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May 21, 2024
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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2018: Cambodia

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The Bond Market Guide 2018 for Cambodia is an outcome of the support and contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Cambodia. View Report

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Market Summary

Title Source Date
Cambodia’s RCEP trade up 14%Khmer Times2024-05-17
Cambodia sees 327% rise in investmentsKhmer Times2024-05-14
Cambodia’s exports rise 15% in four monthsKhmer Times2024-05-13
Cambodia’s exports grow by 13% in past seven yearsKhmer Times2024-05-08
IMF says Cambodia’s inflation to be stable at 2.3 percent in 2024Khmer Times2024-05-07
ADB projects Cambodia to grow at 5.8% in 2024Khmer Times2024-04-12
Cambodia’s growth forecast at 6.2 pct in 2024: AMROKhmer Times2024-04-10
Cambodia’s economy projected at 6.6 pct in 2024: PM - Khmer Times (khmertimeskh.com)Khmer Times2024-04-03
Kingdom raises $58 million from government bond issuance in 2023Khmer Times2024-03-19
Cambodia’s public debt stands at $11.24 billionKhmer Times2024-03-18
Banking slowdown has ripple effect on life insurance growth in 2023Khmer Times2024-02-22
Financial reforms brought down external debt, says PMKhmer Times2024-02-15
Cambodia’s international trade up 16.7 pct in JanuaryKhmer Times2024-02-13
Five companies likely to list corporate bonds on CSX this yearKhmer Times2024-02-07
Cambodia’s economy projected to have grown by 5.3% in 2023: IMFKhmer Times2024-02-05
Cambodia attracts over $187 mln investment in JanuaryKhmer Times2024-02-02
NBC injected $139 million to stabilise riel in 2023Khmer Times2024-01-30
Cambodia shines in ASEAN braving global challengesKhmer Times2024-01-29
Cambodia’s economy expected to grow 6.4 pct in 2024Khmer Times2024-01-28
Cambodia’s banking and financial industry healthy, says NBCKhmer Times2024-01-26
Cambodia’s foreign reserves rise to $20 bln in 2023Khmer Times2024-01-26
Gov’t debt reached $10.7 billion in Q3 last yearKhmer Times2024-01-25
CSX revises target, sets ambitious goal of 100k trade accounts this yearKhmer Times2024-01-23
AMRO maintains 6.2 percent GDP growth for CambodiaKhmer Times2024-01-19
CSX targets growth amid challengesPhnom Penh Post2024-01-17
CSX introduces dollar settlement mechanismKhmer Times2024-01-16
Cambodia’s trade declines 1.9% to $46.82 billion in 2023Khmer Times2024-01-11
Capital gains and transfer tax duties waived until end 2024Khmer Times2024-01-09
Kingdom’s BOP deficit stood at 3 percent of GDP in 2023 Q3Khmer Times2024-01-05
Cambodia attracts $4.92 bln investment in 2023, up 22 pctKhmer Times2024-01-05
Cambodia attracts 268 new FDI’s, which creates more than 307,000 jobs in 2023Khmer Times2024-01-04
Cambodia’s exports to Indonesia jump 112 percentKhmer Times2024-01-01
CSX sees record listings in 2023Khmer Times2024-01-01
Cambodia’s economy on track for recovery in 2023: AMROKhmer Times2023-12-29
Trade hits $1.05B as Cambodia-Korea FTA completes one yearKhmer Times2023-12-26
Cambodia attracts $4.6B fixed-asset investmentKhmer Times2023-12-22
NBC partners with IFC to boost green financeKhmer Times2023-12-20
Cambodia’s economy remains robust in 2023Khmer Times2023-12-19
Cambodia’s export turnover slightly rises in 11 monthsKhmer Times2023-12-15
Cambodia plans to raise $100 million from local fundsKhmer Times2023-12-14
Agro-industries to be engine of future GDP growthKhmer Times2023-12-12
Cambodia’s exports touch $20.5 billion in Jan-NovKhmer Times2023-12-12
NBC committed to promote sustainable financingKhmer Times2023-12-09
Cambodia’s national budget revenue reached about $4.9 billion in the first 10 months of 2023, down 2%Khmer Times2023-12-07
Intra-sectoral diversification must for Cambodia’s growthKhmer Times2023-12-04
ADB approves $50 mln loan to improve Cambodia’s financial managementKhmer Times2023-11-25
PM Hun Manet reaffirms Cambodia’s growth for this year is at 5.6 percentKhmer Times2023-11-24
Public debt remains sustainable, says PMKhmer Times2023-11-23
World Bank says Cambodian economy advances amid external, domestic headwindsKhmer Times2023-11-23
Time for Cambodia to develop bond marketKhmer Times2023-11-22
PPSP green bonds before next year Q3Khmer Times2023-11-20
Cambodia rings sustainable bondKhmer Times2023-11-18
Cambodia’s exports reach $18.5B in 10 monthsKhmer Times2023-11-13
Kingdom’s private segment debt relatively lower in regionKhmer Times2023-11-07
Public debt drove infrastructure growth, says PMKhmer Times2023-11-03
IMF predicts continued recovery for Cambodian economyKhmer Times2023-11-02
Cambodia’s capital market promotes sustainable financingKhmer Times2023-10-31
Cambodia’s GDP per capita to reach $2,071 next year: reportKhmer Times2023-10-30
Cambodia among top 15 fastest growing nations in 2024Khmer Times2023-10-30
Cambodia approves $9.4 billion for Government spendingKhmer Times2023-10-29
NBC to hike interest rates for short term loans to banksKhmer Times2023-10-20
FDI growth for Kingdom buoyant in 2023Khmer Times2023-10-19
IMF lowers growth forecast for Cambodia due to weak external demandKhmer Times2023-10-19
Vietnam, Cambodia considering using local currency for tradeKhmer Times2023-10-18
NBC is determined to strengthen the resilience and supervision of the financial sector in CambodiaKhmer Times2023-10-17
Cambodia’s money inflow switches higher than outflow in Q2Khmer Times2023-10-11
Cambodia’s exports reach nearly $17B in nine monthsKhmer Times2023-10-11
IMF sees Cambodia as ASEAN’s fastest growing economy in 2023 and 2024Khmer Times2023-10-11
Cambodia attracts $3.76 billion investment in the first 9 months, an increase of 8.6 percentKhmer Times2023-10-08
Cambodia’s inflation to be stable amid El Nino, oil price concernsKhmer Times2023-10-05
Share prices fall amid three listings expected by year-endKhmer Times2023-09-27
Sluggish industry growth affects Cambodia’s economic outlook as improved tourism recovery expected to boost Cambodian exportsKhmer Times2023-09-21
NBC to escalate intervention in foreign exchangeKhmer Times2023-09-20
Diversifying economy key for Cambodia’s growth, AMRO saysKhmer Times2023-09-20
Cambodia continues selling US dollars to stabilise exchange ratesKhmer Times2023-09-20
Cambodian PM says RCEP will help regional economic integration Khmer Times2023-09-18
Trade through BRI project in Cambodia up 27.3 pct  to $2.22 billion in Jan-AugKhmer Times2023-09-15
Cambodia’s economy continues to recover strongly, says AMROKhmer Times2023-09-15
Deposits in riel soar faster than US dollar in H1Khmer Times2023-09-14
Tax collection to exceed budget plan this yearKhmer Times2023-09-13
Cambodia’s international trade recorded at almost $32 billion in first eight monthsKhmer Times2023-09-13
National Bank of Cambodia announces results of $15 million auctionKhmer Times2023-09-09
Kingdom’s public debt stands at $10.7 billionKhmer Times2023-09-07
NBC to sell $50M to intervene in foreign exchange todayKhmer Times2023-09-06
Impacts of Non-Performing Loans and sector reformsKhmer Times2023-09-05
National Bank of Cambodia to auction $50 million to stabilize rielKhmer Times2023-09-05
NBC to intervene in foreign exchange marketKhmer Times2023-08-30
CSX mulls overseas roadshows for listed firmsKhmer Times2023-08-29
Loan offtake slows, NPLs go upKhmer Times2023-08-29
SERC ensuring investors in the securities sector are protectedPhnom Penh Post2023-08-27
Cambodia’s exports $4.6B to RCEP markets in first 7 monthsKhmer Times2023-08-22
King hopes new gov’t will boost economic growthKhmer Times2023-08-22
Tax revenues, debt collections decline in first 7 monthsKhmer Times2023-08-18
Cambodia asks IMF to review public debt mechanismsKhmer Times2023-08-17
Cambodia, Laos ink MoU for securities market developmentKhmer Times2023-08-15
New gov’t eyes on achieving 7% economic growthKhmer Times2023-08-11
Economy to stay healthy this year, says MEFKhmer Times2023-08-10
Cambodia, Indonesia agree to non-bank financial developmentKhmer Times2023-08-09
Insurance sector logs $28.7M premium in JuneKhmer Times2023-08-07
NBC raises Cambodia’s 2023 growth forecast to 5.5%Khmer Times2023-08-02
NBC to increase reserve requirements in foreign currency to 12.5%Khmer Times2023-08-02
Cambodia’s banking, financial industry stays healthy in H1, with outstanding loans rising to $58.6 billionKhmer Times2023-08-01
Cambodia’s central bank says foreign reserves increased to $18.4 billion as of JuneKhmer Times2023-08-01
Cambodia issues Government Bond of $27 million in H1Khmer Times2023-08-01
NBC: ‘Robust’ lenders to remain key growth driversPhnom Penh Post2023-07-27
New government looks to more FDI investmentKhmer Times2023-07-24
Cambodia’s export to RCEP countries up 24 percent in H1Khmer Times2023-07-19
Cambodia attracts $1.1 bln fixed-asset investment in H1 of 2023Khmer Times2023-07-12
Inflation drops lowest to 0.48%, says NBCKhmer Times2023-07-11
Cambodia’s exports recover, up 0.8% H1Khmer Times2023-07-11
Kingdom’s GDP revised to 5.5% amid risks in real estateKhmer Times2023-07-07
Economy ministry sees 2024 GDP growth at 6.6%Khmer Times2023-07-06
NBC sets new capital, risk rules for banks, financial institutionsKhmer Times2023-07-04
Gov’t bonds set for CSX’s platform in ‘1-2 months’Phnom Penh Post2023-06-29
First-quarter inflation rate falls to 1.9%Phnom Penh Post2023-06-29
Leading school operator listed on Cambodia’s stock marketKhmer Times2023-06-29
‘Service sector to become Cambodia’s largest by GDP’Khmer Times2023-06-29
Cambodia’s economy to grow 6.6% in 2024, says PMKhmer Times2023-06-27
UN, GGGI and Government of Cambodia announce support to green bond issuersKhmer Times2023-06-27
RCEP to offer new avenues of economic growth for CambodiaKhmer Times2023-06-26
PM hopes for 5.6 percent economic growth this year and 6.6 percent next yearKhmer Times2023-06-25
GDP per capita to swell 8.3% in 2023, Pornmoniroth saysKhmer Times2023-06-22
Cambodia’s trade turnover over $19.2 bn in Jan-May 2023; 14% YoY dropKhmer Times2023-06-19
NBC says riel annual average growth at 16.6%Khmer Times2023-06-16
Cambodia’s public debt reaches $10.27 billion in Q1Khmer Times2023-06-15
Cambodia’s GFT woes unabated as exports decline 23%Khmer Times2023-06-13
Cambodia exports reach $9.18 billion in five monthsKhmer Times2023-06-12
Cambodia’s economy projected to grow by 5.6 pct this year, say Prime Minister Hun SenKhmer Times2023-06-12
Stable exchange rate maintains strong purchasing powerKhmer Times2023-06-09
Tighter global financial conditions may impact CambodiaKhmer Times2023-06-08
Cambodia to become higher-middle-income country by 2030Khmer Times2023-06-06
CDC approves three new investment projects worth over $23 millionKhmer Times2023-06-02
CDC approves three more investment projects worth over $15 millionKhmer Times2023-05-31
Number of trading accounts on CSX risesKhmer Times2023-05-24
World Bank: Cambodia’s economy on solid recovery pathKhmer Times2023-05-21
World Bank pegs Cambodia’s economic growth for 2023 at 5.5 percentKhmer Times2023-05-19
Slowdown in major markets hits Cambodia exportsKhmer Times2023-05-18
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