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June 2015

The Asian Development Bank and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations and the People’s Republic of China, Japan, and the Republic of Korea (ASEAN+3) are looking to explore options to promote green local currency-denominated bonds to meet the region’s infrastructure development needs. Green bonds—supported within the ASEAN+3 framework—would help meet the long-term financing of the region especially in its transition to a low-carbon region. This publication highlights an assessment study of green bond markets in ASEAN+3, identifies the barriers to green bond market development, and proposes recommendations to scale up green bond markets for infrastructure development in ASEAN+3.

Market Watch
LCY 10 Year Government Bonds Latest Yield YTD Change (BP) MTD Change (BP)
CN 3.660 36.0 37.0
HK 2.143 30.9 10.0
ID 6.686 36.7 5.4
JP 0.043 0.5 1.0
KR 2.640 17.3 9.5
MY 4.032 11.8 0.9
PH 6.539 84.1 19.5
SG 2.422 41.8 3.1
TH 2.394 7.0 1.1
US 2.910 50.4 4.9
VN 4.438 76.6 16.5
Bond Market Indicators
Size and Composition: Size of LCY Bond Market in % GDP (Dec 2017)
Credit Risk Watch
Weekly Emerging East Asian Credit Default Spread - Senior 5-year
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