pricesBusiness World2021-03-23
RCBC closes sustainability bond offerBusiness World2021-03-23
Gov’t fully awards T-bills at higher ratesBusiness World2021-03-23
PSEi to drop further as coronavirus cases surgeBusiness World2021-03-22
Poll: BSP to keep rates untouched for nowBusiness World2021-03-22
Virus surge poses threat to Philippine economic recoveryBusiness World2021-03-22
External debt highest since 2012Business World2021-03-22
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to rise further as virus cases surgeBusiness World2021-03-22
Peso to weaken versus dollar as infections go upBusiness World2021-03-22
Investors shift to ALI on bond offer, swap dealBusiness World2021-03-22
Monetary Board sees 2021 dollar surplus 87 percent higher than projectedInquirer2021-03-19
Japan think tank sees sluggish PH recovery in 2021Inquirer2021-03-19
Peso rebounds on dovish FedBusiness World2021-03-19
BoP forecast raised as trade picks upBusiness World2021-03-19
PH bond yields climbed fastest in region amid high inflation, global selloffInquirer2021-03-18
TDF yields continue to increaseBusiness World2021-03-18
Peso depreciates as budget deficit widensBusiness World2021-03-18
EDC’s P3-B green bonds to partly fund geothermal projectBusiness World2021-03-18
Philippines, India seen most vulnerable to a ‘taper tantrum’ repeat — S&PBusiness World2021-03-18
Budget swings to P14-B deficit in Jan.Business World2021-03-18
Strong PH recovery to start in 4th quarterInquirer2021-03-17
Peso declines vs dollar on cautious trade ahead of FedBusiness World2021-03-17
PSE forecasts first-half IPOs to raise $2.4 billionBusiness World2021-03-17
Ayala Corp. to redeem P10-B fixed-rate multiple put bondsBusiness World2021-03-17
D&L Industries plans to issue up to P5-B fixed-rate bondsBusiness World2021-03-17
GDP targets achievable if vaccine rollout ramps up in 2nd half, says NEDABusiness World2021-03-17
PSE index plunges on fears of tighter lockdownBusiness World2021-03-16
Peso retreats vs dollar on surge in infectionsBusiness World2021-03-16
Yields on Treasury bills climb across the boardBusiness World2021-03-16
Personal Remittances Register US$2.9 Billion in January 2021Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-16
ADB: PH debt levels ‘sustainable’ despite more loans for vaccinesInquirer2021-03-15
Yields on gov’t debt rise on inflationBusiness World2021-03-15
Peso likely to go up vs dollarBusiness World2021-03-15
T-bill rates to climb as virus cases surgeBusiness World2021-03-15
Ayala Land to offer up to P10-B bonds due in 2025Business World2021-03-15
Gov’t debt service bill reaches P962BBusiness World2021-03-15
Peso strengthens on data showing slower US core inflation, higher PHL reservesBusiness World2021-03-12
PSE wants to allow initial listing of preferred sharesBusiness World2021-03-12
BSP unlikely to raise rates soonBusiness World2021-03-12
End-February 2021 GIR Rises to US$109.08 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-03-12
Supply side interventions, not BSP action, key to slaying high PH inflationInquirer2021-03-11
Peso weakens as COVID-19 case tally climbsBusiness World2021-03-11
DBP sells $300 million in global bonds to refinance debt maturing this monthBusiness World2021-03-11
Yields on term deposits inch up as bids decline on rising pricesBusiness World2021-03-11
Outstanding treasury bills, bonds hit P 6.82T in FebruaryInquirer2021-03-10
PSEi inches up as rising cases keep mart cautiousBusiness World2021-03-10
Peso climbs on factory output, labor dataBusiness World2021-03-10
Lending likely to rebound on positive outlookBusiness World2021-03-10
Gov’t fully awards T-bond offerBusiness World2021-03-10
Factory output slumps for 11th month in a rowBusiness World2021-03-10
High inflation seen to persist until Q3Inquirer2021-03-09
Peso nearly unchanged vs the dollar as market awaits jobs reportBusiness World2021-03-09
Gov’t makes full award of T-bills even as rates climb on inflationBusiness World2021-03-09
Unemployment rate hits record high in 2020Business World2021-03-09
Liquidity measures intact for now — BSPBusiness World2021-03-09
Peso to drop vs dollar on import betsBusiness World2021-03-08
Yields on government debt increaseBusiness World2021-03-08
Rates of Treasury bills, bonds to rise as inflation hits fresh peakBusiness World2021-03-08
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): February 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-03-05
GDP contraction likely eased in Q1Business World2021-03-05
Gov’t sells P463 billion in RTBsBusiness World2021-03-05
Inflation to taper off by 2nd half — BSPBusiness World2021-03-05
Moody’s bullish on PHInquirer2021-03-04
Peso strengthens against the dollar as gov’t anticipates arrival of more vaccinesBusiness World2021-03-04
Term deposit yields end mixedBusiness World2021-03-04
Philippine banks likely to weather crisis better than SE Asian peers, says S&PBusiness World2021-03-04
PH debt zooms to new high of P10.33 trillion in JanuaryInquirer2021-03-03
Peso climbs vs dollar on stock market’s gainsBusiness World2021-03-03
AboitizPower begins public offer of P8-B retail bondsBusiness World2021-03-03
Bank lending drops for 2nd month in a rowBusiness World2021-03-03
PHL commercial borrowing to ease as recovery takes hold — S&PBusiness World2021-03-03
OFW remittances to grow 7% in 2021Inquirer2021-03-02
Treasury bill rates up across the boardInquirer2021-03-02
Expect the unexpected? Economists see Feb inflation at 5%Inquirer2021-03-02
Stocks climb on surge in US yields, vaccine arrivalBusiness World2021-03-02
Peso steady on PMI data, vaccinationBusiness World2021-03-02
DBP dollar bond issue gets ‘BBB’ ratingBusiness World2021-03-02
Century Properties raises P3B from bond offeringBusiness World2021-03-02
Philippine economy may recover earlier than 2023, says Trade chiefBusiness World2021-03-02
Philippine manufacturing activity remains steady in FebruaryBusiness World2021-03-02
Peso expected to weaken vs dollar as focus turns to vaccinesBusiness World2021-03-01
Yields on government debt climb on US Treasuries’ movement, inflationBusiness World2021-03-01
T-bill rates to rise as demand weakensBusiness World2021-03-01
Gov’t borrowings rose to P2.74 trillion in 2020Business World2021-03-01
Philippines’ big banks lend less money in Q4Business World2021-03-01
Inflation likely hit 26-month high in Feb – pollBusiness World2021-03-01
Ayala Land sets return to bond marketInquirer2021-02-26
Peso may weaken on vaccine issues, positive US dataBusiness World2021-02-26
PSEi seen to correct after underperforming in Feb.Business World2021-02-26
BoP posts $752-M deficit in JanuaryBusiness World2021-02-26
Foreign investment pledges fell 71% in 2020Inquirer2021-02-25
Peso rises on dovish FedBusiness World2021-02-25
Shares drop on delays in gov’t vaccine programBusiness World2021-02-25
Term deposit yields up on oil price gainsBusiness World2021-02-25
SEC approves Aboitiz firm’s bonds, medical center’s IPOBusiness World2021-02-25
Companies cautious on recovery as lockdown keptBusiness World2021-02-25
PSEi inches up as Duterte rejects shift to MGCQBusiness World2021-02-24
Peso climbs vs dollar ahead of Powell remarksBusiness World2021-02-24
PH economic recovery seen slowing without easing of COVID-19 quarantine, crawling vaccination programInquirer2021-02-24
Treasury to raise P160 billion from T-bills, bonds in MarchInquirer2021-02-24
PHL shares drop ahead of decision on lockdownBusiness World2021-02-23
Peso sinks to six-month lowBusiness World2021-02-23
Gov’t fully awards T-bill offer despite higher ratesBusiness World2021-02-23
New virus surge to delay PHL recoveryBusiness World2021-02-23
PSEi seen to rise on likely easing of restrictionsBusiness World2021-02-22
Peso to rise on hopes of eased quarantineBusiness World2021-02-22
Yields on gov’t debt climb on inflation expectationsBusiness World2021-02-22
T-bill rates may move sideways as retail bond offer continuesBusiness World2021-02-22
NEDA sees no need for Bayanihan III if economy reopensBusiness World2021-02-22
Peso seen further strengthening vs dollar in 2021Inquirer2021-02-19
China Bank raises P20 billion from three-year bondsBusiness World2021-02-19
Moody’s cites risk of lower revenue from tax measureBusiness World2021-02-19
Diokno rules out asset price bubblesBusiness World2021-02-19
Peso sinks to weakest close in 3 monthsBusiness World2021-02-18
TDF yields rise after BSP decisionBusiness World2021-02-18
‘Too early’ to raise rates now — DioknoBusiness World2021-02-18
Measure letting banks dispose of bad loans is now lawInquirer2021-02-17
Inflation to ease by H2 as transport prices stabilize — CitiBusiness World2021-02-17
Local shares rise on potential lockdown easingBusiness World2021-02-17
Peso drops to P48:$1 level as oil prices climbBusiness World2021-02-17
Consumption seen to recover once quarantine restrictions easedBusiness World2021-02-17
Stocks drop further as market remains cautiousBusiness World2021-02-16
Peso climbs as gov’t eases restrictionsBusiness World2021-02-16
BSP bills undersubscribed on RTBsBusiness World2021-02-16
Gov’t upsizes T-bill award as rates decline furtherBusiness World2021-02-16
GDP growth may return to the pre-pandemic level by Q4 2022Business World2021-02-16
End-January 2021 GIR Settles at US$108.8 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-16
Full-Year 2020 Personal Remittances Reach US$33.2 Billion; Represent 9.2 Percent of the Country’s GDPBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-16
BSP tells consumers to brace for higher pricesInquirer2021-02-15
Peso to extend gains vs dollar on BSP decisionBusiness World2021-02-15
Yields on gov’t debt rise on inflationBusiness World2021-02-15
Rates of T-bills to move sideways on RTBBusiness World2021-02-15
Outstanding IOUs hit new high as T-bills breached P1T in JanuaryInquirer2021-02-12
Consumption rebound seen in third quarterBusiness World2021-02-12
Peso dips on expectations of steady BSP policyBusiness World2021-02-12
PSE posts month-on-month market cap gain in December, ends 2020 at near-2019 levelBusiness World2021-02-12
FDI flows continue to slide in NovemberBusiness World2021-02-12
Central bank keeps rates steadyBusiness World2021-02-12
Monetary Board Holds Policy Settings SteadyBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-11
Palace says restraint on borrowing needed to survive long crisisBusiness World2021-02-11
Stocks extend climb ahead of BSP policy reviewBusiness World2021-02-11
Peso rises vs dollar on proposed stimulusBusiness World2021-02-11
TDF yields mixed ahead of BSP meetingBusiness World2021-02-11
PHL lags in global export recoveryBusiness World2021-02-11
Peso closes flat vs dollar on stimulus, Wall StreetBusiness World2021-02-10
Gov’t readies debt consolidation planBusiness World2021-02-10
Three-year RTBs priced at 2.375% as strong liquidity boosts demandBusiness World2021-02-10
Alsons targets nearly P2 billion from debt issuanceBusiness World2021-02-10
MB’s Medalla says rate hike ‘not on the table’Business World2021-02-10
Banks’ soured loans decline in Dec.Business World2021-02-10
PSEi inches up; local investors lead the wayInquirer2021-02-09
‘Inaction is action’ may be BSP’s monetary policy for 2021, says economistInquirer2021-02-09
Bangko Sentral seen keeping rates steadyInquirer2021-02-09
91-day T-bill rate falls to 0.846%Inquirer2021-02-09
PSEi to move sideways on profit taking, BSP meetBusiness World2021-02-08
Peso to climb vs dollar on policy meeting, faster inflationBusiness World2021-02-08
T-bill rates may move sideways ahead of Treasury’s RTB offerBusiness World2021-02-08
Analysts’ expectations on monetary policy actions (Feb. 11)Business World2021-02-08
Gov’t eyes P1 trillion in foreign loansBusiness World2021-02-08
BSP likely to pause easing — pollBusiness World2021-02-08
Summary Inflation Report Consumer Price Index (2012=100): January 2021Philippine Statistics Authority2021-02-05
OECD cuts PHL growth forecast to 5.9% on weak consumptionBusiness World2021-02-05
Coronavirus derails PHL dev’t planBusiness World2021-02-05
PHL debt-to-GDP ratio projected at 45.6% — S&PBusiness World2021-02-04
Stocks drop on profit taking, higher gov’t debtBusiness World2021-02-04
Peso inches up on push for US stimulus, vaccination progressBusiness World2021-02-04
House, Senate approve corporate tax breaksInquirer2021-02-04
Bank lending contracts for first time in 12 years last December as risk aversion lingersInquirer2021-02-04
BOP in December 2020 Posts US$4.24 Billion Surplus; Full-Year 2020 BOP Surplus at All-Time High of US$16.02 Billion & End-2020 GIR Level Rises to US$110.12 BillionBangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-02-03
Peso climbs on stock market’s riseBusiness World2021-02-03
Gov’t fully awards 10-year bondsBusiness World2021-02-03
Pandemic pushes Philippine gov’t debt to P9.8 trillionBusiness World2021-02-03
Moody’s Analytics downgrades 2021 PHL GDPBusiness World2021-02-02
Growth targets will be missed in 2021 unless lockdowns are easedBusiness World2021-02-02
Peso climbs vs dollar on strong PMI dataBusiness World2021-02-02
Gov’t hikes T-bill award as rates drop ahead of inflation reportBusiness World2021-02-02
Philippine factory activity surges to 2-year high in JanuaryBusiness World2021-02-02
Recession to persist in 1st quarterInquirer2021-02-01
BSP sees further inflation uptick in January as fuel, meat prices riseInquirer2021-02-01
Peso may falter as market sees faster inflationBusiness World2021-02-01
Yields on government debt end mixed on GDP reportBusiness World2021-02-01
Trading in January led by local investors – PSEBusiness World2021-02-01
T-bill and bond rates may move sideways on cautious sentimentBusiness World2021-02-01
Inflation likely picked up in JanuaryBusiness World2021-02-01
Infrastructure spending down 35% in 2020Business World2021-01-29
Peso retreats on record GDP declineBusiness World2021-01-29
PHL rating hinges on strong rebound in 2021 — S&PBusiness World2021-01-29
Philippine GDP posts -8.3 percent in the fourth Quarter 2020; -9.5 percent for full-year 2020Philippine Statistics Authority2021-01-28
PH posts worst recession in 2020Inquirer2021-01-28
Third-quarter slump slightly less than initially estimatedBusiness World2021-01-28
Stocks drop further ahead of GDP data releaseBusiness World2021-01-28
Peso rebounds on wider trade deficit in Dec.Business World2021-01-28
Term deposit yields drop on stimulus hopesBusiness World2021-01-28
Treasury to borrow P140 billion from T-bills, bonds in FebruaryBusiness World2021-01-28
Peso ends flat ahead of Fed meetingBusiness World2021-01-27
SM Prime sets interest rates for retail bond offeringBusiness World2021-01-27
Slower recovery seen for PHL this yearBusiness World2021-01-27
Peso climbs on PHL stock market’s gainsBusiness World2021-01-26
Gov’t hikes Treasury bill award as yields drop across the boardBusiness World2021-01-26
Philippines bucks global decline in FDIBusiness World2021-01-26
PHL business optimism falls to lowest since 2016Business World2021-01-26
GDP likely contracted by 8.5% in Q4Business World2021-01-25
Treasury bills to fetch lower rates as investors wait for GDP reportBusiness World2021-01-25
Peso to climb before US Fed policy meetingBusiness World2021-01-25
Gov’t debt yields rally on buying interestBusiness World2021-01-25
BSP seen unlikely to touch rates this yearBusiness World2021-01-25
NEDA board approves updated economic blueprint for next 2 yearsBusiness World2021-01-25
Economic contraction seen slowing to 6%Inquirer2021-01-22
Waiting for inspiration, PSEi still feeling blah on fifth dayInquirer2021-01-22
PH loan rates expected to remain low amid muted inflation outlookInquirer2021-01-22
Inflation Averages 2.6 Percent in 2020Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas2021-01-22
HSBC: PSEi to recover to 7,650 by the end of the yearInquirer2021-01-21
TDF yields ease as BSP says it will continue lending to gov’tBusiness World2021-01-21
Trade dep’t revises export targets for 2021, 2022Business World2021-01-21
PHL banks continue to face credit risks — S&PBusiness World2021-01-21
Peso inches lower as market eyes US policyBusiness World2021-01-20
Gov’t makes full award of Treasury bondsBusiness World2021-01-20
Infrastructure spending down in Nov.Business World2021-01-20
Stocks extend drop on profit taking, virus worriesBusiness World2021-01-19
Peso slips vs dollarBusiness World2021-01-19
Philippine peso is 47.8% undervalued against the US dollarBusiness World2021-01-19
Gov’t hikes T-bill awardBusiness World2021-01-19
Strong peso ‘challenging,’ P50 level seen as ‘balanced’ — DTIBusiness World2021-01-18
Philippines’ dollar reserves hit new recordBusiness World2021-01-18
Gov’t secures $13.3B for pandemic response from foreign sourcesBusiness World2021-01-18
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