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Republic of Korea

Market Watch
Close of
November 24, 2022
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 3.818 10.0 5.5 ▲ 214.6
5 Year 3.715 13.5 16.5 ▲ 171.0
10 Year 3.615 15.2 23.4 ▲ 136.0

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
KRW per USD 1,328.440 ▲ 1.8 ▲ 0.8 11.6
KRW per JPY 9.589 ▲ 1.0 0.4 ▲ 7.3

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D KORIBOR 3.135 ▲ 18.0 ▲ 12.5 ▲ 238.5
3M KORIBOR 4.050     0.0 ▲ 2.0 ▲ 264.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
BOK Base Rate 3.250 ▲ 25.0 ▲ 225.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I AA- stable 2020-03-17
RAM AA3 stable 2019-05-07
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch AA- stable 2022-09-28
S&P AA stable 2022-04-26

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

The Republic of Korea’s local currency (LCY) government bond yield curve shifted upward between 31 August and 14 October as yields rose sharply tracking the rise in United States (US) Treasury yields, on expectations of further rate hikes by both the US Federal Reserve and the Bank of Korea. Following speculation of a possible slowdown in its aggressive monetary tightening, Chair Jerome Powell, in his Jackson Hole speech in late August, sent a clear signal that the Federal Reserve had no intentions of slowing the pace of rate hikes in the near term. Subsequently, at its 20–21 September meeting, the Federal Reserve raised the federal funds rate target range by 75 basis points (bps). On the domestic front, the Bank of Korea, in its 12 October monetary policy meeting, raised the base rate by another 50 bps to 3.0%, following a 25 bps rate hike in August. This brought total policy rate hikes year-to-date to 200 bps. 

Size and Composition

The Republic of Korea’s LCY bond market grew 1.3% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) to reach KRW2,964.4 trillion (USD2.1 trillion) at the end of September, which was slightly higher than the 1.0% q-o-q growth posted in the previous quarter. The Republic of Korea’s LCY government bond market reached a size of KRW1,264.0 trillion on 1.8% q-o-q growth in the third quarter of 2022; while the LCY corporate bond market inched up 1.0% q-o-q to KRW1,700.4 trillion. On an annual basis, growth slowed to 5.9% year-on-year from 6.1% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2021.

Policy, Institutional and Regulatory Developments

On 30 August, the Government of the Republic of Korea announced its 2023 budget proposal totaling KRW639 trillion. This represented a 5.2% increase from the original 2022 budget, which is less than the average yearly increase of 8.7% over the last 5 years. The proposed 2023 budget is also 5.9% less than the 2022 final budget, which includes the supplementary budget. The smaller annual increase in the budget is in line with government efforts to reduce spending as part of its 2022–2026 fiscal management plan to improve fiscal sustainability. 

Title Source Date
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-28
20Y KTB 01125-3909Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-21
10Y KTB 01875-2906Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-14
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-11
5Y KTB 01375-2409Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-07
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-10-01
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-09-30
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-09-24
20Y KTB 01125-3909Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-09-23
10Y KTB 01875-2906Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-09-16
5Y KTB 01375-2409Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-09-02
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-27
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-26
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-19
10Y KTB 01875-2906Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-12
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-09
5Y KTB 01875-2403Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-08-05
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-30
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-29
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-22
10Y KTB 01875-2906Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-15
5Y KTB 01875-2403Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-08
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-02
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-07-01
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-24
10Y KTB 01875-2906Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-17
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-14
5Y KTB 01875-2403Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-10
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-04
3Y KTB 01625-2206Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-06-03
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-05-27
10Y KTB 02375-2812Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-05-20
5Y KTB 01875-2403Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-05-13
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-05-08
3Y KTB 02000-2112Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-05-07
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-25
10Y KTB 01875-2906 (Pre-issuance)Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-15
10Y KTB 02375-2812Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-15
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-12
5Y KTB 01875-2403Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-08
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-02
3Y KTB 02000-2112Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-01
3Y KTB 01625-2206 (pre-issuance)Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-04-01
20Y KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-03-25
10Y KTB 02375-2812Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-03-18
50Y KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-03-15
30Y KTB 02000-4903Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-03-05
3Y KTB 02000-2112Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-03-04
20-year KTB 02375-3809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-02-25
10-year KTB 02375-2812Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-02-18
50-year KTB 02000-6809Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-02-15
5-year KTB 02250-2309Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-02-11
5-year KTB 01875-2403 (pre-issuance)Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-02-11
30-year KTB 02625-4803Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-01-29
30-year KTB 02000-4903 (pre-issuance)Ministry of Economy and Finance2019-01-29
3-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultMinistry of Economy and Finance2019-01-28
20-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2019-01-21
10-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2019-01-14
30-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2019-01-03
3-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2019-01-02
20-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2018-12-17
10-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2018-12-10
50-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2018-12-07
5-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2018-12-03
20-year Treasury Bonds Auction ResultsMinistry of Economy and Finance2018-11-19
10-year Treasury Bonds Auction Results (November 12)Ministry of Economy and Finance2018-11-12
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Bank of Korea’s Rhee Raises Prospect of Hike Cycle Nearing EndBloomberg2022-11-24
BOK hikes policy rate by quarter point, lowers growth projection for next yearYONHAP News2022-11-24
Monetary Policy Decision & Opening Remarks to the Press Conference (November 24, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-11-24
South Korea Seen Opting for Smaller Interest-Rate Hike on Credit RisksBloomberg2022-11-23
BOK buys repos to inject liquidity into marketYONHAP News2022-11-21
Won Swings From Worst to Best in Asia and More Gains ExpectedBloomberg2022-11-21
S. Korea's fiscal deficit widens through Sept.YONHAP News2022-11-17
S. Korean currency rises by largest margin in 13 years on eased inflation woesYONHAP News2022-11-11
Gov't to inject 2.8 tln won to prop up short-term money marketYONHAP News2022-11-11
Won hits 2-month high on hopes for slowdown in Fed's rate hikes, China's reopeningYONHAP News2022-11-09
Foreigners turn net buyers of Korean stocks in Oct. on dip-buyingYONHAP News2022-11-09
South Korea Jobless Rate Remains Low in Sign of ResilienceBloomberg2022-11-09
S. Korea's on-year job additions slow in Oct. amid uncertaintiesYONHAP News2022-11-09
Top regulator, bank chiefs vow to cooperate in stabilizing debt market amid credit crunch woesYONHAP News2022-11-09
Balance of Payments during September 2022 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-11-08
Sept. current account turns to surplus, sharply drops on-year amid high import, travel billsYONHAP News2022-11-08
Finance ministry monitoring impact of Fed rate hike, N. Korea's provocationsYONHAP News2022-11-03
Consumer Price Index in October 2022Statistics Korea2022-11-02
S. Korea's consumer prices up 5.7 pct on-year in Oct. on higher utility billsYONHAP News2022-11-02
Financial groups to pump 95 tln won to ease market crunchYONHAP News2022-11-01
Industrial output falls for 3rd month; retail sales, facility investment retreat in Sept.YONHAP News2022-10-28
Retail sales up 7.5 pct in September amid growing outdoor activitiesYONHAP News2022-10-28
BOK to sell 9.9 tln won worth of monetary stabilization bonds in Nov.YONHAP News2022-10-28
South Korea’s Economy Decelerates as Risks to Growth MountBloomberg2022-10-27
Corporate direct financing dives in Sept. on fall in bond saleYONHAP News2022-10-27
Real Gross Domestic Product: Third Quarter of 2022 (Advance Estimate)Bank of Korea2022-10-27
Bond market jitters likely to persist despite stabilization measures due to high inflation, high rates: analystsYONHAP News2022-10-26
BOK expects continued 'contraction' in debt market following Legoland-caused turmoilYONHAP News2022-10-26
S. Korea's currency tumbles amid global tightening, weak Chinese yuanYONHAP News2022-10-25
Inflation expectations inch up in Oct. amid interest rate hikes: BOK surveyYONHAP News2022-10-25
Gov't to expand liquidity programs amid corporate bond market jittersYONHAP News2022-10-24
Korea $35 Billion Aid Plan Spurs Relief Rally in Stocks, BondsBloomberg2022-10-24
Producer prices bounce higher in Sept. amid inflation woesYONHAP News2022-10-21
Korea Reactivates $1.1 Billion Bond Fund as Credit Strains MountBloomberg2022-10-20
BOK braces for financial market volatility following higher-than-expected U.S. inflation dataYONHAP News2022-10-14
S. Korea's fiscal deficit widens 15.1 tln won through AugustYONHAP News2022-10-13
BOK's big-step rate hike coincides with gov't view: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-10-13
Recent Economic Developments (October 2022)Bank of Korea2022-10-12
Monetary Policy DecisionBank of Korea2022-10-12
S. Korea's currency tumbles amid global tightening, rising geopolitical risksYONHAP News2022-10-11
BOK likely to deliver another big-step rate hike this week amid inflation woes, weak currencyYONHAP News2022-10-10
Balance of Payments during August 2022 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-10-07
S. Korea posts current account deficit in Aug. amid slowing exportsYONHAP News2022-10-07
BOK to maintain monetary tightening stance amid high inflationYONHAP News2022-10-07
South Korea’s Foreign Reserves Fall Most Since Global Financial CrisisBloomberg2022-10-06
Consumer Price Index in September 2022Statistics Korea2022-10-05
South Korea’s Inflation Eases as Rate Hikes Cool DemandBloomberg2022-10-05
Consumer prices grow at slower pace for 2nd month in Sept.YONHAP News2022-10-05
S. Korea vows 'preemptive, appropriate' steps against financial market instabilityYONHAP News2022-10-04
Trade deficit likely to hit record high of US$48 bln this year: reportYONHAP News2022-10-02
Korea Sold Record Dollars to Shore Up Won in Second QuarterBloomberg2022-09-30
Seoul shares sink to over 2-yr low amid recession worriesYONHAP News2022-09-30
Industrial output falls for 2nd month in AugustYONHAP News2022-09-30
Trade terms hit record low in AugustYONHAP News2022-09-29
S. Korea to buy back 2 tln won of state bonds to curb yield hikesYONHAP News2022-09-28
Fitch keeps S. Korea's credit rating unchanged at 'AA-,' outlook stableYONHAP News2022-09-28
Inflation expectations fall for second consecutive month in Sept.: BOK dataYONHAP News2022-09-27
Inflation to stabilize at slow pace due to won's weakness: BOK chiefYONHAP News2022-09-26
S. Korea's external soundness remains in good shape: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-09-26
Won hits over 13-year low per U.S. dollar during intraday trade on global tighteningYONHAP News2022-09-26
Inflation to stay in 5-6 pct range for considerable period of time: BOK chiefYONHAP News2022-09-26
S. Korea preparing 'several' measures to stabilize financial markets: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-09-25
S. Korea vows steps to stabilize bond market over growing volatilityYONHAP News2022-09-23
Capital outflows from S. Korea won't incur drastic foreign liquidity shortage: BOKYONHAP News2022-09-22
Won Tumbles as Harbinger for EM Currencies Crushed by FedBloomberg2022-09-22
ADB cuts 2023 growth outlook for S. Korean economy to 2.3 pctYONHAP News2022-09-21
Korea Early Exports Edge Higher Amid Weakening Global DemandBloomberg2022-09-21
Seoul shares hit over 2-month low on prospect of another aggressive rate hike by U.S. FedYONHAP News2022-09-19
OECD raises inflation outlook for S. Korea to 5.2 pct, growth forecast to 2.8 pctYONHAP News2022-09-19
S. Korean stocks open lower ahead of Fed policy meeting this weekYONHAP News2022-09-19
Economy feared to slow down on high inflation, weak exports: finance ministryYONHAP News2022-09-16
Won falls to new yearly low amid woes over Fed's tightening, economic uncertaintyYONHAP News2022-09-16
Inflation expected to peak around October despite weak Korean won: finance chiefYONHAP News2022-09-15
S. Korea's national debt on steady rise despite revenue growthYONHAP News2022-09-15
Won hits over 13-yr low following disappointing U.S. inflation data, rate hike woesBloomberg2022-09-14
Won Tumbles to Lead Drop in EM Asia Currencies on Fed Hike FearsBloomberg2022-09-14
S. Korea seeks to introduce tighter rules to improve fiscal healthYONHAP News2022-09-13
Exports down, trade deficit widens during first 10 days of Sept.YONHAP News2022-09-13
Won tumbles to 1,380 level per dollar for 1st time in over 13 yearsYONHAP News2022-09-07
S. Korea closely monitoring herd behavior in FX market: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-09-07
S. Korean economy losing steam on weakening global demand: KDIYONHAP News2022-09-07
Won dips below 1,370 level per dollar for 1st time in over 13 yearsYONHAP News2022-09-05
Current account surplus likely to narrow amid energy costs, slowing demand: ministerYONHAP News2022-09-05
Consumer Price Index in August 2022Statistics Korea2022-09-02
Consumer prices grow at slower pace in Aug. amid falling oil pricesYONHAP News2022-09-02
Korea's exports rise 6.6% in AugustMinistry of Trade, Industry, and Energy2022-09-01
Gross National Income: Second Quarter of 2022 (Preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-09-01
Korea Trade Deficit Swells to Record on Weak Won, Strong EnergyBloomberg2022-09-01
S. Korea's currency falls to new yearly low amid monetary tightening, recession woesYONHAP News2022-08-31
Monthly Industrial Statistics, July 2022Statistics Korea2022-08-31
Gist of proposed state budget for 2023YONHAP News2022-08-30
S. Korea seeks slowest growth of budget spending in 6 years for next yearYONHAP News2022-08-30
BOK to sell 8.8 tln won worth of monetary stabilization bonds next monthYONHAP News2022-08-30
Seoul stocks slump, snapping 3-day winning streak; Korean won falls to lowest level against U.S. dollar in 13 yearsYONHAP News2022-08-29
S. Korea to take steps to stabilize FX market to curb market volatility: officialYONHAP News2022-08-26
S. Korea to sell 10.5 tln won worth of gov't bonds in SeptemberYONHAP News2022-08-25
Bank of Korea Balances Inflation Battle Against Growth RisksBloomberg2022-08-25
BOK hikes policy rate to fight soaring inflation amid worries over slowing growthYONHAP News2022-08-25
S. Korea seeks to join hands with EU over U.S. inflation reduction actYONHAP News2022-08-25
Monetary Policy Decision (August 25, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-08-25
Yoons vows to prevent another financial crisisYONHAP News2022-08-24
Individual bond buying soars amid flight to safetyYONHAP News2022-08-24
Household credit hits record high in Q2 but grows at slower pace amid high borrowing costsYONHAP News2022-08-23
S. Korea warns against speculative bets amid won's sharp fallYONHAP News2022-08-23
Korea’s Exports Close to Stalling as Global Economy CoolsBloomberg2022-08-22
Korean won hits over 13-year low amid aggressive monetary tightening woesYONHAP News2022-08-22
S. Korean economy likely to slow down amid high inflation: ministryYONHAP News2022-08-19
Foreign stock ownership dips to 13-year low amid Fed's aggressive rate hikesYONHAP News2022-08-14
Gov't to cut expenditure next year amid economic challenges: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-08-13
Foreign Investors' Stock and Bond Investment, July 2022Financial Supervisory Service2022-08-12
Exports up 23.2 pct during first 10 days of Aug.; trade deficit widensYONHAP News2022-08-11
Bond sales sink in July amid higher rate volatilityYONHAP News2022-08-10
Seoul shares open higher amid rate hike uncertaintiesYONHAP News2022-08-09
S. Korean economy faces heightened downside risks: KDIYONHAP News2022-08-07
Seoul shares end higher amid woes over fallout from Pelosi's Taiwan visitYONHAP News2022-08-03
Korean Inflation Quickens, Boosting Case for More Rate HikesBloomberg2022-08-02
Consumer Price Index in July 2022Statistics Korea2022-08-02
S. Korea's inflation at near 24-year high in July on high energy, food pricesYONHAP News2022-08-02
Seoul shares up for 6th day on speculation over less-aggressive U.S. rate hikesYONHAP News2022-08-01
BOK sees small incremental rate increases as 'appropriate'YONHAP News2022-08-01
Seoul shares extend winning streak to 5th day on hope for Fed's less aggressive rake hikesYONHAP News2022-07-29
S. Korea's consumption falls for 4th month amid high inflationYONHAP News2022-07-29
Fed's rate hike to have limited impact on S. Korean market: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-07-28
BOK needs to continue to raise policy rate for time being: board memberYONHAP News2022-07-27
Real Gross Domestic Product: Second Quarter of 2022 (Advance Estimate)Bank of Korea2022-07-26
Inflation expected to peak in late Q3 or early Q4: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-07-26
S. Korean economy grows at faster pace in Q2 on robust private spendingYONHAP News2022-07-26
Trade Deficit, Equity Outflows Signal More Losses for Korean WonBloomberg2022-07-25
OECD leading index for S. Korea dips for 13th month in JuneYONHAP News2022-07-25
JPMorgan Sees Korea as Outlier in World of Slumping Bond DealsBloomberg2022-07-22
Exports up 14.5 pct in first 20 days of July; trade deficit widens on high energy costsYONHAP News2022-07-21
ADB cuts 2022 growth outlook for S. Korean economy to 2.6 pctYONHAP News2022-07-21
S. Korean economy feared to slow down amid external uncertainty: gov'tYONHAP News2022-07-20
S. Korea to push to exempt taxes on foreigners' investment in gov't bondsYONHAP News2022-07-17
S. Korean currency falls to over 13-year low in intraday tradingYONHAP News2022-07-15
Import prices up for 2nd month in June on high energy, raw material costsYONHAP News2022-07-15
Monetary Policy Decision (July 13, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-07-13
Bank of Korea Joins Jumbo Hikers as Inflation Fight Heats UpBloomberg2022-07-13
BOK delivers unprecedented 0.5 percentage-point rate hike to combat inflationYONHAP News2022-07-13
S. Korea's job growth slows in June amid increased economic uncertaintyYONHAP News2022-07-13
S. Korean currency hits yearly low per dollar on recession fearsYONHAP News2022-07-12
Bond sales in S. Korea fall in June amid high interest ratesYONHAP News2022-07-11
Banks to maintain mitigated lending stance on households with credit risks likely to rise in Q3: surveyYONHAP News2022-07-11
S. Korea logs current account surplus in May, turnaround from April deficitYONHAP News2022-07-07
S&P expects BOK to raise policy rate to 2.5 pctYONHAP News2022-07-06
Won slides to nearly 13-yr low per dollar on recession fearsYONHAP News2022-07-06
Foreign reserves dip by most in over 13 years in June amid currency volatilityYONHAP News2022-07-05
South Korea’s Inflation Hits Fastest Pace Since 1998 Ahead of BOK DecisionBloomberg2022-07-05
S. Korea's inflation at 24-year high in June; sharp rate hike in offingYONHAP News2022-07-05
Preemptive measures in store to tackle risks from rising rates: chief policymakersYONHAP News2022-07-04
Exports up 5.4 pct in June; trade deficit hits record high in H1YONHAP News2022-07-01
S. Korea sells net US$8.31 bln in Q1 to defend local currency: BOK dataYONHAP News2022-06-30
Monthly Industrial Statistics, May 2022Statistics Korea2022-06-30
Bond Traders Bet Market Has Swung Too Far on Korea Rate HikesBloomberg2022-06-30
Business sentiment worsens for July amid inflation, recession woesYONHAP News2022-06-30
S. Korea's industrial output, investment rebound in MayYONHAP News2022-06-30
Traders Price In First Ever 50 Basis-Point Hike by South KoreaBloomberg2022-06-28
S. Korean currency rises by most in 1 month amid eased recession fearsYONHAP News2022-06-27
S. Korea's inflation may rise 6 pct in June-August period: finance chiefYONHAP News2022-06-26
Trade deficit expected to widen in June on fewer working days, strike: officialYONHAP News2022-06-24
Won falls to 13-yr low against dollar in intraday tradingYONHAP News2022-06-23
Debt-to-GDP ratio down due to slower growth of household debt: BOKYONHAP News2022-06-22
Bank of Korea’s Rhee Keeps Door Open to Larger Rate HikeBloomberg2022-06-21
S. Korean economy feared to lose steam amid external uncertainty: gov'tYONHAP News2022-06-17
S. Korea to closely monitor market after Fed's aggressive monetary tighteningYONHAP News2022-06-16
Fitch cuts 2022 growth outlook for S. Korea to 2.4 pctYONHAP News2022-06-15
Korea Jobless Rate Stays Low as Central Bank Mulls Rate HikeBloomberg2022-06-15
Seoul shares open lower on rate hikes, recession woesYONHAP News2022-06-14
BOK ready to take measures amid market turmoilYONHAP News2022-06-14
S. Korea to take action against won's excessive volatilityYONHAP News2022-06-13
S. Korea's economy grows slower than earlier predicted in Q1 amid weak investment, spendingYONHAP News2022-06-08
Gross National Income: First Quarter of 2022 (Preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-06-08
OECD cuts 2022 growth outlook for S. Korea to 2.7 pct, ups inflation estimate to 4.8 pctYONHAP News2022-06-08
Korea Inflation Outpaces Forecasts, Adding to Rate Hike CaseBloomberg2022-06-03
Inflation growth hits nearly 14-year high in May on high energy pricesYONHAP News2022-06-03
Consumer Price Index in May 2022Statistics Korea2022-06-03
Foreigners turn net buyers of S. Korean stocks as recession, China woes easeYONHAP News2022-06-01
Exports up 21.3 pct in May; trade deficit extended on high energy pricesYONHAP News2022-06-01
S. Korea suffers falls in production, consumption, investment in AprilYONHAP News2022-05-31
Monthly Industrial Statistics, April 2022Statistics Korea2022-05-31
South Korea’s Largest-Ever Extra Budget Approved by ParliamentBloomberg2022-05-30
Yoon urges swift execution of extra budgetYONHAP News2022-05-30
Moody's lowers S. Korea's growth outlook to 2.5 pctYONHAP News2022-05-27
S. Korea to sell 12 tln won worth of gov't bonds in JuneYONHAP News2022-05-27
Bank of Korea to Focus More on Inflation Fight After Hiking RateBloomberg2022-05-26
BOK hikes policy rate over worries of fastest price growth in 14 yrsYONHAP News2022-05-26
Monetary Policy Decision (May 26, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-05-26
Korea Poised to Raise Rates, Cut Growth View: Decision GuideBloomberg2022-05-25
BOK surely to raise key rate again this week amid inflation woes: pollYONHAP News2022-05-24
New Bank of Korea Chief Rhee Takes More Vocal Stance on EconomyBloomberg2022-05-24
Korea Early Exports Show Signs of Cooling as Lockdowns WeighBloomberg2022-05-23
Foreign selling reaches 15 tln won in S. Korea this yearYONHAP News2022-05-22
Market experts warn of asset bubble crash in S. KoreaYONHAP News2022-05-22
KDI cuts 2022 growth outlook to 2.8 pct, ups inflation estimate to 4.2 pctYONHAP News2022-05-18
Finance minister, central bank chief see eye to eye on policy coordinationYONHAP News2022-05-16
S. Korea's central bank chief doesn't rule out 50-basis-point rate hikeYONHAP News2022-05-16
Foreign Investors' Stock and Bond Investment, April 2022Financial Supervisory Service2022-05-16
South Korean Won Set for Further Losses After Decade-Low CloseBloomberg2022-05-13
Balance of Payments during March 2022 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-05-10
Main stock market's turnover plunges amid U.S. monetary tighteningYONHAP News2022-05-08
S. Korea vows 'preemptive' steps against market volatility after Fed's rate hikeYONHAP News2022-05-06
BOK expected to deliver 4 more rate hikes by year's end amid inflation woes: JP MorganYONHAP News2022-05-04
Consumer Price Index in April 2022Statistics Korea2022-05-03
Korea’s Fastest Inflation Since 2008 Raises Rate PressureBloomberg2022-05-03
Inflation growth hits over 13-year high in April amid soaring fuel pricesYONHAP News2022-05-03
Banks' household loans down in April amid high borrowing costs, tough lending rulesYONHAP News2022-05-02
Consumption, investment both fall in March amid recovery concernsYONHAP News2022-04-29
S. Korea ready to take measures to stem won's sharp fallYONHAP News2022-04-29
S. Korea to stabilize FX market amid won's sharp weakness: ministerYONHAP News2022-04-28
Consumers' expected inflation hits 9-year highYONHAP News2022-04-27
S&P keeps 'AA' rating on S. Korea with stable outlookYONHAP News2022-04-26
South Korea Economy Remains Resilient as Further Rate Hikes SeenBloomberg2022-04-26
Real Gross Domestic Product: First Quarter of 2022 (Advance Estimate)Bank of Korea2022-04-26
S. Korea's economy grows at slower clip in Q1 amid omicron woes, Ukraine warYONHAP News2022-04-26
BOK chief concerned more about inflation than growth but undetermined on monetary policy direction in MayYONHAP News2022-04-25
Korea Early Exports Rise in Sign of Resilient Global DemandBloomberg2022-04-21
Producer prices up for 3rd month in March as energy prices riseYONHAP News2022-04-21
IMF cuts 2022 growth outlook for S. Korea to 2.5 pct, ups inflation estimate to 4 pctYONHAP News2022-04-20
BOK chief nominee vows to adjust monetary policy to tame inflation, engineer 'soft landing' in household debtYONHAP News2022-04-19
S.Korea Could Have Prolonged High Inflation Period, BOK SaysBloomberg2022-04-17
More active use of monetary policy needed to fight inflation: BOK reportYONHAP News2022-04-17
S. Korea's economic growth to slow on Ukraine woes, rate policy uncertainties: think tankYONHAP News2022-04-17
BOK chief nominee predicts high inflation pressureYONHAP News2022-04-17
Market watchers divided over BOK's rate-setting meeting this week: pollYONHAP News2022-04-12
Sales of short-term corporate bonds swell 26.8 pct in Q1YONHAP News2022-04-11
Bond issuance in S. Korea gains in MarchYONHAP News2022-04-11
BOK chief nominee hints at rate hikes to curb household debtYONHAP News2022-04-10
Finance minister nominee vows to seek extra budget in way not to stoke inflationYONHAP News2022-04-10
National debt hits record high in 2021 amid pandemicYONHAP News2022-04-05
Soaring energy costs push up inflation growth to over 4 pct in MarchYONHAP News2022-04-05
Exports up 18.2 pct in March to all-time high on robust demand for chipsYONHAP News2022-04-01
BOK chief nominee says policy direction to be determined after analyzing current risks' impact on growth, inflationYONHAP News2022-04-01
Inflation growth estimated to pick up in March amid high oil prices: officialYONHAP News2022-04-01
Monthly Industrial Statistics, February 2022Statistics Korea2022-03-31
Industrial output falls for 2nd month in Feb.YONHAP News2022-03-31
Inflation Digging Into South Korea as Outlook Hits 8-Year HighBloomberg2022-03-29
IMF maintains 2022 growth outlook for S. Korean economy at 3 pctYONHAP News2022-03-29
S. Korea aims to underpin recovery, strengthen fiscal health in 2023 budgetYONHAP News2022-03-29
Outgoing BOK chief calls for more rate hikes, warns of bigger consequences from missing right timingYONHAP News2022-03-23
Producer prices up for 2nd month in Feb on high energy costsYONHAP News2022-03-23
Finance minister holds meeting to discuss economic risks at home and abroadYONHAP News2022-03-22
Korea’s Soaring Energy Import Costs Raise Trade Deficit RiskBloomberg2022-03-21
Omicron spread feared to constrain private spending recovery: finance ministryYONHAP News2022-03-18
S. Korea to stabilize FX market if won's fall is excessive: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-03-17
Fed's rate hike to have limited impact on financial market: officialYONHAP News2022-03-17
Bank of Korea Member Warns Against Rate Hike Amid Ukraine RiskBloomberg2022-03-16
Foreign Investors' Stock and Bond Investment, February 2022Financial Supervisory Service2022-03-14
Balance of Payments during January 2022 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-03-11
S. Korea's current account surplus dives in January amid soaring oil, commodity pricesYONHAP News2022-03-11
Ukraine crisis, high inflation pose threat to S. Korean economy: finance chiefYONHAP News2022-03-10
BOK expected to seek further rate hikes but place more weight on growth: expertsYONHAP News2022-03-10
Seoul stocks slump for 3rd day on energy cost woes; Korean won sharply fallsYONHAP News2022-03-08
Seoul stocks, Korean won sharply drop on soaring oil pricesYONHAP News2022-03-07
BOK maintains 4 pct growth estimate for 2021, inches up Q4 estimate to 1.2 pctYONHAP News2022-03-03
Gross National Income: 4th Quarter and Annual 2021 (Preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-03-03
S. Korea sees exports up 20.6 pct in Feb., posts first trade surplus in 3 monthsYONHAP News2022-03-01
Economic Outlook (February 2022)Bank of Korea2022-02-24
Bank of Korea Flags Commodity, Inflation Risks of Ukraine CrisisBloomberg2022-02-24
Monetary Policy Decision (February 24, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-02-24
BOK freezes policy rate amid pandemic, Ukraine crisisYONHAP News2022-02-24
S. Korea remains wary of negative economic fallout of Ukraine crisisYONHAP News2022-02-23
DP to raise gov't-proposed extra budget bill to 17.5 tln wonYONHAP News2022-02-21
Exports rise 13 pct in first 20 days of Feb.YONHAP News2022-02-21
Raging omicron feared to hamper private spending recovery: finance ministryYONHAP News2022-02-18
BOK forecast to hike key rate to 2 pct by yearendYONHAP News2022-02-17
S. Korea logs smaller-than-expected fiscal deficit in 2021 on larger tax revenueYONHAP News2022-02-17
S. Korea reports largest job growth in almost 22 years in Jan.YONHAP News2022-02-16
BOK says its bond buying not intended to support gov't extra budget spendingYONHAP News2022-02-16
S. Korea to mobilize policy means to minimize impacts from Ukraine crisisYONHAP News2022-02-15
Gov't, BOK to cooperate to ease bond market jitters, curb inflationYONHAP News2022-02-11
S. Korea's current account surplus halved on-year in December amid soaring importsYONHAP News2022-02-10
Bond issuance in S. Korea jumps in Jan.YONHAP News2022-02-10
Balance of Payments during December 2021 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2022-02-10
Global appraisers concerned about fallout of S. Korea's debt growth pace: finance chiefYONHAP News2022-02-08
S. Korea's foreign reserves decline for 3rd straight month in JanuaryYONHAP News2022-02-07
BOK to buy 2 tln won worth of state bonds to ease market volatilityYONHAP News2022-02-04
Korea Inflation Stays High, Keeps Pressure on Central BankBloomberg2022-02-04
Inflation growth hits over 3 pct for fourth straight month in JanuaryYONHAP News2022-02-04
BOK calls for vigilance on market volatility following holidayYONHAP News2022-02-03
BOK board members say further rate hikes would not hurt economic recovery: minutesYONHAP News2022-02-03
Stock funds' net assets suffer 1st shrink in 4 months in Jan. amid slumpYONHAP News2022-02-02
S. Korea to sell 14.5 tln won worth of state bonds in Feb.YONHAP News2022-01-28
S. Korea to take market-stabilizing steps if needed: officialYONHAP News2022-01-28
Industrial output grows by most in 11 years in 2021YONHAP News2022-01-28
Fitch keeps S. Korea's credit rating unchanged at 'AA-,' outlook stableYONHAP News2022-01-28
Monthly Industrial Statistics, December 2021Korea Statistics2022-01-28
Korea’s $834 Billion Household-Debt Binge Spurs Bank Bond SalesBloomberg2022-01-26
Biz sentiment for Feb. stays below par for 2nd month: pollYONHAP News2022-01-26
Consumer sentiment up in January amid toughened virus curbsYONHAP News2022-01-26
IMF lowers 2022 growth outlook for S. Korean economy to 3 pctYONHAP News2022-01-26
Korea’s Economy Weathers Rate Hikes, Early Omicron to AccelerateBloomberg2022-01-25
Real Gross Domestic Product: 4th Quarter and Annual 2021 (Advance Estimate)Bank of Korea2022-01-25
S. Korea to improve FX market system to win MSCI developed market statusYONHAP News2022-01-25
S. Korea's economy grows 4 pct in 2021, highest in 11 yearsYONHAP News2022-01-25
Producer prices nearly flat in DecemberYONHAP News2022-01-20
S. Korean economy faces complicated downside risks: finance ministerYONHAP News2022-01-20
Finance chief rejects ruling party's call to expand extra budgetYONHAP News2022-01-18
S. Korea aims to minimize market impact of extra budget-related bond sale: officialYONHAP News2022-01-18
Seoul stocks hit 7-week low on inflation riskYONHAP News2022-01-17
S. Korea eyes another 14 tln-won extra budget to support pandemic-hit merchantsYONHAP News2022-01-14
BOK raises policy rate to pre-pandemic level amid inflation woesYONHAP News2022-01-14
Monetary Policy Decision (January 14, 2022)Bank of Korea2022-01-14
S. Korea reports largest job growth in 7 years in 2021 amid economic recoveryYONHAP News2022-01-12
S. Korea logs current account surplus for 19th straight month in NovemberYONHAP News2022-01-11
Bond issuance in S. Korea down 1.8 pct in 2021YONHAP News2022-01-11
Sales of short-term bonds swell 20.6 pct in 2021YONHAP News2022-01-10
S. Korea's central bank likely to raise key rate this week to tame inflationYONHAP News2022-01-10
Foreign Investors' Stock and Bond Investment, December 2021Financial Supervisory Service2022-01-10
Fed Rate Hikes Make Outlook Even Worse for Slammed Korean WonBloomberg2022-01-10
Foreigners continue to be net buyers of S. Korean securities in DecemberYONHAP News2022-01-10
S. Korean economy faces heightened downside risks: KDIYONHAP News2022-01-09
S. Korea to take steps to stabilize FX market if needed: officialYONHAP News2022-01-06
Seoul stocks down late Wed. morning on U.S. bond yields worriesYONHAP News2022-01-05
BOK chief voices concerns over growing credit risk among households, self-employedYONHAP News2022-01-04
Finance minister opens possibility of reviewing another extra budgetYONHAP News2022-01-03
Consumer Price Index in December 2021Statistics Korea2021-12-31
South Korea Inflation Exceeds 3% for Third Month in DecemberBloomberg2021-12-31
BOK sells net US$7.14 billion in market smoothing operations in Q3YONHAP News2021-12-31
Consumer sentiment worsens in December amid virus resurgenceYONHAP News2021-12-28
S. Korea to sell 13 tln won worth of state bonds in Jan.YONHAP News2021-12-27
BOK to adjust monetary policy next year amid inflation woesYONHAP News2021-12-24
BOK to end corporate bond-buying program as scheduled amid stabilizing marketYONHAP News2021-12-23
Producer Price Index - November 2021Bank of Korea2021-12-21
Producer prices grow for 13th month in November on high energy costsYONHAP News2021-12-21
Korea’s Government Sees Inflation Outpacing BOK ProjectionsBloomberg2021-12-20
S. Korea ups 2022 economic growth outlook to 3.1 pctYONHAP News2021-12-20
A Top Green Bond Seller in Korea Plans Debt Boost Abroad in 2022Bloomberg2021-12-17
Public sector debt tops 1,200 tln-won mark last yearYONHAP News2021-12-16
Consumer inflation expected to run at 2 pct range next year: BOKYONHAP News2021-12-16
S. Korea's 2022 economic growth target set at early 3 percent range: finance ministerYONHAP News2021-12-16
Outcome of Fed meeting to have limited impact on S. Korean market: officialYONHAP News2021-12-16
S. Korean economy faces headwinds amid omicron variant woesYONHAP News2021-12-16
Seoul shares open lower ahead of Fed meetingYONHAP News2021-12-15
Job growth extended for 9th month in Nov. amid economic recoveryYONHAP News2021-12-15
BOK board members voiced worries over inflation in voting for rate hike in Nov.: minutesYONHAP News2021-12-14
S. Korea launches process to join CPTPP: finance ministerYONHAP News2021-12-13
Foreigners turn net buyers of local stocks in NovemberYONHAP News2021-12-09
S. Korea's debt level not to negatively affect credit ratings: S&PYONHAP News2021-12-09
2022 economic policy centers on support for merchants, economic recovery: ministerYONHAP News2021-12-08
Over 70 pct of state budget to be frontloaded in first half of next yearYONHAP News2021-12-07
Balance of Payments during October 2021 (preliminary)Bank of Korea2021-12-07
S. Korea logs current account surplus for 18th straight month in OctoberYONHAP News2021-12-07
Korea’s Decade-High Inflation Boosts Case for Further BOK HikesBloomberg2021-12-02
Inflation growth hits 10-year high in Nov. amid rising oil pricesYONHAP News2021-12-02
S. Korea's Q3 economic growth unchanged at 0.3 pct: BOKYONHAP News2021-12-02
Consumer Price Index in November 2021Statistics Korea2021-12-02
Gross National Income: 3rd Quarter of 2021 (Preliminary)Bank of Korea2021-12-02
S. Korea's exports hit fresh monthly high in Nov. on robust global demand for chipsYONHAP News2021-12-01
S. Korean manufacturing index above par for 14th month in Nov.: IHS MarkitYONHAP News2021-12-01
Korea’s November exports hit $60 billion for first time in historyMinistry of Trade, Industry, and Energy2021-12-01
Household debt poses limited risks to S. Korean economy: finance ministerYONHAP News2021-11-30
Korea’s Stock Benchmark Erases 2021 Gain Amid New Virus WoesBloomberg2021-11-30
Bank of Korea Raises Rates Again, Sees Faster InflationBloomberg2021-11-25
BOK raises key rate to 1 pct to tame inflation, household debtYONHAP News2021-11-25
Monetary Policy Decision (November 25, 2021)Bank of Korea2021-11-25
S. Korean economy forecast to grow 3.2 pct in 2022YONHAP News2021-11-24
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