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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The Bond Market Guide 2018 for Cambodia is an outcome of the support and contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Cambodia. View Report

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Market Summary

Title Source Date
FDI flow in Cambodia steady, but for Corona bumpKhmer Times2022-11-25
UNDP pegs Cambodia’s GDP growth rate at 4.9%Phnom Penh Post2022-11-23
NBC okays Acleda Bank to issue green bondsKhmer Times2022-11-23
NBC efforts to de-dollarize economy making progressKhmer Times2022-11-22
Cambodia’s outlook changed to negative though robust growth expectedKhmer Times2022-11-16
RCEP can help Cambodia’s exports to grow upto 18%Khmer Times2022-11-15
Cambodia exports surge almost 20% to $18 billion in ten monthsKhmer Times2022-11-14
$200 million sovereign bond planned for 2023Phnom Penh Post2022-11-04
IMF sees inflation having similar impacts on poverty in Cambodia and VietnamKhmer Times2022-10-31
Monthly Q3 household income risesKhmer Times2022-10-27
FDI in Cambodia’s construction sector touches $334MKhmer Times2022-10-26
Thai trade up 28% despite weaker SepPhnom Penh Post2022-10-23
$6.5B trade deficit no cause for alarm: analystsKhmer Times2022-10-18
Cambodia’s financial inclusion remains timid despite high economic growthKhmer Times2022-10-17
$300M maiden sovereign-bond issue set to begin on Sept 7: NBCPhnom Penh Post2022-10-14
Cambodia garment exports rise 24% to $10.25 billionKhmer Times2022-10-14
PM doubts upper-middle income, high-income goalsKhmer Times2022-10-10
AMRO revises upwards Cambodia’s GDP growth to 5%Khmer Times2022-10-07
150 projects worth $3.45B approved in nine monthsKhmer Times2022-10-07
Cambodia stays on a healthy growth path, no debt trap aheadKhmer Times2022-10-06
Tax revenue rises to $2.02 billion in nine monthsKhmer Times2022-10-06
$10.2M gov’t bond listed on CSX sans regulator’s approvalKhmer Times2022-09-28
World Bank revises up 2022 Cambodia GDP growth to 4.8%Khmer Times2022-09-28
Vietnam, Cambodia trade climbs to record level of $7.7 billionKhmer Times2022-09-27
IMF sounds alarm bells over risks of private debt, raising concerns on the economyKhmer Times2022-09-25
NPLs rise to 4.5% of Cambodia’s GDPKhmer Times2022-09-22
ADB retains Cambodia’s growth forecast at 5.3 percent in 2022 and 6.2 percent in 2023, down by 0.3 percentKhmer Times2022-09-22
ADB sees relatively subdued outlook for inflation in Cambodia despite global energy crisisKhmer Times2022-09-22
Gov’t to issue bonds for second time to borrow $50M from investorsKhmer Times2022-09-21
IMF raises concern over Cambodia’s rising pvt debtKhmer Times2022-09-21
Royal Railway nears halfway to bond listingKhmer Times2022-09-20
H2 inflation to fall below 5%: NBC bossPhnom Penh Post2022-09-13
Cambodia’s export value surges 26% in January-AugustKhmer Times2022-09-13
European Investment Bank to expand investment in KingdomKhmer Times2022-09-12
Companies listed on CSX receive 50% deduction on income taxPhnom Penh Post2022-09-11
Royal Railway gets green light from CSX for bond listingKhmer Times2022-09-08
Cambodia’s total public debt stands at $9.7 billion as of JuneKhmer Times2022-09-08
Gov’t to start borrowing money from investors todayKhmer Times2022-09-07
Cambodia gets $3.3B in foreign investmentKhmer Times2022-09-07
Government inks 18 projects worth $763 million in H1Khmer Times2022-09-06
40 Malaysian companies eye Cambodia investmentKhmer Times2022-08-31
Kingdom, US unlock gates for investmenKhmer Times2022-08-31
Rising Riel in circulation earns demand in publicKhmer Times2022-08-30
Sovereign bonds to be issued from SeptPhnom Penh Post2022-08-25
Global interest rate increases hurt Cambodia, says ADBKhmer Times2022-08-23
Forum brainstorms sustainability in banking industryKhmer Times2022-08-22
Strengthen monetary policy to curb rising inflation: PMKhmer Times2022-08-17
Deposit holders to benefit from rising interest rates: ABCKhmer Times2022-08-16
Strong external demand helps Cambodia’s H1 recoveryKhmer Times2022-08-15
Chinese firm prepares for IPO on Cambodia’s stock exchangeKhmer Times2022-08-15
Kingdom’s export value in Jan-July up 30 percentKhmer Times2022-08-12
Cambodia’s manufacturing output hits $7.57 billionKhmer Times2022-08-12
Fiscal stimulus, high vaccination rates fuel Cambodia’s economic growth — outlook reportKhmer Times2022-08-12
Cambodia’s international trade up 21 percent  in January-JulyKhmer Times2022-08-11
Banks, MFIs raise interest rates following Fed moveKhmer Times2022-08-09
NBC sets official exchange rate on NBCPKhmer Times2022-08-08
Consumer credit performance strong in second quarterKhmer Times2022-08-04
Gov’t releases economic diversification reportKhmer Times2022-08-04
Covid-19 continues to hurt economy, says MEFKhmer Times2022-08-03
Gov’t expects to complete bond issuance this yearKhmer Times2022-08-03
Inflation in Kingdom expected to drop to 3.2 pctKhmer Times2022-08-03
Budget set to keep lid on surges in inflationPhnom Pneh Post2022-08-02
NBC sees Cambodia’s GDP growth at 5.3% in 2022Khmer Times2022-08-02
CSX trading value up 330% in H1Khmer Times2022-08-01
Cambodia’s banking industry enjoys robust growth in H1 of 2022Khmer Times2022-07-31
SERC, ADB push for issuance of green bondsKhmer Times2022-07-26
Cambodia’s insurance industry grows 20 percent annually in last 5 yearsKhmer Times2022-07-26
Cambodia attracts $3 billion investment in first halfKhmer Times2022-07-25
Cambodia’s economy expected to grow 5.3 pct this year: central bank governorKhmer Times2022-07-22
May records decade’s highest inflation in CambodiaKhmer Times2022-07-21
CDC approves four new projects worth more than $100 millionKhmer Times2022-07-20
First local credit rating firm to spur capital marketsPhnom Penh Post2022-07-19
BRI plays ‘monumental role’ in infrastructure development in Kingdom: Deputy PMKhmer Times2022-07-18
FTAs inject momentum into Cambodia’s economic growth, experts sayKhmer Times2022-07-15
H1 tax income collection reaches 70% of 2022 planKhmer Times2022-07-15
Cambodia exports surge 40 percent in H1Khmer Times2022-07-13
Cambodia’s trade volume up 20 percent in first half of 2022Khmer Times2022-07-13
Cambodia 2022 first half customs income at $1.2 billionKhmer Times2022-07-08
‘Cambodian economy on the way to recovery’Khmer Times2022-07-06
Cambodia steps up efforts toward green economyKhmer Times2022-07-06
Ministry outlines priorities for 2023 budgetKhmer Times2022-07-01
World Bank finds Cambodia’s increase in financial inclusion among fastest in regionKhmer Times2022-07-01
Private sector loans hit $50.7B: NBCPhnom Penh Post2022-06-30
Investments in Kingdom rise by 7 percent in Q1Khmer Times2022-06-29
Cambodia will be high middle-income country by 2030, says PMKhmer Times2022-06-29
Cambodia commodity trade deficit down to $3.64 billionKhmer Times2022-06-28
Measures to keep food price rises under control: MinistryKhmer Times2022-06-27
Cambodian government fiscal deficit rises to 5.3% despite fall in expenditureKhmer Times2022-06-24
COVID-19 crisis pushes Cambodia’s economy to negative growth for the first time, says MinistryKhmer Times2022-06-20
CDC unveils $80M investment in six new approvalsPhnom Penh Post2022-06-17
Tax collection surges 28 percent to $1,726 millionKhmer Times2022-06-15
Cambodia’s public debt at $9.81 billion, says ReportKhmer Times2022-06-15
Kingdom’s exports increase by 34 percent in Jan-MayKhmer Times2022-06-14
Cambodia’s international trade up almost 20 pct in 5 monthsKhmer Times2022-06-14
PM hints at strategies to thwart economic downturnKhmer Times2022-06-14
Investment projects worth over $17 million approvedKhmer Times2022-06-06
RCEP set to provide new growth impetusKhmer Times2022-05-31
ADB financing aims to boost Cambodia’s long-term growthKhmer Times2022-05-30
Issue green bonds, build green ecosystemPhnom Penh Post2022-05-26
Cambodia expected to attract more foreign direct investmentKhmer Times2022-05-26
Royal Government of Cambodia considers digital economy as a new source of growthKhmer Times2022-05-26
Cambodia’s exports jump 32 percent in first four monthsKhmer Times2022-05-17
IMF paints 2022 economic picturePhnom Penh Post2022-05-09
Consumer credit performance improves in first quarterKhmer Times2022-05-09
Cambodia’s export to RCEP member countries increases by 11 percent in first quarterKhmer Times2022-05-05
Cambodia’s top export destinations in Q1, 2022 – Vietnam, China and ThailandKhmer Times2022-05-04
Trading volume increase reflects health of security marketKhmer Times2022-05-03
Cambodia’s 2022 economic growth estimates revised to 5.4 percentKhmer Times2022-05-03
Cambodia FDI surges 11.2 percent in 2021Khmer Times2022-04-26
‘Massive shortfall’ in green financing for the region’s emerging markets, says CambodiaKhmer Times2022-04-26
Tax income collection rises by 22 percent in Q1Khmer Times2022-04-21
Poverty rate increases in Cambodia due to Covid-19Khmer Times2022-04-20
Kingdom’s export zooms 25.7% in first quarterKhmer Times2022-04-19
Kingdom set for stronger growth: AMRO ReportKhmer Times2022-04-19
Cambodia's Q1 trade volume hits over $13BPhnom Penh Post2022-04-16
Cambodia delays Capital Gains Tax to 2024: Impact for businesses and individualsKhmer Times2022-04-16
Cambodia retail sector bounces back in first quarterKhmer Times2022-04-13
Cambodia at ‘low risk of debt distress’, says ADBKhmer Times2022-04-12
Kingdom’s January-February exports to US jump 53 percentKhmer Times2022-04-11
Cambodia prioritises fiscal policy reforms and green developmentKhmer Times2022-04-11
Cambodia GDP growth set to accelerate in 2022, 2023: ADBKhmer Times2022-04-07
Cambodia growth projection at 4.5% in 2022: World BankKhmer Times2022-04-06
Cambodia starts collecting VAT on e-commerceKhmer Times2022-04-06
Cambodia receives $2.4 billion worth of FDI in first three months of 2022Khmer Times2022-04-03
De-dollarisation a long-term goal, say financial expertsKhmer Times2022-03-24
Empowering the RielKhmer Times2022-03-23
PM Says Cambodia’s exports up 30 percent in first two monthsKhmer Times2022-03-23
MEF working with partners to promote local currency bondsKhmer Times2022-03-22
‘Electronic payment systems to enhance economic efficiency, financial inclusion and use of Riel’Khmer Times2022-03-22
RCEP set to boost Cambodia exports by 9-18% yearlyKhmer Times2022-03-15
Cambodia insurance total premium grows 9.5% in 2021Khmer Times2022-03-07
The National Bank of Cambodia and the Central Bank of Vietnam embark on electronic payment systemsKhmer Times2022-03-04
Three more years of tax incentives for companies that list domesticallyPhnom Penh Post2022-03-02
PM: Cambodian economy may be affected by Russia-Ukraine conflictKhmer Times2022-03-02
Government wise in testing the market with $300M debtKhmer Times2022-02-24
Govt focussing on social spending, plans to return to pre-Covid growthKhmer Times2022-02-21
New Investment Laws to lure more foreign investors to CambodiaKhmer Times2022-02-18
More $100 million added to support SMEs and agriculture sectorKhmer Times2022-02-15
Cambodia and Canada agree to further strengthen investment tiesKhmer Times2022-02-14
Cambodia-US trade tops $9.1B in 2021: USCBPhnom Penh Post2022-02-11
Cambodia-Korea trade tops $965 million in 2021Khmer Times2022-02-07
Cambodia, Japan mulls possibility of bilateral FTAKhmer Times2022-02-04
Cambodia’s money supply reaches $39 billion last yearKhmer Times2022-02-03
Eight more companies mulling to list in securities market this yearKhmer Times2022-02-01
World Bank gives key recommendations for Cambodia’s economic recoveryKhmer Times2022-02-01
Cambodia’s economy forecast to grow over 5 pct in 2022Khmer Times2022-01-31
Cambodia’s 2022 GDP expected to grow 5.6%, says Finance MinistryKhmer Times2022-01-28
Capital gains tax pushed till 2024Phnom Penh Post2022-01-26
Cambodia’s growth will remain robust despite downward revision, AMRO saysKhmer Times2022-01-26
Microfinance contribution to Kingdom’s development notable: CMAKhmer Times2022-01-25
Cambodia and Vietnam clock trade volume of nearly $10 billionKhmer Times2022-01-24
CSX unveils outlook towards 2022Phnom Penh Post2022-01-19
Ten investment projects with a total capital of nearly $1.9 billion receive nodKhmer Times2022-01-18
Cambodia’s banking industry sees three percent GDP growth last year despite pandemic, $38.5 billion in depositsKhmer Times2022-01-17
National Bank of Cambodia launches 10 policies to support Cambodia’s economic growth in 2022Khmer Times2022-01-16
Cambodia’s economy to grow 4.5 percent this year, 5.5 percent in 2023: World BankKhmer Times2022-01-14
Cambodia’s per capita income $1,842 in 2022, says NBCKhmer Times2022-01-07
Cambodian economy estimated to grow at 5% in 2022, Omicron or not: NBCKhmer Times2022-01-07
New tax law introduces Green incentives for investmentsKhmer Times2022-01-06
China, Cambodia to promote free trade deal with zero tariff on more than 90 percent of imports from CambodiaKhmer Times2022-01-06
Ups and downs in rollercoaster 2021 for local securities fieldPhnom Penh Post2022-01-05
Cambodia’s per capita income in 2022 expected to increase to $1,842Khmer Times2022-01-05
Economy may grow 5% in 2022: NBCPhnom Penh Post2022-01-04
PM optimises 3 percent GDP growth for 2021Khmer Times2022-01-04
Cambodia tax revenue exceeds target by 24 percent to reach $2.78 billion, says PMKhmer Times2022-01-04
Bilateral trade between Cambodia and US soars 31 percent in 10 monthsKhmer Times2021-12-29
CP Bank pumps in $10 million in CAIC bond for Techo Int’l AirportKhmer Times2021-12-29
Total export volume drops 0.12 percent in 11 monthsKhmer Times2021-12-28
SMEs seeking understand of securities listingKhmer Times2021-12-28
CSX may recover on new listings, economic recoveryKhmer Times2021-12-28
Financial inclusion efforts gets $1 million boost from Credit Bureau CambodiaKhmer Times2021-12-27
How Cambodia’s Capital Market can support sustainable investmentsKhmer Times2021-12-23
Cambodia’s financial sector will remain sturdy: CMAKhmer Times2021-12-23
2021-2023 recovery plan launchedPhnom Penh Post2021-12-22
Non-gold goods trade exceeds $29BPhnom Penh Post2021-12-22
Sovereign bond expected within first quarter next yearKhmer Times2021-12-21
Banking and financial institutions disbursed $44.9 billion in loans, an increase of 23 percentKhmer Times2021-12-21
Tax revenue collection passes $2.56B: GDTPhnom Penh Post2021-12-15
IMF warns of the risk of rising bad debt and climate changeKhmer Times2021-12-14
IMF highlights National Bank of Cambodia’s leading role in green financeKhmer Times2021-12-11
Cambodia’s exports to US nets $5.5 billion in January-OctoberKhmer Times2021-12-10
World Bank projects slow growth for Cambodia’s economy in 2021Khmer Times2021-12-10
ADB signs $332 million deal with government to boost sustainable economic recoveryKhmer Times2021-12-09
Financial inclusion instrumental in addressing country’s economic growth, says NBCKhmer Times2021-12-08
Investor ignorance, Covid concerns push local bourse near three-year lowKhmer Times2021-12-03
Government revenue reaches 75 percent of Budget Bill in first three quartersKhmer Times2021-11-25
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