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Viet Nam

Market Watch
Close of
November 24, 2022
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 4.745     0.0     0.0 ▲ 414.0
5 Year 4.797 ▲ 0.9 ▲ 0.9 ▲ 393.8
10 Year 4.906 ▲ 1.3 ▲ 2.0 ▲ 280.8

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
VND per USD 24,837.000 0.0 0.1 8.8
VND per JPY 179.277 0.8 1.3 ▲ 9.6

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D VNIBOR 5.500 ▲ 35.0 ▲ 62.5 ▲ 428.3
3M VNIBOR 7.500 ▲ 57.5 57.5 ▲ 546.7

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
Refinancing Rate 6.000 ▲ 100.0 ▲ 200.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I BB stable 2019-05-17
RAM BB3 positive 2019-08-27
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BB positive 2022-10-28
S&P BB+ stable 2022-05-26

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2018: Viet Nam

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region''''s bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2018 Viet Nam is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Viet Nam. View Report

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Between 31 August and 14 October, Viet Nam’s local currency (LCY) government bond yields climbed across the curve, resulting in the yield curve shifting upward. Viet Nam posted the largest upticks in both the 10-year and 2-year tenors among all emerging East Asian markets during the review period. Higher bond yields were largely driven by the surprise 100 basis points rate hike by the State Bank of Vietnam on 23 September. Furthermore, contributing to the yield gains in Viet Nam was its strong economic performance thus far in 2022.

Size and Composition

At the end of September, Viet Nam’s LCY bond market reached a size of VND2,323.5 trillion (USD97.4 billion) on marginal contraction of 0.2% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) and slower growth of 21.1% year-on-year in the third quarter (Q3) of 2022. The LCY government bond market of Viet Nam contracted 2.0% q-o-q to a size of VND1,604.9 trillion at the end of September. Much of the decline can be attributed to central bank bills, whose outstanding bond stock fell significantly by 70.3% q-o-q in Q3 2022. Growth in the corporate bond segment moderated to 4.1% q-o-q in Q3 2022 to a total size of VND718.6 trillion. In Q3 2022, bond issuance activities from the corporate segment slowed due to the implementation of tighter regulations for the issuance and trading of private placement issues. 

Policy, Institutional and Regulatory Developments

In September, the Government of Viet Nam promulgated Decree No. 65/2022/ND-CP (Decree 65) to amend the existing regulations on the offering and trading of privately issued bonds. Decree 65 aims to enhance transparency and sustainability in the bond market by tightening disclosure requirements and imposing more stringent conditions on bonds’ private placements. It was developed to protect investors in several key areas, such as limiting the purpose of bond proceeds, implementing new requirements on the issuer’s credit rating, and mandating additional disclosures by the issuers. Decree 65 also launches the centralized bond exchange system for bond registration and trading, which is expected to be operational by June 2023.

Title Source Date
Government Bond Auction Result of November 23, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-11-24
Government Bond Auction Result of November 16, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-11-17
Government Bond Auction Result of November 9, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-11-10
Government Bond Auction Result of November 2, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-11-03
Government Bond Auction Result of October 26, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-10-26
Government Bond Auction Result of October 19, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-10-20
Government Bond Auction Result of October 12, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-10-12
Government Bond Auction Result of October 05, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-10-06
Government Bond Auction Result of August 10, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-08-11
Government Bond Auction Result of August 03, 2022Vietnam Bond Market Association2022-08-04
Vingroup issues $525 million bonds on international market in MayViet Nam News2022-05-06
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Expert offers solutions for corporate bond marketVietnam Net Global2022-11-24
Credit growth high amid hikes in loan/deposit ratioVietnam Net Global2022-11-24
Bad debts situation getting worseVietnam Net Global2022-11-24
VN’s stock market sees volatility amid world’s less positive outlookViet Nam News2022-11-24
Sole bond issuance recorded in OctoberVN Express International2022-11-23
Trade data remains positive in January-October periodVGP News2022-11-23
Securities companies adjust business results amid market downturnViet Nam News2022-11-23
Sustaining economic recovery and prospects for growth in 2023Vietnam Investment Review2022-11-22
Dollar weakens at banksVN Express International2022-11-22
Large bond investment funds' net asset value hit three-year lowVietnam Net Global2022-11-21
Dollar bounces back on black marketVN Express International2022-11-20
GDP growth target at 6.5 per cent in 2023 proves feasibleVietnam Investment Review2022-11-19
Investors return as stock market bounces backVN Express International2022-11-19
Long-term gains on horizon for Vietnam via RCEPVietnamnet Global2022-11-18
Vietnamese stock market loses $20.2 billion in first half of NovemberVietnamnet Global2022-11-18
Businesses buy back bonds before maturity, stock prices slideVietnamnet Global2022-11-18
Corporate bonds: urgent situation needs drastic actionVietnamnet Global2022-11-18
Debt obligations and fund access head banking issuesVietnam Investment Review2022-11-17
Foreign investors net buy in 9th straight sessionVN Express International2022-11-17
Retail borrowers find bank interest rate hikes too steepVN Express International2022-11-17
Vietnam considers raising cap on credit growthVN Express International2022-11-17
Dollar weakens against dongVN Express International2022-11-17
Banks hike deposit rates 0.1-0.3 percentage pointsVN Express International2022-11-16
Vietnam economy faces strong headwinds: World BankVN Express International2022-11-16
Domestic businesses face severe cash shortagesVietnam Net Global2022-11-16
Finance Ministry issues warnings about corporate bond marketVietnam Net Global2022-11-16
State Securities Commission to apply measures to strengthen the marketViet Nam News2022-11-16
Bond issuers must fulfill payment commitments, finance ministry reiteratesVN Express International2022-11-15
Market declines but bright prospect on horizonViet Nam News2022-11-15
Message from government about resolving corporate bond issueVietnam Investment Review2022-11-14
SBV adjustments calm liquidity of currencyVietnam Net Global2022-11-14
Market likely to continue under selling pressureViet Nam News2022-11-14
FDI a feasible funding source for realty industryViet Nam News2022-11-14
US removes Vietnam from currency monitoring listVN Express International2022-11-12
Shares increase on bargain purchasesViet Nam News2022-11-12
Urban economy expected to account for 85% of national GDP by 2030VGP News2022-11-11
Foreign net purchase hits highest this yearVN Express International2022-11-11
National Assembly fixes 2023 growth target at 6.5%VN Express International2022-11-10
Shares plunge amid market volatilityViet Nam News2022-11-10
Disbursed FDI up 15.2% in Jan-Oct PeriodVietnam Business Forum2022-11-10
Vietnam records high export revenue from CambodiaVietnam Plus2022-11-10
Credit surges 11.5% by end-OctoberVietnam Plus2022-11-10
Investors worried as speculative stocks plummetVietnam Net Global2022-11-10
Number of new accounts continue to fall last monthViet Nam News2022-11-10
VN-Index gains nearly 4 pointsVN Express International2022-11-09
Weakening global demand hurts Vietnam's garment makers - industry officialVN Express International2022-11-08
Property market could see a recession next year: realtorVN Express International2022-11-08
Last-minute buying pushes VN-Index upVN Express International2022-11-08
Viet Nam’s inflation rate lower than other countries in Southeast AsiaVGP News2022-11-08
Rumors of sharp consumer price rises deniedVietnam Net Global2022-11-08
Vietnamese bank gets 150 million USD loan from IFCVietnam Net Global2022-11-08
Government debt repayment on right track: MinistryVietnam Net Global2022-11-08
Bank stocks hit by corporate bonds maturityVietnam Net Global2022-11-08
Many industry stocks draw foreign capital in OctoberViet Nam News2022-11-08
Viet Nam outpaces countries in Asia regarding growth rate: WSJVGP News2022-11-07
SCB holds meeting with An Dong bond buyersVN Express International2022-11-07
Brokerages up stock leverage interests after central bank hikesVN Express International2022-11-07
Shares to face downward trend on increased sell-offViet Nam News2022-11-07
Investors need to have the right mindset to bondsVietnam Investment Review2022-11-06
Global economic woes drag down Vietnam's exportsVN Express International2022-11-06
Law expected to be revised to improve safety of the banking systemViet Nam News2022-11-04
Vietnam central bank held emergency meetings with banks over liquidity – sourcesInquirer2022-11-04
Central bank says real estate loans restricted to ensure safety for banksVietnam Net Global2022-11-04
State Bank of Vietnam alleviates market pressuresVietnam Net Global2022-11-03
Viet Nam becomes world’s third largest seafood exporterVGP News2022-11-03
Stock market dives to below 1,000 pointsVN Express International2022-11-03
Exchange rate depreciation hurts Vietnamese workers abroadVN Express International2022-11-03
Stock trade dives as VN-Index closes in redVN Express International2022-11-03
FDI inflows to Viet Nam's economic locomotive up 25% in 10 monthsVGP News2022-11-03
Viet Nam’s outward investment reaches 25 foreign countries and territoriesVGP News2022-11-02
Shares end two-day rise as large-caps falterViet Nam News2022-11-02
Market gains for second day in a rowViet Nam News2022-11-02
Economic highlights in the first 10 months of 2022VGP News2022-11-01
Viet Nam’s strong economic recovery in 2022 lays foundation for growth in 2023VGP News2022-11-01
Strong macroeconomic foundation fuels growing hiring demandVietnam Investment Review2022-10-31
Fitch Rating affirms Vietnam at BB with a positive outlookVietnam Bond Market Association2022-10-31
Market likely to continue under sell-off pressureViet Nam News2022-10-31
Ten-month CPI increases 2.89% year on yearViet Nam News2022-10-30
FDI inflows reach 22.46 billion USD in 10 monthsVietnam Investment Review2022-10-30
Agro-aquatic-forestry exports hit nearly US$45 bln during Jan-OctVGP News2022-10-29
Manage interest rates in accordance with domestic macro conditions and international contextState Bank of Viet Nam2022-10-29
Industrial Production Index October 10, 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-10-29
Consumer Price Index, Gold Price Index And Us Dollar Price Index October 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-10-29
Disbursed foreign investment rises 15% in 10 monthsVN Express International2022-10-29
Trade turnover of foreign-invested enterprises maintain growth momentumVietnam Investment Review2022-10-28
SBV Governor Nguyen Thi Hong explains the issue of monetary policyState Bank of Viet Nam2022-10-28
Viet Nam is fastest growing digital economy in Southeast AsiaVGP News2022-10-28
Vietnam forecast to be fastest growing market for centi-millionaires over next decadeVietnam Net Global2022-10-28
Market marks the largest gains in 5 monthsViet Nam News2022-10-28
Gov't sets market capitalization targets for SOEsVGP News2022-10-27
Rice export surges in first ten monthsVGP News2022-10-27
Vietnam approves national planning for 2021-2030Vietnam Net Global2022-10-27
Vietnam racks up trade surplus exceeding US$7 billionVietnam Net Global2022-10-27
Dollar gains on black market, drops at banksVN Express International2022-10-27
After recent dips, securities stocks washed out of billon-dollar market cap clubViet Nam News2022-10-27
Vietnam at risk of drawing low-quality foreign investmentVN Express International2022-10-26
Vietnam recovers impressively amid world uncertaintiesVietnam Net Global2022-10-26
Shares to continue downtrend but long-term outlook still positive: expertsViet Nam News2022-10-26
HSBC hikes Vietnam growth forecast to 7.6%VN Express International2022-10-25
Reference exchange rate up 3 VND on October 25Vietnam Plus2022-10-25
The State Bank of Vietnam adjusts operating interest ratesVietnam Investment Review2022-10-25
Stock market sinks to new bottom this yearVN Express International2022-10-24
Shares nosedive on panic sell-offViet Nam News2022-10-24
Challenges for banks in recovering bad debtsViet Nam News2022-10-24
Dollar strengthens to a new record against dongVN Express International2022-10-23
Lending interest rates surgeVN Express International2022-10-22
Budget revenue forecast 14.3 per cent higher than plan this yearViet Nam News2022-10-21
$5.6 bln worth of bonds redeemed before maturity in 2022VN Express International2022-10-21
Viet Nam's economy recovers strongly but needs policy flexibility: World BankVGP News2022-10-21
Finance ministry proposes zero export tax on NPK, 5 per cent on other typesViet Nam News2022-10-20
Vietnam's growth pegged at 8%: PMVN Express International2022-10-20
Shares tumble on two-year low liquidity, weak sentimentViet Nam News2022-10-20
Dollar advances to new record against dongVN Express International2022-10-20
Transport ministry asks for $286.6 million to settle foreign loansVietnam Net Global2022-10-20
HoSE's liquidity hits nearly two-year lowViet Nam News2022-10-20
Reference exchange rate up 26 VND on October 19Vietnam Plus2022-10-19
Vietnam’s overseas investment rises sharplyVietnam Net Global2022-10-19
Nearly half of European companies to increase investment by year endVietnam Investment Review2022-10-18
Government debt to rise by 20% this yearVN Express International2022-10-18
Vietnamese currency falls to record low against dollarVN Express International2022-10-18
Vietnam's growth to surpass 6% in 2022, 2023: OECDVN Express International2022-10-18
Shares ease on fears of economic downturn amid tightening policyViet Nam News2022-10-18
FDI inflow from Korea helps VN move up global value chain ladderVietnam Net Global2022-10-18
Experts concerned about low CPI figure, inflation risksVietnam Net Global2022-10-18
Viet Nam shines amid global economic volatilitiesViet Nam News2022-10-18
Foreign institutions raise expected GDP growth rate for VietnamVietnam Net Global2022-10-17
Dollar reaches record rate at nearly VND24,500VN Express International2022-10-17
VN-Index dips after gaining streakVN Express International2022-10-17
Macro data in focus, market likely to extend rallies this weekViet Nam News2022-10-17
Foreign inflows influenced more by global trendViet Nam News2022-10-17
Vietnam widens dollar-dong trading bandVN Express International2022-10-16
ETFs draw more capital in OctoberViet Nam News2022-10-15
Vietnam's central bank puts SCB under special controlVN Express International2022-10-15
Market ends the week on a positive noteViet Nam News2022-10-14
US dollar rises to new peak against dongVN Express International2022-10-13
Global inflation hits major seafood exportersVN Express International2022-10-13
Banks in race to hike deposit interest ratesVN Express International2022-10-13
Corporate bonds pose risks to individual investorsVietnam Net Global2022-10-13
SBV aiming to harmonise monetary market playersVietnam Net Global2022-10-13
Temporary interest rate package requiring second lookVietnam Net Global2022-10-13
An additional $3.5 billion to be put into the economyVietnam Net Global2022-10-13
Bonds issuance in Q3 falls sharplyVietnam Net Global2022-10-13
Banking stocks help lift marketViet Nam News2022-10-13
SHB allowed to increase charter capitalState Bank of Viet Nam2022-10-12
Vietnam determined to ensure healthy, ethical markets: PMVN Express International2022-10-12
Standard Chartered raises Vietnam’s growth forecast to 7.5%VN Express International2022-10-12
VN-Index jumps from bottomVN Express International2022-10-12
Beleaguered bank attracts deposits of $255 mln in single day after interest hikeVN Express International2022-10-12
Vietnam to post strong recovery amid external headwindsVietnam Investment Review2022-10-12
Shares nosedive on massive selling forceViet Nam News2022-10-12
Vietnam economy seen growing 8% in 2022, beating official targetVN Express International2022-10-11
Bond misconduct raises red flag among lawmakersVN Express International2022-10-11
Businesses rush to buy back bonds before maturityVietnam Net Global2022-10-11
Unlocking capital for green growthState Bank of Viet Nam2022-10-11
Slumping blue chips drag VN-Index to around 1,000 pointsVN Express International2022-10-11
Corporate bond holders' interests will be ensured: finance ministerVN Express International2022-10-10
VN-Index inches up from bottomVN Express International2022-10-10
Rising inflation poses challenge to businessesViet Nam News2022-10-10
Investment funds to buy the dip as Vietnam market plungesVN Express International2022-10-07
Banks expect Q4 interest rate hikesVN Express International2022-10-07
Investors warned of the possibility of corporate bond defaultViet Nam News2022-10-07
Consumer prices do not fall despite fuel price cutsVN Express International2022-10-06
VN-Index plunges 44 pointsVN Express International2022-10-06
Upgrading Vietnam's GDP forecast for 2022 to 8.2 per centVietnam Investment Review2022-10-05
Banks increase interest rates on depositsVN Express International2022-10-05
VN-Index posts biggest gain in 4 monthsVN Express International2022-10-05
Dong to weaken in next 12 months: UOB forecastVN Express International2022-10-05
Higher funding costs to have limited impact on Vietnamese banksViet Nam News2022-10-05
FDI into industrial property doubles in the first nine monthsViet Nam News2022-10-05
Large-cap stocks extend losses, VN-Index falls for 2nd dayViet Nam News2022-10-05
Nine month's agro-forestry-fisheries exports surge 15.2 per centViet Nam News2022-10-04
VN-Index’s falling streak continuesVN Express International2022-10-04
Stronger dollar hits outbound tourism operatorsVN Express International2022-10-04
Rising public investment to lift various stocksViet Nam News2022-10-04
Manufacturing continues to remain strong: S&P GlobalVN Express International2022-10-03
SBV issues Circular No. 12/2022/TT-NHNN dated September 30, 2022State Bank of Viet Nam2022-09-30
SBV issues Circular No. 11/2022/TT-NHNN dated September 30, 2022State Bank of Viet Nam2022-09-30
First mid-cap ETF listed on HOSEViet Nam News2022-09-30
Viet Nam's GDP up 13.67% in Q3 as manufacturing reboundsViet Nam News2022-09-29
Central bank acts to tighten dong liquidityViet Nam News2022-09-29
State Bank rate hike necessary to defend VN dong, control inflationViet Nam News2022-09-29
Viet Nam retains positive economic outlook in short-term: World BankViet Nam News2022-09-28
Foreign investment disbursement hits record high in nine monthsViet Nam News2022-09-28
VN-Index hits 2-1/2-month low on risk-off sentimentViet Nam News2022-09-27
Investors cautious about disbursing investments amid higher rates: expertsViet Nam News2022-09-26
Bad debts remain a challenge for banks in Q4 2022Viet Nam News2022-09-23
New regulations enhance transparency in private placement of bondsViet Nam News2022-09-23
Vietnam PM Seeks Policy Rate Hike Amid Dong WeaknessBloomberg2022-09-22
Credit room extension given, but capital released in dribs and drabsVietnam Net Global2022-09-21
Corporate bond regulation: taking responsibility and building confidenceVietnam Net Global2022-09-20
Changes in regulations to strengthen private placement bondsViet Nam News2022-09-20
Market awaits Fed's rate hike decisionViet Nam News2022-09-19
Corporate bond market has ample room for improvementViet Nam News2022-09-14
Indices struggle on rising selling forceViet Nam News2022-09-13
Moody’s upgrades ratings of 12 Vietnamese banksVietnam Net Global2022-09-12
Markets forecast to get boost from supportive informationViet Nam News2022-09-12
Vietnam Sets Dong Fixing at Record Low as Dollar Strength GrowsViet Nam News2022-09-08
Progress made on public debt management: MoFViet Nam News2022-09-06
Industrial production recovers quickly with growth of 9.4% in eight monthsViet Nam News2022-09-06
Viet Nam one of world's best performing stock markets in AugustViet Nam News2022-09-06
Bank lending to property sector surges despite tight moneyViet Nam News2022-09-05
Indices end mixed, VN-Index reboundsViet Nam News2022-08-31
Trade surplus hits nearly $4 billion in 8 monthsViet Nam News2022-08-31
Inflation pressure eases on fuel price cutsViet Nam News2022-08-31
Corporate bond issuance declines in the first six monthsViet Nam News2022-08-30
Market opens new week on a negative noteViet Nam News2022-08-30
Viet Nam attracts nearly $17 billion in FDI in eight monthsViet Nam News2022-08-29
Legal basis for corporate bond issuance important for real estate sectorViet Nam News2022-08-29
Shares slide on heavy selling forceViet Nam News2022-08-23
Finance ministry sets targets for banking systemViet Nam News2022-08-23
Market's appeal to foreign investors remains highViet Nam News2022-08-22
Vietnam's export turnover may reach US$368 billion by year-endVietnam Net Global2022-08-22
Vietnam records trade surplus of 1.39 billion USD as of August 15Vietnam Net Global2022-08-21
Gov’t directs to speed up interest rate support programmeViet Nam News2022-08-19
Market slumps over slides in agricultural stocksViet Nam News2022-08-18
Monetary policy needs to ensure caution and flexibility: NACFMPViet Nam News2022-08-18
Bank stocks attract foreign capitalIntellasia.net2022-08-18
Banks should tighten assessment controls of their corporate bonds investments - expertsViet Nam News2022-08-18
Market struggles as big stocks divergeViet Nam News2022-08-17
Return of cash flow lifts investor sentimentViet Nam News2022-08-16
CPI method of calculation is correct: economistIntellasia.net2022-08-16
Vietnam’s GDP Growth Projected to Surge to 7.5%Vietnam Business Forum2022-08-15
Central bank reduces intervention on OMOViet Nam News2022-08-15
An insight into Vietnam’s indebtednessVietnam Net Global2022-08-14
Shares finish week higher on the back of steel, securities sectorsViet Nam News2022-08-13
Reference exchange rate down 11 VND on August 11Intellasia.net2022-08-12
VN Index nears two-month highIntellasia.net2022-08-11
Securities firms raise capital on recovery of stock pricesViet Nam News2022-08-10
Stock market showing no indication of growthIntellasia.net2022-08-10
Reference exchange rate up 1 VNDIntellasia.net2022-08-10
Vietnam’s economic growth forecast at 7.5pct in 2022: World BankIntellasia.net2022-08-10
Shares rise on upbeat sentimentViet Nam News2022-08-10
Vietnam safe from US rate hike effects: economistIntellasia.net2022-08-10
Corporate bond market struggling with challengesVietnamnet Global2022-08-08
Investors' risk appetite continues to improve this weekViet Nam News2022-08-08
Stock market to benefit from unexpectedly strong domestic growth: VinaCapitalViet Nam News2022-08-08
Monetary stance points to only mildly higher interest rates in Viet Nam: Fitch RatingsViet Nam News2022-08-08
Viet Nam's economic growth forecast at 7.5 per cent in 2022: World BankViet Nam News2022-08-08
Corporate bond issuance of real estate businesses reduces by up to 98pct. in JulyIntellasia.net2022-08-06
Gov't public debt payment suffers less impact from US dollar appreciationViet Nam News2022-08-06
VND remains most stable currency in region: ReportVietnamnet Global2022-08-05
High inflation is biggest risk for Vietnam’s economy: officialsVietnamnet Global2022-08-05
Vietnam’s CPI increases by 0.4% in July 2022The State Bank of Vietnam2022-08-04
Market goes wild amid bullish sentimentViet Nam News2022-08-02
Stability of Vietnamese dong under pressure of global headwindsViet Nam News2022-08-02
Shares to move up after testing supply and demandViet Nam News2022-08-01
Lending rates expected to be stable thanks to State support packageViet Nam News2022-07-30
Report on socio-economic situation in July and 7 months of 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-07-29
Industrial production index July 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-07-29
Consumer Price Index, Gold Price Index and US Dollar Price Index July 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-07-29
PM stresses macroeconomic stability, inflation control after Fed hikeViet Nam News2022-07-29
Investors must show extreme caution on risks of corporate bonds: MinistryViet Nam News2022-07-29
The SBV injects VND53.9 trillion via bill channel in the past weekIntellasia.net2022-07-28
Ministry projects three economic growth scenarios to 2023Viet Nam News2022-07-28
Vietnam's corporate bond market estimated at US$11 billion in H1Hanoi Times2022-07-27
SBV not to loosen credit room this yearIntellasia.net2022-07-26
Viet Nam in the headwinds of global rate hikes and inflationViet Nam News2022-07-26
Vietbank to issue 300,000 bondsIntellasia.net2022-07-26
Banks more cautious with home loansViet Nam News2022-07-25
ADB maintains Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast at 6.5% amid grim regional outlookHanoi Times2022-07-22
Inflation in check due to favourable factorsViet Nam News2022-07-21
CIEM provides two scenarios for Vietnam’s economic growth this yearIntellasia.net2022-07-20
Viet Nam firmly rebounds amid challengesViet Nam News2022-07-19
Central bank sold greenback to stabilise forex marketViet Nam News2022-07-19
Standardise bond market to ensure growth of stock and realty marketViet Nam News2022-07-19
Swiss investors interested in Vietnam’s green, sustainable financeVietnam Plus2022-07-18
Climate change may cost Vietnam 14.5% of GDP by 2050: WBHanoi Times2022-07-15
Viet Nam's economy is developing rapidly: expertViet Nam News2022-07-15
Standard Chartered: Viet Nam on course for a strong recoveryViet Nam News2022-07-14
$748 million raised through G-bond auctions in JuneViet Nam News2022-07-14
Growth target of 6.5pct poses big challenge to Vietnam: GSOIntellasia.net2022-07-13
Bac A Bank offers bondsIntellasia.net2022-07-13
Central bank might raise benchmark interest rate in Q4 2022Viet Nam News2022-07-12
Vietnam Gov’t allocates US$685 million in interest subsidy scheme for 2022Hanoi Times2022-07-08
Banks to have credit expansion at end-Q3 2022Viet Nam News2022-07-08
Industrial production up 8.48 per cent in H1Viet Nam News2022-07-08
State budget faces $1.4 billion drop from fuel tax cutsViet Nam News2022-07-07
Viet Nam to do well economically this year and the next: AMROViet Nam News2022-07-07
2022 GDP growth prospect: optimistic but also cautiousViet Nam News2022-07-06
Vietnam to solidify macro-economic stability: PMHanoi Times2022-07-05
Vietnamese Gov’t targets GDP growth of 7% in 2022Hanoi Times2022-07-05
State Bank of Vietnam announces amendments to bank loans circularViet Nam News2022-07-05
Central bank resumes bill issue channel to net withdraw moneyViet Nam News2022-07-04
Inflation not a domestic problem in VietnamIntellasia.net2022-07-01
Viet Nam's GDP hits 10-year high of 7.72% in Q2Viet Nam News2022-07-01
Industrial Production Index June 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-06-30
Press Release on the Price Situation in June, Q2 and the First 6 Months of 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-06-30
Report on Socio-Economic Situation in the Second Quarter and First 6 Months of 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-06-30
Viet Nam attracts more than $14 billion of FDI in H1Viet Nam News2022-06-29
Real estate market slumps as banks cut off fundsIntellasia.net2022-06-28
Vietnam c.bank reportedly sells over US$10 billion from FX reservesHanoi Times2022-06-27
SBV to tighten lending with stricter standardsViet Nam News2022-06-27
Central bank sold roughly $7 billion to stabilise forex marketViet Nam News2022-06-24
Despite bright prospects, Vietnam’s economy faces fresh challengesIntellasia.net2022-06-23
Viet Nam ASEAN's second largest green bond issuer in 2021Viet Nam News2022-06-23
Central Bank ready to meet market demand for foreign currenciesHanoi Times2022-06-22
Keeping public debt below 60 per cent of GDP by 2030 targetedViet Nam News2022-06-22
Vietnam’s green, social and sustainability debts total US$1.5 billion in 2021Hanoi Times2022-06-21
C.bank expects Vietnam's inflation to stay below 4% in 2022Hanoi Times2022-06-21
NA approves extension of pilot bad debt settlement resolutionViet Nam News2022-06-20
Vietnam’s credit growth expands by over 17pctIntellasia.net2022-06-17
Vietnam's economic recovery fuels high credit growth: C.banHanoi Times2022-06-16
HSBC revises down Vietnam's inflation forecast to 3.5% in 2022Hanoi Times2022-06-16
MoC proposes controlling bond issuance of property firmsViet Nam News2022-06-16
Vietnam’s economic recovery remains strong despite heightened global uncertainties: WBHanoi Times2022-06-14
Vietnam c.bank committed to lowering interest rates to aid businessesHanoi Times2022-06-10
Monetary policies to be managed flexibly to rein in inflation: Deputy PMViet Nam News2022-06-10
Splurge in corporate bonds but investors face risksIntellasia.net2022-06-10
Keeping inflation under control provides platform for growth: Finance ministerHanoi Times2022-06-09
Vietnam c.bank to continue tightening credit into real estateHanoi Times2022-06-08
Extending bad debt settlement scheme can minimize potential risksSaigon Times2022-06-07
Vietnam’s stock market upgrade to bring in billions of dollars: ExpertsHanoi Times2022-06-07
Vietnam commits to maintaining open economic policy: PMHanoi Times2022-06-07
Officials clarify measures to control credit in risky areas, petrol pricesViet Nam News2022-06-07
Curbing inflation: large ‘dose of medicine’ may cause after-effectsIntellasia.net2022-06-06
State Bank to regulate foreign unsecured loansIntellasia.net2022-06-06
Weighing up risks of a bubble from bond squeezeIntellasia.net2022-06-06
SBV inspectorate probes several banks holding corporate bondsSaigon Times2022-06-03
NA Economic Commision warns of bond market risksSaigon Times2022-06-03
Economic forum to discuss economic self-reliance amid global headwindsViet Nam News2022-06-02
Finding the way to control capital flows into real estate sectorIntellasia.net2022-06-02
SSC urged to finalize KRX-developed trading systemHanoi Times2022-06-01
Higher credit rating builds foreign investors’ confidence in Vietnam’s economyHanoi Times2022-05-31
Report on socio-economic situation in May and first 5 months of 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-05-31
Consumer Price Index, Gold Price Index and US Dollar Price Index May 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-05-31
Banks told to rollout low-interest businesses loansViet Nam News2022-05-30
Vietnam’s long-term credit rating upgraded to “BB+”: S&PHanoi Times2022-05-30
Vietnam ready to become global production hubHanoi Times2022-05-27
Vingroup scales down international bond sale planSaigon Times2022-05-27
Tight regulations for corporate bond market must not cause market collapseIntellasia.net2022-05-26
Vietnamese economy to do well in 2022: expertsViet Nam News2022-05-26
State Bank asks for extension to bad debt programmeViet Nam News2022-05-25
Vietnam's stock market on foreign funds’ radar amid possible upgrade to EM status: HSBCHanoi Times2022-05-25
Decree on 2% interest rate support package officially issuedViet Nam News2022-05-24
AMRO forecasts Viet Nam’s strong recovery amid external headwindsViet Nam News2022-05-24
High inflationary pressure put GDP 6.5% growth target at risk: Gov’tHanoi Times2022-05-24
VN manages to control public debtViet Nam News2022-05-23
Upgrading the market for the sake of all participantsViet Nam News2022-05-23
Q3 set to be tough period for inflationViet Nam News2022-05-23
Fixing loopholes to improve health of the corporate bond marketViet Nam News2022-05-20
Institutional reforms key to reaching high-income statusViet Nam News2022-05-19
Derivatives continue to distort stock market despite SSC’s interventionViet Nam News2022-05-18
Vietnam's economic recovery on right track after pandemic: IMFViet Nam News2022-05-18
Four-month purchasing power rebound facilitates business recoveryViet Nam News2022-05-17
Not lending to property sector will have mixed effects: analystsViet Nam News2022-05-17
Vietnam's economic recovery gaining momentumHanoi Times2022-05-17
SSC prioritises stabilising solutions for stock marketViet Nam News2022-05-16
Securities firms diversify capital sources for expansionViet Nam News2022-05-13
Vietnam’s economy maintains recovery trendHanoi Times2022-05-13
Around $30.7 billion poured into economyIntellasia.net2022-05-12
Vietnam to return to pre-pandemic growth after one more year: NielsenSaigon Times2022-05-12
No property firms issued debt last monthSaigon Times2022-05-12
Banks return to the race of corporate bond issuanceIntellasia.net2022-05-11
Financial risks: agile and flexible response neededViet Nam News2022-05-11
Banks plan to increase charter capital to US$2.8 billion in 2022Viet Nam News2022-05-10
Foreign capital returns to Vietnam's stock market in 2022: SSIHanoi Times2022-05-10
Export sector is bright spot for Vietnam economySaigon Times2022-05-09
Gov’t borrows VND54 trillion from Jan-AprSaigon Times2022-05-09
Vingroup issues $525 million bonds on international market in MayViet Nam News2022-05-06
New draft on bond issuances to suffocate market: expertsViet Nam News2022-05-06
Banks cut lending rates to support businessesHanoi Times2022-05-05
Q1 unemployment rate drops: GSOIntellasia.net2022-05-05
SBV orders credit restrictions to curb property speculation in HCM CityIntellasia.net2022-05-04
Vietnam to announce list of problematic businesses in bond issuanceIntellasia.net2022-05-04
Country records import-export turnover at $242 billion, $2.53 billion trade surplusViet Nam News2022-05-03
Foreign investors pour nearly US$11 billion into VietnamHanoi Times2022-04-29
Gov’t aims at transparent, sustainable stock marketHanoi Times2022-04-28
Will bond defaults occur in Vietnam?Intellasia.net2022-04-28
Keeping inflation below 4% will be a challenge: NEUViet Nam News2022-04-27
Corporate bond issuance in Vietnam declines sharply in Q1Hanoi Times2022-04-27
Banks gain impressive business results in Q1 2022Viet Nam News2022-04-26
Vietnam forecast to achieve GDP growth of 6% this year: IMFHanoi Times2022-04-25
Budget revenue up 7.7pct in first quarter of 2022Intellasia.net2022-04-21
Banks in short of liquidityIntellasia.net2022-04-21
Foreign investors remain confident in Vietnam's stock marketHanoi Times2022-04-21
Vietnam’s inflation remains under control: Finance ministryHanoi Times2022-04-21
Viet Nam’s economic growth driven by good recovery of sectors: WBViet Nam News2022-04-20
Experts propose measures to develop a sustainable bond marketViet Nam News2022-04-20
VN-Index hits nine-month low on high selling powerViet Nam News2022-04-19
FDI inflows to Vietnam remain resilient despite global uncertainty: World BankHanoi Times2022-04-18
Vietnam posts trade surplus of US$1.46 billion in Q1Hanoi Times2022-04-18
Vietnam’s real estate corporate bond market hits over US$8 billionHanoi Times2022-04-13
PM orders measures to stabilise stock, corporate bond marketsViet Nam News2022-04-13
VN aims for higher sovereign ratings by 2030Viet Nam News2022-04-12
SBV to regulate fintech bankingViet Nam News2022-04-11
Vietnam’s economic prospects remain bright despite global uncertainties: ADB ExpertHanoi Times2022-04-11
Vietnam reports $1.64 billion trade surplus in Q1: customs dataIntellasia.net2022-04-11
Credit institutions expect improved business performance in Q2Viet Nam News2022-04-08
Viet Nam expected to borrow VNÐ2 quadrillion in 2020-2024Viet Nam News2022-04-08
ADB: VN set for a strong economic reboundViet Nam News2022-04-07
WB: Viet Nam's economic growth forecast adjusted from 6.5% to 5.3% in 2022Viet Nam News2022-04-06
9 bond issuances worth $439 million cancelledViet Nam News2022-04-06
Commercial banks raise deposit interest ratesIntellasia.net2022-04-05
Viet Nam's industrial production flourishes in Q1Viet Nam News2022-04-05
Vietnam targets higher sovereign ratings by 2030Hanoi Times2022-04-04
Vietnam's economy forecast to remain regional outperformer in 2022: HSBCHanoi Times2022-04-04
Inflation storm forecast this yearViet Nam News2022-04-04
CPI inches up 1.92pct in Q1Intellasia.net2022-03-31
Industrial Production Index in March 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-03-30
Consumer Price Index, Gold Price Index and US Dollar Price Index March 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-03-30
Vietnamese economy expands 5.03 per cent in Q1Viet Nam News2022-03-30
Banking liquidity on the riseIntellasia.net2022-03-29
Vietnamese Gov’t extends resolution on pilot bad debt settlementHanoi Times2022-03-29
Fitch Ratings affirms Vietnam sovereign credit rating at ‘BB’Hanoi Times2022-03-29
Experts warn about participation of real estate companies in banksViet Nam News2022-03-29
Petrol price may go down substantially in AprilViet Nam News2022-03-28
Corporate bond yields expected to rise this yearViet Nam News2022-03-28
Vietnam Gov’t kicks off interest subsidy policy for 2022-2023Hanoi Times2022-03-25
SOEs to spearhead recovery and national developmentViet Nam News2022-03-25
Viet Nam to have a regulation on offshore loansViet Nam News2022-03-25
Suggestions for banks amid mounting bad debtViet Nam News2022-03-24
Vietnam’s corporate bond market in 2021 surges by 56% to US$32 billionHanoi Times2022-03-24
Stocks post strongest gain in nearly eight weeksIntellasia.net2022-03-23
Economic growth hinges on geopolitical outcomesIntellasia.net2022-03-22
Experts call for drastic measures to stabilize market pricesHanoi Times2022-03-22
Vietnam c.bank to ensure sufficient capital for petrol tradersHanoi Times2022-03-18
Shares extend gains on improved liquidityViet Nam News2022-03-18
Price control of key commodities a top priority for central governmentIntellasia.net2022-03-16
Prospects for economic recovery this year look brightIntellasia.net2022-03-16
What will Vietnam’s economy be amid the ‘storm’ of commodity prices?Intellasia.net2022-03-15
Novaland to mobilise trillions of dong through bondsViet Nam News2022-03-14
Viet Nam’s 2021-25 economic restructuring plan needs drastic action amid challengesViet Nam News2022-03-11
Global uncertainties put Vietnam’s 4%-inflation target to testHanoi Times2022-03-11
Marginal rise of US dollar against dongIntellasia.net2022-03-10
Global inflation may cool down within a year, not a big worry for VietnamIntellasia.net2022-03-10
Experts raise concerns about imported inflation riskViet Nam News2022-03-09
National economy expected to pick up pace this yearIntellasia.net2022-03-08
Banking sector optimistic despite ongoing conflict in EuropeVietnam Plus2022-03-07
Viet Nam’s manufacturing recovery continues in FebruaryViet Nam News2022-03-04
VN completes consultation on National Green Growth StrategyViet Nam News2022-03-03
Billions of dollars expected to flow to Vietnam amid Russia-Ukraine warIntellasia.net2022-03-02
Growing business confidence sees extended Vietnam manufacturing recovery in FebHanoi Times2022-03-02
Industrial Production Index in February 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-03-01
Report on Socio-Economic Situation in February 2022General Statistics Office of Vietnam2022-03-01
CPI rises as food and fuel spikeViet Nam News2022-03-01
Positive domestic demand, exports to boost Viet Nam’s growth in 2022Viet Nam News2022-02-24
Inflation forecast to be under control at under 4% this yearThe Saigon Times2022-02-22
Signals of market recovery not clear: expertsViet Nam News2022-02-21
VN's economy to grow at 6.7 per cent in 2022: Standard CharteredViet Nam News2022-02-21
Experts suggest banks not be involved in economic recovery packages to avoid bad debtsViet Nam News2022-02-17
Article assesses Vietnam’s economic prospects, challenges in 2022Intellasia.net2022-02-16
No more easy money flow and wild expectations in 2022: SGI CapitalViet Nam News2022-02-15
VN receives slightly higher inflation forecast, negligible risk: HSBCViet Nam News2022-02-15
Viet Nam’s banking sector named among fastest growing in the worldViet Nam News2022-02-14
Vietnam G-bonds market heats up in early 2022Hanoi Times2022-02-14
Price management authority proposes solutions to curb inflation after T?tViet Nam News2022-02-11
Sixteen banks cut over VNÐ21.2 trillion for pandemic-hit customersViet Nam News2022-02-11
PM underlines banking sector's role in maintaining macro-economic stabilityIntellasia.net2022-02-10
Banks raise savings interest rates in FebIntellasia.net2022-02-10
Inflation 2022: internal and external pressuresIntellasia.net2022-02-09
Government acts to achieve rapid economic recovery, developmentIntellasia.net2022-02-09
VN-Index inches closer to 1,500 points after T?t holidaysViet Nam News2022-02-08
Domestic consumption to drive Vietnam’s economic growth in 2022: VinaCapitalHanoi Times2022-02-07
Experts call for investor caution on Vietnamese corporate bond marketPhonm Penh Post2022-02-01
Vietnam's manufacturing output growth quickens to nine-month highHanoi Times2022-01-31
Rising consumer demand drives up CPI in JanuaryViet Nam News2022-01-31
Viet Nam sees trade deficit of US$500 million in JanuaryViet Nam News2022-01-31
Economic growth prospects brighter in 2022Viet Nam News2022-01-31
Bonds circulating within banksIntellasia.net2022-01-27
The SBV begins to inject money to support liquidity in peak seasonIntellasia.net2022-01-27
Stock market expected to grow strongly after T?t: expertsViet Nam News2022-01-26
Banks accelerate credit to support economic recoveryIntellasia.net2022-01-25
Economic recovery: expectations and warningsIntellasia.net2022-01-25
Vietnam’s bond law may hurt growthPhonm Penh Post2022-01-24
Investors should be cautious before Tet holidayViet Nam News2022-01-24
Bonds circulating within banksIntellasia.net2022-01-24
SBV focuses on improving credit qualityIntellasia.net2022-01-20
The stock market on track to become one of 'Asia tigers': BSCViet Nam News2022-01-18
Govt' to slash VAT from 10% to 8% in 2022Viet Nam News2022-01-18
Vietnamese banks urged to tighten lending in real estate, securitiesViet Nam News2022-01-18
The stock market sets new record on billion dollars of capital inflowViet Nam News2022-01-14
VN's GDP to bounce back in 2022 at 5.5%: WBViet Nam News2022-01-14
Government resolution sets 2022 growth target at 6 to 6.5 per centViet Nam News2022-01-13
Standard Chartered forecasts Viet Nam 2022 GDP growth at 6.7 per centViet Nam News2022-01-13
Credit institutions predict higher credit risks in H1Intellasia.net2022-01-11
Vietnam’s economy to rebound in new yearIntellasia.net2022-01-11
Banks begin to hike deposit interest ratesViet Nam News2022-01-10
Vietnamese manufacturing sector predicted to grow in 2022Hanoi Times2022-01-10
Market capitalisation on HOSE hits nearly 93 per cent of GDPViet Nam News2022-01-07
Expanded credit growth quota supports firms in recoveryViet Nam News2022-01-07
Fiscal, monetary policies should be combined harmoniously: PMViet Nam News2022-01-07
Vietnam targets 2022 GDP growth at 6-6.5%Hanoi Times2022-01-07
Vietnam strives to maintain sustainable trade surplusIntellasia.net2022-01-06
Selling force weighs on sentiment, VN-Index reverses courseViet Nam News2022-01-06
Inflation forecast to be under control in 2022Viet Nam News2022-01-06
GSO points out factors for economic growth in 2022Viet Nam News2022-01-05
Authorities inject trillions of VND to support economyViet Nam News2022-01-05
Stock market to make robust gains as 2022 arrivesViet Nam News2022-01-04
Budget revenue has exceeded estimateIntellasia.net2022-01-04
Finance Ministry announces State budget estimates for 2022Vietnam Plus2022-01-04
Inflationary pressure as prices of inputs surge in 2021Intellasia.net2021-12-29
Vietnam's credit growth expands by 13% in 2021Hanoi Times2021-12-29
Vietnam’s 6.5%-GDP growth target in 2022 within reach: ExpertsHanoi Times2021-12-28
Heavy tasks ahead for State Treasury in 2022Viet Nam News2021-12-28
WB official optimistic about Viet Nam's 2022 GDP growth prospectsViet Nam News2021-12-28
Domestic investors help to create records in securities marketViet Nam News2021-12-28
Shares recover strongly in pre-holiday tradingIntellasia.net2021-12-27
2021: few breaks as dark clouds smother Vietnamese economyIntellasia.net2021-12-27
Vietnam foreign exchange reserves stableIntellasia.net2021-12-27
Bank interest rates rise in peak seasonIntellasia.net2021-12-23
Persevere with reopening and recoveryIntellasia.net2021-12-23
Indices retreat, money flows in speculative stocksViet Nam News2021-12-23
Government urged to reduce VAT to stimulate economy.Intellasia.net2021-12-22
Green credit an important financial source of economyIntellasia.net2021-12-21
Speculative cash flows: an imminent threat to financial stabilityViet Nam News2021-12-21
WB, HSBC optimistic about Viet Nam’s economyViet Nam News2021-12-20
Vietnam's economic conditions continue to improve: World BankHanoi Times2021-12-16
Economic recovery in Q4 would create momentum for growth in 2022Viet Nam News2021-12-16
Government urged to kickstart stimulus programme in early 2022Intellasia.net2021-12-15
ADB revised down Vietnam's 2021 GDP growth forecast to 2%Hanoi Times2021-12-15
New securities accounts reach record high in NovemberViet Nam News2021-12-14
FDI to drive Vietnam's GDP growth to 6.8%: HSBCHanoi Times2021-12-14
Vietnam expected to add 36 million middle class people in next decadeVietnam Plus2021-12-13
Viet Nam Stock Exchange officially debutsViet Nam News2021-12-13
State Bank restrains banks investing in corporate bondsIntellasia.net2021-12-13
Is inflation a concern for Viet Nam with the new economic stimulus programme?Viet Nam News2021-12-08
Liquidity increase from foreign currency flowIntellasia.net2021-12-08
Vietnam’s 2021 GDP estimated at 2pct-2.5pctIntellasia.net2021-12-08
Vietnam's economy loses US$37 billion on Covid-19Hanoi Times2021-12-07
Stock market continues to grow, trading around 1,700 - 1,760 points next yearViet Nam News2021-12-06
Remittances to Viet Nam to grow despite pandemicViet Nam News2021-12-06
Vietnam’s economic recovery program may go up to $30 billion: ExpertsHanoi Times2021-12-06
Vietnam manufacturing conditions improve in second month runningHanoi Times2021-12-02
Hanoi Stock Exchange considers launching single stock derivativesIntellasia.net2021-12-01
Consumer Price Index, Gold Price Index and US Dollar Price Index November 2021General Statistics Office of Vietnam2021-12-01
Report On Socio-Economic Situation in November and 11 Months Of 2021General Statistics Office of Vietnam2021-12-01
Industrial Production in November 2021General Statistics Office of Vietnam2021-12-01
C.bank expands credit quota for banks to meet growing credit demandsHanoi Times2021-11-29
HoSE to develop other covered warrant productsViet Nam News2021-11-24
Central Bank injects $2.63 billion into forex reservesHanoi Times2021-11-24
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