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Market Watch
Close of
September 22, 2022
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 1.673 ▲ 1.2 ▲ 3.5 ▲ 103.7
5 Year 2.372 ▲ 2.8 ▲ 16.8 ▲ 102.8
10 Year 2.964 ▲ 1.9 ▲ 14.4 ▲ 107.0

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
THB per USD 37.365 0.5 1.1 12.5
THB per JPY 0.262 1.7 1.9 ▲ 9.1

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D BIBOR 0.750 0.1 0.1 ▲ 25.0
3M BIBOR 1.050 ▲ 1.1 ▲ 5.3 ▲ 42.7

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-day Repurchase Rate 0.750 ▲ 25.0 ▲ 25.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I A- stable 2021-03-11
RAM BBB1 stable 2019-06-07
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB+ stable 2022-06-21
S&P BBB+ stable 2021-09-20

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2016: Thailand

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides various information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, speciic characteristics of the market, trading and transaction including settlement systems, and other relevant information. Bond Market Guide 2016 for Thailand is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Thailand. The report should be recognized as a collective good to support bond market development among ASEAN+3 members. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for Thailand
August 2015

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for Thailand are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of Thailand market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Between 15 June and 15 August, Thailand’s local currency (LCY) government bond yield curve flattened, with yields rising at the shorter-end but falling along the rest of the curve. Yields rose at the shorter-end of the curve in response to monetary policy tightening by the Bank of Thailand on 10 August. Medium- to long-term inflation expectations remained anchored within the central bank’s target range and contributed to the decline in yields for bonds with maturities of 2 years or longer. Improved market sentiment, buoyed by tourism revival and continued economic recovery, also contributed to the fall in longer-term bond yields. 

Size and Composition

Thailand’s LCY bond market reached a size of THB15.1 trillion (USD427.3 billion) at the end of June. Overall growth eased to 0.7% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) and 6.4% year-on-year in the second quarter (Q2) of 2022 from 1.8% q-o-q and 8.4% year-on-year in the first quarter. The growth slowdown was mainly due to a contraction in the government bond segment, which outpaced the expansion in the corporate bond segment. Issuance of new LCY government bonds amounted to THB1.6 trillion in Q2 2022 after declining 5.9% q-o-q, as the government tapered borrowing to manage fiscal sustainability amid continued economic recovery. At the end of Q2 2022, government bonds comprised 71.9% of total bonds outstanding, while corporate bonds represented the remaining 28.1%.

Policy, Institutional and Regulatory Developments

On 13 May, the Public Debt Management Office announced the results of bond-switching transactions for government bonds totaling THB90.0 billion. The bond swap allowed bond holders to switch bonds with shorter maturities for those with longer maturities. The bond swap involved five source bonds with remaining maturities ranging from 0.6 year to 2.6 years and 10 destination bonds with remaining maturities ranging from 4.6 years to 50.1 years. Bond swap operations provide bond holders with an opportunity to adjust their investment portfolio and allow the government to extend its debt maturity profile, thereby reducing debt redemption pressures and boosting liquidity.

Title Source Date
Debt Securities Auction Results: Auction Date: 22 September 2022Bank of Thailand2022-09-22
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Sahacogen Chonburi prints Bt2.65bn triple-trancherIFR Asia2022-09-23
Thailand Swears Central Bank Autonomy as Baht Extends SlumpBloomberg2022-09-22
Central Pattana eyes Bt3bn triple-trancher in OctoberIFR Asia2022-09-22
Sansiri markets 3/4/5yr bonds at 3.85%/4.2%/4.5% in public offeringIFR Asia2022-09-22
Weak baht takes centre stageBangkok Post2022-09-22
Thailand plans to cut borrowing to B2.23tBangkok Post2022-09-22
Thai Officials Pile Pressure on Central Bank to Stem Baht SlideBloomberg2022-09-21
Sector could bring in B2.38tn next yearBangkok Post2022-09-20
Thailand deepens ESG commitmentIFR Asia2022-09-16
BoT maintains reserves remain solidBangkok Post2022-09-16
Thailand upsizes second sustainability bond on hot demandIFR Asia2022-09-14
Bank of Thailand says no unusual capital movements as baht fallsBangkok Post2022-09-14
TidLor gets maximum Bt6.5bn from 3yr 3.14% bondIFR Asia2022-09-14
Wage hike looms large for firmsBangkok Post2022-09-14
Thai consumer confidence at 7-month high in AugustBangkok Post2022-09-13
Cabinet approves energy support, wage hikesBangkok Post2022-09-13
August industrial sentiment back at pre-pandemic levelBangkok Post2022-09-13
Thai Exim Bank prints Bt5bn 3yr/4yr green FXD/FRNIFR Asia2022-09-12
New BoT study explores inflation dataBangkok Post2022-09-10
Minor upsizes perpNC5 6.1% bond to Bt13bnIFR Asia2022-09-09
Bank of Thailand to hike rates gradually to contain inflationBangkok Post2022-09-07
Sansiri eyes public bond offering of up to Bt6bnIFR Asia2022-09-06
Inflation expected to peak in third quarterBangkok Post2022-09-06
Cross-border trade poised to hit B1.80tnBangkok Post2022-09-05
TidLor sets pricing on up to Bt6.5bn 3yr bond at 3.14%IFR Asia2022-09-02
Banpu sets pricing on Bt10bn triple-tranche public bond saleIFR Asia2022-09-01
Central bank upbeat on prospects despite export dipBangkok Post2022-09-01
Bangkok Expressway and Metro returns with upsized Bt4.5bn sustainability bondsIFR Asia2022-08-31
Economy to grow up to 3.5% this year, finance minister saysBangkok Post2022-08-31
Sri Trang Agro-Industry plans Bt 4yr public bond offeringIFR Asia2022-08-30
Land and Houses plans up to Bt8bn dual-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-08-30
Govt targets B400bn from tourist rush in second halfBangkok Post2022-08-30
Geopolitical strife threatens recoveryBangkok Post2022-08-30
Markets plunge on US rate hike fearsBangkok Post2022-08-30
Thai 91-day c.bank bond yield 0.61181 pct at auctionNasdaq2022-08-29
Bangchak to return with Bt3bn public digital bond planIFR Asia2022-08-29
Ek-Chai plans jumbo bond saleIFR Asia2022-08-29
Revenue collection likely to exceed B2.4tn targetBangkok Post2022-08-29
Wage hikes likely fixed by FridayBangkok Post2022-08-26
Thai household debt surges, reaching a 16-year climaxBangkok Post2022-08-26
Muangthai Capital prints Bt4.85bn dual-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-08-25
Bangchak raises Bt10bn from triple-trancherIFR Asia2022-08-25
BoT keeps measured approach on monetary policy tacticsBangkok Post2022-08-25
Green lending under BoT scrutinyBangkok Post2022-08-24
Pace of rate rises will be gradual - Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2022-08-24
TAT expects 7.5m foreign arrivals in second halfBangkok Post2022-08-22
Finance minister: Economy to grow 3.0–3.5% this year, recovery intactBangkok Post2022-08-22
Gulf raises Bt24bn from public bond saleIFR Asia2022-08-19
Banking on recoveryBangkok Post2022-08-19
True dials in Bt17bn from five-tranche bond saleIFR Asia2022-08-17
Economy will grow faster in Q3 as investment, tourism return: ArkhomBangkok Post2022-08-17
Banpu eyes Bt10bn public bond offeringIFR Asia2022-08-16
Performance of the Thai Banking System in the Second Quarter of 2022Bank of Thailand2022-08-16
Economy to continue growing despite disappointing Q2: Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2022-08-16
Tourists Pouring Back Into Thailand Underpin Outperforming BahtBloomberg2022-08-15
Minor sets Bt10bn perp NC5 bond at 6.1%IFR Asia2022-08-15
Frasers Property Holdings prints Bt2.5bn 3yr/5yr at 3.11%/3.94%IFR Asia2022-08-15
Siam Cement sets Bt15bn 4yr bond at 3.25%IFR Asia2022-08-15
GDP notches fastest growth in a year on eased pandemic curbsBangkok Post2022-08-15
Yield curve of state 10-year bonds risesBangkok Post2022-08-15
Tourism-reliant economy likely gathered pace in Q2Bangkok Post2022-08-12
Consumer sentiment improvingBangkok Post2022-08-12
Bangchak hires for up to Bt12bn bond offeringIFR Asia2022-08-11
Central bank raises interest rateBangkok Post2022-08-11
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 4/2022Bank of Thailand2022-08-10
Thailand Signals Gradual Moves After First Hike Since 2018Bloomberg2022-08-10
Govt plans to raise minimum wage by 5-8%Bangkok Post2022-08-09
Gulf Energy sets final size on Bt11bn institutional tranchesIFR Asia2022-08-08
Srisawad prints Bt2.9bn 3yr at 3.8%IFR Asia2022-08-08
Borrowers prepare to take a hitBangkok Post2022-08-08
Commerce Ministry ups headline inflation forecastBangkok Post2022-08-06
Headline inflation slows slightly in July as rate hike loomsBangkok Post2022-08-05
Banks expected to delay rate hikeBangkok Post2022-08-04
Tourism ministry still aims for 10m arrivalsBangkok Post2022-08-04
Policy rate rise expectedBangkok Post2022-08-04
Shippers' group poised to revise up forecast for export growthBangkok Post2022-08-03
Taking a deep dive into the baht reboundBangkok Post2022-08-03
Thailand has 3.12m foreign tourist arrivals Jan-July: govtBangkok Post2022-08-02
Exports seen up 6% to 8% this year: shippersBangkok Post2022-08-02
SCG Packaging prints Bt5bn 2yr 10mo bond at 2.8%IFR Asia2022-08-01
Mixed feelings on recovery outlookBangkok Post2022-08-01
JP Morgan retains growth forecast at 3%Bangkok Post2022-07-29
FPO: Thai fiscal status still healthyBangkok Post2022-07-29
Bank of Ayudhya prints Bt15.46bn 10yr Tier 2 bondIFR Asia2022-07-28
Gulf Energy prices retail and institutional tranchesIFR Asia2022-07-28
Manufacturers brace for policy rate hikeBangkok Post2022-07-28
BAM prints Bt3.3bn triple-trancherIFR Asia2022-07-27
Charoen Pokphand Foods offers Bt5bn triple-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-07-27
Sri Trang sets tranche sizes for Bt5.5bn bondIFR Asia2022-07-27
Somkid warns of economic stormBangkok Post2022-07-27
FPO maintains 2022 growth forecast at 3.5%Bangkok Post2022-07-27
True sets pricing on Bt17bn five-tranche public and institutional offeringIFR Asia2022-07-26
Gulf Energy sets IPG on 3yr/5yr/10yr institutional tranchesIFR Asia2022-07-26
Finance Ministry keeps 2022 growth outlook at 3.5%, sees 4% in 2023Bangkok Post2022-07-26
Foreign investments soar in first 6 monthsBangkok Post2022-07-26
Minor Intl plans Bt10bn perpetual bond to fund early redemption of 5.85% perpetualsIFR Asia2022-07-25
Siam Piwat plans Bt4bn offering of perpetual non-call five bondIFR Asia2022-07-25
Sri Trang Agro-Industry offers 3/5/7yr bonds for up to Bt5.5bnIFR Asia2022-07-25
Dusit to issue perpetual debenturesBangkok Post2022-07-25
KBank sees weaker baht on Fed rate hikesBangkok Post2022-07-22
Tourism ministry anticipates B1.2tn revenue without stimulusBangkok Post2022-07-22
Industrial mood rises for first time in 3 monthsBangkok Post2022-07-20
Thailand seeks ways to navigate worsening global crisisBangkok Post2022-07-20
Central bank to ensure uninterrupted economic recoveryBangkok Post2022-07-20
Global economy to hit Thai tourismBangkok Post2022-07-19
Dark clouds on the horizonBangkok Post2022-07-18
Key rate likely to rise next monthBangkok Post2022-07-14
Thai stock investor mood at 11-month low on Fed, inflationBangkok Post2022-07-14
Subdued spending in second halfBangkok Post2022-07-14
dtac TriNet offers multi-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-07-13
Baht in spotlight after hitting 7-year lowBangkok Post2022-07-13
BoT sees tourist arrivals rising to 8mBangkok Post2022-07-12
BoT chief: Rate hikes to be gradual, baht to move with marketsBangkok Post2022-07-11
Baht opens stronger but may test resistance if dollar bounces backThe Nation Thailand2022-07-11
Ministry upbeat on baht reboundBangkok Post2022-07-09
Consumer confidence on the riseBangkok Post2022-07-08
Industry cowers as baht dips againBangkok Post2022-07-08
Thai firms may sell record B1.2 tln of new bonds on rate concernsBangkok Post2022-07-07
Producers keep eye on sales amid rising costsBangkok Post2022-07-07
SEC, UN team up for investor mapBangkok Post2022-07-07
Inflation close to hitting 14-year highBangkok Post2022-07-06
Committee revises up GDP growth forecastBangkok Post2022-07-05
Domestic market to reach a peak in Q3Bangkok Post2022-07-05
Economic worries trump CovidBangkok Post2022-07-04
BoT demonstrates economic gains despite inflation spikeBangkok Post2022-07-01
dtac TriNet dials for Bt13bn multi-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-06-30
World Bank views Thai uptick at 2.9%Bangkok Post2022-06-30
Thailand Ready for Rate Rise to Fight Inflation, World Bank SaysBloomberg2022-06-29
Tourist Rush Bolsters Outlook for Thailand’s Economy, BahtBloomberg2022-06-29
BoT predicts global recession evadedBangkok Post2022-06-28
Household debt crisis looms as rates hikeBangkok Post2022-06-28
Thai Central Bank for Timely Policy Tweaks as Inflation SoarsBloomberg2022-06-27
Baht’s Outlook Turns Brighter as Tourists Return to ThailandBloomberg2022-06-27
The long road to recoveryBangkok Post2022-06-27
KBank foresees weaker baht over next 2 monthsBangkok Post2022-06-24
Fitch keeps Thai credit rating BBB+Bangkok Post2022-06-23
Thai economy to grow 3% this year, 3.7% next year - state agencyBangkok Post2022-06-22
Analysts sound alarm on baht depreciationBangkok Post2022-06-22
CPN, UOB unite to launch green bondsBangkok Post2022-06-21
Weak baht helps some sectorsBangkok Post2022-06-17
Inflation support schemes extendedBangkok Post2022-06-17
Curve flattening bond trade in SE Asia Is set to get hotterBangkok Post2022-06-16
Ananda Development closes Bt3bn dealIFR Asia2022-06-15
PTT Global Chemical returns to baht marketIFR Asia2022-06-15
SCB raises forecast for Thai economy this year despite inflation woesThe Nation Thailand2022-06-14
BoT hints at rate hikeBangkok Post2022-06-14
BoT: Rate rises will be gradualBangkok Post2022-06-13
Inflation hits sentiment in Thai industryBangkok Post2022-06-10
Govt ready to scrap last of pandemic-era curbs on touristsBangkok Post2022-06-09
Thailand Signals Rate Hikes After Opting for Hawkish PauseBloomberg2022-06-08
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 3/2022Bank of Thailand2022-06-08
Prayut: Central bank agrees to keep policy rate steadyBangkok Post2022-06-07
Foreign investors still bullish on Thai bourseBangkok Post2022-06-07
Headline inflation in May hits 13-year highBangkok Post2022-06-07
May headline CPI jumps 7.1% y/y, beats forecastBangkok Post2022-06-06
Manufacturing expands for 5th month in a rowBangkok Post2022-06-02
Govt to meet revenue collection target this year and next: ArkhomBangkok Post2022-06-01
April arrivals bring more signs of continued revivalBangkok Post2022-06-01
Current account deficit soars in April, exports rise 6.6% y-o-yBangkok Post2022-05-31
PDMO prepares last batch of state savings bondsBangkok Post2022-05-31
Exports, tourism help fire up expansion in AprilBangkok Post2022-05-31
Thailand Poised for Record Sale of Bonds to Retail InvestorsBloomberg2022-05-30
Govt plans $1.6bn savings bond issue in JuneBangkok Post2022-05-30
April factory output rises 0.56% y/y, below forecastBangkok Post2022-05-30
Higher living costs slow local economyBangkok Post2022-05-28
Thailand, Japan eye bolstering regional tiesBangkok Post2022-05-27
State enterprises disburse almost B100bnBangkok Post2022-05-27
Central bank worries about high household debt levelsBangkok Post2022-05-26
BoT mulls raising interest rate in H2Bangkok Post2022-05-25
FPO on a mission to tackle high debt, limit borrowingBangkok Post2022-05-25
Unemployment rate falls to 2-year lowBangkok Post2022-05-24
Thailand Social’s Outlook of Q1/2022National Economic and Social Development Council 2022-05-23
Industrial confidence at five-month lowBangkok Post2022-05-18
Growth cut due to inflation, slowdownBangkok Post2022-05-18
Thai Economic Performance in Q4 of 2021 and Outlook for 2022National Economic and Social Development Council 2022-05-17
TAT eager to increase domestic tourism market in H1Bangkok Post2022-05-17
Thailand to Shield $40 Billion Debt Plan From Yield SurgeBloomberg2022-05-13
BoT preps measures for household debtBangkok Post2022-05-13
BoT continues to ease forex regulationsBangkok Post2022-05-13
Goldman predicts Thai interest rate hike in SeptBangkok Post2022-05-12
Sentiment down 4 months in a rowBangkok Post2022-05-11
State to let some prices rise, minister concedesBangkok Post2022-05-11
Economic recovery hampered by lagging tourism - ArkhomBangkok Post2022-05-11
Rate hike concerns spook stock investorsBangkok Post2022-05-10
Consumer mood at 8-month low on living costs, Ukraine warBangkok Post2022-05-10
Global Power Synergy eyes Bt15bn green bond returnIFR Asia2022-05-09
Food shipments to grow 5%Bangkok Post2022-05-09
BTSG successfully issued Sustainability-Linked Bonds with more than 1.67 times oversubscriptionThe Nation Thailand2022-05-06
CPF Thailand prints Bt10.15bn four-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-05-06
Thai stock investor mood at 3-month low over Ukraine war, FedBangkok Post2022-05-05
Inflation attached to energy prices after April coolingBangkok Post2022-05-05
Thai Bonds May Extend 10% Losses as Swaps Price in Rate HikesBloomberg2022-05-05
Prayut predicts tourism will be 50% restored by next yearBangkok Post2022-05-04
Economy seen growing 3.5% this year: PMBangkok Post2022-05-03
Exports seen up at least 5% this year: shippersBangkok Post2022-05-03
BoT loan schemes hit B300bn over 2 yearsBangkok Post2022-05-03
JP Morgan downgrades Thailand on fading tourism recoveryBangkok Post2022-05-02
Weak baht good for exports, economy, says finance ministerBangkok Post2022-04-29
Inflation spike may tilt odds in favour of early rate hikesBangkok Post2022-04-29
Household debt reaches 14-year highBangkok Post2022-04-29
FPO slashes growth on energy outlookBangkok Post2022-04-28
Thai Finance Ministry Cuts Growth Outlook on War, InflationBloomberg2022-04-27
Central bank ready to act if baht is too volatileBangkok Post2022-04-27
March exports reach 30-year record highBangkok Post2022-04-27
Employment situation seen improving in first quarterBangkok Post2022-04-26
Bourse dips on hint of Fed rate hikeBangkok Post2022-04-26
Commerce Ministry to curb price of goodsBangkok Post2022-04-25
Statement pertaiing to average headline inflation over the next 12 months residing over the upper bound of monetary policy targetBank of Thailand2022-04-22
March exports up, beat forecastBangkok Post2022-04-22
Government can borrow another THB1.3 tn before it hits debt ceilingThe Nation Thailand2022-04-21
Land and Houses prices 2yr/3yr for yields of 1.73%/2.26%IFR Asia2022-04-20
UOB Thai prices 2yr/3yr senior bonds, plans Tier 2 issueIFR Asia2022-04-20
Debt office unfazed by loan interest paymentsBangkok Post2022-04-20
BoT maintains its monetary policyBangkok Post2022-04-19
Relaxation of Foreign Exchange Regulations under the New Foreign Exchange Ecosystem Development PlanBank of Thailand2022-04-18
Government subsidy schemes run past B68bnBangkok Post2022-04-16
FPO predicts minimum growth of 3%Bangkok Post2022-04-13
PM outlines top priorities amid increasing inflationBangkok Post2022-04-13
Cabinet approves B1.4 trn in new borrowing for 2022 fiscal yearBangkok Post2022-04-12
Economy to continue recovery, but risks increase - BoT minutesBangkok Post2022-04-12
Edited Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting (No.2/2022)Bank of Thailand2022-04-12
True Move H Universal plans triple-trancher for up to Bt12bnIFR Asia2022-04-12
Govt to start taxing stock market sales this yearBangkok Post2022-04-12
Bank of Thailand chief says growth a bigger worry than inflation for nowBangkok Post2022-04-11
CIMBT expects conflict to dent GDP growth prospectsBangkok Post2022-04-08
Moody’s affirms Thailand’s Baa1 rating and keeps outlook stableThailand Business News2022-04-07
Surging Treasury Yields Leave Thai Bonds Most at Risk in AsiaBloomberg2022-04-07
Foreign arrivals rise to 11,000 per day after test rule easedBangkok Post2022-04-07
IRPC adds green bond to multi-tranche offeringIFR Asia2022-04-06
Ministry raises projection for headline inflation to 4-5%Bangkok Post2022-04-06
Growth outlook darkensBangkok Post2022-04-06
March inflation beats forecast, still at 13-year highBangkok Post2022-04-05
World Bank cuts Thai growth outlook to 2.9% this yearBangkok Post2022-04-05
PTT offers upsized Bt20bn triple-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-04-04
Thai stock investor sentiment at 3-month high as inflows continueBangkok Post2022-04-04
Foreigners sell B123bn of Thai bonds since start of Ukraine warBangkok Post2022-04-01
Bank of Thailand upbeat on Q1 reboundBangkok Post2022-04-01
Consumption surges, but Ukraine hits confidenceBangkok Post2022-03-31
BoT balloons inflation view to 4.9%Bangkok Post2022-03-31
Manufacturing grows for sixth monthBangkok Post2022-03-30
Bank of Thailand holds rate while warning inflation breaching targetBangkok Post2022-03-30
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 2/2022Bank of Thailand2022-03-30
Thai economic outlook turns dour as committee meetsBangkok Post2022-03-30
Thailand plans to sell up to B265 govt bonds in April-JuneBangkok Post2022-03-29
Tourism sentiment in the doldrumsBangkok Post2022-03-29
Economy may grow 3.0-3.5% this year - ArkhomBangkok Post2022-03-28
Growth outlook needs rejigBangkok Post2022-03-28
Thai export surge continuesBangkok Post2022-03-25
Finance minister adamant on Thailand's fiscal stabilityBangkok Post2022-03-25
FINAL GUIDANCE - PTTGC 10yr/30yr US$ benchmark 10yr & 30yrIFR Asia2022-03-24
PTTEP opens books on minimum Bt10bn 5/7/10yr bond saleIFR Asia2022-03-23
Thailand faces current account blowout on oil, tourism risksBangkok Post2022-03-23
Bank of Thailand backs top lenders after S&P cuts ratingsBangkok Post2022-03-23
S&P downgrades four Thai banks on higher systemic riskIFR Asia2022-03-22
Italian-Thai Development sets guidance on Bt6bn 3yr bondIFR Asia2022-03-21
True prints Bt22bn five-tranche offeringIFR Asia2022-03-21
MPC expected to keep policy rate at 0.5%Bangkok Post2022-03-21
Thailand Eases Visa Rules for Tourists as Global Travel RevivesBloomberg2022-03-18
More subsidies coming as oil crisis hits poorBangkok Post2022-03-17
Thai bourse sees uptick as inflation worries deflateBangkok Post2022-03-17
Krungthai Card markets 3yr bond at 1.59%-1.69% for Bt2bnIFR Asia2022-03-15
Listed companies see profits surge 80% to B986bn in 2021Bangkok Post2022-03-15
Krungsriayudhya Card taps short duration for Bt10bn dual-trancherIFR Asia2022-03-14
Frasers Property sells Bt4bn triple-trancherIFR Asia2022-03-14
Central Pattana raises Bt5.5bn from sale of 3yr to 10yr bondsIFR Asia2022-03-14
Thai firms on path to recovery after Covid-19 crisis: Fitch RatingsThe Nation Thailand2022-03-14
Oil, war, pandemic: Economic costs mountBangkok Post2022-03-14
Conflict will cost Thailand B245bnBangkok Post2022-03-10
Consumer sentiment declines for second straight monthBangkok Post2022-03-10
Oil Fund borrowing limit to riseBangkok Post2022-03-10
Exploring factors driving the inflation uptickBangkok Post2022-03-09
Minor International prices Bt10bn triple-tranche bondIFR Asia2022-03-08
Subsidy proposals to be considered by cabinetBangkok Post2022-03-08
Debt ceiling deemed ampleBangkok Post2022-03-07
Positive factors propel export growthBangkok Post2022-03-03
BOT predicts inflation fallout from Russia-Ukraine warThe Nation Thailand2022-03-01
Q4 jobless rate drops to 1.64% as virus curbs easedBangkok Post2022-02-28
Factory output up, below forecastBangkok Post2022-02-28
Public debt forecast to increase to 62% of GDPBangkok Post2022-02-25
Supattanapong lists risk factors that are being addressedBangkok Post2022-02-24
Thailand Eases Rules for Foreign Visitors to Reboot TourismBloomberg2022-02-23
Thai Economic Performance in Q4 2021 and the Outlook for 2022National Economic and Social Development Council 2022-02-21
GDP up 1.8% in Q4 of 2021, stronger than expectedBangkok Post2022-02-21
Public debt office allays concernsBangkok Post2022-02-17
Thai Baht Reverses Losses to Claim Titlle as Emerging Asia HavenBloomberg2022-02-15
Consumer sentiment dips slightly in JanuaryBangkok Post2022-02-11
Thai large-cap stocks lure foreign fundsBangkok Post2022-02-11
Headline inflation exceeds outlookBangkok Post2022-02-10
Bank of Thailand holds key rate at record lowBangkok Post2022-02-09
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 1/2022Bank of Thailand2022-02-09
Stock exchange keeps allureBangkok Post2022-02-09
Prices set to see rise after 2 monthsBangkok Post2022-02-08
Thai stock investor mood at 6-month low on Fed tighteningBangkok Post2022-02-07
Poll: BoT awaits tourism revival, to maintain ratesBangkok Post2022-02-07
Stimulus scheme tipped to pump in B396bnBangkok Post2022-02-04
Economy expected to make headway in H1Bangkok Post2022-02-03
Inflation forecast 1.5-2.5% in 2022Bangkok Post2022-02-02
Baht expected to swing sideways, not strengthen muchThe Nation Thailand2022-02-02
Minister vows to keep food inflation lowBangkok Post2022-02-01
Economy slows in January on Omicron after Q4 recoveryBangkok Post2022-01-31
2022 economic growth view at 4%Bangkok Post2022-01-29
Thai Finance Ministry Maintains 2022 GDP Forecast as Covid EasesBloomberg2022-01-28
Bank of Thailand detects no surge in bad loans, eyes JV for bad assetsBangkok Post2022-01-27
BoT seen among last to hike as Fed signals liftoffBangkok Post2022-01-27
Mixed reviews for latest stimulusBangkok Post2022-01-25
Baht to swing sideways on back of US Fed meetingThe Nation Thailand2022-01-24
Thai GDP expected to grow 3.5%-4.5% in 2022 despite OmicronBangkok Post2022-01-20
B1.4bn approved for programmes to reduce cost of livingBangkok Post2022-01-18
Baht gains on quarantine-free travel hopesBangkok Post2022-01-18
Bond issuance to reach B1tnBangkok Post2022-01-13
Growth prospects weak amid outbreakBangkok Post2022-01-12
Economy to take 0.3% hit from Omicron – Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2022-01-11
Bank of Thailand sees lower H1 growth due to Omicron outbreakBangkok Post2022-01-10
Baht falls most in a month after govt raises Covid alert levelBangkok Post2022-01-06
Ministry keeps inflation average at 1.5%Bangkok Post2022-01-06
Central bank weighs up Omicron scenariosBangkok Post2022-01-06
BoT minutes: Omicron outbreak key risk to economic recoveryBangkok Post2022-01-05
The Bank of Thailand Bond Issuance Programme for 2022Bank of Thailand2022-01-04
Cabinet approves 2.7% hike in budget for 2023 fiscal yearBangkok Post2022-01-04
Test & Go to remain on ice for monthBangkok Post2022-01-04
B254bn spent on four economic relief schemes in last yearBangkok Post2022-01-02
Commerce Ministry puts 2022 export growth at 3-4%Bangkok Post2021-12-28
Fiscal strains easeBangkok Post2021-12-28
Baht strengthens as investors appetite for risk riseNation Thailand2021-12-24
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 8/2021Bank of Thailand2021-12-22
Government bullish on export performanceBangkok Post2021-12-21
Metropolitan Electricity Authority raises Bt2.8bn from 3/5yr bonds at 1.3%/1.8%IFR Asia2021-12-20
Government Housing Bank prints Bt4bn 4yr at 1.58%IFR Asia2021-12-20
Govt aims for 4% growthBangkok Post2021-12-20
KTB group eyes 3.8% growthBangkok Post2021-12-17
Areeya Property plans Bt2bn high-yield bond saleIFR Asia2021-12-16
Cabinet unveils 'flexible' inflation target for 2022Bangkok Post2021-12-15
World Bank upbeat on Thai growthBangkok Post2021-12-15
TAT calls for more tourism stimulusBangkok Post2021-12-14
Thai Central Bank Is Focused on Growth Ahead of Rate ReviewBloomberg2021-12-13
Inflation to hit 3% in 2022Bangkok Post2021-12-13
BoT governor hints at recovery in early 2023Bangkok Post2021-12-10
Border trade forecast upgradedBangkok Post2021-12-09
Consumer confidence at 7-month highBangkok Post2021-12-09
Sentiment registers eight-month high in NovemberBangkok Post2021-12-08
Country on course to achieve 1.2% growth this yearBangkok Post2021-12-07
Foreign demand still tepidBangkok Post2021-12-07
New savings bonds in Q2Bangkok Post2021-12-06
State vows Omicron plans in placeBangkok Post2021-12-03
BoT keeping close eye on impact of OmicronBangkok Post2021-12-01
October collection tops government targetBangkok Post2021-12-01
October MPI close to pre-pandemic levelBangkok Post2021-12-01
SME NPLs may reach 10% in year aheadBangkok Post2021-11-29
Farm scheme to get B155bnBangkok Post2021-11-25
Ministry, BoT rule out using drastic measuresBangkok Post2021-11-25
Cabinet okays B5bn soft loan package for jobsBangkok Post2021-11-24
Economy to grow close to forecasts, but recovery fragile - BoT minutesBangkok Post2021-11-24
Commerce Ministry upbeat on exports in last 2 months of the yearBangkok Post2021-11-23
Thailand has over 20,000 foreign visitors in Oct after gradual reopeningBangkok Post2021-11-23
BoT unveils new debt consolidation measuresBangkok Post2021-11-23
Q3 unemployment at 16yr highBangkok Post2021-11-22
FPO ups tourist arrival forecast to 200,000Bangkok Post2021-11-22
Economic engines 'not as strong as before'Bangkok Post2021-11-18
Economy to eke out 1.2% growthBangkok Post2021-11-16
Economy shrinks less than expected, 2021 outlook raised as tourism revival eyedBangkok Post2021-11-15
The Thai Economy in Q3/2021 and the Outlook for 2021 - 2022National Economic and Social Development Council 2021-11-15
BoT positive on provincesBangkok Post2021-11-12
Bank of Thailand relaxes banks' dividend payment policyBangkok Post2021-11-11
Central bank unfazed by headline inflationBangkok Post2021-11-11
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 7/202Bank of Thailand2021-11-10
Bank of Thailand holds key rate at record low as economy recoversBangkok Post2021-11-10
SET to offer popular foreign stocks to local tradersBangkok Post2021-11-09
October TISI hits five-month highBangkok Post2021-11-09
Thai Oct CPI rises most in 5 months on oil pricesReuters2021-11-05
ICI for Thai stocks hits record highBangkok Post2021-11-05
IVL issues Thailand's first and largest SLB valued at B10bnBangkok Post2021-11-05
PDMO preps first batch of 2022 bondsBangkok Post2021-11-04
Consumer confidence at 5-month high over reopeningBangkok Post2021-11-04
Joint business group raises growth outlook after reopeningBangkok Post2021-11-03
Transport woes dim reopeningBangkok Post2021-11-02
B30bn borrowing for diesel price controlBangkok Post2021-11-02
Thailand's Big Reopening Set to Test Pandemic-Era TourismBloomberg2021-10-31
FPO revises down growth to 1%Bangkok Post2021-10-29
Tourism readies for takeoffBangkok Post2021-10-29
State vows raft of ways to lift economic growthBangkok Post2021-10-28
KResearch upgrades 2021 growth forecastBangkok Post2021-10-28
Indorama Ventures sets pricing on triple-tranche SLBIFR Asia2021-10-28
Exports fare better than expected in SeptemberBangkok Post2021-10-27
Ministry aims to keep living costs in checkBangkok Post2021-10-26
BoT eases mortgage LTV ratioBangkok Post2021-10-22
Foreign speculators pressure bahtBangkok Post2021-10-21
Banks' profits poised to plunge in third quarterBangkok Post2021-10-20
Cabinet green lights B54.5bn assistanceBangkok Post2021-10-20
Economy faces uncertainty, monetary policy to stay accommodativeBangkok Post2021-10-18
TPI Polene Power returns for Bt5bn 4yr 3M bond at 3.55%IFR Asia2021-10-14
Economy bottomed out in Q3 - central bank minutesBangkok Post2021-10-14
PTTEP preps to issue B5bn digital bondsBangkok Post2021-10-13
Tourism surge to prop up confidenceBangkok Post2021-10-13
Schemes generate B87bnBangkok Post2021-10-12
PM sets Nov 1 for reopening to foreign tourists from low-risk countriesBangkok Post2021-10-11
Confidence index in Bangkok real-estate will recover once pandemic eases: REICNation Thailand2021-10-10
Thai firms issue bonds worth up to THB14.9 trillionNation Thailand2021-10-09
Economic recovery in motionBangkok Post2021-10-08
Corporate bond sales to hit B1tn this yearBangkok Post2021-10-08
SET outperforms regional peers in 2021Bangkok Post2021-10-08
Business sentiment falls even further as woes pile upBangkok Post2021-10-08
Bank of Thailand awarded “2021 Best in Future of Digital Innovation” from DLT Scripless Bond ProjectBank of Thailand2021-10-07
Economy to improve in fourth quarter on eased curbsBangkok Post2021-10-07
Hoteliers keep domestic focus for Q4Bangkok Post2021-10-07
Market sentiment still bullishBangkok Post2021-10-06
Measures set to assist SMEsBangkok Post2021-10-06
S&P keeps Thailand's BBB+ ratingBangkok Post2021-10-06
Inflation forecast revisedBangkok Post2021-10-06
Sept inflation beats forecast as state subsidies endBangkok Post2021-10-05
SPCG prints Bt1.5bn 3yr green bond at 1.73%IFR Asia2021-10-05
Land and Houses offers 3yr at 1.46% for up to Bt8bnIFR Asia2021-10-05
Risland Thailand prints Bt1.349bn 1yr/2yr/3yr bonds at 3.7%/4%/4.75%IFR Asia2021-10-04
Local bond market still turbulentBangkok Post2021-10-04
Thailand to Rely More on Bonds to Bridge $68 Billion Funding GapBloomberg2021-10-01
BoT chief forecasts unequal recoveryBangkok Post2021-10-01
B47bn on offer to save SME jobsBangkok Post2021-10-01
Economy in better shape as restrictions ease, says central bankBangkok Post2021-09-30
Headline inflation posts 0.02% decline in AugustBangkok Post2021-09-30
BoT sees uptick in fourth quarterBangkok Post2021-09-30
Manufacturing sustains growth amid pandemicBangkok Post2021-09-29
Thai Central Bank Holds Key Rate at Record Low as Outbreak EasesBloomberg2021-09-29
Cabinet okays public debt management planBangkok Post2021-09-29
Travel despair crushes high season hopesBangkok Post2021-09-29
BoT adds guidelines for debt consolidationBangkok Post2021-09-29
World Bank lowers Thai growth forecastBangkok Post2021-09-29
Cabinet approves B1.34 tn borrowing in 2022 fiscal yearBangkok Post2021-09-28
Reopening faces more hurdlesBangkok Post2021-09-27
State enterprises to ramp up investmentsBangkok Post2021-09-24
Arkhom: Higher debt not a concernBangkok Post2021-09-23
Current account under pressureBangkok Post2021-09-23
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