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Viet Nam

Market Watch
Close of
June 20, 2024
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 1.875     0.0 0.6 ▲ 31.8
5 Year 1.965 ▲ 0.5 2.5 ▲ 43.2
10 Year 2.752 3.8 4.8 ▲ 51.5

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
VND per USD 25,452.000 ▲ 0.0 0.0 4.9
VND per JPY 160.146 ▲ 0.5 ▲ 1.2 ▲ 6.9

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D VNIBOR 3.275 47.5 97.5 ▲ 31.5
3M VNIBOR 4.767 3.3 6.6 ▲ 173.4

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
Refinancing Rate 4.500 50.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I BB stable 2019-05-17
RAM BB3 positive 2019-08-27
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BB+ stable 2023-12-08
S&P BB+ stable 2023-06-15

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region''''s bond markets. It provides information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, specific characteristics of the market, trading and transaction (including settlement systems), and other relevant information. The ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2018 Viet Nam is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Viet Nam. View Report

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

The local currency (LCY) government bond yields in Viet Nam declined for most tenors between 1 December 2023 and 29 February 2024 amid slow economic growth. In 2023, the central bank reduced its refinancing rate by a cumulative total of 150 basis points from April to June 2023, and subsequently held rates steady since July 2023 to support economic growth. Viet Nam’s economy grew 5.1% year-on-year in 2023, lower than the government’s target growth of 6.5%.

Local Currency Bond Market Size and Issuance

Viet Nam’s LCY bond market totaled VND2,655.6 trillion at the end of December 2023, a contraction of 0.4% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) due to a large volume of maturities of central bank securities. Growth in outstanding LCY government bonds moderated to 2.0% q-o-q in the fourth quarter of 2023 on reduced issuance, while LCY corporate bond stock increased 6.8% q-o-q amid improved investor sentiment following reforms in the corporate bond market. LCY bond issuance in Viet Nam grew 81.6% q-o-q to VND400.3 trillion on increased issuance from corporates and the central bank.

Policy and Regulatory Developments

The Government of Viet Nam plans to borrow VND676.1 trillion in 2024 to cover the budget deficit, service existing debts, and provide additional loans. The proposed borrowing comprises bond sales, official development assistance, and foreign preferential loans. Under this borrowing plan, Viet Nam’s public debt is projected to be around 40% of gross domestic product at the end of 2024, while government and foreign debt will be around 38% and 39%, respectively.

Title Source Date
Government Bond Auction Result on June 19th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-06-19
Government Bond Auction Result on June 12th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-06-12
Government Bond Auction Result on June 05th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-06-05
Government Bond Auction Result on May 29th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-05-30
Government Bond Auction Result on May 22nd, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-05-22
Government Bond Auction Result on May 15th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-05-15
Government Bond Auction Result on May 08th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-05-08
Government Bond Auction Result on May 02nd, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-05-02
Government Bond Auction Result on April 24th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-04-24
Government Bond Auction Result on April 17th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-04-17
Government Bond Auction Result on April 10th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-04-10
Government Bond Auction Result on April 3rd, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-04-03
Government Bond Auction Result on March 27th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-03-28
Government Bond Auction Result on March 20th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-03-20
Government Bond Auction Result on March 13th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-03-13
Government Bond Auction Result on March 6th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-03-07
Government Bond Auction Result on February 28th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-02-28
Government Bond Auction Result on February 21st, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-02-21
Government Bond Auction Result on February 07th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-02-07
Government Bond Auction Result on January 31st, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-31
Government Bond Auction Result on January 24th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-24
Government Bond Auction Result on January 17th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-17
Government Bond Auction Result on January 10th, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-10
Government Bond Auction Result on January 3rd, 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-03
Government Bond Auction Result on December 27th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-12-27
Government Bond Auction Result on December 20th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-12-21
Government Bond Auction Result on December 13th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-12-13
Government Bond Auction Result on December 06th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-12-06
Government Bond Auction Result on November 29th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-11-29
Government Bond Auction Result on November 22nd, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-11-22
Government Bond Auction Result on November 15th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-11-15
Government Bond Auction Result on November 8th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-11-08
Government Bond Auction Result on November 1st, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-11-01
Government Bond Auction Result on October 25th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-10-25
Government Bond Auction Result on October 18th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-10-18
Government Bond Auction Result on October 11th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-10-11
Government Bond Auction Result on October 4th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-10-04
Government Bond Auction Result on September 27th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-27
Government Bond Auction Result on September 20th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-20
Government Bond Auction Result on September 13th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-13
Government Bond Auction Result on September 6th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-06
Government Bond Auction Result on August 30th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-08-30
Government Bond Auction Result on August 23th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-08-23
Government Bond Auction Result on August 16th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-08-16
Government Bond Auction Result on August 2nd, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-08-03
Government Bond Auction Result on July 26th, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-27
Government Bond Auction Result on July 19, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-20
Government Bond Auction Result on July 12, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-13
BaF Vietnam issues VND300 billion worth of bondsIntellasia.net2023-07-12
Government Bond Auction Result on July 05, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-07
Government Bond Auction Result on June 28, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-03
Government Bond Auction Result on June 21, 2023Vietnam Bond Market Association2023-06-27
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Navigating challenges in the green bond marketViet Nam News2024-06-21
The VN-Index advances for the third straight dayViet Nam News2024-06-21
Vietnam remains on US Treasury Department 'monitoring list'The investor2024-06-21
Dollar strengthens against dongVN Express international2024-06-20
Vietnam to grow 5.85-6%, may miss official target: think tankThe investor2024-06-20
VN-Index slightly extends gains as foreign investors persist with net sellingViet Nam News2024-06-20
Vietnam stock market to be more positive in second half: expertsThe investor2024-06-20
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2024-06-19
Techcombank raises an additional VNÐ5 trillionViet Nam News2024-06-19
Exports up 13.8% in first half: ministryViet Nam News2024-06-19
Low lending rates may boost credit growthVietnam investment Review2024-06-19
Market recovers, VN-Index approaches 1,280 pointsViet Nam News2024-06-19
Credit growth remains far from government targetViet Nam News2024-06-19
Deputy PM urges US to soon recognize Vietnam as market economyThe investor2024-06-19
Dollar weakens marginally against dongVN Express international2024-06-18
Biggest ETF in Vietnam Fubon sees $95 mln outflowThe investor2024-06-18
Viet Nam remains Southeast Asia’s bright star: ASEAN specialistViet Nam News2024-06-18
Early US recognition of market economy to increase opportunities for Vietnamese exportsViet Nam News2024-06-18
Dollar inches up over dong on black marketVN Express international2024-06-17
Market cushioned by steel share gainsViet Nam News2024-06-17
Businesses wary of rising deposit ratesVietnam investment Review2024-06-17
Vietnam Jan-May exports to US up 22.3%The investor2024-06-17
Market expected to bounce back this weekViet Nam News2024-06-17
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2024-06-16
Stock market faces increasing selling pressure from foreign investorsThe investor2024-06-16
Recent strong Vietnam bourse corrections 'very normal': investment fund SSIAMThe investor2024-06-16
Fed’s latest rate decision won't have significant impact on Viet NamViet Nam News2024-06-16
Market experiences sharp decline while liquidity hits three-week highViet Nam News2024-06-14
Taiwan-invested fund prepares additional $155 mln injection in Vietnam stock marketThe investor2024-06-14
VN-Index surpasses 1,300 points after 2 years, what's next?Vietnamnet Global2024-06-14
Property market sees many driving forces for growthViet Nam News2024-06-14
State Securities Commission meets companies to table market status upgradeThe investor2024-06-14
Vietnam exporters struggle with rising shipping ratesThe investor2024-06-14
Watch out for inflation in Vietnam, says HSBCThe investor2024-06-14
VN-Index edges up as foreign bloc continues net sellingViet Nam News2024-06-13
Outflows from Vietnam-focused ETFs to slow down by year-end: brokerageThe investor2024-06-13
Effective price management to aid inflation control: Deputy PMViet Nam News2024-06-13
Positive medium, long-term outlook for Vietnam stock market: brokerThe investor2024-06-13
Exchange rate in Vietnam to peak in Q3, to decrease thereafter: Shinhan BankThe investor2024-06-13
BlackRock to liquidate Vietnam-focused ETFThe investor2024-06-12
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2024-06-12
Market dips as foreign investors maintain strong net sellingViet Nam News2024-06-12
VN-Index tops 1,300 points after two yearsThe investor2024-06-12
WB retains Vietnam’s economic growth at 5.5% in 2024, 6% in 2025The investor2024-06-12
Dollar strengthens against dongVN Express international2024-06-11
Exporters concerned about amended VAT LawVietnamnet Global2024-06-11
VN-Index climbs above 1,290 pointsViet Nam News2024-06-11
Exchange rate pressure eases, creating favourable conditions for stocks, economic recoveryViet Nam News2024-06-11
Vietnamese exports recover in 2024, still face challengesViet Nam News2024-06-11
Vietnam one of six ASEAN countries with good economic growth: MaybankVN Express international2024-06-10
Dollar gains slightly against dongVN Express international2024-06-10
State budget revenues from import-export grow 7.4% in five monthsViet Nam News2024-06-10
Regulations on bad debt trading, settlement revisedViet Nam News2024-06-10
Uptrend likely to continue this week: expertsViet Nam News2024-06-10
Dollar rises against dong on black marketVN Express international2024-06-09
Foreign investors net sell $67.4 mln Vietnam stocks this weekThe investor2024-06-09
Prime Minister stresses 2024 growth, inflation targetsViet Nam News2024-06-08
Market flourishes on Friday, VN-Index approaches 1,290-point thresholdViet Nam News2024-06-07
Market mixed, foreign investors return to net sellViet Nam News2024-06-07
Export recovery helps propel logistics, industrial park stock pricesViet Nam News2024-06-07
Stock market holds investment potential from now until year endVietnam investment Review2024-06-06
Foreign investors’ billion-dollar net selling a drag on Vietnam stock marketThe investor2024-06-06
Vietnam's stock market cap to GDP reaches 68%Vietnamnet Global2024-06-06
Over $4.49 billion raised through G-bond auctions in five monthsViet Nam News2024-06-06
Output growth quickens amid sustained rise in new orders: PMIViet Nam News2024-06-06
Vietnam Deputy PM urges US Treasury Secretary to facilitate recognition of market economy statusThe investor2024-06-06
Prices stable in first five months of 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-06-05
Dollar weakens on black marketVN Express international2024-06-05
VN-Index extends gains thanks to food and beverage stocksViet Nam News2024-06-05
Import surplus returns after 23 months, experts downplay concernsVietnamnet Global2024-06-05
VN-Index increases for second day in a rowViet Nam News2024-06-05
FDI enterprises hold over 73% share of Vietnam’s exports: ministerThe investor2024-06-05
Dollar weakens against dongVN Express international2024-06-04
National economy under growth and inflationary pressureVietnamnet Global2024-06-04
Foreign investors' net selling exceeds $2.3 billion since 2023Viet Nam News2024-06-04
Imports increased sharply, Vietnam had a trade deficit in May 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-06-03
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2024-06-03
Credit growth quota policy needs to ensure safety of banking systemViet Nam News2024-06-03
Banking stocks lift VN-Index back to 1,280 points thresholdViet Nam News2024-06-03
Foreign investors offload record-high numbers of Vietnamese stocks in MayThe investor2024-06-03
Vietnam factory activity improves for second straight month: S&P GlobalThe investor2024-06-03
Viet Nam's industrial production surges in five monthsViet Nam News2024-06-02
HCMC’s economic growth to slow in Q2The investor2024-06-02
Some bright spots of the socio-economic situation in May and the first 5 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-06-01
Investors show sound confidence about Viet Nam’s economic outlookViet Nam News2024-06-01
Vietnam minister warns of higher inflation, continued exchange rate pressuresThe investor2024-06-01
Central bank demands lending rate cuts, growth target to be metViet Nam News2024-05-31
VN-Index off the threshold of 1,270 pointsViet Nam News2024-05-31
Vietnam holds positive outlook for 2024: Savills execThe investor2024-05-31
Measures taken to stabilise foreign exchange market: SBV GovernorVietnam investment Review2024-05-30
Require credit institutions to implement some solutions on credit and interest ratesState Bank of Viet Nam2024-05-30
Dollar tiptoes up against dongVN Express international2024-05-30
The market goes into reverse to end lower as large-cap stocks sufferViet Nam News2024-05-30
Viet Nam sees trade deficit in May due to higher materials and equipment production importsViet Nam News2024-05-30
Retail sales, services revenue up 8.7% in five monthsViet Nam News2024-05-30
Stock market yet to enter dangerous territory: brokerThe investor2024-05-30
Vietnam Signals Readiness to Support Dong as Currency Hits LowsBloomberg2024-05-30
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2024-05-29
Vietnam FDI sector posts $19.27 bln trade surplus in first 5 monthsThe investor2024-05-29
FDI in property soars by 70%Viet Nam News2024-05-29
VN-Index may reach record high of 1,700 by end-2024: Finish fund PYN EliteThe investor2024-05-29
Vietnam industrial production grows 6.8% in Jan-May, driven by electricity, manufacturingThe investor2024-05-29
Vietnam inflation rises 0.05% from April to May due to scorching weather, high pork pricesThe investor2024-05-29
Vietnam Inflation at 16-Month High Adds Pressure on Central BankBloomberg2024-05-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in May and the first 5 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-05-29
Industrial production index May 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-05-29
Consumer price index, gold price index and US dollar price index May 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-05-29
Dollar weakens against dongVN Express international2024-05-28
VN-Index soars above 1,280 pointsViet Nam News2024-05-28
Central bank withdrew VNÐ93 trillion to stabilise the gold and forex marketsViet Nam News2024-05-28
VN-Index increases slightly, liquidity drops to the lowest in ten sessionsViet Nam News2024-05-28
Rumour about exchange rate management change is inaccurate: SBV officialViet Nam News2024-05-28
FDI reaches US$11.07 billion in first five months of 2024Viet Nam News2024-05-28
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2024-05-27
Banks struggle to increase CASA ratio amid low credit growthVietnam investment Review2024-05-27
Experts predict deposit interest rates to rise 1 percentage point in H2Viet Nam News2024-05-27
Vietnamese firms urged to watch global trade policiesViet Nam News2024-05-27
Market likely to continue volatility this weekViet Nam News2024-05-27
Vietnam attracts registered FDI of $11.1 bln in Jan-May, Ba Ria-Vung Tau top receiver thanks to HyosungThe investor2024-05-27
Central bank refutes currency band rumours, claims within rangeVietnamnet Global2024-05-26
Vietnam Central Bank Reiterates Dollar Sale Plan to Support DongBloomberg2024-05-25
The State Bank of Vietnam has flexibly and synchronously operated monetary policy solutions and tools to closely follow market developmentsState Bank of Viet Nam2024-05-24
Vietnam dong seen weakening further against U.S. dollar in Q2 - UOBVietnamnet Global2024-05-24
Market plummets as liquidity surges to eight-week highViet Nam News2024-05-24
Rising industrial property rents may harm Vietnam's appeal to FDIThe investor2024-05-24
Central bank works on legal framework for credit scoringVietnamnet Global2024-05-23
Import-export turnover hits over US$270 billion by mid-MayVietnamnet Global2024-05-23
Top banker expects deposit interest rates to edge up in H2VN Express international2024-05-23
Market rebounds, VN-Index back to 1,280 pointsViet Nam News2024-05-23
Small businesses show confidence as VN expects strong economic growthViet Nam News2024-05-23
VN too heavily dependent on FDI, must improve industrial ecosystemViet Nam News2024-05-23
Vietnam May Raise Rate as Dong Falls to Record Low, Maybank SaysBloomberg2024-05-23
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2024-05-22
Market mixed, as VN-Index breaks five-day rallyViet Nam News2024-05-22
Finance ministry works with S&P on sovereign credit ratingViet Nam News2024-05-22
Market opens new week on a positive noteViet Nam News2024-05-21
Bad debt still a headache for banks in 2024Viet Nam News2024-05-21
Dollar rises against dongVN Express international2024-05-20
Vietnam to Prioritize Economic Growth as Challenges MountBloomberg2024-05-20
Market likely to inch higher this week, experts forecastViet Nam News2024-05-20
Import-export turnover through L?ng Son surpasses $22 billionViet Nam News2024-05-20
Property firms unable to escape debt: expertThe investor2024-05-19
VN-Index gains for 4 straight weeksThe investor2024-05-19
UN maintains Vietnam’s economic growth anticipation at 6% in 2024, 6.5% in 2025The investor2024-05-19
Dollar strengthens against dongVN Express international2024-05-19
Market extends gains for a fourth dayViet Nam News2024-05-18
VEPR forecasts Vietnamese economy growth at below 6 per centViet Nam News2024-05-18
Foreign capital outflows continue, but Korean and Taiwanese investments boost Vietnamese stocksViet Nam News2024-05-17
Debt repayment help for struggling companies to be extended until year endViet Nam News2024-05-17
Corporate bond issuance surges, redemption pressure persistsViet Nam News2024-05-17
PM chairs meeting on fiscal, monetary policy managementVietnam investment Review2024-05-17
Investors Still Flocking to Vietnam Despite Political UpheavalBloomberg2024-05-17
Dollar decreases slightly against dongVN Express international2024-05-16
Banking stocks lifts VN-Index to nearly 1,270 pointsViet Nam News2024-05-16
Public debt plan laid out towards 2026Vietnamnet Global2024-05-16
HCM City leads nation in 2023 export earnings: ReportVietnamnet Global2024-05-16
VN-Index soars above 1,250 pointsViet Nam News2024-05-16
Stock market gains momentum with improved liquidity and positive Q1 resultsViet Nam News2024-05-16
Exchange rate stabilised but losses significant due to surging dollarViet Nam News2024-05-16
Vietnam central bank likely to maintain monetary easing policy: Shinhan BankThe investor2024-05-15
Dollar falls to one-month low against dongVN Express international2024-05-15
Vietnam realty stock deleted from MSCI Frontier Markets IndexThe investor2024-05-15
Construction and real estate businesses seek capital from shareholders to settle debtsViet Nam News2024-05-15
Mounting inflationary pressure requires Government’s flexible movesViet Nam News2024-05-15
VN-Index rebounds after three days of declineViet Nam News2024-05-14
Dollar remains steady against dongVN Express international2024-05-14
Fiscal deficit to require further economic assistanceVietnam investment Review2024-05-14
Public debt plan laid out towards 2026Vietnam investment Review2024-05-14
VN-Index ticks down, penny stocks hit ceiling pricesViet Nam News2024-05-14
Banks raise savings rates to attract depositorsViet Nam News2024-05-14
Lenders increase provisioning to protect against bad debtVietnam investment Review2024-05-13
Corporate bond maturity in 2024 remains high: MoFViet Nam News2024-05-13
Businesses and people expect VAT cut extension to be approvedViet Nam News2024-05-13
Foreign investors net sell $123 mln worth of Vietnam stocksThe investor2024-05-12
Dollar tiptoes down against dongVN Express international2024-05-12
Market to trade sideways nearly 1,250 point-level this week: expertsViet Nam News2024-05-12
UOB projects Viet Nam’s Q2 GDP growth rate to hit 6 per centViet Nam News2024-05-11
Key economic pillars show positive growthViet Nam News2024-05-11
Unprecedented policies drive Vietnam’s economic recoveryVietnamnet Global2024-05-10
Youth unemployment rate remains highVietnamnet Global2024-05-10
Outstanding bonds of real estate enterprises amount VNÐ350.88 trillionViet Nam News2024-05-10
Strong recovery seen in industrial production in four monthsViet Nam News2024-05-10
US Department of Commerce holds hearing on designating VN as a market economyViet Nam News2024-05-10
Dollar strengthens against dongVN Express international2024-05-09
Market mixed, VN-Index snaps 6-day rallyViet Nam News2024-05-09
SBV ready to intervene to stabilise foreign exchange rate: Deputy GovernorVietnamnet Global2024-05-08
State Treasury raises over $890 million worth of G-bonds in AprilViet Nam News2024-05-08
Tax sector sees 10.7% rise in State budget revenue in four monthsViet Nam News2024-05-08
Positive investment opportunities in Vietnamese stocks with potential Fed rate reductionViet Nam News2024-05-08
International financiers upbeat about Vietnam’s economic outlook for 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-05-07
FDI flows strongly into manufacturing, real estateVietnamnet Global2024-05-07
Exchange rates remain within controlled range: ADB expertVietnamnet Global2024-05-07
Banks raise interest rates to shore up depositsVN Express international2024-05-07
Dollar tiptoes up against dongVN Express international2024-05-07
VN-Index soars nearly 2% on rising risk appetiteViet Nam News2024-05-07
Market extends gains to fifth day on large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-05-07
Some bright spots of the socio-economic situation in April and the first 4 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-05-06
Bank deposits decline for first time in over two yearsViet Nam News2024-05-06
Cautious rise amid low supply and cash flow, investors advised to monitor resistance areaViet Nam News2024-05-06
Retail sales, services revenue up 8.5 per cent in four monthsViet Nam News2024-05-04
UOB: USD likely to weaken against the VNDVietnam investment Review2024-05-03
Exchange rate pressures could affect interest ratesVietnam investment Review2024-05-03
Market climbs with food, beverage, and IT sectors leading the wayViet Nam News2024-05-03
Stock market liquidity forecast to pick up at end-Q2The investor2024-05-03
Dollar rises against dong on black marketVN Express international2024-05-02
Market likely to face some fluctuationsViet Nam News2024-05-02
Outstanding margin loans reach record high amidst strong equity growthViet Nam News2024-05-02
Interest rates to rise but not have major impact on stock market: economistViet Nam News2024-05-02
Van Thinh Phat Group affiliated companies accumulate over $2b in bond debtViet Nam News2024-05-02
Vietnam factory activity returns to growth on new orders: S&PThe investor2024-05-02
Dollar drops little against dongVN Express international2024-05-01
Trade surplus hits $8.4 billion in four months: GSOViet Nam News2024-04-30
Foreign investment disbursement hits record high in the first four monthsViet Nam News2024-04-30
Credit rating culture deemed vital for transparencyVietnam investment Review2024-04-30
Vietnam’s FDI sector posts $16.64 bln trade surplus in Jan-AprThe investor2024-04-30
Dollar slips against dong on black marketVN Express international2024-04-29
CPI in April inches up 0.07%Viet Nam News2024-04-29
Vietnam industrial production expands 6% in Jan-AprilThe investor2024-04-29
Tepid Exports Recovery Add to Vietnam, Thailand’s Currency WoesBloomberg2024-04-29
Industrial production index April 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-29
Consumer price index, gold price index and US dollar price index April 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in April and the first 4 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-29
Dollar gains on black marketVN Express international2024-04-26
Market mixed, VN-Index hovers above 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2024-04-26
Exports face challenges despite enjoying robust growthVietnamnet Global2024-04-26
Announcement on the Government Bond Auction plan for the 2nd Quarter 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-04-26
???????VN needs drastic reforms to create firm ground for economic growth: expertsViet Nam News2024-04-26
SSC rejects KRX system operation on May 2Viet Nam News2024-04-26
Shares reverse to end lower as sectors sufferViet Nam News2024-04-26
Dollar weakens against dongVN Express international2024-04-25
Vietnam emerges as fastest growing digital economy in ASEANVietnamnet Global2024-04-25
Remittance inflows expected to quench real estate sector’s thirst for capitalVietnamnet Global2024-04-25
Keeping CPI low key to inflation control this yearViet Nam News2024-04-25
Market rebounds, VN-Index breaks over 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2024-04-24
SBV takes more actions to stabilise foreign exchange ratesVietnamnet Global2024-04-24
VN-Index loses the threshold of 1,180 pointsViet Nam News2024-04-24
VN's economy forecast to grow by 5.5 per cent in 2024Viet Nam News2024-04-24
HCM City could issue bonds for overseas Vietnamese to fund infrastructure: conferenceViet Nam News2024-04-24
Businesses concerned about rising exchange rate pressureViet Nam News2024-04-24
Standard Chartered revises down Vietnam GDP growth forecast to 6%The investor2024-04-24
Dollar drops on black marketVN Express international2024-04-23
Van Thinh Phat-linked firms grapple with over VND52 trillion debtVietnamnet Global2024-04-23
Viet Nam - an enticing destination for foreign investors: IMF expertViet Nam News2024-04-23
Dollar drops on black marketVN Express international2024-04-22
Market reverses losing course on positive sentimentViet Nam News2024-04-22
Potential VN-Index technical recovery hindered by investor hesitationViet Nam News2024-04-22
New stock trading system KRX to operate from May 2The investor2024-04-22
Vietnam's economy begins to absorb capitalVietnamnet Global2024-04-21
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2024-04-21
Vietnam stock market loses $20 bln after 4 sessionsThe investor2024-04-21
Manage monetary policies proactively and flexibly, supporting economic growthState Bank of Viet Nam2024-04-19
Central bank sells US dollar to lenders to ease exchange rate pressureVN Express international2024-04-19
Shares experience four consecutive days of declineViet Nam News2024-04-19
Improved business environment, infrastructure can help Vietnam’s growth reach 6.5%: IMFThe investor2024-04-19
Gold auction only considered as short-term measure to stabilize marketVietnamnet Global2024-04-19
Old loans must endure higher interest rates temporarily: SBVViet Nam News2024-04-19
Localities get ready for fourth FDI boomViet Nam News2024-04-19
VN's exports $25.77 billion to the US in Q1Viet Nam News2024-04-19
Vietnam Central Bank Says It’s Ready to Intervene in FX MarketBloomberg2024-04-19
Gold outperforms stocks, bank deposits in 2024VN Express international2024-04-18
Dollar hits another historic peakVN Express international2024-04-18
Vietnam added to Emerging Market and Middle-Income Economies group: IMFThe investor2024-04-17
Overseas remittances to HCM City record highest increase in three yearsViet Nam News2024-04-17
Shares struggled as large-caps stocks sufferedViet Nam News2024-04-17
Foreign investors net sell in Vietnamese market, banking sector attracts interestViet Nam News2024-04-17
Vietnam mounts ‘unprecedented’ $24 billion rescue for bank engulfed in giant fraud, documents showBusinessworld2024-04-17
Dollar sets new record highs against the dongVN Express international2024-04-16
Market downturn restrained on growing bargain demandViet Nam News2024-04-16
Banks record positive business indicators in Q1 2024Viet Nam News2024-04-16
US dollar continues gaining against VNÐ, hitting exchange ceilingViet Nam News2024-04-16
Market plunges, HOSE's value evaporates $10 billionViet Nam News2024-04-16
Interest rates likely to remain fairly levelledVietnam investment Review2024-04-16
More vibrant corporate bond market anticipatedVietnam investment Review2024-04-16
Vietnamese Refinancing Risks Flare as Company Bond Sales Dry UpBloomberg2024-04-16
Vingroup Gets Nod to Roll Over Half of $625 Million DebtBloomberg2024-04-15
Vietnam stock market worst performer in Asia, index records sharpest fall in 2 yearsThe investor2024-04-15
Vietnam deposit interest rates pick up after year in hibernationThe investor2024-04-15
Market to struggle around the 1,300-point thresholdViet Nam News2024-04-15
Bank lending on clear recovery path in HCM CityViet Nam News2024-04-15
Vietnamese securities firms reap profits on stock market ralliesThe investor2024-04-14
Dollar strengthens slightly against dongVN Express international2024-04-14
Savings interest rates begin rising amid slowing bank depositsViet Nam News2024-04-14
Shares jump on growing demandViet Nam News2024-04-13
Dollar continues to weaken on black marketVN Express international2024-04-12
Viet Nam’s growth projected at 6% in 2024 with policy adjustment: AMROViet Nam News2024-04-12
ADB maintains growth projection for VN at 6 per cent in 2024 on sizeable public investmentViet Nam News2024-04-12
Vietnam’s 2024 GDP forecast to grow 5.8%: Maybank SecuritiesThe investor2024-04-12
Banks hike deposit interest rates as inflows slowVN Express international2024-04-11
Shares tread water in HCM City on investor cautionViet Nam News2024-04-11
Not much value in reducing interest rates in Vietnam: ADBThe investor2024-04-11
Vietnam’s economic picture begins to brightenVietnamnet Global2024-04-11
ADB retains Vietnam's GDP growth forecast at 6% for 2024The investor2024-04-11
Vietnam's economic growth expected to pick up in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-04-10
Dollar reaches new height against dongVN Express international2024-04-10
Banks and oil stocks endure a tough day, leaving with market volatilityViet Nam News2024-04-10
Vietnam GDP growth accelerates to 6% in 2024, third highest in ASEAN: research unit AMROThe investor2024-04-10
Shares rebound but liquidity continues to decreaseViet Nam News2024-04-10
Viet Nam's exports to India maintain growth momentumViet Nam News2024-04-10
Banks post huge profits despite low credit growthVietnam investment Review2024-04-10
Dollar inches up on black marketVN Express international2024-04-09
Shares kick off the new trading week in downturn on increasing market risksViet Nam News2024-04-09
Businesses concerned about dollar appreciationViet Nam News2024-04-09
Exchange rates hover near historical highsVietnam investment Review2024-04-09
Foreign investment driven towards new breakthrough phaseVietnamnet Global2024-04-08
Market recovery hinges on caution as 1,250-point zone provides temporary supportViet Nam News2024-04-08
Vietnamese businesses grapple with surging exchange ratesVietnam investment Review2024-04-08
Surging Gold in Vietnam Spurs Angst Over Smuggling, DongBloomberg2024-04-07
Gold prices rise, central bank stops issuing billsVietnamnet Global2024-04-07
Banking credit edges up in Q1VN Express international2024-04-07
Dollar steadies at all-time high at banksVN Express international2024-04-07
Investors need patience amid high market volatility: brokersThe investor2024-04-07
Vietnam economy sees brighter growth prospects in 2024 amid uneven Q1 recovery: HSBCThe investor2024-04-06
Vietnam ranked 6th among fastest growing Asian economies in 2024VN Express international2024-04-05
Dollar weakens on black marketVN Express international2024-04-05
Businesses, experts optimistic about economic recoveryVN Express international2024-04-05
Shares drop for three straight days because of prevailing sentiment of caution and indecisionViet Nam News2024-04-05
MPI unveils two economic growth scenarios for this yearViet Nam News2024-04-05
HoSE's stock market capitalisation in March rises by 3.1% compared to FebruaryViet Nam News2024-04-05
Stock market struggles as large-caps decline, casting negative shadowViet Nam News2024-04-05
Foreign investors' confidence in Vietnam consolidatedVietnamnet Global2024-04-05
Dollar inches up at banks, dips on black marketVN Express international2024-04-04
State budget revenue from exports, imports down 4.2% in Q1Viet Nam News2024-04-04
Industrial production situation in the first quarter in the years 2020-2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-04
Vietnam emerges as new Asian hub with rapid macro-economic growthVietnamnet Global2024-04-04
Retail sales of goods, services up 8.2% in Q1VN Express international2024-04-03
Deputy Permanent Governor of SBV Dao Minh Tu: Exchange rate remains stableState Bank of Viet Nam2024-04-03
Central bank ready for market intervention to stabilize exchange rates: officialVN Express international2024-04-03
Dollar reaches another historic peakVN Express international2024-04-03
Shares struggle, most industry sectors sufferViet Nam News2024-04-03
International-standard green bond certification crucial for Vietnam: FiinRatings expertThe investor2024-04-03
Vietnam planning ministry opts for 6.5% growth scenario after Q1 accelerationThe investor2024-04-03
The price market in the first quarter of 2024 and the forecast of factors affecting the Consumer Price Index in 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-03
Vietnam updates growth scenarios on positive Q1 gainsVietnamnet Global2024-04-03
Forex market under significant pressureVietnam investment Review2024-04-03
Bank credit increases again in MarchViet Nam News2024-04-03
Stocks rebound as cash flow surges into large-cap sharesViet Nam News2024-04-03
Vietnam’s PM Urges ‘Drastic’ Push to Reach 2024 6.5% GDP GrowthBloomberg2024-04-03
Vietnam’s economy at turning point, 'breakthrough' expectedVietnamnet Global2024-04-02
Vietnam among top growth leaders globally in 2024: World BankVietnamnet Global2024-04-02
Dollar hits all-time highVN Express international2024-04-02
Foundation for economic growth comes from fiscal policy: EconomistsViet Nam News2024-04-02
Vietnam plans to borrow $75 bln in 2024-2026The investor2024-04-02
Strong export growth: Creating momentum for the whole yearGeneral Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-04-02
Prospects remain bright for Vietnam economy despite geopolitical conflicts: UOBThe investor2024-04-02
Dong forecast to depreciate in H1 2024Viet Nam News2024-04-02
Banks disclose lending rates to the public for the first timeViet Nam News2024-04-02
Firms linked to property developer V?n Th?nh Phát fined for bond issuance violationsViet Nam News2024-04-02
Production dips for first time in three months: PMIViet Nam News2024-04-02
Banks slash mortgage rates to decade lowVN Express international2024-04-01
Dollar's uptrend continue against dongVN Express international2024-04-01
Vietnamese stocks suffer as banking and securities shares decreaseViet Nam News2024-04-01
Market to approach peak zoneViet Nam News2024-04-01
Adjusting prices will depend on assessment of macroeconomic impacts: MoiTViet Nam News2024-04-01
Viet Nam to benefit from Fed’s rate cutViet Nam News2024-04-01
Vietnam factory activity contracts after 2-month improvement: S&P GlobalThe investor2024-04-01
WB retains 2024 growth forecast for Vietnam at 5.5% despite Q1 surgeThe investor2024-04-01
PM tasks construction ministry with researching G-bond issuance to support social housing constructionViet Nam News2024-03-31
Dollar rises slightly against dong on black marketVN Express international2024-03-31
Some bright spots of the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-03-30
Viet Nam’s banking profitability forecast to strengthen in 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-30
Market corrects on pillar stocksViet Nam News2024-03-30
Vietnam FDi sector posts $12.57 bln trade surplus in Q1The investor2024-03-30
Vietnam inflation down 0.23% in March as food prices easeThe investor2024-03-30
Vietnam Q1 unemployment rate slips slightly to 2.24%The investor2024-03-30
Dollar inches down on black market, steady at banksVN Express international2024-03-30
Vietnam Growth Slows More Than Forecast on Trade TurmoilBloomberg2024-03-29
Vietnam’s Q1 industrial production up 5.7%, Tra Vinh leads the packThe investor2024-03-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in the first quarter of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-03-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index March 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-03-29
Deposit interest rates to remain low until mid-2024: analystsViet Nam News2024-03-28
VN-index gains for fourth day in a rowViet Nam News2024-03-28
Ha Noi: Key products make up nearly 35 per cent of total industrial production valueViet Nam News2024-03-28
Vietnam FDi remains robust as Chinese firms step upThe investor2024-03-28
indices inch higher on large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-03-27
VN getting ready for the fourth FDi boomViet Nam News2024-03-27
Finance ministry clears bottlenecks to pave way for stock market upgradeVietnamnet Global2024-03-27
Shares recover all losses, liquidity drops sharplyViet Nam News2024-03-27
Central bank revises regulations on foreign currency transactionsViet Nam News2024-03-27
Lending slowdown threatens to delay real estate recoveryVietnam investment Review2024-03-26
Central bank works on bad debt regulationsViet Nam News2024-03-26
VN's stock market outshines savings, real estate and gold, attracting domestic investorsViet Nam News2024-03-26
VN corporate bond market remains subduedVietnamnet Global2024-03-25
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2024-03-25
Standard Chartered forecasts Q1 GDP to moderate amid rising inflationViet Nam News2024-03-25
Market corrects as selling force weighs on large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-03-25
Viet Nam tackles obstacles to stock market upgradeViet Nam News2024-03-25
Securities companies warn of potential bull trap as VN-index eyes 1,300 pointsViet Nam News2024-03-25
Dollar rises slightly on black marketVN Express international2024-03-24
Recognition of VN’s market economy status will be testament of VN-US confidenceVietnamnet Global2024-03-24
Shares sustain gains on strong investor confidenceViet Nam News2024-03-23
Nearly 20 commercial banks lower deposit rates in MarchViet Nam News2024-03-23
Vietnam racks up trade surplus of US$6.2 billion by mid-MarchVietnamnet Global2024-03-22
Prolonged strengthening of dollar could cause import of inflation into VietnamVN Express international2024-03-22
Produce exports rise 27% in Q1VN Express international2024-03-22
Dollar heads up on black marketVN Express international2024-03-22
Vietnam’s local currency bond market contracts 0.4%Vietnamnet Global2024-03-22
Businesses must start taking protective measures against volatile exchange rateViet Nam News2024-03-22
Shares surge as banking, securities and real estate drive market rallyViet Nam News2024-03-22
New law expected to boost financial leasingViet Nam News2024-03-22
Dollar inches up at banks, down on black marketVN Express international2024-03-21
FDi flows in Vietnam forecast to boom this yearVietnamnet Global2024-03-21
Foreign investors to be allowed to trade stocks in Vietnam without pre-funding: draft circularThe investor2024-03-21
Banks basically disclose lending rate information on websitesViet Nam News2024-03-21
US newswire sees positive signs in Vietnamese stock marketViet Nam News2024-03-21
Dollar tiptoes up on black marketVN Express international2024-03-20
Market reverses, VN-index back to 1,260 point-levelViet Nam News2024-03-20
Vietnamese economy proceeding as predictedVietnamnet Global2024-03-20
Banks given advantages to CASA ratioViet Nam News2024-03-20
Vietnam's Middle East, Europe-bound exports lose competitiveness due to Red Sea tensionsVN Express international2024-03-19
VN central bank drains more money from systemVietnamnet Global2024-03-19
FDi sector becomes key Vietnamese growth driver: Vietnam Business ForumVietnamnet Global2024-03-19
Vietnam’s Stock Trading Volume Jumps to Record as investors SellBloomberg2024-03-19
Large-caps pressured as increased profit-taking drives share declineViet Nam News2024-03-19
intensified selling activity exerted downward pressure on VN-indexViet Nam News2024-03-19
Dollar strengthens little against dongVN Express international2024-03-18
Viet Nam's exports to the US steadily recoverViet Nam News2024-03-18
Deposit interest rates forecast to hit bottom in Q1 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-18
Market likely to be affected by Fed's meeting this weekViet Nam News2024-03-18
Vietnam Brokers May Rally More on Trading Boost, Retail BoomBloomberg2024-03-18
Dollar inches down on black marketVN Express international2024-03-17
Foreign investors net sell strongly, VN-index extends lossesViet Nam News2024-03-15
Vietnam's stock market expected to be upgraded to new status by 2025Vietnamnet Global2024-03-15
Exporters, importers struggle with higher shipping costs, strengthening dollarVN Express international2024-03-14
Dollar rises slightly against dongVN Express international2024-03-14
VN-index corrects, liquidity stays highViet Nam News2024-03-14
PM urges further rate cuts, improved credit access to remove obstacles, promote growthViet Nam News2024-03-14
Foreign exchange rate cools after central bank’s interventionViet Nam News2024-03-14
Viet Nam's GDP reaches over $430 billion in 2023, fifth most in Southeast AsiaViet Nam News2024-03-14
Banks remain reluctant in disclosing interest ratesViet Nam News2024-03-14
PM chairs meeting on monetary policies to remove obstacles, promote growthViet Nam News2024-03-14
SBV issues treasury bills to cool down USD/VND exchange rateVietnamnet Global2024-03-13
Vietnamese dong likely to strengthen toward year end: UOBVietnamnet Global2024-03-13
Dollar strengthens over dongVN Express international2024-03-13
VN-index soars to 18-month high on rising risk appetiteViet Nam News2024-03-13
Market rebounds from cautious sentimentViet Nam News2024-03-13
Corporate bond market quiet in FebruaryViet Nam News2024-03-13
Viet Nam's export recovery gains momentumViet Nam News2024-03-13
Dollar decreases slightly on black marketVN Express international2024-03-12
Exchange rate sparks debate on volatilityVietnam investment Review2024-03-12
Stock market gaining robust foundationVietnam investment Review2024-03-12
Vietnamese GDP size hits over US$430 billion in 2023VGP News2024-03-12
Losses in bank stocks weigh on market sentimentViet Nam News2024-03-12
VCCi proposes zero tax rate to be maintained for exported servicesViet Nam News2024-03-12
Vietnamese economy forecast to expand at 5.5 per cent in Q1Viet Nam News2024-03-12
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2024-03-12
Vietnamese GDP size ranks fifth in Southeast AsiaVietnamnet Global2024-03-11
Viet Nam's public debt kept sustainable, stableViet Nam News2024-03-11
Market faces temporary setback as support at 1,250 points weakensViet Nam News2024-03-11
increasing 'high-quality' commodities to strengthen stock marketViet Nam News2024-03-11
Dollar inches up on black market, down at banksVN Express international2024-03-10
Shares plunge amid intense selling force, soaring liquidityViet Nam News2024-03-09
Vietnam’s Bid for Emerging-Market Upgrade Faces Reality CheckBloomberg2024-03-09
VN stock market expected to bounce backVietnamnet Global2024-03-08
Shipping costs stifle progress among Vietnamese exportersVietnamnet Global2024-03-08
Vietnam’s financial market favoured by Korean investorsVietnamnet Global2024-03-08
Dollar rises on black marketVN Express international2024-03-07
Nearly VND28.2 trillion worth of G-bonds raised in FebruaryViet Nam News2024-03-07
Opportunities for stock market in VietnamVietnamnet Global2024-03-07
Vietnam’s public debt kept at sustainable, stable level, says Finance MinisterVietnamnet Global2024-03-07
Vietnam becomes magnet for FDi flowVietnamnet Global2024-03-07
PM told SBV to keep interests low and financial access easierViet Nam News2024-03-07
Brazil increases imports from Viet NamViet Nam News2024-03-07
Dollar price surge on unofficial channel doesn’t affect VN foreign currency marketViet Nam News2024-03-07
Shares reverse to end lower as industries lose groundViet Nam News2024-03-07
Dollar gains at banks, falls on black marketVN Express international2024-03-06
USD rate pressures domestic landscapeVietnam investment Review2024-03-06
Retail sales of goods, services increase by 8.5% in February: GSOViet Nam News2024-03-06
Significant pressure on corporate bonds maturing in 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-06
Some bright spots on the socio-economic situation in February and the first 2 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-03-05
Dollar on three-day rising streakVN Express international2024-03-05
HCM City attracts 176.71 million USD in export processing and industrial zonesViet Nam News2024-03-05
Shares enjoy gains, boosted by securities stocks and giant Masan GroupViet Nam News2024-03-05
State budget revenue from exports-imports down 2.4% in two monthsViet Nam News2024-03-05
Banks step up private placements to foreign investors in 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-05
Concerns over trade surplus still loom largeViet Nam News2024-03-05
VN-index climb with foreign investors' strong buying real estate stocksViet Nam News2024-03-04
Vietnam striving to address foreign investors’ concerns: deputy ministerThe investor2024-03-04
Dollar stays elevated against dongVN Express international2024-03-04
Credit continues to decline in February 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-04
Manufacturing sector continues to grow, business sentiment at one-year high: PMiViet Nam News2024-03-04
State budget collection reaches 24.3% of 2024 projection in two monthsViet Nam News2024-03-04
Hai An Transport issues $20m worth of convertible bonds to 4 investment fundsViet Nam News2024-03-04
Vietnam sees February inflation up 3.98%, retail sales up 8.5% on Tet seasonViet Nam News2024-03-04
Dollar climbs back to year-to-date peakVN Express international2024-03-03
Market likely to correct this weekViet Nam News2024-03-03
Banks pay dividends in shares to increase capital in 2024Viet Nam News2024-03-02
Consumption surge in Tet gives a boost to domestic market growth: ExpertsViet Nam News2024-03-02
Market closes week on a positive noteViet Nam News2024-03-02
Vietnam manufacturing activity continues improving in February: S&P GlobalThe investor2024-03-01
Red Sea crisis piles financial pressure on Vietnamese exporters: RMiT expertThe investor2024-03-01
Vietnam’s industrial production index down 18% in FebruaryThe investor2024-03-01
Vietnam sees February inflation up 3.98%, retail sales up 8.5% on Tet seasonThe investor2024-03-01
Dollar inches up on black marketVN Express international2024-03-01
Collaboration with MSCi and FTSE Russell: State Bank works towards upgrading stock marketViet Nam News2024-03-01
Viet Nam has advantages in exports to Europe, AmericaViet Nam News2024-03-01
Tet shopping spree pushes up CPi by 3.98 per cent in FebruaryViet Nam News2024-03-01
Vietnamese stocks can attract additional $25 bln with market status upgrade: WBThe investor2024-02-29
Foreign-invested firms post Jan-Feb trade surplus of $8.25 blnThe investor2024-02-29
Trade Powerhouse Vietnam Reports Surprise 5% Fall in ExportsBloomberg2024-02-29
Dollar inches down on black marketVN Express international2024-02-29
Viet Nam's trade surplus reaches $4.72 billion in Jan-FebViet Nam News2024-02-29
Market mixed, liquidity reaches over $1 blnViet Nam News2024-02-29
industrial production index February 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-02-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in February and the first 2 months of 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-02-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index February 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-02-29
FDi inflow increases by 38.6 per cent in two monthsViet Nam News2024-02-29
Vietnamese stock market rapidly advancing towards global standards: Prime MinisterViet Nam News2024-02-29
Vietnam Seeks More iPOs, Share Sales to Boost its Stock MarketBloomberg2024-02-28
VN-index hits more than 1-year highViet Nam News2024-02-28
Vietnam’s FDi inflow surges nearly 39% in two monthsVietnamnet Global2024-02-28
PM Chinh chairs conference on stock market developmentVietnamnet Global2024-02-28
VN-index inches closer to the threshold of 1,240 pointsViet Nam News2024-02-28
Domestic retail market forecast to be robust in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-28
Dollar rises on black marketVN Express international2024-02-27
Consumption shows signs of recovery after TetViet Nam News2024-02-27
Mixed trends of using short-term capital for medium- and long-term loans among bank groupsViet Nam News2024-02-27
Vietnam plans union reform to avert trade woes, risking foreign firms’ uneaseBusinessworld2024-02-27
High logistics costs a headache to Vietnam’s agricultural exportVietnamnet Global2024-02-26
Dollar slips after gaining streakVN Express international2024-02-26
VN-index snaps 3-day losing streakViet Nam News2024-02-26
Vietnam's shrimp exports forecast to rise by 15% in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-26
Vietnam's labor market soars with 51.7 million employed in Q1Vietnamnet Global2024-02-26
Overnight interbank rate hits nine-month record highViet Nam News2024-02-26
Enterprises hasten production after holidays, signaling recovery in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-26
More policy rate cuts forecast in 2024 to support economic growthViet Nam News2024-02-26
VN looks to remain a strong competitor for global FDiViet Nam News2024-02-26
Market faces profit-taking pressure, expected to rebound within 1,200-1,210 point rangeViet Nam News2024-02-26
D?k L?k Province farm exports boomViet Nam News2024-02-26
Enhancing local trade finance in VN could lead to a $55 billion boost in tradeVietnamnet Global2024-02-25
Credit shrinks as businesses refrain from borrowing moneyVietnamnet Global2024-02-25
Seafood exports to key markets rise 64%VN Express international2024-02-25
Dollar reaches highest year-to-dateVN Express international2024-02-25
Foreign investors strong net sellers as VN-index shakesThe investor2024-02-25
Supply chain diversification opportunities help Vietnam attract FDi in 2024: brokerThe investor2024-02-24
Vietnam keen to boost economic and trade links with C5 nationsVietnamnet Global2024-02-23
After Tet holiday, interest rates began to fallVietnamnet Global2024-02-23
VN-index fails to sustain upward momentum despite multiple attemptsViet Nam News2024-02-23
Banks ask central bank to extend June 30 payment deadlineViet Nam News2024-02-23
Removing trade finance constraints may give Vietnam $55 bln trade boost annually: reportThe investor2024-02-22
Vietnam likely to maintain high economic growth in medium term: iMF expertVietnamnet Global2024-02-22
VN export turnover in 2024 expected to increase by over 6 percentVietnamnet Global2024-02-22
VN-index to reach 1,300 points in 2024 thanks to individual investors: brokerThe investor2024-02-22
Don't rejoice too early at January’s big trade surplus: economistThe investor2024-02-22
Vietnamese stock market continues strong upward trend, capitalisation soaring by $27.5 billion in 2 monthsViet Nam News2024-02-22
Vietnam Exchange posts 2023 net profits of $77 mlnThe investor2024-02-21
Export recovery gains momentumVN Express international2024-02-21
Dollar close to four-week high against dongVN Express international2024-02-21
Central bank injects large amount of money to support capital for banksViet Nam News2024-02-21
Vietnam Stock Exchange’s revenue down nearly 44% in 2023Vietnamnet Global2024-02-21
Market ends flat as bullish and bearish sentiments engage in Tug-of-WarViet Nam News2024-02-21
Export-import turnover reaches $1.41 billion during TetViet Nam News2024-02-21
Optimistic signs seen in exports of garment-textile sectorViet Nam News2024-02-21
Farm exports expect breakthroughViet Nam News2024-02-21
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2024-02-20
Market remains upbeat on large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-02-20
VN rice sector works on 5 billion USD export targetVietnamnet Global2024-02-20
Farm exports expect breakthroughVietnamnet Global2024-02-20
Vietnam’s economy expected to make breakthrough in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-20
Vietnam’s new export orders set to continue rising on strengthening US economy: VinaCapitalThe investor2024-02-20
VN-index closes seventh session in greenVN Express international2024-02-20
Consumption surge in Tet boosts domestic market growth: ExpertsViet Nam News2024-02-20
Viet Nam exports millions of dollars worth of farm produce to China during TetViet Nam News2024-02-20
Slower credit and non-performing loans have banks setting modest targets in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-20
Credit growth declines by 0.6% in first month of 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-20
Companies increase deposit amounts to maximise interest earningsViet Nam News2024-02-20
Vietnam set to launch new stock trading platform KRX after final testsThe investor2024-02-19
investors hold trillions of VND, await stock market boomVietnamnet Global2024-02-19
Dollar hovers at three-month highVN Express international2024-02-19
PM Chính instructs action for stock market upgradeViet Nam News2024-02-19
Foreign exchange rate forecast to be under control in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-19
Govt targets securities market developmentViet Nam News2024-02-19
PM Chính instructs action for stock market upgradeViet Nam News2024-02-19
Bullish sentiment drives market's upward trendViet Nam News2024-02-19
Most banks push deposit interest rates to below 5%VN Express international2024-02-18
Vietnam's agricultural exports to China expected to riseVN Express international2024-02-17
Public offerings key to promoting corporate bond market: expertsViet Nam News2024-02-17
Banks pours $41 billion in property market in 2023Viet Nam News2024-02-17
Vietnam corporate bond market size may rise 150% to hit $100 bln: ministerThe investor2024-02-16
Speed up plan for stock market status upgrade: PMThe investor2024-02-16
Vietnam lags behind Philippines, indonesia in labor productivityVN Express international2024-02-16
US share of Vietnam exports growingVN Express international2024-02-16
Dollar inches up on black marketVN Express international2024-02-16
Central bank pushes others to boost lending from start of New YearViet Nam News2024-02-16
Saigon Glory successfully extends $408 million in bondsViet Nam News2024-02-16
Export activities bustle on first workday after TetViet Nam News2024-02-16
Morgan Stanley Capital international (MSCi) includes three Vietnamese stocks in MSCi Frontier Markets indexViet Nam News2024-02-16
Orders are returning but firms struggle with capital shortageViet Nam News2024-02-16
Dollar rises to three-week highVN Express international2024-02-15
S&P Global: Vietnam's PMi rebounds after five monthsVietnamnet Global2024-02-15
Vietnam's export turnover in January highest in almost two yearsVietnamnet Global2024-02-15
Securities companies bullish on Vietnamese stock marketViet Nam News2024-02-15
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2024-02-14
Bright prospects for Vietnam’s economy in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-14
Economic gains provide solid base for steady growth in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-14
Vietnam’s economy on track for recovery, stable growthVietnamnet Global2024-02-14
Enterprises, authorities move to bolster industrial productionViet Nam News2024-02-13
Vietnam’s position in global FDi flow rises: ministerVietnamnet Global2024-02-13
Stimulating demand will help HCM City's ‘economic locomotive’: economistVietnamnet Global2024-02-13
Real estate developers criticized for overdependence on bank loansVN Express international2024-02-13
Property market recovery likely in H2: securities firmVN Express international2024-02-13
Vietnamese SMEs thrive on Amazon, export growing 50%Viet Nam News2024-02-13
$4.8B worth of real estate bonds to be redeemed in 2024VN Express international2024-02-12
Vietnam's FDi forecast to remain strong through 2024VN Express international2024-02-12
VN-index to reach 1,200-1,220 points in February: brokerThe investor2024-02-11
HSBC forecasts revival in consumer demandVN Express international2024-02-11
Corporate bond market to thaw this yearVN Express international2024-02-10
Local consumption to regain spotlight: bankViet Nam News2024-02-10
VN needs to develop 'national corporations' as force to drive economic growthViet Nam News2024-02-10
Viet Nam’s exports surge 42% in JanuaryViet Nam News2024-02-10
Positive outlook for Vietnam’s consumer spending in 2024: Fitch SolutionsVietnamnet Global2024-02-09
Viet Nam-Australia bilateral trade down 12% in 2023Viet Nam News2024-02-09
Vietnam's export revenue highest in 22 monthsVN Express international2024-02-08
Vietnam bond market may be more vibrant in 2024: FiinRatingsThe investor2024-02-08
Outside' cash flow to return to Vietnam stock market after Tet: brokerThe investor2024-02-08
Market rally continues for third consecutive day led by blue-chip stocks ahead of Lunar New YearViet Nam News2024-02-07
State budget revenue from imports, exports up 13.2 per cent in JanuaryViet Nam News2024-02-07
Snapping a long net selling streak, foreign capital returns to HoSE in JanViet Nam News2024-02-07
FDi firms' outlook on Viet Nam's economy in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-07
Bad debt recovery faces many challenges in 2024Viet Nam News2024-02-07
Dollar steps up over dongVN Express international2024-02-06
VN-index soars over 1% on back of bank stocksViet Nam News2024-02-06
Dollar gains little against dongVN Express international2024-02-05
Consumer demand up 20-30% in run-up to TetViet Nam News2024-02-05
Record-low interest rates drive early-year credit growthViet Nam News2024-02-05
Retail and consumer service revenue up 8% from 2023Viet Nam News2024-02-05
Real estate companies report profits, indicating potential market recovery and growthViet Nam News2024-02-05
Market expected to stay quiet ahead of TetViet Nam News2024-02-05
Overseas Vietnamese labor in Asia drives remittance growthVN Express international2024-02-05
Dollar rises slightly against dongVN Express international2024-02-04
2023 in review: Vietnam economy weathers the stormVN Express international2024-02-04
Vietnam retail stocks bounce back with business boostThe investor2024-02-03
VND/USD exchange rate expected to rise following Fed decisionThe investor2024-02-03
Vietnam economy ready to bounce back: Citi VietnamVN Express international2024-02-03
Market struggles, bank stocks face strong sell-offViet Nam News2024-02-03
industrial production index up 18.3% y-on-y in JanuaryViet Nam News2024-02-03
Ministry of Finance outlines tasks for upgrading stock market by 2025Viet Nam News2024-02-03
Pre-funding requirement to be eased for foreign stock investorsThe investor2024-02-02
Average monthly wages at FDi firms in Vietnam increase 2.5% to $356The investor2024-02-02
Disbursement of public funds in 2023 meets 93.12% of targetViet Nam News2024-02-02
increasing number of new firms a rosy sign for national economyViet Nam News2024-02-02
HCMC eyes economic growth of 6.5% in Q1VN Express international2024-02-01
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2024-02-01
Viet Nam’s export revenue up 4.1% in first half of JanuaryViet Nam News2024-02-01
Ha Noi attracts almost $870 million in FDi last monthViet Nam News2024-02-01
indices reverse course to finish higherViet Nam News2024-02-01
PM orders renewing current growth drivers, optimising new onesVietnamnet Global2024-02-01
Vietnam to increase trade promotion, market development in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-01
Vietnam trade offices will take new opportunities to achieve sustainable exportVietnamnet Global2024-02-01
US to consider recognizing Vietnam’s market economy in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-02-01
Vietnam factory activity rises for first time in five months ahead of Lunar New Year holiday: S&PThe investor2024-02-01
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2024-01-31
Dollar to strengthen against dong in Q1: HSBCVN Express international2024-01-31
Market corrects deeply on rising selling forceViet Nam News2024-01-31
Real estate in Vietnam attractive to FDi, foreignersVietnamnet Global2024-01-31
Credit offers on the rise nearing TetViet Nam News2024-01-31
USD/VND exchange rate surges in first month of 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-31
Market finishes higher despite low liquidityViet Nam News2024-01-31
VN-index may rise 26% this year if upgraded in September: Maybank SecuritiesThe investor2024-01-30
Vietnam stock market may see $4 bln in foreign buying with upgradeThe investor2024-01-30
Vietnam among top 10 recipients of overseas remittances in 2023Vietnamnet Global2024-01-30
Dollar bounces back from three-week lowVN Express international2024-01-30
CPi increases by 0.31 % in January: GSOViet Nam News2024-01-30
FDi prospects off to stellar start for 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-29
Dollar plunges to 15-day lowVN Express international2024-01-29
State Treasury to auction VND400 trillion worth of government bondsViet Nam News2024-01-29
Foreign investment flows into Viet Nam increase 40% in JanuaryViet Nam News2024-01-29
Corporate bond market stays quiet at the beginning of 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-29
VN-index stable due to rising selling forceViet Nam News2024-01-29
Commercial banks to mainly focus on credit in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-29
Market expected to continue recoveryViet Nam News2024-01-29
Surging Vietnam Exports Signal Hope for Global Demand RecoveryBloomberg2024-01-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in January 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-29
industrial production index January 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index January 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-29
Domestic cash flow to lead Vietnam stock market in 2024: brokerThe investor2024-01-28
Foreign investors net buy $42 mln of Vietnamese shares during Jan 22-26The investor2024-01-28
Job market reflects cautious sentiment among businesses in 2024The investor2024-01-27
Shares rebound following a three-day downturnViet Nam News2024-01-27
State Treasury to issue VND127 trillion of Government bonds in Q1 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-26
Hanoi’s industrial production to recover soonVietnamnet Global2024-01-26
Export expansion at centre of growth planVietnamnet Global2024-01-26
FTAs key in boosting export: MoiTViet Nam News2024-01-26
State Treasury to issue VND127 trillion of Government bonds in Q1 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-26
Banking stocks' slump drives modest decline in overall marketViet Nam News2024-01-26
Vietnamese stocks to benefit from Fed’s monetary easing: brokerThe investor2024-01-25
Dollar rises marginally against dongVN Express international2024-01-25
Ensure flexibility, proactivity in price management to control inflationViet Nam News2024-01-25
Dollar gains on black marketVN Express international2024-01-24
Stock market experiences a decline as blue-chips end lowerViet Nam News2024-01-24
Overseas remittances to HCM City hit 10-year highVietnamnet Global2024-01-24
Central bank directs to boost bad debt handlingViet Nam News2024-01-24
Global minimum tax to affect industrial property marketViet Nam News2024-01-24
Viet Nam economy to grow by 6% in 2024: HSBCViet Nam News2024-01-24
Expert predictions on forex in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-23
New land law expected to help real estate sector to recoverVietnamnet Global2024-01-23
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2024-01-23
Market corrects as selling force weighs on blue-chips stocksViet Nam News2024-01-23
Global banks high on GDP prospectsVietnamnet Global2024-01-23
Foreign capital expected to return to Vietnam’s stock marketVietnamnet Global2024-01-23
Corporate bond market gradually recoversVietnamnet Global2024-01-23
Vietnam continues to see strong FDi inflows in 2024: HSBCThe investor2024-01-23
Market inches higher on steel stocksViet Nam News2024-01-23
Retail and consumer industry set for strong recovery in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-23
Viet Nam advised to capitalise on domestic market to drive growthViet Nam News2024-01-23
Vietnam has large fiscal stimulus space to boost growth: brokerThe investor2024-01-22
Dollar ticks up against dongVN Express international2024-01-22
international integration drives Vietnam’s economic growthVietnamnet Global2024-01-22
Foreign investors to be net Vietnam stock buyers in 2024: expertsThe investor2024-01-22
Counter-cyclical fiscal policy recommended to continue in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-22
Banks to maintain stock dividend payouts for capital boost and cash flow growthViet Nam News2024-01-22
Viet Nam's economy poised for 6% growth in 2024, fueled by export recovery: AMROViet Nam News2024-01-22
Bullish momentum expected to remainViet Nam News2024-01-22
Economy in 2024 expected to improve: CiO of AFC Vietnam FundVietnamnet Global2024-01-21
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2024-01-21
Manufacturing ready for external pressuresVietnamnet Global2024-01-20
Novaland doubles bond-to-share conversion priceVN Express international2024-01-20
State-owned banks maintain double-digit growthVN Express international2024-01-20
VN-index closes the week on a positive noteViet Nam News2024-01-20
Deposit interest rates continue to dropVN Express international2024-01-19
Red Sea tension likely to affect garment and footwear exporters from Q2Vietnamnet Global2024-01-19
Vietnam’s export turnover expected to grow 6% in 2024The investor2024-01-19
Dollar falls slightlyVN Express international2024-01-18
VN-index hits nearly 4-month highViet Nam News2024-01-18
Major banks continue cutting deposit interest ratesVietnamnet Global2024-01-18
Vietnam tightens limits on investors' stakes in banksReuters2024-01-18
Vietnam's economic growth rate projected to reach 6% in 2024: UOBVN Express international2024-01-17
Dollar rises to 11-week highVN Express international2024-01-17
Shares mixed, VN-index struggles 1,165-1,170 pointsViet Nam News2024-01-17
2024 promises better opportunities for stock investorsVietnamnet Global2024-01-17
Exports to US bring in nearly US$97 billionVietnamnet Global2024-01-17
Exporters worried about rising transport fees caused by Red Sea turmoilViet Nam News2024-01-17
Viet Nam lures US$468.91 billion of foreign investment by the end of 2023Viet Nam News2024-01-17
Experts explain investors' net selling in 2023Viet Nam News2024-01-17
VN received $190 billion in remittances in past 30 years, among world’s top 10Vietnamnet Global2024-01-16
Dollar rises little on black marketVN Express international2024-01-16
Market finishes higher on back of large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-01-16
industrial real estate market thriving on FDi flowVietnamnet Global2024-01-16
6.5% GDP growth, 4% inflation rate to limit goals in 2024: economistsVietnamnet Global2024-01-16
Market extends losses as risk appetite ebbsViet Nam News2024-01-16
Ministry to take measures to boost exports to European-American marketsViet Nam News2024-01-16
2024 GDP growth might reach 6.48%, driven by innovation, reformsViet Nam News2024-01-16
Announcement on the Government Bond Auction plan for the 1st Quarter 2024Vietnam Bond Market Association2024-01-15
Dollar advances against dongVN Express international2024-01-15
international financial institutions optimistic about Vietnam’s economic growthVietnamnet Global2024-01-15
Vietnam advised to capitalise on domestic market to drive growthVietnamnet Global2024-01-15
VN attracts over 39,100 FDi projects with registered capital of $469 billionVietnamnet Global2024-01-15
Vietnamese economy likely to expand by 6.5% in 2024: EconomistVietnamnet Global2024-01-15
Hanoi targets $45,000-46,000 GRDP in 2021-2030 periodVietnamnet Global2024-01-15
CiEM forecasts 6.13 - 6.48% GDP growth for Vietnam in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-15
Market to enter "Low zone" ahead of Lunar New Year as risk factors emergeViet Nam News2024-01-15
Vietnamese industries eye ambitious export goals in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-15
investors advised to buy more securities, real estate stocks during corrections next weekThe investor2024-01-14
Standards and remedies place pressure on exportsVietnamnet Global2024-01-14
Vietnam’s 2023 per capita GDP hits US$4,284Vietnamnet Global2024-01-14
Consumer loans slow to a crawl in 2023VN Express international2024-01-14
Dollar rises over dongVN Express international2024-01-14
Export turnover set to reach US$377 billion in 2004 amid global uncertaintiesVietnamnet Global2024-01-13
Vietnam’s 2023 foreign trade put at US$681 billionVietnamnet Global2024-01-13
Viet Nam’s economy on firm recovery track: HSBCVietnamnet Global2024-01-13
investors' profit-taking triggers stock market decline, large-cap stocks sufferViet Nam News2024-01-13
Big 4 banks represent 41.9% of total credit, 50% of total depositsViet Nam News2024-01-13
Home loans expected to drive retail credit growth in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-13
Vietnam prioritises stimulating economic growth in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-12
Vietnam likely to emerge strongly from mounting challenges in 2024: HSBCThe investor2024-01-12
Central bank to conduct unscheduled inspections of credit institutionsViet Nam News2024-01-12
Banks in race to boost charter capitalViet Nam News2024-01-12
Vietnam well positioned for more FDi: UOB research execThe investor2024-01-11
Dollar firms at nine-week high as rally continuesVN Express international2024-01-11
HSBC pegs Vietnam’s growth at 6% in 2024VN Express international2024-01-11
Market rebounds as investor appetite returns, securities stocks shineViet Nam News2024-01-11
FDi inflows into real estate hits over US$68 billionVietnamnet Global2024-01-11
Real estate market to recover in 2025Vietnamnet Global2024-01-11
Global Minimum Tax is not a risk to Vietnam’s inbound FDi: VinaCapitalThe investor2024-01-11
WB revises down Vietnam’s 2024 GDP growth forecast to 5.5%The investor2024-01-11
Maximise export opportunities and FTA advantages: industry and Trade MinisterViet Nam News2024-01-11
VN-index recovers on back of banking stocksViet Nam News2024-01-11
Dollar reaches two-month high against dongVN Express international2024-01-10
Foreign investors will turn to net buying in anticipation of stock market status upgrade: brokerThe investor2024-01-10
Vietnam economy can grow 6% in 2024, 6.5% in 2025: UNThe investor2024-01-10
Bloomberg gives positive economic outlook for Vietnam in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-10
Remittances to Vietnam rise sharply over global uncertaintiesVietnamnet Global2024-01-10
Market dampened by falling large-cap stocksViet Nam News2024-01-10
SBV Governor to be authorised to issue special loans for restructured banksViet Nam News2024-01-10
The situation of attracting foreign investment in 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-09
Positive trends of industrial Production in 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-09
Bank deposits reach new recordVN Express international2024-01-09
Property companies bond issuances surge by 41%VN Express international2024-01-09
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2024-01-09
Vietnam among Asia-Pacific’s top-performing markets in 2024 first halfVietnamnet Global2024-01-09
Extension of pilot resolution on bad debt settlement proposedViet Nam News2024-01-09
Vietbank to issue bonds worth over $41 millionViet Nam News2024-01-09
SBV Governor Nguyen Thi Hong: The Vietnamese Dong is highly stable, state foreign exchange reserves improvedState Bank of Viet Nam2024-01-08
Vietnam eyes FDi solution for real estate boostThe investor2024-01-08
Government calls for further interest rates reductionVN Express international2024-01-08
PM asks banks to ensure capital for the economyViet Nam News2024-01-08
VN-index rises for seven straight daysViet Nam News2024-01-08
Vietnam corporate bond market recovers, $12.7 bln raised in 2023The investor2024-01-08
Vietnam 2024 GDP seen growing 6.7%: Standard CharteredThe investor2024-01-08
Vietnam's export opportunities to be optimised in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-08
Vietnamese economy recovers last yearVietnamnet Global2024-01-08
Vietnam Policy Rate Seen on Hold Through 2025 Amid Strong GrowthBloomberg2024-01-08
Stronger solutions needed to boost domestic consumption demandViet Nam News2024-01-08
Property market expected to stabilise this yearViet Nam News2024-01-08
HCM City to overcome challenges to achieve 7.5-8% growth in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-08
Positive signals lift the stock marketViet Nam News2024-01-08
Vietnam stock market makes a good start to 2024The investor2024-01-07
FDi, exports, manufacturing to lead Vietnam’s 2024 growth: brokerThe investor2024-01-07
Central bank to pump VND2 quadrillion into VN economy in 2024Vietnamnet Global2024-01-07
Dollar inches up on black marketVN Express international2024-01-07
Business confidence in Vietnam improves again: EuroChamThe investor2024-01-06
Banks likely to pump $82B into economy through loansVN Express international2024-01-06
Real estate supply, demand slump in 2023VN Express international2024-01-06
improvement in bond market seen in H2 of 2023, but challenges loom for 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-06
Vietnam considers cost-based incentives to attract more FDiThe investor2024-01-05
Vietnam navigates economic headwinds in 2023: PMVN Express international2024-01-05
Market closes 1st week of New Year on a positive noteViet Nam News2024-01-05
VN-index hits more than three-month highViet Nam News2024-01-05
Viet Nam sustains recovery momentum, positioned for significant growthViet Nam News2024-01-05
HCM City’s economy to rebound in second quarter, likely to achieve 8% growth: reportViet Nam News2024-01-05
inflationary pressure to ease in 2024: EconomistsViet Nam News2024-01-05
Outstanding events of stock market in 2023Viet Nam News2024-01-05
Vietnam economy can grow 5.5% in 2024, exchange rate can reach VND24,050: Shinhan BankThe investor2024-01-04
PM sets GDP growth target of 3.5-4% for Vietnam agriculture sectorThe investor2024-01-04
Middle-cap stocks Vietnam's best in 2023VN Express international2024-01-04
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2024-01-04
Stock market capitalisation tops 60% of GDPViet Nam News2024-01-04
Property market hopes for brighter outlook in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-04
Central bank signals no rate hike, continues support policies this yearViet Nam News2024-01-04
HCMC economic outlook positive in H2VN Express international2024-01-03
Dollar climbs to two-month high against dongVN Express international2024-01-03
Banking stocks continue to lead market's gainViet Nam News2024-01-03
Viet Nam's exports to EU, US see sharp downturn in 2023Viet Nam News2024-01-03
State Bank of Vietnam sets 15% credit growth targetVN Express international2024-01-02
Experts foresee VN-index breaking 1,130 point barrier and heading towards 1,150 Points in 2024Viet Nam News2024-01-02
Vietnam manufacturing activity ends 2023 in contraction mode: S&P GlobalThe investor2024-01-02
FACTORS AFFECTiNG iNFLATiON iN 2023 AND SOME MEASURES TO CONTROL iNFLATiON iN 2024General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-02
SiTUATiON OF ViETNAM'S LABOR MARKET iN 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2024-01-02
Public debt well below capVN Express international2024-01-01
FDi sector in Vietnam posts $50 bln trade surplus in 2023The investor2023-12-31
Vietnam unemployment falls to 2.26% in Q4, 2.28% for 2023The investor2023-12-31
Growth of Vietnam’s retail sales, services revenue slows to 9.6% in 2023The investor2023-12-30
Premature redemption of corporate bonds rises by 6%VN Express international2023-12-29
Vietnam GDP growth can reach 5-6.7% in 2024: finance institutionsThe investor2023-12-29
Vietnam Economy Shows Strength as Exports Stage RecoveryBloomberg2023-12-29
PRESS RELEASE ON THE SOCiO-ECONOMiC SiTUATiON iN THE FOURTH QUARTER AND 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-29
DECEMBER 2023 iNDUSTRiAL PRODUCTiON iNDEXGeneral Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-29
CONSUMER PRiCE iNDEX, GOLD PRiCE iNDEX AND US DOLLAR PRiCE iNDEX DECEMBER 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-29
GDP expands 5.05% in 2023VN Express international2023-12-28
Vietnam Widens Probe into Developer’s $1.2 Billion of Bond SalesBloomberg2023-12-28
Depositors frustrated by plunging interest ratesVN Express international2023-12-27
Vietnam corporate bond market warms up after doldrumsThe investor2023-12-27
Vietnam lures more than US$36 billion in FDi this yearVietnamnet Global2023-12-27
Enterprises in race to raise funds through share issuancesViet Nam News2023-12-27
Viet Nam aims to increase export turnover by 6% by 2024Viet Nam News2023-12-27
Shares post further gains, boosted by large-capsViet Nam News2023-12-27
Registered FDi in Vietnam posts highest ever growth of 32%The investor2023-12-26
FLC fails to extend repayment of $41M bondsVN Express international2023-12-26
Dollar hits six-week highVN Express international2023-12-26
iCAEW: Viet Nam, a soft 2024, but a bright medium-term outlookViet Nam News2023-12-26
Real estate developer Phat Dat clears bond debts, prepares for strong rebound: CEOThe investor2023-12-26
Continuous trade surplus helps stabilize exchange ratesVietnamnet Global2023-12-26
Market liquidity falls to two-month low, concerning investorsViet Nam News2023-12-26
Bank bad debts forecast to remain under great pressure in 2024Viet Nam News2023-12-26
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-12-25
Market likely to trade sideways due to year-end holidaysViet Nam News2023-12-25
Positive outlook for Vietnamese economy: foreign expertsViet Nam News2023-12-25
Prime Minister urges absolute prevention of group interests and negativity in credit growthViet Nam News2023-12-25
PM urges strengthening of credit growth managementVietnamnet Global2023-12-24
Housing market barely budges, defying downturn expectationsVN Express international2023-12-24
Dollar rises on black marketVN Express international2023-12-24
Foreign investments in property market expected to soar: expertsViet Nam News2023-12-23
Tax target met early this yearViet Nam News2023-12-23
Market steady due to low risk appetiteViet Nam News2023-12-22
Experts warn of pressure from bonds that are due in 2024Vietnamnet Global2023-12-22
Market settles higher but liquidity remains lowViet Nam News2023-12-22
Bank credit growth improves in HCM CityViet Nam News2023-12-22
Remittances to HCMC rise sharply as countries reopen post-CovidVN Express international2023-12-21
Dollar sinks against dongVN Express international2023-12-21
Banks have money but businesses lack capitalVietnamnet Global2023-12-21
VN-index returns to threshold of 1,100 pointsViet Nam News2023-12-21
industry and trade highlights of Vietnamese economy this yearViet Nam News2023-12-21
Stock market expects growth in 2024 with lower interest rates, improved business performanceViet Nam News2023-12-21
Banking industry forecasts better prospects in 2024Viet Nam News2023-12-21
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-12-20
Vietnam among countries with high economic growth in 10 yearsVietnamnet Global2023-12-20
Vietnam posts trade surplus for eighth consecutive year with US$26 billionVietnamnet Global2023-12-20
Economy picking up, support still needed: WBViet Nam News2023-12-20
Lending rate forecast to be cut by 1-1.5pp in 2024Viet Nam News2023-12-20
Dollar falls against dongVN Express international2023-12-19
Businesses grapple with mounting debt obligationsVietnamnet Global2023-12-19
Market reverses course in the last minutesViet Nam News2023-12-19
Experts suggest measures to lure investment in VN securities marketVietnamnet Global2023-12-19
Vietnamese banks' credit ratings upgradedVietnamnet Global2023-12-19
Market keeps correcting, VN-index breaks below 1,100 pointsViet Nam News2023-12-19
HN set growth targets for 2024Viet Nam News2023-12-19
Share auctions plummet to 16-year lowViet Nam News2023-12-19
PM urges promote of credit lending to real estate businessesVietnamnet Global2023-12-18
Extension of economic support scheme needed to boost economic growthVietnamnet Global2023-12-18
Vietnam projects high proportion of digital economy in GDPVietnamnet Global2023-12-18
Market to continue decline despite recovery efforts, signals indicate short-term risksViet Nam News2023-12-18
Real estate market to recover in Q2 2024, accelerate in 2025, experts predictViet Nam News2023-12-18
Why foreigners dumped Vietnamese stocks in 2023VN Express international2023-12-17
Corporate bond repayment pressure increases in DecemberVN Express international2023-12-17
Dollar inches up over dongVN Express international2023-12-17
Southeastern region’s economic growth set at 8-9 per cent per yearViet Nam News2023-12-16
Prime Minister orders swift upgrade to stock marketViet Nam News2023-12-16
Market experiences third consecutive declining sessionViet Nam News2023-12-16
Balancing act underway with state budget revenuesVietnamnet Global2023-12-15
Export turnover on track on back of global recoveryVietnamnet Global2023-12-15
Mekong Delta has highest jobless rate in VietnamVietnamnet Global2023-12-15
Vietnam stock market to grow strongly in 2024: KiS Vietnam SecuritiesThe investor2023-12-15
Dollar falls against dongVN Express international2023-12-14
Shares extend losses, VN-index falls back to 1,110 pointsViet Nam News2023-12-14
Only one realty company successfully issues bonds in NovemberViet Nam News2023-12-14
Enterprises cut forecasts due to gloomy outlookViet Nam News2023-12-14
Vietnamese stocks suffer decline as banking and securities shares slideViet Nam News2023-12-14
Dollar decreases against dongVN Express international2023-12-13
ADB projects 6% GDP growth for Vietnam next yearVietnamnet Global2023-12-13
Farm exports to China expected to continue uptrendViet Nam News2023-12-13
Market expands in 2023 despite strong turbulenceViet Nam News2023-12-13
Real estate market to have positive performance next year: expertsViet Nam News2023-12-13
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2023-12-12
Shares struggle to stay higherViet Nam News2023-12-12
China ramps up investment in Vietnamese marketVietnamnet Global2023-12-12
Multinational corporations shift supply chains, affecting Vietnamese exportsViet Nam News2023-12-12
VCCi proposes removing draft regulation on loan interest expense capViet Nam News2023-12-12
Vietnamese stock starts week on positive noteViet Nam News2023-12-12
Dollar rises over dongVN Express international2023-12-11
Foreign investors net sellers on HCMC bourse for 9 straight sessionsThe investor2023-12-11
Market expected to move positively on domestic cash flowsViet Nam News2023-12-11
Vietnam realty market in new recovery cycle: expertThe investor2023-12-10
HCMC bourse trading value surges 60% in past weekThe investor2023-12-10
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-12-10
Fitch upgrades Viet Nam to 'BB+', outlook 'Stable'Viet Nam News2023-12-09
The situation of attracting foreign investment in 11 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-08
VN central bank pumps VND360,000 billion into marketVietnamnet Global2023-12-08
State Bank of Vietnam to keep policy rates steady in 2024: UOBVietnamnet Global2023-12-08
VN's corporate bond market recovers, issuers returnVietnamnet Global2023-12-08
Bank deposits remain preferred asset class despite collapsing interest ratesVN Express international2023-12-08
Shares mixed amid investors' reluctanceViet Nam News2023-12-08
Vietnam Wins Credit-Rating Upgrade From Fitch on ‘Robust’ FDiBloomberg2023-12-08
industrial production with positive signals in the last months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-07
HCMC bourse trading value hits 3-month highThe investor2023-12-07
Dollar dips against dongVN Express international2023-12-07
Three economic growth scenarios for Vietnam in 2024Vietnamnet Global2023-12-07
Vietnam continues to see improvement in exports: HSBCVietnamnet Global2023-12-07
PM chairs conference seeking ways to ease capital difficultiesVietnamnet Global2023-12-07
Vietnam upbeat about 2024 growth prospects: Deputy MinisterThe investor2023-12-07
Vietnam’s Premier Urges Banks to Be More Flexible in LendingBloomberg2023-12-07
PM demands priority to promoting economic growthVietnamnet Global2023-12-06
Vietnam to post faster growth over other countries in 2023: CiEMVietnamnet Global2023-12-06
HCMC targets 7.5% growth in 2024VN Express international2023-12-06
Right time for stock investment as deposit interest rates hit historic low: brokersThe investor2023-12-06
Market finishes higher on return of domestic investorsViet Nam News2023-12-06
Vietnam should reduce dependence on FDi firms in value chains: economistThe investor2023-12-06
$9 bln worth of private placement corporate bonds issued in 11 monthsThe investor2023-12-06
Significant efforts made to enhance safety and transparency of corporate bond marketViet Nam News2023-12-06
Market little changed as liquidity slows downViet Nam News2023-12-06
Dollar gains little against dongVN Express international2023-12-05
The industrial production situation of some provinces and cities with large industrial scale in November and 11 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-05
Vietnam to develop initiatives to sustain FDi flowsVietnamnet Global2023-12-05
Bond negotiations four times more effectiveVN Express international2023-12-05
Strong return of liquidity lifts market's sentimentViet Nam News2023-12-05
Viet Nam embraces global minimum tax for sustainable fiscal boost and FDi impactViet Nam News2023-12-05
11-month import-export turnover exceeds US$600 billion markVietnamnet Global2023-12-04
Smart money flow expected to be less cautious after corporations’ scandalsVietnamnet Global2023-12-04
The name is bonds: property developers swagger back into marketVN Express international2023-12-04
Dollar tiptoes up over dongVN Express international2023-12-04
Viet Nam's industrial production surges in 11 monthsViet Nam News2023-12-04
Stock market set to test the 1,100 - 1,108 point rangeViet Nam News2023-12-04
New circular aims to improve stock market transparencyViet Nam News2023-12-04
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2023-12-03
Vietnam retail stocks' outlook gradually brighteningThe investor2023-12-03
Labor cuts in Vietnam’s southern metropolis show signs of cooling: officialVN Express international2023-12-02
Property market shows positive signs but challenges remainViet Nam News2023-12-02
Advancing the mechanism for developing corporate bond marketViet Nam News2023-12-02
Vietnam Orders Central Bank Probe Over Slow Loans, Media SayBloomberg2023-12-02
Stock market slumps following two days of gainsViet Nam News2023-12-01
Capital city's GRDP forecast to expand by 6.11% in 2023Viet Nam News2023-12-01
Central bank adjusts credit limits among banks due to uneven credit growthViet Nam News2023-12-01
Gov’t to tighten oversight of banking, securities following recent scandalsViet Nam News2023-12-01
import and export highlights at the end of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-12-01
investment rush expected as listed firms look to raise capital in VietnamThe investor2023-12-01
Vietnam November factory activity weakest in five months: S&P GlobalThe investor2023-12-01
Vietnam Grand Sale 2023 to stimulate domestic consumptionVietnamnet Global2023-11-30
Vietnamese export goods face increasing trade defence measures in CPTPP marketsVietnamnet Global2023-11-30
Vietnamese stock market experiences another gaining sessionViet Nam News2023-11-29
Vietnam Jan-Nov retail sales up 9.6% despite inflation increaseThe investor2023-11-29
Vietnam FDi sector posts $43.49 bln trade surplus in 11 monthsThe investor2023-11-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in November and 11 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-11-29
industrial production index November 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-11-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index November 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-11-29
Vietnam industry sector recovery continues with 3% Nov growthThe investor2023-11-29
Vietnam Adopts Rule on Global Minimum Tax for Foreign FirmsBloomberg2023-11-29
Dollar slides against dongVN Express international2023-11-28
Market sees rebound, supported by significant foreign net buyingViet Nam News2023-11-28
PM asks central bank to ensure sufficient credit flow for the economyViet Nam News2023-11-28
Low bank rates fail to stimulate strong capital influx into securities marketViet Nam News2023-11-28
Shares end lower on banking and securities stocksViet Nam News2023-11-28
Vietnam local currency bond markets grows 3.9% in Q3, yields upThe investor2023-11-28
100 Vietnam bond issuers report late repayment of principal, interest in 11 monthsThe investor2023-11-27
HCMC bourse trading value plunges 39%The investor2023-11-27
Vietnam FDi attraction up 15% to $29 bln in 11 monthsThe investor2023-11-27
State Audit recommends speeding up handling of weak banksViet Nam News2023-11-27
Cash flows likely to return to market as sentiment improvesViet Nam News2023-11-27
Dollar steadies against dongVN Express international2023-11-26
New signals expected in the corporate bond marketViet Nam News2023-11-25
Ministry of Finance issues Circular 69 for reorganisation of securities marketViet Nam News2023-11-25
Market ends week on a positive noteViet Nam News2023-11-25
identify sustainable solutions to boost bond, realty markets: Vietnam PMThe investor2023-11-24
Ministries, SBV requested to boost corporate bond, real estate markets: PMViet Nam News2023-11-24
Dollar bounces back against dongVN Express international2023-11-23
Transactions worth VND400 million to be reported to SBVViet Nam News2023-11-23
Corporate bond market robust in recent monthsViet Nam News2023-11-23
Tan Hoang Minh Group chairman charged with fraudulent appropriation of propertyViet Nam News2023-11-23
Vietnam Quickens Criminal Probes That Rattled the EconomyBloomberg2023-11-22
Vietnam Stocks Seen Rising Further as Earnings Outlook improvesBloomberg2023-11-22
Dollar devalues against dong, dropping below VND24,000 thresholdViet Nam News2023-11-22
Shares extend gains but liquidity stays lowViet Nam News2023-11-22
import-export target of 700 billion USD tough to completeVietnamnet Global2023-11-21
Why VND120 trillion social housing credit package has few takersViet Nam News2023-11-21
Ministry proposes continued tax and fee cuts to promote economic growthViet Nam News2023-11-21
Market recovers on profit-taking activitiesViet Nam News2023-11-21
Recapping a 35-year journey: Vietnam’s FDiVN Express international2023-11-20
Businesses postpone iPOs as VN-index dropsVN Express international2023-11-20
Dollar dips to 10-week lowVN Express international2023-11-20
Market to experience fluctuations as it seeks to assess supply and demandViet Nam News2023-11-20
Remittance flows forecast to increase in year-end months: expertsViet Nam News2023-11-20
Frozen iPO market makes it difficult to attract foreign capitalViet Nam News2023-11-20
Vietnam has three credit rating agenciesVietnamnet Global2023-11-17
VN-index closes third day in greenVN Express international2023-11-16
Banks issue bonds worth trillions of VND with high interest ratesVietnamnet Global2023-11-16
Vietnam touts stock market upgrade to American investorsThe investor2023-11-16
Vietnamese stock market sustains positive momentum for second dayViet Nam News2023-11-16
Banks should be allowed to purchase corporate bonds issued for debt restructuring: HoREAViet Nam News2023-11-16
Repayment pressure on corporate bonds to peak next yearViet Nam News2023-11-16
Forex eases thanks to better economic outlook, Fed’s unchanged ratesViet Nam News2023-11-16
Vietnam economy shows signs of recovery: CitiVN Express international2023-11-15
2024 GDP target of 6-6.5 per cent feasible: expertsViet Nam News2023-11-15
individual saving deposits continue to increase despite interest rate cutsViet Nam News2023-11-15
FDi surges as Vietnam deemed attractive by foreign investorsVN Express international2023-11-14
Doors to bank credit remain closed, developers complainVN Express international2023-11-14
Dollar dips to eight-day lowVN Express international2023-11-14
Stock market rebounds as banking, mining, and securities stocks fuel recoveryViet Nam News2023-11-14
Vietnamese shares start week on a negative noteViet Nam News2023-11-14
VN stock market ready for rebound as negative factors abate: VinaCapitalViet Nam News2023-11-14
Dollar strengthens on black marketVN Express international2023-11-13
Lending to property industry up 6% this yearVN Express international2023-11-13
Vietnamese economy stable amidst geopolitical instabilityVietnamnet Global2023-11-13
New laws needed to thaw frozen real estate marketVietnamnet Global2023-11-13
Central bank ceases bill issue amid increasing interbank interest ratesViet Nam News2023-11-13
Continued tax and fee cuts to promote economic growthViet Nam News2023-11-13
Positive momentum expected as investor confidence grows and real estate bills await approvalViet Nam News2023-11-13
Enterprises cut 2023 business expectations after poor results in 9 monthsViet Nam News2023-11-13
Vietnam stock valuation attractive: VinaCapital chief economistThe investor2023-11-12
Novaland wants to pay bond debts with luxury real estate in HCMCVN Express international2023-11-12
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2023-11-12
Bond redemption to reach three-year high in 2024VN Express international2023-11-12
HCM City sees rising unemploymentVietnamnet Global2023-11-11
KRX system expected to bring new opportunities to stock marketViet Nam News2023-11-11
Shares struggle on simultaneous fall of blue-chipsViet Nam News2023-11-11
Fitch Ratings optimistic about Vietnam's economic growthVN Express international2023-11-10
Stakeholders seek ways to remove roadblocks to real estate marketVietnamnet Global2023-11-10
NA sets 2024 State budget collection target at almost US$70 billionVietnamnet Global2023-11-10
Shares manage to gain but growth restrained by some falling blue-chipsViet Nam News2023-11-10
Risk provision costs erode bank profits in Q3 2023Viet Nam News2023-11-10
Vietnam targets 2024 economic growth of 6-6.5%The investor2023-11-09
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-11-09
Government borrowings to increase by 6% in 2024VN Express international2023-11-09
Orange Bonds - a catalyst for gender empowerment and sustainable finance in Viet NamViet Nam News2023-11-09
VN-index hits three-week high, breaking 1,100 pointsViet Nam News2023-11-09
US Treasury continues not to list Vietnam as currency manipulatorVietnamnet Global2023-11-08
US interest rate stops rising, foreign capital expected to stay in VietnamVietnamnet Global2023-11-08
Dollar bounces back against dongVN Express international2023-11-08
Shares reverse to fall on selling pressureViet Nam News2023-11-08
Over $8.6 billion in corporate bonds issued in first 10 monthsViet Nam News2023-11-08
individual domestic investors' stock accounts down for first time in Vietnam as index plungesThe investor2023-11-08
Property development loans drive credit growth at banksVN Express international2023-11-07
Dollar ticks up against dongVN Express international2023-11-07
Credit growth quotas still necessary, says central bank governorVietnamnet Global2023-11-07
VAT cut may put pressure on state budget: Finance MinistryVietnamnet Global2023-11-07
Deposits hit record high, though interest rates are lowVietnamnet Global2023-11-07
Exports regain growth paceViet Nam News2023-11-07
Dollar tumbles to 6-week low against dongVN Express international2023-11-06
VN-index rises for 4th day in a rowViet Nam News2023-11-06
Vietnam gov’t raises $10.5 bln from bond sales in Jan-OctThe investor2023-11-06
Ten-month retail sales of consumer goods, services up 9.4%VN Express international2023-11-06
industrial production index up 0.5% in ten monthsVN Express international2023-11-06
Foreign investors sell off in October, HoSE reports net sales of over VND1.59 trillionViet Nam News2023-11-06
Market sentiment to improve further on supportive newsViet Nam News2023-11-06
Vietnamese economy continues to show signs of recoveryVietnamnet Global2023-11-05
70 Vietnam firms issue bonds worth $7.36 bln in 10 monthsThe investor2023-11-05
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-11-05
interest rates have fallen above expectations set at the beginning of the yearState Bank of Viet Nam2023-11-04
Vietnam’s economy: 6.5% growth rate target maybe unattainableVietnamnet Global2023-11-04
Vietnam dogged by red tape, weak domestic market: ministerThe investor2023-11-04
Vietnam’s 10-month trade surplus hits five-year record high of US$24.6 billionVietnamnet Global2023-11-03
Market extends gains on improved liquidityViet Nam News2023-11-03
Real estate firms witness divergent performance in Q3Viet Nam News2023-11-03
Exports on path to recoveryVN Express international2023-11-02
Dollar retreats against dongVN Express international2023-11-02
Enterprises dare not expand, live on bank depositsVietnamnet Global2023-11-02
Banks are pouring money into real estate projectsVietnamnet Global2023-11-02
US economy stronger, dollar price soars, Vietnam under pressureVietnamnet Global2023-11-02
Capital begins to flow into real estate developersThe investor2023-11-02
Dollar backslides against dongVN Express international2023-11-02
S&P Global: Viet Nam's PMi declines slightly amid pick-up in demandViet Nam News2023-11-02
Another push for real estate bounceVietnamnet Global2023-11-01
NA discusses socio-economic development in 2023, the anticipated plan for 2024Vietnamnet Global2023-11-01
Real estate firms attract trillions of VND, bond market faces less pressureVietnamnet Global2023-11-01
Vietnam on track to recover from global trade downturn: HSBCThe investor2023-11-01
Vietnam State Bank Struggles to Help Economy And Curb inflationBloomberg2023-11-01
VN-index loses nearly 11 per cent in OctoberViet Nam News2023-11-01
Restructuring of State budget gains positive resultsViet Nam News2023-11-01
Shares close higher on bargain-purchasesViet Nam News2023-11-01
Vietnam's stock market plunge offers opportunity for cash holdersThe investor2023-10-31
Exports and imports of goods exceed $550 billionViet Nam News2023-10-31
HCM City’s economy maintains growth in 10 monthsViet Nam News2023-10-31
Market tumbles, liquidity remains lowViet Nam News2023-10-31
Vietnam Jan-Oct retail sales up 9.4%, CPi up 3.2%The investor2023-10-30
Bank deposits grow despite lower interest ratesVN Express international2023-10-30
Dollar rises marginally over dongVN Express international2023-10-30
Vietnam industry sector continues recovery with 5.5% growth in OctThe investor2023-10-30
Vietnam’s Jan-Oct trade surplus reaches nearly $25 blnThe investor2023-10-30
VN's exports to the UK encounter challenges amid shifting policies and global conditionsViet Nam News2023-10-30
Market's recovery momentum remains, but facing supply pressureViet Nam News2023-10-30
VN-index to trade in range of 1,200-1,250 points at year endViet Nam News2023-10-30
Vietnamese stock market world’s second worst performer: StockQThe investor2023-10-29
Report on the socio-economic situation in October and 10 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-10-29
October CPi increases 0.08% compared to September: GSOVN Express international2023-10-29
Market ends week on a positive noteViet Nam News2023-10-29
Businesses still hesitant towards new bond trading systemViet Nam News2023-10-28
Foreign investors bet on Vietnam’s growth: ministerThe investor2023-10-28
Registered Jan-Oct FDi in Vietnam rises 14.7% to $25.8 blnThe investor2023-10-27
Vietnam business community weakening: economistThe investor2023-10-27
Standard Chartered maintains robust 2024 GDP growth forecast of 6.7% for Viet NamViet Nam News2023-10-27
Fresh foreign investment hits record high in 10 monthsViet Nam News2023-10-27
Shares tumble on massive sellingViet Nam News2023-10-27
Public debt under ceiling level, but borrowed capital to pay rising principalVietnamnet Global2023-10-26
Dollar downs against dongVN Express international2023-10-26
Six key commodities see exports down by over US$1 billion eachVietnamnet Global2023-10-26
Demand for home loans remains modest despite interest rate cutViet Nam News2023-10-26
Dollar strengthens over dongVN Express international2023-10-25
Shares slump on foreign sellingViet Nam News2023-10-25
Vietnam’s foreign trade exceeds US$500 blnVietnamnet Global2023-10-25
Cash flow to return after week of unexpectedly strong salesVietnamnet Global2023-10-25
PM calls for credit access to be improvedViet Nam News2023-10-25
Export orders on the riseViet Nam News2023-10-25
PM urges special credit support for feasible real estate projectsViet Nam News2023-10-25
Vietnamese markets rebound thanks to the recovery of pillar stocksViet Nam News2023-10-25
Economy not short of funds but cannot absorb them: legislatorsVN Express international2023-10-24
Dollar slips on black marketVN Express international2023-10-24
Signs of improved world economy encourage Vietnam’s businessesVietnamnet Global2023-10-24
VN Government looks ahead to financial security via debt planVietnamnet Global2023-10-24
Standard Chartered trims Vietnam’s 2023 GDP growth forecast to 5%The investor2023-10-24
Market retreats on persistent selling forceViet Nam News2023-10-24
Bad debt ratio of banking system surges to 3.56 per centViet Nam News2023-10-24
Real estate sector sees surge in corporate bond sales to restructure debtViet Nam News2023-10-24
Dollar inches down over dongVN Express international2023-10-23
More banks post profit declines in Q3VN Express international2023-10-23
Market likely to continue fluctuating this weekViet Nam News2023-10-23
Central bank forecast to continually issue bills amid abundant liquidityViet Nam News2023-10-23
Monetary policy governance requires thorough consideration: officialVietnamnet Global2023-10-23
VAT cuts of 2 per cent to be extended in VietnamVietnamnet Global2023-10-23
Foreign investors net sold for six consecutive monthsVietnamnet Global2023-10-23
2023 FDi inflows in Vietnam forecast to surpass 2022Vietnamnet Global2023-10-23
Vietnam gov't to strive for 5% plus GDP growth, allocate $23 bln for salary reformsThe investor2023-10-23
Vietnam stock market reaches 'fairly attractive' valuation territory: analystThe investor2023-10-22
10-month trade exceeds US$500 billion mark, trade surplus hits US$22.5 billionVietnamnet Global2023-10-20
Businesses weather storms, economy on track to recoveryVietnamnet Global2023-10-20
VN-index hits 4-month low on sell-off forceViet Nam News2023-10-20
Dollar heads down against dongVN Express international2023-10-19
FDi seems set to beat last year’s $27.7BVN Express international2023-10-19
iMF maintains forecast for Vietnam’s 2023 GDP growth at 4.7%Vietnamnet Global2023-10-19
Vietnam should keep close watch on inflation rate: World BankVietnamnet Global2023-10-19
VN-index falls close to 1,100 point-levelViet Nam News2023-10-19
Transparency crucial to upgrading the stock marketViet Nam News2023-10-19
Dollar's gain over dong breaks 4%VN Express international2023-10-18
Real estate firms flock back to bond marketVN Express international2023-10-18
Viet Nam’s public debt management on right track: MinistryViet Nam News2023-10-18
Realty demand gains strength amid economic recoveryViet Nam News2023-10-18
Vietnam domestic investment, investor confidence still weak: World BankThe investor2023-10-17
Dollar inches down against dongVN Express international2023-10-17
Shares extend losses on sudden selling forceViet Nam News2023-10-17
Cash flow weak amid bottom-fishing once-in-10-year opportunityVietnamnet Global2023-10-17
NA Economic Committee sees lower-than-expected GDP growth this yearVietnamnet Global2023-10-17
FDi plays crucial role in VN's socioeconomic developmentViet Nam News2023-10-17
issuers resort to delaying bond redemption amid financial woesViet Nam News2023-10-17
Dollar scales new peak this yearVN Express international2023-10-16
Central bank chief defends delay in credit growth cap hike in 2022VN Express international2023-10-16
Market to continue extending its recovery this weekViet Nam News2023-10-16
Market snaps 6-day winning streak on profit-taking forceViet Nam News2023-10-16
Viet Nam eyes emerging stock market status by 2025Viet Nam News2023-10-16
Vietnam stock market set for year-end recovery: expertThe investor2023-10-15
Vietnam’s Jan-Sep trade surplus triples to $21.6 bln: customs authoritiesThe investor2023-10-14
Liquidity of banking system forecast to be abundant in Q4 2023Viet Nam News2023-10-14
Bank bad debts rise beyond 3%VN Express international2023-10-13
Corporate bond issuers persuade holders to wait for redemptionVN Express international2023-10-13
Shares gain slightly amid market volatilityViet Nam News2023-10-13
HSBC: Vietnam’s economy recovers, inflation risks remainVietnamnet Global2023-10-13
Property firms raise money to repay bonds by selling projectsVN Express international2023-10-12
Businesses under pressure to sell assets, real estate projects to settle debtsViet Nam News2023-10-12
Public investment key driver of economic growth amid global headwindsViet Nam News2023-10-12
Ministry forecasts CPi to grow 3.2-3.6% this yearVN Express international2023-10-11
Corporate bond registration fall below expectationsVietnamnet Global2023-10-11
SBV Governor warns of real estate bad debtsVietnamnet Global2023-10-11
Fiscal expansion needed to stimulate growthVietnamnet Global2023-10-11
Shares extend gains on the back of banks, seafood firmsViet Nam News2023-10-11
Liquidity of private placement for corporate bonds doubles in SeptViet Nam News2023-10-11
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-10-10
Vietnam’s economic growth can reach 5% in 2023, 6.3% in 2024: HSBCThe investor2023-10-10
EU’s firms rank Viet Nam in top FDi destinationsViet Nam News2023-10-10
Shares recover but liquidity stays lowViet Nam News2023-10-10
Vietnam property developers raise $2.28 bln from private placement bonds in 9 monthsThe investor2023-10-09
Vietnam set to resume rapid economic growth in medium term: S&P GlobalThe investor2023-10-09
Dollar climbs against dongVN Express international2023-10-09
Savings interest rates continue to fallViet Nam News2023-10-09
Credit growth far from year-end target despite falling interest ratesViet Nam News2023-10-09
Viet Nam's foreign investments surge to $416.8 million in Q3Viet Nam News2023-10-09
Race to lower deposit interest rates to continue until year endViet Nam News2023-10-09
40,000 victims seek justice in billion-dollar V?n Th?nh Phát bond fraud caseViet Nam News2023-10-09
Market awaits 3rd quarter business resultsViet Nam News2023-10-09
Vietnam’s Party Chief Expects 2023 GDP Growth at About 5%Bloomberg2023-10-09
Dollar eases against dongVN Express international2023-10-08
Government to borrow $28B next year, exceed NA capVN Express international2023-10-08
AMRO revises up Viet Nam's 2023 GDP growth amid regional challengesViet Nam News2023-10-08
Market finishes higher on pillar stocksViet Nam News2023-10-07
SBV’s bill issuance is not a signal of monetary policy reversalViet Nam News2023-10-07
Exporters take advantage of global deals to expand reachVietnamnet Global2023-10-06
Real estate attracts 1.94 billion USD in FDi in nine monthsVietnamnet Global2023-10-05
HCMC real estate transactions skyrocket in third quarterThe investor2023-10-05
Exports face US trade defense measuresVN Express international2023-10-05
Dollar rise leads to different impacts on industriesViet Nam News2023-10-05
Becamex mobilises over $82 million from bond issuanceViet Nam News2023-10-05
Shares volatile on declining liquidity, dragged by real estate and banking sectorsViet Nam News2023-10-05
Growth Picture in 9 Months of 2023 and Solutions to Boost Growth for the Whole Year 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-10-04
Banks lend $5B in 9 daysVN Express international2023-10-04
Dollar drops slightly against dongVN Express international2023-10-04
State Bank of Vietnam issues $410M worth of treasury billsVN Express international2023-10-04
VN-index rebounds from 3-month lowViet Nam News2023-10-04
UOB adjusts 2023 growth forecast for VietnamVietnamnet Global2023-10-04
September PMi falls slightly despite increase in new ordersViet Nam News2023-10-04
Viet Nam's economic growth to slow to 4.7% this year: World BankViet Nam News2023-10-04
New policy on tightening use of short-term capital for long-term loans takes effectViet Nam News2023-10-04
Vietnam's economy on track of recovery: analystsVN Express international2023-10-03
Analysts expect property market to recover early next yearVN Express international2023-10-03
Bank deposit interest rates fall below pre-pandemic levelsVN Express international2023-10-03
Dollar’s rally against dong continuesVN Express international2023-10-03
VN-index hits more than 3-month low on strong sell-offViet Nam News2023-10-03
Export and import of Goods Have Positive Signals After Months of DeclineGeneral Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-10-03
inflation trends for the 9 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-10-03
Picture of the labor market and employment situation in the third quarter of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-10-03
Market extends gains on manufacturing stocksViet Nam News2023-10-03
Agriculture sector achieves trade surplus of $8b in nine monthsViet Nam News2023-10-03
Viet Nam’s economic landscape at crossroads: Q3 reports highlight challengesViet Nam News2023-10-03
WB revises down Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast to 4.7% in 2023, 5.5% in 2024The investor2023-10-02
Vietnam’s 2023 GDP growth target out of reach: UOBThe investor2023-10-02
Dollar climbs against dongVN Express international2023-10-02
Vietnam manufacturing activity contracts in Sep: S&P GlobalThe investor2023-10-02
Central bank withdraws money from circulation, investors still optimisticVietnamnet Global2023-10-02
Shares to wait for supportive informationViet Nam News2023-10-02
Viet Nam records $21.68 billion trade surplus in nine monthsViet Nam News2023-10-02
Gov't proposes to continue 2% interest rate support policyViet Nam News2023-10-02
Vietnam FDi sector posts $37.9 bln trade surplus in 9 monthsThe investor2023-10-01
Vietnam Q3 unemployment matches previous quarter at 2.3%The investor2023-10-01
VND90 trillion withdrawn from banking systemVietnamnet Global2023-10-01
Dollar surges on black marketVN Express international2023-10-01
Police seek victims of V?n Th?nh Phát Group in bond fraud case worth $1.24bViet Nam News2023-10-01
The macroeconomy continues to be stable, inflation is controlled, growth is promotedState Bank of Viet Nam2023-09-30
Vietnam property developers in race to raise capitalThe investor2023-09-30
Vietnam Aims for 6% Growth This Year in Best-Case ScenarioBloomberg2023-09-30
Vietnam continues to wait on upgrade from frontier stock marketVN Express international2023-09-29
Further interest rate cuts may disrupt Vietnam’s foreign exchange: iMFThe investor2023-09-29
iMF retains Vietnam’s 2023 GDP growth forecast at 4.7%The investor2023-09-29
Vietnam economy continues recovery with 5.33% growth in Q3The investor2023-09-29
Vietnam’s Economy Picks Up Speed as Exports Rise AgainBloomberg2023-09-29
Press Release on the Employment Situation in the Third Quarter and 9 Months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-09-29
Overview of producer price index, price index of raw materials used for production, export and import price index in the third quarter and 9 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-09-29
Report on the socio-economic situation for the third quarter and 9 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-09-29
SBV continues ongoing T-bill issuance with additional $833m offeringViet Nam News2023-09-29
Measures to sustain economic growth for the rest of 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-29
Borrowers struggle to benefit from new lending policyViet Nam News2023-09-29
Shares fail to maintain uptrend on selling pressureViet Nam News2023-09-29
Vietnam real estate market bottoms out: economistThe investor2023-09-28
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2023-09-28
Vietnam forecast to see slow growth, more rate cuts in Q3: UOBThe investor2023-09-28
Falling Beer Sales Show Growing Risk for Vietnam’s EconomyBloomberg2023-09-28
international bondholders demand debt payment from NovalandVietnamnet Global2023-09-28
Shares close higher on bargain-purchasesViet Nam News2023-09-28
More than $20 billion of foreign investment capital registered in Viet Nam in 9 monthsViet Nam News2023-09-28
Disgraced property developer’s loans worth $12.6M to be sold by AgribankVN Express international2023-09-27
Dollar steps up against dongVN Express international2023-09-27
Vietnamese economy remains resilient despite weak external environment: ADBVietnamnet Global2023-09-27
SBV rolls out measures to reign in raising US-VND exchange rateViet Nam News2023-09-27
Shares decline for second straight sessionViet Nam News2023-09-27
Dollar gains against dongVN Express international2023-09-26
Vietnam Property Woes Rear Up as Major Developer Spars With CreditorsBloomberg2023-09-26
Realty firms look to raise capital via bondsViet Nam News2023-09-26
Standard Chartered: Vietnamese economic recovery to continue in Q3Vietnamnet Global2023-09-26
VBMA Successfully implements the initiative to Establish a Credit Rating Agency with the Participation of Moody's and VBMA MembersVietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-25
Bank bad debts increase at slower pace in Q2VN Express international2023-09-25
Vietnam real estate doldrums may last till Q3/2024: economistThe investor2023-09-25
Corporate bond market focuses more on qualityViet Nam News2023-09-25
Market may continue trading negatively this week: expertsViet Nam News2023-09-25
Economic recovery to continue in Q3: Standard CharteredVN Express international2023-09-24
Novaland to redeem 10-year bonds prematurelyVN Express international2023-09-24
Dollar drops against dongVN Express international2023-09-24
in gloomy market, major realtors are also sufferingVietnamnet Global2023-09-23
VN-index loses the threshold of 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2023-09-23
Enterprises expect easier access to creditViet Nam News2023-09-23
BCG Land gets two-year extension for $104 mln bondsThe investor2023-09-22
Vietnam targets credit rating upgrades in 2030: Finance MinisterThe investor2023-09-22
Major realtor causes tumult, exchange rate fluctuation hinders capital flowVietnamnet Global2023-09-22
Government applies fiscal, monetary policies to support national economyVietnamnet Global2023-09-21
Dollar's gain against dong to be short-term: analystsVN Express international2023-09-21
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2023-09-21
ADB revises down Vietnam’s GDP growth forecast to 5.8% in 2023, 6% in 2024The investor2023-09-21
Vietnam’s Broker Stocks Get a Boost as Retail Trading Revs UpBloomberg2023-09-21
Different forecasts made for policy interest rates in the rest of 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-21
Hong Kong to help elevate Viet Nam's stock market potentialViet Nam News2023-09-21
Global economy likely to grow 3% in 2023, 2.7% in 2024: OECDThe investor2023-09-20
Experts fear 6.5% GDP growth target a bridge too farVN Express international2023-09-20
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2023-09-20
Market rebounds, ending two-day losing streakViet Nam News2023-09-20
Banks lower deposit interest rates to COViD-19 levelsVietnamnet Global2023-09-20
USD price reaches new peak, foreign investors withdraw capital from stock marketVietnamnet Global2023-09-20
VN must address underlying issues to unleash growthViet Nam News2023-09-20
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-09-19
2023 growth targets cannot be easily achieved: NA ChairmanVN Express international2023-09-19
Market steadies on cautious sentimentViet Nam News2023-09-19
Solutions to boost economic growth in the last months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-09-19
Global Headwinds Hinder Vietnam Hitting 2023 Growth TargetBloomberg2023-09-19
VN-index inches lower to 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2023-09-19
interest rate cut expected to stimulate demand for home loansViet Nam News2023-09-19
Ministry projects three economic growth scenarios for 2024, highest at 6.5 per centViet Nam News2023-09-19
VBMA officially launched the Market Makers Agreement for Fi Bond and Fi CDVietnam Bond Market Association2023-09-18
Vietnam a silver lining in gloomy world economic picture: legislatorThe investor2023-09-18
Vietnam central bank unlikely to further loosen monetary policy: WBThe investor2023-09-18
Dollar's surge against dong continuesVN Express international2023-09-18
Share to witness slower gaining momentum this weekViet Nam News2023-09-18
Marine shipping stocks benefit from higher freight ratesViet Nam News2023-09-18
Businesses moan about sharp fall in export ordersVietnamnet Global2023-09-18
Dollar reaches another peak this yearVN Express international2023-09-18
Share to witness slower gaining momentum this weekViet Nam News2023-09-18
VN-index to exceed 1,300 points next year: Dragon CapitalVN Express international2023-09-16
Most annual growth targets are on track: MPiViet Nam News2023-09-16
More bank savings expected to flow to stock market in last quarter of 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-16
Shares end the week on positive noteViet Nam News2023-09-15
Market extends losses on realty stocksViet Nam News2023-09-15
Dollar reaches new peak against dong in 2023VN Express international2023-09-14
Market reverses on strong sell-off forceViet Nam News2023-09-14
Dollar rises against dongVN Express international2023-09-13
Shares gain ground on the back of large-capsViet Nam News2023-09-13
State budget revenue tops 70 per cent of year's estimate in eight monthsViet Nam News2023-09-13
Renewable energy companies report lower earnings, burdened with bond debtsViet Nam News2023-09-13
Dollar steps up against dongVN Express international2023-09-12
Updated import and Export Data on 11 September 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-09-12
Vietnam rice exports soar to all time highThe investor2023-09-12
Market corrects on strong selling forceViet Nam News2023-09-12
Vietnam-China trade turnover exceeds US$100 billion over eight-month periodVietnamnet Global2023-09-11
Dollar increases over dongVN Express international2023-09-11
Vietnamese rice export volume hits record high over eight monthsVietnamnet Global2023-09-11
Banks sit on mountains of cash: SBV officialVietnamnet Global2023-09-11
Banks made big profits from foreign exchange businessViet Nam News2023-09-11
Market expected to perform positively on Biden's visitViet Nam News2023-09-11
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-09-10
Over $1.07 bln of Vietnam corporate bonds to mature in SeptThe investor2023-09-09
Market ends mixed on the return of foreign investorsViet Nam News2023-09-09
Borrowers benefit from new lending policyViet Nam News2023-09-09
Vietnam's rice export prices dropVN Express international2023-09-08
Trillions of VND disappear, listed companies report losses after auditVietnamnet Global2023-09-08
VN's industrial production increased by 2.9% in AugustViet Nam News2023-09-08
Nearly VND235 trillion raised through G-bonds in eight monthsViet Nam News2023-09-08
Gov’t seeks measures to increase capital absorption of the economyViet Nam News2023-09-08
Dollar moves up marginally against dongVN Express international2023-09-07
VN-index snaps six-day gain on profit-taking pressureViet Nam News2023-09-07
industrial sector faces the most difficulties in Viet Nam's economyViet Nam News2023-09-07
Foreign exchange rate forecast not to be under great pressure as in 2022Viet Nam News2023-09-07
Viet Nam's stock market a bright spot in the Asian region: FTSE RussellViet Nam News2023-09-07
Shares end higher on cash flow injectionViet Nam News2023-09-06
Market opens the week on strong liquidityViet Nam News2023-09-06
Bank loans to real estate business rise in H1 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-06
Bond market bustles as Vietnamese banks go on issuing spreeThe investor2023-09-05
VN economic targets set in National Master PlanVietnamnet Global2023-09-05
Weak external demand slowed Vietnam's H1 GDP growth: UOBVN Express international2023-09-05
Dollar declines on black marketVN Express international2023-09-05
PMi back above 50 mark for first time in six monthsVN Express international2023-09-05
Businesses hike deposits at banksVN Express international2023-09-05
HCMC's purchasing power rises sharply on National DayVN Express international2023-09-05
Shares likely to maintain recovery span, but rising supply may pressure indicesViet Nam News2023-09-05
Low credit growth, reducing profit put pressure on bank prospects in 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-05
Central bank's policy option towards boosting growth, more caution neededViet Nam News2023-09-05
VN-index ends 5th session in greenVN Express international2023-09-05
Dollar tiptoes up against dongVN Express international2023-09-04
Consumer lenders post low profits amid tightened spendingVN Express international2023-09-04
Legal changes expected to increase appeal of Vietnam's real estate marketVietnamnet Global2023-09-04
improved financial reporting can drive more money into Vietnam stock marketThe investor2023-09-04
VN-index among top 12 best performers globally: indexQThe investor2023-09-04
Export remains major driving force of apparel industryVietnamnet Global2023-09-03
HOSE prohibits 94 stocks and fund certificates from margin tradingVietnamnet Global2023-09-03
FDi sector takes lion's share in mechanical engineering exportsVietnamnet Global2023-09-03
Jan-Aug FDi in real estate sector drops over 47%Vietnamnet Global2023-09-03
Businesses in HCM City face significant tax debts due to financial constraintsViet Nam News2023-09-02
VN industrial production keeps improving in August 2023Viet Nam News2023-09-02
Viet Nam achieves $20.19b trade surplus in eight monthsViet Nam News2023-09-01
HCMC sees 26% FDi boost in 8 months, but sluggish tradeThe investor2023-08-31
US economy bottoms out, made-in-Vietnam exports recoverViet Nam News2023-08-31
Construction material prices forecast to increase sharply in Q3Viet Nam News2023-08-31
Some highlights of the socio-economic situation in August and 8 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-31
Green transition placing pressure on labour marketVietnamnet Global2023-08-31
VN's macro-economic indices in August releasedViet Nam News2023-08-31
Stock market to regain growth momentum in H2Viet Nam News2023-08-31
Exports of electronics, computers and components increased, driving forces and expectations in 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-30
iFC proposes $150 mln investments in 2 Vietnam realty firms’ bondsThe investor2023-08-30
Vietnam's exports to China increase but decrease to US, JapanVietnamnet Global2023-08-30
Exports decline for 6th straight monthVN Express international2023-08-30
Dollar falls against dongVN Express international2023-08-30
Shares extend gains on the back of pillar stocksViet Nam News2023-08-30
CPi increases 0.88 per cent in AugustViet Nam News2023-08-30
More room for iT stocks to grow furtherViet Nam News2023-08-30
Viet Nam's export revenues swell by billions dollars courtesy of free trade pactsViet Nam News2023-08-30
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-08-29
VNG may be second big Vietnamese name to feature on US stock marketVietnamnet Global2023-08-29
Trade War Winner Vietnam Sees Exports Drop For Sixth MonthBloomberg2023-08-29
Foreign investment remains on upward trendViet Nam News2023-08-29
Report on the socio-economic situation for August and 8 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index August 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-29
industrial Production index August 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-29
Stocks slide, new records set, opportunities appear in $200 billion marketVietnamnet Global2023-08-28
Vietnam’s FDi inflows top 18 billion USD in 8 monthsVietnamnet Global2023-08-28
Bankers say interest rates down, but businesses claim they are still highVietnamnet Global2023-08-28
Corporate bond market: after the rain, the sun will shine againVietnamnet Global2023-08-28
Government considers borrowing VND1.25 quadrillion over 2 yearsVietnamnet Global2023-08-28
Vietnam PM Fighting for Future as Economy Lags Growth TargetBloomberg2023-08-28
Dollar skyrockets against dongVN Express international2023-08-28
Vietnamese economy to continue growth track: expertVN Express international2023-08-28
Shares to struggle in near future, market still attractive in long termViet Nam News2023-08-28
Plunge in Viet Nam’s exports bottoms outViet Nam News2023-08-28
VN-index breaks over 1,200 points againViet Nam News2023-08-28
Vietnamese imports and exports with Asia hit nearly US$242 billionVietnamnet Global2023-08-27
Dollar shoots to new peak this yearVN Express international2023-08-27
Foreign investment up 8% in year-to-dateVN Express international2023-08-27
Vietnam lures nearly US$18.15 billion in foreign investment over eight monthsVietnamnet Global2023-08-26
Central bank joins regional payment connectivity expansionViet Nam News2023-08-26
Benchmark indices finish the week on negative noteViet Nam News2023-08-25
Bank losses can threaten entire system: SBV Deputy GovernorVietnamnet Global2023-08-25
SBV fixes law in favour of economic growthViet Nam News2023-08-25
Private bond market grows stably after first month operationViet Nam News2023-08-25
Banks lower deposit interest rates to below 6%VN Express international2023-08-24
Prepayments flatline in property developmentVN Express international2023-08-24
Dollar stays elevated against dongVN Express international2023-08-24
VN-index gains nearly 17 points on stronger liquidityViet Nam News2023-08-24
GRDP growth of 6-8% set for southeastern region in 2021-2030Vietnamnet Global2023-08-24
Central bank raises alarm as real estate non-performing loans surgeVietnamnet Global2023-08-24
indices reverse course to trade lowerViet Nam News2023-08-24
Viet Nam's stock market gears up for bullish second half of 2023, fuelled by lower interest rates and government supportViet Nam News2023-08-23
invalidation of Clauses 8, 9 and 10 Article 8 of Circular No. 39/2016/TT-NHNN (supplemented under Clause 2 Article 1 of Circular No. 06/2023/TT-NHNN)State Bank of Viet Nam2023-08-23
Transactions on Vietnam private placement corporate bond market reach $242 mln in one monthThe investor2023-08-23
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-08-23
UKVFTA stimulates growth in Viet Nam’s export-oriented industriesViet Nam News2023-08-23
Shares stay in uptrend amid strong volatilityViet Nam News2023-08-23
Bond buybacks amount to over VND145 trillionVietnamnet Global2023-08-23
VN index sees sharp fall on August 18, but future looks brighterVietnamnet Global2023-08-23
Dollar shoots up to new peak against dong in 2023VN Express international2023-08-22
Cutting loan interest rates for social housing developers, buyers proposedVietnamnet Global2023-08-22
Vietnam racks up trade surplus of US$16.25 billion by mid-AugustVietnamnet Global2023-08-22
VN government plans to borrow US$52bil in 2024-2025Vietnamnet Global2023-08-22
Dong Nai’s industrial parks lure nearly US$780 million in FDiViet Nam News2023-08-22
South Korean investors gain interest in VN stock marketViet Nam News2023-08-22
Dollar bounces back against dongVN Express international2023-08-21
Shares recover on bottom fishing demandViet Nam News2023-08-21
VinFast brings Vietnamese stock market closer to foreign investors: expertThe investor2023-08-21
Global risks leaving export target on edgeVietnamnet Global2023-08-21
Domestic bond market frozen, corporations seek capital in int'l marketVietnamnet Global2023-08-21
Shares to see technical recovery this weekViet Nam News2023-08-21
Hopes are high for many sectors, spurring VN-indexViet Nam News2023-08-21
Commercial banks continue to cut deposit interest ratesViet Nam News2023-08-21
Restructure portfolios, Vietnam stock market investors advisedThe investor2023-08-20
Dollar inches up against dongVN Express international2023-08-20
Pressure to achieve GDP growth of 6.5 per centVietnamnet Global2023-08-19
Real estate decree meets with dissenting voicesViet Nam News2023-08-19
Property market expects money inflows following lending rate cutsVN Express international2023-08-18
Signs of economic recovery evident: analystsVN Express international2023-08-18
FDi attraction, consumption, tourism silver linings of VN's H2 economic growthVietnamnet Global2023-08-18
Vietnam Struggles to Boost Loans as Economy Faces HeadwindsBloomberg2023-08-18
Dollar plunges against dongVN Express international2023-08-18
Shares volatile on higher liquidityViet Nam News2023-08-18
Bank deposit interest rates plummet to 7%VN Express international2023-08-17
Vietnam expects stronger FDi inflows with large-scale projectsVietnamnet Global2023-08-17
Korean investors turn into net buyers of Vietnamese stocksVietnamnet Global2023-08-17
Global consumers cut spending, VN exporters lower export targetsVietnamnet Global2023-08-17
Domestic rice prices on the rise due to greater global demandViet Nam News2023-08-17
Shares rebound on large-caps, Vinfast Nasdaq debutViet Nam News2023-08-17
Rice export prices peak, VN rice production vulnerabilities exposedVietnamnet Global2023-08-16
Heavy tasks set up to reach growth goalsVietnamnet Global2023-08-16
Dollar rises against dongVN Express international2023-08-15
Central bank tells lenders to cut credit interest ratesVN Express international2023-08-15
Shares drop on heavy selling forceViet Nam News2023-08-15
Positive offsets found amid downbeat sentimentVietnamnet Global2023-08-15
Shares start week on positive note, spurred by securities and real estate groupsViet Nam News2023-08-15
Viet Nam’s economic growth projected to rebound from 2024Viet Nam News2023-08-15
Policy rate cuts boosting stock prices: VinaCapitalViet Nam News2023-08-15
SMEs development fund plans further reduced interest ratesViet Nam News2023-08-15
Circular No. 08/2023/TT-NHNN creates favorable conditions for foreign borrowersState Bank of Viet Nam2023-08-14
Dollar shoots up to year's peakVN Express international2023-08-14
Vietnam’s short-term economic outlook positive: PwCVN Express international2023-08-14
Billion-dollar export sectors bring down targets amid low demandVN Express international2023-08-14
National economy bouncing back: expertsVietnamnet Global2023-08-14
Market lifted by hopes of positive economic results in H2Viet Nam News2023-08-14
USD/VND exchange rate keeps stable despite SBV’s different policiesViet Nam News2023-08-14
Dollar returns to 5-month highVN Express international2023-08-13
HoSE welcomes another ETF simulating index of “diamond” stocksViet Nam News2023-08-13
High logistics costs hurt VN economic competitivenessViet Nam News2023-08-11
Market reverses on bottom fishing demandViet Nam News2023-08-11
Vietnam’s economy to see stronger growth in next two years: WBVietnamnet Global2023-08-11
Vietnam’s foreign trade sector struggles as global demand weakensVietnamnet Global2023-08-11
Lending rate forecast to drop sharply in H2 2023Viet Nam News2023-08-11
Dollar rises on black marketVN Express international2023-08-10
VN-index logs biggest intraday loss in nearly 5 monthsViet Nam News2023-08-10
Real estate stocks see bright days, stock liquidity stableVietnamnet Global2023-08-10
Three more enterprises join billion-dollar club in JulyViet Nam News2023-08-10
Economy improves but challenges remain: officialViet Nam News2023-08-10
Dollar ups on black marketVN Express international2023-08-09
Benchmark indices fall on profit-taking demandViet Nam News2023-08-09
Positive outlook for Vietnam’s foreign investment attractionVietnamnet Global2023-08-09
Major realtors sell assets as property market remains stagnantVietnamnet Global2023-08-09
Bond issuers buy back VND135 trillion of bonds before maturityVietnamnet Global2023-08-09
Loan interest expenses incease, causing hardship for firmsViet Nam News2023-08-09
Cutting rates too quickly could lead to credit riskViet Nam News2023-08-09
Gains capped by stronger selling pressureViet Nam News2023-08-09
Positive signs of goods import and export activitiesGeneral Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-08
Positive signals in the implementation of investment capital from the State budget in the first 7 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-08
Approximately 6.8 per cent of Vietnam's GDP lost annually to climate changeVietnamnet Global2023-08-08
Dollar advances over dongVN Express international2023-08-08
VCCi disagrees with bank ownership ratio reductionViet Nam News2023-08-08
inflation stable, State-managed prices can be adjustedViet Nam News2023-08-08
SBV boosts anti-money laundering regulationsViet Nam News2023-08-08
Shares have a good start on increased demandViet Nam News2023-08-08
Dollar gains slightly against dongVN Express international2023-08-08
Shares to go up amid soaring liquidityViet Nam News2023-08-07
Bad debts skyrocket in wake of poor business performanceViet Nam News2023-08-07
Higher interest expenses, lending difficulties drag down banks’ incomeVN Express international2023-08-06
Dollar starts week with gainVN Express international2023-08-06
Over $1.17 bln of bonds to mature in August: top brokerThe investor2023-08-05
Close watch urged on global market developmentsViet Nam News2023-08-05
Economic growth target kept unchanged for 2023: PMViet Nam News2023-08-05
Market ends week on a positive noteViet Nam News2023-08-05
Vietnam PM Says Nation Targeting 9% Growth in Second HalfBloomberg2023-08-05
3.7% is finance ministry’s worst-case inflation forecastVN Express international2023-08-04
importers hit by strengthening euroVN Express international2023-08-04
Vietnam’s GDP nearly doubles after decade of international integrationVietnamnet Global2023-08-04
VN real estate market attracts foreign capital via M&AsVietnamnet Global2023-08-04
VN corporate bond market hoped to develop sustainablyVietnamnet Global2023-08-04
SBV: 120 trillion VND social housing credit package rolled outVietnamnet Global2023-08-04
The diminishing trend of inflation in the 7 months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-04
Solutions to promote foreign direct investment attraction in the last months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-04
Businesses urged to diversify export markets amid current difficult contextViet Nam News2023-08-04
Five banks earned profits of more than VND10 trillion in H1 2023Viet Nam News2023-08-04
Real estate developers voice issue with new loan conditionsintellasia.net2023-08-03
Credit growth unlikely to soar towards the end of the yearintellasia.net2023-08-03
Search expands for investing options amid market uptickintellasia.net2023-08-03
Dollar steadies at 5-month peakVN Express international2023-08-03
Shares volatile, but liquidity increasesViet Nam News2023-08-03
Promulgate and deploy synchronous and optimal tools and solutions, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses to access credit capitalState Bank of Viet Nam2023-08-03
Vietnam’s FDi prospects remain good regardless of external drag: HSBCThe investor2023-08-03
VN stock market recovering fast, stronglyVietnamnet Global2023-08-03
Positive economic outlook predicted for Vietnam in H2Vietnamnet Global2023-08-03
industrial real estate investment remains magnet for investorsVietnamnet Global2023-08-03
SOME SOCiO-ECONOMiC BRiGHT SPOTS iN JULY AND 7 MONTHS OF 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-08-03
Dollar skyrockets to 5-month high against dongVN Express international2023-08-03
Shares rebound on modest liquidityViet Nam News2023-08-03
More firms delay bond payments in Q2, total US$7.71 billion outstandingViet Nam News2023-08-03
Experts warn about businesses, individuals rushing to make deposits at banksVietnamnet Global2023-08-02
Vietnam to fuel economic growth with more interest rate cutsVietnamnet Global2023-08-02
Vingroup to raise $421M via bondsVN Express international2023-08-02
HoREA seeks amendment to central bank’s circularintellasia.net2023-08-02
Smaller businesses continue to bemoan strict lending criteriaVietnamnet Global2023-08-02
Global minimum tax: VN considers financial support for investorsVietnamnet Global2023-08-02
Shares reverse to fall on selling forceViet Nam News2023-08-02
Enterprises urged to explore niche markets while exports declineViet Nam News2023-08-02
DGC expects business results will continue to fall in Q3Viet Nam News2023-08-02
Viet Nam's manufacturing industry shows signs of stabilisation: S&P GlobalViet Nam News2023-08-02
HCMC real estate suffers negative growth in H1VN Express international2023-08-01
Dollar jumps to near 4-week highVN Express international2023-08-01
Circular 06/2023/TT-NHNN ensures transparency, protects interests and facilitates access to bank credit capitalState Bank of Viet Nam2023-08-01
Vietnam attracts $16 billion in FDi in Jan-Julyintellasia.net2023-08-01
Vietnam Manufacturing Purchasing Managers' index ticks up in JulyVietnamnet Global2023-08-01
Economists: interest rates need to be cutVietnamnet Global2023-08-01
VN-index secures 10-month peakVN Express international2023-07-31
Seven-month goods retail sales, service revenue up 10.4%VN Express international2023-07-31
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2023-07-31
Foreign investment showing signs of recoveryViet Nam News2023-07-31
Market likely to struggle this week but head towards new highsViet Nam News2023-07-31
Cash shifts to stock market amid lower interest ratesViet Nam News2023-07-31
Vietnam's CPi up 0.45% in JulyVietnamnet Global2023-07-30
Vietnam to apply global minimum tax in 2024Vietnamnet Global2023-07-30
Property market not to thaw anytime soon: expertsVN Express international2023-07-30
Dollar inches down against dongVN Express international2023-07-30
Trade surplus reaches $15.23B in seven monthsVN Express international2023-07-29
Brokerages forecast growth in several sectors in Q2Viet Nam News2023-07-29
Banks may brace for impact of property market strainViet Nam News2023-07-29
High-end coastal properties face inventory, liquidity issuesViet Nam News2023-07-29
REPORT ON THE SOCiO-ECONOMiC SiTUATiON iN JULY AND 7 MONTHS OF 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-07-29
iNDUSTRiAL PRODUCTiON iNDEX JULY 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-07-29
CONSUMER PRiCE iNDEX, GOLD PRiCE iNDEX AND US DOLLAR PRiCE iNDEX FOR JULY 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-07-29
Vietnam lures over $16B in foreign investmentVN Express international2023-07-28
Economy headwinds challenges banks to promote lendingViet Nam News2023-07-28
Market sets another weekly gain on bullish sentimentViet Nam News2023-07-28
Vietnam Exports Post Longest Stretch of Declines Since 2009Bloomberg2023-07-28
VN-index falls under the threshold 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2023-07-28
Deposit interest rates at all banks stand below 8%/yearViet Nam News2023-07-28
HDBank pioneers comprehensive implementation of Basel iiiViet Nam News2023-07-27
Lower interest rates will not have significant impact on inflationintellasia.net2023-07-27
Banks see bad debt soaringVietnamnet Global2023-07-27
Vietnam considers cash support for FDi firms to offset global minimum taxVN Express international2023-07-27
VN-index extends gains on back of mounting supply pressureViet Nam News2023-07-27
Grow stock market to ease pressure on the money marketViet Nam News2023-07-27
Viet Nam may struggle to reach pangasius export target in 2023Viet Nam News2023-07-27
Budget carrier Vietjet plans $84.5 mln bond issuanceThe investor2023-07-26
$31 bln of bonds to be registered on Hanoi bourse: top brokerThe investor2023-07-26
Vietnam economy confronts 'headwinds' and 'whirlwinds': expertThe investor2023-07-26
Presidents arrested, but securities companies still making big profitsVietnamnet Global2023-07-26
Dollar gains marginally against dongVN Express international2023-07-26
Corporate bond market to continue to face headwinds in H2Viet Nam News2023-07-26
Measures needed to increase capital absorption of firmsViet Nam News2023-07-26
individual deposits growth slow amid lower interest ratesVN Express international2023-07-25
Banks have liquidity to cut lending interest rates, but no demand: SBVVN Express international2023-07-25
Dollar rises over dongVN Express international2023-07-25
Market extends rally, lifted by bank stocksViet Nam News2023-07-25
Rates No ‘Magic’ Fix for Vietnam’s Woes, Says Central BankerBloomberg2023-07-25
Major banks further cut deposit ratesVietnamnet Global2023-07-25
VAFi recommends building risk-free bondsViet Nam News2023-07-25
VN-index heads closer to 1,200 pointsViet Nam News2023-07-25
Retail demand steps upVN Express international2023-07-24
Vietnam real estate's stress is over: Fitch RatingsVN Express international2023-07-24
Dollar gains over dongVN Express international2023-07-24
Remittances to HCM City up 37 per cent in H1, likely to hit $7 billion this yearViet Nam News2023-07-24
Shares expected to rise amid fluctuations within a narrow rangeViet Nam News2023-07-24
Banks’ bond buybacks might affect credit growth in H2 2023Viet Nam News2023-07-24
Vietnamese banks prove attractive to foreign investorsViet Nam News2023-07-24
Dollar starts week with marginal gainViet Nam News2023-07-23
Over VND72 trillion of real estate bonds about to fall dueVietnamnet Global2023-07-23
Vietnam Among World’s Most Overbought Stock Markets After RallyBloomberg2023-07-23
Profit growth of banking industry forecast to slow in 2023Viet Nam News2023-07-22
Vietcombank sets record market capViet Nam News2023-07-21
Outlook upbeat for Vietnam’s ailing realty market: expertsThe investor2023-07-21
Viet Nam-US trade outlook positive in the second half of 2023Viet Nam News2023-07-21
Pumping money into the economy: solutionsVietnamnet Global2023-07-21
Foreign investors flock to Vietnam's real estate marketVietnamnet Global2023-07-21
Dollar ups against dongVN Express international2023-07-20
Shares extend losses as major industries lose groundVietnamnet Global2023-07-20
Remittances to HCM City up 37% in first haft of 2023Vietnamnet Global2023-07-20
Vietnam Pledges Not to Use Forex Policy for Unfair Trade AdvantageBloomberg2023-07-20
Export shows sign of gradual recovery: Statistics officeintellasia.net2023-07-20
How will Vietnamese exports be affected once the UK joins the CPTPP?intellasia.net2023-07-20
Bankers propose resolution to support firms, peopleViet Nam News2023-07-20
Shares end two-day rise as large-caps falterViet Nam News2023-07-20
The burden on the banking systemVietnamnet Global2023-07-20
Dollar gains against dongVN Express international2023-07-19
Enterprises' internal strength: A core to listingViet Nam News2023-07-19
Separate corporate bond trading system launchedVietnamnet Global2023-07-19
ADB lowers growth forecast for Vietnam to 5.8% this yearVietnamnet Global2023-07-19
investors keep an eye on banks’ Q2 resultsintellasia.net2023-07-19
MB pours nearly VND150 trillion in real estate lending in H1intellasia.net2023-07-19
Shares rise on the growth of bank stocksViet Nam News2023-07-19
Law needed to ensure banks can repossess collateral on bad debtsViet Nam News2023-07-19
HCM City banks sign up to lend $33.3 million to businessesViet Nam News2023-07-19
Camimex to issue $12.7 million in bonds this yearViet Nam News2023-07-19
MoiT will strengthen efficiency in dealling with trade remedies in H2Vietnamnet Global2023-07-19
50% of one bank's shares sold, businesses change hands, stock assets fluctuateVietnamnet Global2023-07-19
Dollar slips on black marketVN Express international2023-07-18
Economic recovery signs on horizon in H2: analystsVN Express international2023-07-18
Fitch Ratings Says Risks to Vietnam From Real Estate Has EasedBloomberg2023-07-18
Retail stocks on track to reboundViet Nam News2023-07-18
Ministry to focus on removing difficulties for the real estate market in H2Viet Nam News2023-07-18
Hanoi sees development prospects of real estate market in East: expertsVietnamnet Global2023-07-18
Economy expected to bounce back in H2 thanks to $21 billion pushVietnamnet Global2023-07-18
Banks to see slower profit growth in 2023: forecastVN Express international2023-07-17
HCMC bourse to remove two property stocks from top 30 basketVN Express international2023-07-17
Dollar gains marginally against dongVN Express international2023-07-17
Real estate stocks major driving force of VN-index gainThe investor2023-07-17
VN-index likely to head toward 1,180-1,200 points this weekViet Nam News2023-07-17
Corporate bond trading system improves market transparency, liquidityVietnamnet Global2023-07-17
Vietnam Central Bank Going Slow on Rate-Cut Calls Amid RisksBloomberg2023-07-17
Dollar continues to weaken on black marketVN Express international2023-07-16
Vietnamese businesses await relief as SBV slashes interest ratesVietnamnet Global2023-07-15
Ample room remains for Vietnam's economic recoveryVietnamnet Global2023-07-15
Vietnam corporate bond exchange to be opened in July: Deputy PMThe investor2023-07-14
FDi inflows into VN real estate total over US$66 billionVietnamnet Global2023-07-14
Obtaining a high growth rate is a must: MPiVietnamnet Global2023-07-14
Banks cut rates for new loans amid low capital demandViet Nam News2023-07-14
Funding and regulatory hurdles challenge Viet Nam's developers long termViet Nam News2023-07-14
Statute on trading members and Statute on registration, depository and clearing for privately-issued corporate bond transactionsVietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-13
Vietcombank became the clearing bank for privately-issued corporate bond trading systemVietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-13
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2023-07-13
VN-index hits highest in nearly 10 months on bullish sentimentViet Nam News2023-07-13
Export pressure on steel groups heightensintellasia.net2023-07-13
Viet Nam faces challenges in hitting growth target of 6.5 per cent this yearViet Nam News2023-07-13
Shares mixed on mounting investor cautionViet Nam News2023-07-13
AMRO revises up Viet Nam's growth forecast for 2024Viet Nam News2023-07-13
Vietnam sets out stall on GMT impactsVietnamnet Global2023-07-13
Vietnam to pass global minimum tax policy late this yearVietnamnet Global2023-07-13
Dollar slips against dongVN Express international2023-07-12
VBMA participated in the Conference on statutes and regulations on the registering, depositing, clearing and market structuring of privately-placed corporate bondVietnam Bond Market Association2023-07-12
Lacking capital, businesses seek loans from individuals, not banksVietnamnet Global2023-07-12
M&As pick up pace in Vietnam property marketThe investor2023-07-12
Acceleration of export orders help create momentum for Vietnam’s trade landscapeVietnamnet Global2023-07-12
Nation sticks to its guns over economic growth goalsVietnamnet Global2023-07-12
Central bank allocates all credit growth quotas for banksVietnamnet Global2023-07-11
Bank lent nearly half of authorized capital to single project: inspectorsVN Express international2023-07-11
Dollar declines against dongVN Express international2023-07-11
Credit institutions expect positive demand for banking servicesViet Nam News2023-07-11
Shares move higher as cash flow spurs marketViet Nam News2023-07-11
Three scenarios put forward for national economy in 2023Vietnamnet Global2023-07-11
Government urged to control imports, protect domestic productionVietnamnet Global2023-07-11
Central bank allocates all credit growth quotas for banksVietnamnet Global2023-07-11
DRiVERS OF ECONOMiC GROWTH iN THE FiRST 6 MONTHS OF 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-07-10
Adjustment of credit growth targets and solutions for infrastructure managementState Bank of Viet Nam2023-07-10
Vietnam’s economic locomotive begins to gather pace againVN Express international2023-07-10
Dollar drops to one-week low against dongVN Express international2023-07-10
VN-index extends rally, inches closer to 1,150 point-levelViet Nam News2023-07-10
Stock manipulation cases result in prison sentences for company presidentsVietnamnet Global2023-07-10
VN market expected to further recover next weekViet Nam News2023-07-10
More than $1.7b worth of maturing corporate bonds rolled overViet Nam News2023-07-10
Viet Nam sees good performance on industrial property in H1Viet Nam News2023-07-10
?Big money moving in marketVietnamnet Global2023-07-09
Vietnamese firms urged to shift to official cross-border exportsVietnamnet Global2023-07-09
Dollar softens against dongVN Express international2023-07-09
Vietnam economy forecast to grow 7% in H2, after 3.7% in H1The investor2023-07-08
Real estate market is expected to recover in H2Viet Nam News2023-07-08
Cross-shareholding poses risks to financial systemViet Nam News2023-07-08
Market see upswing in H2, bolstered by lower interest rates and recovering corporate earningsViet Nam News2023-07-08
Vietnam's banking sector faces uphill battle in 2023: FiinGroupVietnamnet Global2023-07-07
Banks pump billions of new shares into the marketintellasia.net2023-07-07
Vietnam to resume rapid economic growth over medium term: foreign mediaVietnamnet Global2023-07-07
HSBC lowers Vietnamese GDP growth forecast to 5%Vietnamnet Global2023-07-07
Stable economic environment a must to fuel national growth in H2Vietnamnet Global2023-07-07
Vietnam PM Seeks Looser Policy Settings to Spur Slowing EconomyBloomberg2023-07-07
iCT revenue drops on struggling economyViet Nam News2023-07-07
Shares drop after three consecutive gaining sessionsViet Nam News2023-07-07
Vietnam economic rebound forecast for second halfThe investor2023-07-06
Dollar shoots up on black marketVN Express international2023-07-06
PM wants banks to cut loan interest rates for small businessesVN Express international2023-07-06
Nearly $7.6 billion poured into G-bonds in H1Viet Nam News2023-07-06
Over 1.8 bln USD pour into corporate bonds in H1Vietnamnet Global2023-07-06
Vietnamese economy shows gradual signs of positivity amid difficultiesVietnamnet Global2023-07-06
Forecast of cash demand in Vietnam's economyState Bank of Viet Nam2023-07-05
Shares rise for two consecutive sessionsViet Nam News2023-07-05
Agricultural, forestry and fishery exports reach nearly $25 billion in H1Viet Nam News2023-07-05
Vietnamese banks target international safety standards under Basel iiiViet Nam News2023-07-05
Vietnam likely to keep inflation below 4.5% in 2023: EconomistsVietnamnet Global2023-07-05
Vietnam’s regulatory interest rates to further down in third quarter: UOBVietnamnet Global2023-07-05
Ministry builds two scenarios for GDP growth in H2Vietnamnet Global2023-07-05
GDP grows slowly, stock market remains sluggishVietnamnet Global2023-07-05
UOB cuts Vietnam 2023 growth forecast down to 5.2%The investor2023-07-04
Vietnam faces challenges in hitting growth targetsVN Express international2023-07-04
Dollar surges to 17-week highVN Express international2023-07-04
Government needs to spend money to help spur growth in property market: expertVietnamnet Global2023-07-04
VN-index gains, focus on seafood sharesViet Nam News2023-07-04
PMi recovers slightly, but still below threshold of 50 pointsViet Nam News2023-07-04
Socio-Economic Highlights in the Second Quarter and the First 6 Months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-07-03
GSO head points to factors affecting Vietnam’s efforts to curb inflationVN Express international2023-07-03
Dollar reaches 4-month peakVN Express international2023-07-03
Sustained drop in new orders amid weak demand in Vietnam: S&PThe investor2023-07-03
Central bank asks credit institutions to reduce interest ratesVietnamnet Global2023-07-03
Vietnam’s economic growth to recover in H2: iMF expertVietnamnet Global2023-07-03
Retail sales of consumer goods, services up 10.9% in H1Viet Nam News2023-07-03
Market likely to rebound this week: expertsViet Nam News2023-07-03
Dollar steady at 15-week highVN Express international2023-07-02
HCMC likely to fall short of 2023 GRDP growth targetVietnamnet Global2023-07-01
Vietnam’s decreased LPi may cause difficulties for exportsVietnamnet Global2023-07-01
iMF pegs Vietnam 2023 growth at 4.7% with H2 recoveryThe investor2023-06-30
HCM City’s economic growth reaches 3.55% in first half of 2023Viet Nam News2023-06-30
Market finishes the 2nd quarter on a negative noteViet Nam News2023-06-30
import-export turnover exceeds US$316 billion in January-JuneVGP News2023-06-30
Vietnam’s GDP to grow by 5pct in Q2: Maybankintellasia.net2023-06-30
Bank savings channel less positive than securities in the long termintellasia.net2023-06-30
VN trade surplus reaches US$12.25 billion in H1/2023Vietnamnet Global2023-06-30
Vietnam attracts over 13.4 billion USD in FDi in H1Vietnamnet Global2023-06-30
Market falls on strong selling pressureViet Nam News2023-06-30
Dollar surges to 15-week high against dongVN Express international2023-06-29
Benchmark interest rate cuts: Boosting production, stimulating stock marketintellasia.net2023-06-29
Firms plead for bond debt payment rescheduling in VietnamThe investor2023-06-29
Vietnam Economy Accelerates First Time in Three QuartersBloomberg2023-06-29
VN banks increasing investment in bondsVietnamnet Global2023-06-29
FDi flows into Vietnam forecast to increase in H2: ExpertsVietnamnet Global2023-06-29
All FLC-related stocks to be delisted from HOSEVietnamnet Global2023-06-29
CEO of APEC Securities detained over alleged stock manipulationVietnamnet Global2023-06-29
Credit loosened as interest rates are cutVietnamnet Global2023-06-29
Market mixed, VN-index extends rallies on bank stocksViet Nam News2023-06-29
Vietnam second quarter unemployment rises to 2.3%The investor2023-06-29
Consumer Price index, Gold Price index and US Dollar Price index June 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-06-29
industrial Production index June 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-06-29
Report on the Socio-Economic Situation in the Second Quarter and First 6 Months of 2023General Statistics Office of Vietnam2023-06-29
Property sector drowning in difficultiesVN Express international2023-06-28
Dollar lingers at 3-month high against dongVN Express international2023-06-28
Real estate sector still in distressVietnamnet Global2023-06-28
Vietnam mitigates global minimum tax issues for foreign investorsVietnam investment Review2023-06-28
Vietnamese banks target Basel iii applicationintellasia.net2023-06-28
PM mentions measures against headwinds at WEF debate in TianjinVietnamnet Global2023-06-28
VN-index extends five-session rally, albeit with declining liquidityViet Nam News2023-06-28
TVSi to be suspended from purchasing stocks from June 27Viet Nam News2023-06-28
Banks continue to slash deposit interest ratesVN Express international2023-06-27
Food prices plummet as demand, production costs fallVN Express international2023-06-27
Dollar rises on black marketVN Express international2023-06-27
Stock market positively responds to interest rate cutsVietnam investment Review2023-06-27
VAT cut to affect price controls on some goods and services: VCCiVietreader2023-06-27
Standard Chartered forecasts growth slowdown in Q2intellasia.net2023-06-27
Standard Chartered forecasts interest rates to return to pandemic levelsViet Nam News2023-06-27
Vietnam, Philippines, india to deliver fastest growth in Asia: S&PThe investor2023-06-26
Dollar reaches 3-month high against dongVN Express international2023-06-26
VN-index lifted on strong liquidityViet Nam News2023-06-26
High logistics costs stymie Vietnam farm exportsVietnamnet Global2023-06-26
Banks have money but businesses don’t want to borrowVietnamnet Global2023-06-26
Seafood exports have solid May, difficulties remainViet Nam News2023-06-26
Exchange rate forecast to remain stable in H2 2023Viet Nam News2023-06-26
Shares to continue uptrend amid strong domestic cash flowViet Nam News2023-06-26
Banks step up bond buybacksVietreader2023-06-25
Standard Chartered forecasts VN's 2030 export revenue to reach US$620 billionVietnamnet Global2023-06-25
Dollar dips on black marketVN Express international2023-06-25
interest rate cut contributes to supporting economic growth: economistsVN Express international2023-06-25
Three growth scenarios for Vietnam's economic growth in 2023Vietnamnet Global2023-06-24
National Assembly approves 2-point VAT cutVN Express international2023-06-24
Three companies under investigation for alleged stock manipulationVN Express international2023-06-24
All major banks slash deposit interest ratesViet Nam News2023-06-24
Key trading partners feeling the brunt of poor indicatorsVietnamnet Global2023-06-23
interest rate cuts expected to revitalize businessesVietnamnet Global2023-06-23
Stock market gains despite choppy tradingViet Nam News2023-06-23
Credit rose by 3.36 per cent in H1 2023Viet Nam News2023-06-23
Dollar increases against dongVN Express international2023-06-22
HNX to launch new bond trading systemViet Nam News2023-06-22
Vietnam seeks to enhance credit growth as H1 tally falls short at 3.36%The investor2023-06-22
Many foreigners continue to buying property in VietnamVietnamnet Global2023-06-22
Public investment deemed key driver for economic growth and inflation controlVietnamnet Global2023-06-22
Vietnam fosters cross-border e-commerce in ASEANVietnamnet Global2023-06-22
Viet Nam’s local currency bond market up 5.1%: ADBVGP News2023-06-22
Bilateral meeting between the State Bank of Vietnam and the Central Bank of ThailandState Bank of Viet Nam2023-06-22
Market diversification will boost exports: MoiTViet Nam News2023-06-22
Export-oriented producers struggle to gain foothold at homeViet Nam News2023-06-22
Early intervention to credit institutions needs to prevent worse consequencesViet Nam News2023-06-22
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