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Market Watch
Close of
June 20, 2024
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 2.358 0.1 0.9 ▲ 2.6
5 Year 2.483 0.9 0.9 ▲ 1.6
10 Year 2.730 1.4 3.8 ▲ 5.4

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
THB per USD 36.729 0.1 ▲ 0.0 7.2
THB per JPY 0.231 ▲ 0.4 ▲ 1.2 ▲ 4.9

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D BIBOR 2.501     0.0 ▲ 0.0 0.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-day Repurchase Rate 2.500     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I A- stable 2023-12-21
RAM BBB1 stable 2019-06-07
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB+ stable 2023-11-13
S&P BBB+ stable 2023-11-28

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2016: Thailand

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides various information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, speciic characteristics of the market, trading and transaction including settlement systems, and other relevant information. Bond Market Guide 2016 for Thailand is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Thailand. The report should be recognized as a collective good to support bond market development among ASEAN+3 members. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for Thailand
August 2015

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for Thailand are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of Thailand market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Between 1 December 2023 and 29 February 2024, Thailand’s local currency (LCY) government bond yields fell for all tenors except short-term bonds. This followed the regional trend amid moderating inflation and expectations of lower US interest rates in the second half of 2024. Short-term bond yields increased as interest rates remained elevated. The Bank of Thailand kept its policy rate at a record-high of 2.5% during its 7 February meeting. 

Local Currency Bond Market Size and Issuance

Thailand’s LCY bond market contracted 0.5% quarter-on-quarter in the fourth quarter of 2023 to THB16.5 trillion at the end of December. LCY bond issuance fell 11.3% quarter-on-quarter to THB2.0 trillion as bond sales contracted for all bond segments. 

Policy and Regulatory Developments

On 13 February, the Government of Thailand approved an additional THB560 billion in new borrowing for fiscal year 2024, raising the amount allotted for new borrowing to more than THB754 billion. The public debt management plan was adjusted to THB2.0 trillion, up from THB1.62 trillion, to offset the budget deficit for fiscal year 2024 and manage the Treasury reserve’s liquidity. The adjustment brought the public debt-to-gross-domestic-product ratio to 61.3%, which is within the public debt ceiling of 70.0%.

Title Source Date
Debt Securities Auction Results (Latest Auction Date: 19 June 2024)Bank of Thailand2024-06-19
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Exports jump 7.2% in May, beats forecastBangkok Post2024-06-21
State revenue tally slightly off targetBangkok Post2024-06-21
PM to discuss handout with central bank chiefBangkok Post2024-06-20
Sentiment dips again in May as layoffs unveiledBangkok Post2024-06-20
SET to enact uptick rule as of July 1Bangkok Post2024-06-19
Thai Central Bank Renews Case to Limit $14 Billion StimulusBloomberg2024-06-19
Thai Prime Minister Asks Parliament to Approve Budget With $24b Deficit to Power GrowthBloomberg2024-06-19
Bank of Thailand governor warns against tweaking inflation targetBangkok Post2024-06-18
SET falls on domestic political fearBangkok Post2024-06-18
Baht declines in thin holiday trading across Asian marketsBangkok Post2024-06-17
Even with digital wallet, S&P affirms stable outlookBangkok Post2024-06-17
Analysts predict Thai rates likely to stay putBangkok Post2024-06-14
Consumer confidence at 7-month lowBangkok Post2024-06-13
Central bank leaves key rate unchanged againBangkok Post2024-06-12
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 3/2024Bank of Thailand2024-06-12
Political uncertainties drive stocks down to four-year lowBangkok Post2024-06-11
Thai Government Pushes Anew for Immediate Rate Cut to Aid GrowthBloomberg2024-06-11
Thai economy expected to improve from July-Dec but concerns remainThe Nation Thailand2024-06-10
Thailand to set new growth target, accelerate investment spendingChannel News Asia2024-06-10
Headline inflation up 1.54%, above forecastBangkok Post2024-06-07
Political risks stifle Thai bondsBangkok Post2024-06-07
Tourism revenue to miss state target by B500bnBangkok Post2024-06-06
Bank of Thailand mulls new credit model for SMEsBangkok Post2024-06-05
Tax measures to boost tourism approvedBangkok Post2024-06-04
Ministry reports shortfall in revenueBangkok Post2024-06-04
Thailand’s public debt rises to 11.474tn baht, 63.67% of GDP in MarchThe Nation Thailand2024-06-02
Manufacturing stagnant amid growing climate risksBangkok Post2024-05-31
Factory output unexpectedly rises for first time in 19 monthsBangkok Post2024-05-30
Central bank says current inflation goal 'appropriate'Bangkok Post2024-05-30
Large banks pushed on transition loansBangkok Post2024-05-29
Thailand Plans Asia’s First Sovereign Sustainability-Linked BondBloomberg2024-05-29
Cabinet approves plan for 2024 budget boost to fund B500bn handoutBangkok Post2024-05-28
Economic chiefs weigh steps to lift growth, credit accessBangkok Post2024-05-28
Employment dips 0.1% y/y in Q1 on lower farm jobsBangkok Post2024-05-27
Economic stimuli in the worksBangkok Post2024-05-27
Thai shipments rebound to record 6.8% growth in AprilBangkok Post2024-05-24
Baht fundamentals have deterioratedBangkok Post2024-05-23
Financial Cooperation between the Bank of Thailand and the People’s Bank of ChinaBank of Thailand2024-05-21
Budget Bureau proposes enactment of a mid-year budgetThe Nation Thailand2024-05-21
Cabinet approves plan to raise 2024 budgetBangkok Post2024-05-21
Analysts expecting rate cuts to be delayedBangkok Post2024-05-21
Thailand’s Economic Growth Slows Even as It Beats EstimateBloomberg2024-05-20
Govt plans to increase budget by B122bn to fund handout schemeBangkok Post2024-05-20
Thai Economic Performance in Q1 of 2024 and the Outlook for 2024National Economic and Social Development Council 2024-05-20
Q1 GDP grows 1.5% y/y, above forecastBangkok Post2024-05-20
Ministry, Bank of Thailand to iron out differencesBangkok Post2024-05-17
Pichai: Financial access more worrying than interest ratesBangkok Post2024-05-16
Slowdown weighs on current accountBangkok Post2024-05-16
Consumer confidence falls for second monthBangkok Post2024-05-15
Baht likely to face near-term volatilityBangkok Post2024-05-13
Industry sees options to BoT spatBangkok Post2024-05-13
Thai stocks tipped to rebound in 2nd halfBangkok Post2024-05-10
Issue of dollar bonds ruled out this yearBangkok Post2024-05-09
Exports falter, leading to growth cutBangkok Post2024-05-09
Thai Economists Back BOT Independence as Rate-Cut Calls GrowBloomberg2024-05-09
Economists back BoT's autonomyBangkok Post2024-05-08
New Thai Finance Chief Signals Rate-Cut Calls Will PersistBloomberg2024-05-07
Thai PM defends wage hike plan as business groups voice concernReuters2024-05-07
Exports expected to rise 1%–2%Bangkok Post2024-05-07
New finance minister 'ready' to talk to central bank chiefBangkok Post2024-05-07
Rift between PM and central bank gets widerThe Nation Thailand2024-05-06
Thai exports in March drop 10.9% year on yearThe Nation Thailand2024-05-04
Thai Inflation Turns Positive for First Time in Seven MonthsBloomberg2024-05-03
Headline CPI up 0.19%Bangkok Post2024-05-03
State contracts worth B250bn signedBangkok Post2024-05-03
BoT: Baht to reverse course in H2Bangkok Post2024-05-01
Exports see first drop in 8 monthsBangkok Post2024-04-30
Finance Ministry downgrades Thai growth forecastBangkok Post2024-04-29
Ek-Chai raises Bt9bn from four-tranche bondsIFR2024-04-25
Thai Central Bank Says Holding Rate Gives Room to Face RisksBloomberg2024-04-24
Edited Minutes of the Monetary Policy Committee Meeting (No. 2/2024)Bank of Thailand2024-04-24
Land and Houses raises Bt7bnIFR2024-04-23
War worries put pressure on bahtBangkok Post2024-04-23
Mutual fund assets up 2.58% to B5.27tnBangkok Post2024-04-22
Cabinet okays 2025 budget bill allocating THB3.752 trillion spendingThe Nation Thailand2024-04-20
Thai Chamber of Commerce predicts 3% economic growthThe Nation Thailand2024-04-17
PM Srettha reiterates faith in wallet handout schemeBangkok Post2024-04-15
Economy falters despite holiday boostBangkok Post2024-04-14
Baht tipped to slide as US Fed delays rate cutsBangkok Post2024-04-12
Economists predict reduction by mid-yearBangkok Post2024-04-11
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 2/2024Bank of Thailand2024-04-10
Bank of Thailand holds key rate at 2.50%Bangkok Post2024-04-10
Digital wallet scheme coming in Q4, says SretthaBangkok Post2024-04-10
Bourse sees foreign outflows of B68.9bn in first quarterBangkok Post2024-04-10
Thai Rate Decision Puts Spat With Prime Minister in SpotlightBloomberg2024-04-09
Thailand Plans Special Parliament Session to Quicken 2025 BudgetBloomberg2024-04-09
Economists expect vote for rate cutBangkok Post2024-04-09
Inflation view narrows amid fluctuating pricesBangkok Post2024-04-06
Ministry calls for monetary stimulusBangkok Post2024-04-06
Bank of Thailand seen cutting rates twice this yearBangkok Post2024-04-04
Economic recovery hampered by weak manufacturing and public investmentThe Nation Thailand2024-04-02
Cabinet approves increase in 2025 deficitBangkok Post2024-04-02
World Bank cuts Thai growth forecastBangkok Post2024-04-02
Bracing for the budget boomBangkok Post2024-04-01
Asian shares rise after Wall Street advancesBangkok Post2024-03-30
MPI declines for 17th month in a rowBangkok Post2024-03-29
Srettha weighs funding options for digital handoutBangkok Post2024-03-27
Thai stock market exodus deepends amid corporate woesBangkok Post2024-03-27
Extended trading hours fail to helpBangkok Post2024-03-26
State disburses B1.35tn from fiscal 2024 budgetBangkok Post2024-03-25
Bank of Thailand to weigh recalibrating neutral stance in AprilBangkok Post2024-03-22
Inflation slowing, seen at 1% this yearBangkok Post2024-03-22
Retail investors snap up government savings bondsBangkok Post2024-03-22
Shopping Mall Owner Siam Piwat Said to Consider Biggest Thai IPO Since 2022Bloomberg2024-03-21
Govt forges ahead with 'digital wallet' handout schemeBangkok Post2024-03-20
More baht depreciationBangkok Post2024-03-20
Agency eyes budget fund bottleneckBangkok Post2024-03-18
SCB EIC predicts 2 rate cuts in H1Bangkok Post2024-03-15
Sentiment declines in February amid high debtBangkok Post2024-03-14
BoT takes more steps to cut household debtBangkok Post2024-03-14
Thai industrial sentiment falls slightly in February on slower domestic demand, exportsReuters2024-03-13
SCBAM bullish on bond funds to reach AUM goalBangkok Post2024-03-13
Revenue falls short of collection targetBangkok Post2024-03-12
Bourse sees return of foreign fundsBangkok Post2024-03-12
China visa deal sees bookings riseBangkok Post2024-03-08
Consumer confidence at 48-month highBangkok Post2024-03-07
World Bank to downgrade Thai growth estimateBangkok Post2024-03-07
World Bank says Thai interest rates appropriateBangkok Post2024-03-06
Inflation drops for fifth month in a row in FebruaryBangkok Post2024-03-06
Securities and Exchange Commission unveils new IPO regulationsBangkok Post2024-03-05
Employment up in Q4 on increased tourismBangkok Post2024-03-04
The battle over interest ratesBangkok Post2024-03-04
Baht projected to weaken following poor economic figuresBangkok Post2024-03-01
Press Release on the Economic and Monetary Conditions for January 2024Bank of Thailand2024-02-29
Factory output drops 2.94%, beats forecastBangkok Post2024-02-29
Thailand records current account deficit of $200 millionBangkok Post2024-02-29
Fiscal 2024 budget disbursement expeditedBangkok Post2024-02-27
Ministry provides warning on revenueBangkok Post2024-02-26
Exports rise for sixth straight monthBangkok Post2024-02-23
Savings bonds worth B100bn in the offingBangkok Post2024-02-23
BoT chief rules out emergency rate meetingBangkok Post2024-02-21
First overseas bonds in more than 20 years plannedBangkok Post2024-02-20
Srettha ramps up pressure to force rate cut, baht slidesBangkok Post2024-02-20
JKN bondholders call for SEC probeBangkok Post2024-02-20
NESDC cuts 2024 growth forecast as Thai economy slowsThe Nation Thailand2024-02-19
Thai 2023 GDP expands at 1.9%, slower than expectedBangkok Post2024-02-19
Thai Economic Performance in Q4 of 2023 and the Outlook for 2024National Economic and Social Development Council 2024-02-19
Digital wallet stalled for more studiesBangkok Post2024-02-15
Baht dips on US inflation figuresBangkok Post2024-02-15
First overseas bond issue in two decades consideredBangkok Post2024-02-15
Cabinet okays another B560bn in borrowing for 2024Bangkok Post2024-02-14
Consumer confidence at 47-month highBangkok Post2024-02-13
State revenue collection beats quarterly target by B1.62bnBangkok Post2024-02-13
Confidence gains, but obstacles still remainBangkok Post2024-02-09
Thai Central Bank Says Open to Easing If Economic Weakness DragsBloomberg2024-02-09
Foreign capital rebounds on Thai bourseBangkok Post2024-02-08
Thai c.bank ready to cut rates if private consumption falls sharplyReuters2024-02-08
Thailand Maintains Key Rate as Split Vote Boosts Dovish BetsBloomberg2024-02-07
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 1/2024Bank of Thailand2024-02-07
Srettha: Central bank has room to cut ratesBangkok Post2024-02-06
SCB Wealth predicts B1tn in new bond issuances this yearBangkok Post2024-02-06
January headline CPI drops 1.11% y/y, lowest in nearly 3 yearsBangkok Post2024-02-05
SEC in talks with ADB, UNDP to boost sustainable finance strategiesThe Nation Thailand2024-02-02
Thailand to fall short of its Q4 GDP forecastThe Nation Thailand2024-02-01
Industrial product exports to drive MPIBangkok Post2024-02-01
Central bank set to cut growth outlookBangkok Post2024-02-01
Baht strengthens as Fed expected to stay putBangkok Post2024-01-31
Fitch: BoT to postpone rate cuts until H2Bangkok Post2024-01-31
Bilateral Meeting between Bank of Thailand and Hong Kong Monetary AuthorityBank of Thailand2024-01-30
Ministry preps government savings bondsBangkok Post2024-01-30
Bank of Thailand urged to cut rates as smaller firms continue to sufferBangkok Post2024-01-30
Baht seen extending losses after dismal start to 2024Bangkok Post2024-01-29
Dec exports rise 4.7% year-on-year, less than forecastBangkok Post2024-01-26
Baht expected to dive on US dataBangkok Post2024-01-26
Thai Finance Deputy Says Key Rate ‘Too High,’ Restraining GrowthBloomberg2024-01-25
Office trims GDP growth for 2023 by almost 1 pointBangkok Post2024-01-25
Thailand promises green investment funds for carbon goalsBangkok Post2024-01-25
Srettha insists economy in 'crisis', pledges more stimulusBangkok Post2024-01-24
IMF upgrades Thailand's GDP growth projection for 2024Bangkok Post2024-01-24
GDP growth projection downgraded to 2.8%Bangkok Post2024-01-23
GDP growth fell in 2023, piling rate-cut pressureBangkok Post2024-01-23
SEC tightens high-yield bond oversight as investment drops after defaults, Stark scandalBangkok Post2024-01-22
Maybank: Thai bond market sturdy this yearBangkok Post2024-01-19
Sentiment declines in DecemberBangkok Post2024-01-18
State spending to rise by 3.4% to B3.6tnBangkok Post2024-01-17
BoT comfortable with current interest ratesBangkok Post2024-01-16
Consumer confidence continues uptickBangkok Post2024-01-12
Thai Prime Minister’s Escalating Clash With Central Bank Worries InvestorsBloomberg2024-01-12
The showdown over interest ratesBangkok Post2024-01-11
Bonds worth B890bn due for redemption in 2024Bangkok Post2024-01-11
BoT urged to slash rates as risks mountBangkok Post2024-01-11
Ministry keeps an eye on debenturesBangkok Post2024-01-10
Thai Premier to Meet With Central Bank Governor After Calling for Lower Interest RatesBloomberg2024-01-09
Pundits predict BoT rate cut in H2Bangkok Post2024-01-09
Srettha, BoT to discuss rate hikeBangkok Post2024-01-09
Thai PM Urges Central Bank to Consider Easing Interest RatesBloomberg2024-01-08
Thailand targets 2% growth in exports to the US marketBangkok Post2024-01-08
Baht to strenghten against US dollarBangkok Post2024-01-04
Sales of TESG funds fall far short of B10bn targetBangkok Post2024-01-04
Thai PM Says Policy Rate Decisions Must Factor in Economic RisksBloomberg2024-01-03
Chamber cuts 2023 growth viewBangkok Post2024-01-03
Govt sets ambitious B3.5tr tourism target for '24Bangkok Post2024-01-01
Factory output down 4.71% y/y, more than forecastBangkok Post2023-12-28
BoT reports current account deficitBangkok Post2023-12-28
Govt: Another wage hike planned in MarchBangkok Post2023-12-26
Central bank keeps inflation target at 1–3% for 2024Bangkok Post2023-12-26
Exports gain for fourth month in a row in NovemberBangkok Post2023-12-26
SET poised for upbeat finishBangkok Post2023-12-25
Thai bond bulls may need to temper hopes as rally seen overdoneThe Malaysian Reserve2023-12-25
SET rejigs disclosure guidelineBangkok Post2023-12-22
Thai Bond Bulls May Need to Temper Hopes as Rally Seen OverdoneBloomberg2023-12-21
Wage committee stands firm on 2.37% pay riseBangkok Post2023-12-20
Ministry awaits council's wallet rulingBangkok Post2023-12-20
Debt plan to 'return B500bn'Bangkok Post2023-12-19
High debt remains key concernBangkok Post2023-12-18
World Bank cuts Thai growth outlookBangkok Post2023-12-14
BoT monitors fundraising after rate hikesBangkok Post2023-12-14
Sentiment finally risesBangkok Post2023-12-13
Cabinet approves fiscal 2024 budgetBangkok Post2023-12-13
Pundits fret over impact of China's decline on ThailandBangkok Post2023-12-12
High-potential sectors to drive growthBangkok Post2023-12-11
Diesel price hike imminent in Thailand, as Oil Fuel Fund grapples with huge deficitThe Nation Thailand2023-12-10
Thailand set to formally apply for OECD membershipThe Nation Thailand2023-12-09
Thailand ESG funds target B10bn investment this monthBangkok Post2023-12-09
Inflation dips again for second monthBangkok Post2023-12-08
Revenue likely to miss target by B300bnBangkok Post2023-12-07
Global slowdown threatens Thai growthBangkok Post2023-12-06
BoT seen cutting rates in H2 2024Bangkok Post2023-12-05
Pork, energy prices drive inflation lower in OctoberBangkok Post2023-12-04
Joint Press Release Launch of PromptPay x FPS Link between Thailand and Hong KongBank of Thailand2023-12-04
Production index dips 4.3% in OctoberBangkok Post2023-12-01
BOT puts last quarter GDP growth at 3.7%Bangkok Post2023-11-30
Thailand recoreds current account surplus of $0.7bn in OctBangkok Post2023-11-30
October factory output falls 4.3%Bangkok Post2023-11-30
Press Release on the Economic and Monetary Conditions for October of 2023Bank of Thailand2023-11-30
Monetary Policy Committee's Decision 6/2023Bank of Thailand2023-11-29
Thailand Keeps Rate Steady at a Decade High as Growth EbbsBloomberg2023-11-29
Analysts downgrade forecasts for 2024 arrivalsBangkok Post2023-11-29
Thailand Flags Rising Baht Volatility, Elevated Household DebtBloomberg2023-11-28
Govt to lower 2023 Thai economic growth forecast after weak Q3Bangkok Post2023-11-27
October exports rise 8.0% y/y, miss forecastBangkok Post2023-11-27
Jobs growth weakest in 5 quarters as economy slowsBangkok Post2023-11-27
Regulators to ban Thais from trading NVDRsBangkok Post2023-11-24
CRC's 1st bond issue a hit with investorsBangkok Post2023-11-24
Shippers say worst is over, predict 1-2% growth next yearBangkok Post2023-11-24
International financial analysts expect Thailand’s policy rate to be cut next yearThe Nation Thailand2023-11-22
Cabinet okays new ESG fund for savers, green investorsBangkok Post2023-11-22
Economic growth slows, boosts stimulus caseBangkok Post2023-11-21
NESDC cuts Thai growthBangkok Post2023-11-21
Banking Sector Quarterly Brief (Q3 2023)Bank of Thailand2023-11-20
Q3 GDP up 1.5% y/y, below forecastBangkok Post2023-11-20
Gross Domestic Product: Q3 2023 ReportOffice of the National Economic and Social Development Board2023-11-20
Ministry sets 2024 export growth target at 1.99%Bangkok Post2023-11-17
Fitch affirms Thailand's rating at BBB+Bangkok Post2023-11-17
Thailand to Miss Growth Targets Without Stimulus, PM’s Aide SaysBloomberg2023-11-17
SET seeks to rebalance stock market tradingBangkok Post2023-11-16
Industrial sentiment slumpsBangkok Post2023-11-16
Justifying the digital wallet schemeBangkok Post2023-11-16
Thailand to Spread Out Borrowing for $14 Billion HandoutBloomberg2023-11-15
ESG fund predicted to boost Thai stocks by up to B70bnBangkok Post2023-11-15
Finance Ministry keen to promote new fundBangkok Post2023-11-15
Cabinet nod to 1,000 baht aid for farmers, 2-baht per kilo increase in sugarThe Nation Thailand2023-11-14
Thai PM Srettha Defends Debt Plan for $14 Billion Cash HandoutBloomberg2023-11-13
Local bourse trading value dips in OctoberBangkok Post2023-11-11
IMF ups 2024 Thai growth forecast to 3.6%Bangkok Post2023-11-10
Market chiefs: No plan to ban short-sellingBangkok Post2023-11-09
Investor confidence index hits 5-month lowBangkok Post2023-11-09
Cabinet endorses B55bn rice support measuresBangkok Post2023-11-08
Thai fiscal deterioration risk risingBangkok Post2023-11-08
Headline inflation declinesBangkok Post2023-11-07
Baht hits two-month highBangkok Post2023-11-07
Thai inflation falls for first time in 25 monthsReuters2023-11-06
Thai stocks spike after Fed maintains rates againBangkok Post2023-11-03
Export demand projected to be resilientBangkok Post2023-11-02
Factory output falls 6.1%, more than forecastBangkok Post2023-10-31
BoT backs fiscal consolidation amid rising debtBangkok Post2023-10-31
BOT points to growing global risksThe Nation Thailand2023-10-30
SET plummets for several reasonsBangkok Post2023-10-27
Digital wallet rules ease debt fearsBangkok Post2023-10-27
Finance Ministry cuts 2023 growth outlook to 2.7% as exports declineBangkok Post2023-10-27
Drought likely to push up sugar pricesBangkok Post2023-10-26
Digital wallet handout to shrink delay by 7-8 monthsBangkok Post2023-10-26
Stocks set for another week of declineBangkok Post2023-10-25
Thai export figures projected to improve in final quarterBangkok Post2023-10-25
PM seeks to mitigate potential economic impacts from Israel-Hamas conflictThe Nation Thailand2023-10-23
Thai stocks among world's worst-performing, analyst saysThe Nation Thailand2023-10-23
Industrial sentiment drops on weaker productionBangkok Post2023-10-20
Spending plans get a lift as global bond funds returnBangkok Post2023-10-19
Investors wary of SET potentialBangkok Post2023-10-18
Thai exports tipped to bounce back next year despite riskBangkok Post2023-10-18
Conflict, US inflation pressure local stocksBangkok Post2023-10-17
Ministry allots B600m for tourismBangkok Post2023-10-13
Bank of Thailand predicts 2024 growth of 4.4%Bangkok Post2023-10-12
Tourism threatened as risks pile upBangkok Post2023-10-11
Govt says open to adjusting handout scheme with central bank helpBangkok Post2023-10-10
Thai stocks under pressureBangkok Post2023-10-10
Consumer confidence upBangkok Post2023-10-09
Valuation of Thai bonds up 5.8% in first 9 monthsBangkok Post2023-10-09
Ministry scales down headline inflation forecast to 1–1.7%Bangkok Post2023-10-06
Inflation up 0.3% - Commerce MinistryBangkok Post2023-10-05
SET tumbles as World Bank cuts outlookBangkok Post2023-10-04
Baht dips further to 37 per dollarBangkok Post2023-10-04
Economy may face future inflation risk - Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2023-10-04
SET target revised down after months of declineBangkok Post2023-10-03
Price cut for 150,000 itemsBangkok Post2023-10-03
World Bank cuts Thai growth to 3.4%Bangkok Post2023-10-03
Current account surplus of $0.4bn recorded in AugBangkok Post2023-09-29
Rates pause appropriate for now - central bank chiefBangkok Post2023-09-29
Analyst cuts Thai growth projectionBangkok Post2023-09-29
Factory output down, bigger than forecastBangkok Post2023-09-28
Rates, weak currency continue to weigh on SETBangkok Post2023-09-28
BoT increases policy rate to 2.50%Bangkok Post2023-09-28
Thailand Signals End of Tightening as Rate at Decade-HighBloomberg2023-09-27
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 5/2023Bank of Thailand2023-09-27
K-Research frets over large budgetBangkok Post2023-09-27
Cabinet allots B500bn for state enterprisesBangkok Post2023-09-27
Exports up 2.6% in Aug, first increase in 11 monthsBangkok Post2023-09-26
Baht, SET slip amid worries over stimulusBangkok Post2023-09-21
Borrowing to rise to B2.4tn on stimulus spendingBangkok Post2023-09-20
Baht tumbles to 9-month low, hurt by high oil pricesBangkok Post2023-09-20
Framework given nod by cabinetBangkok Post2023-09-19
Alarm sounds for default rate of Asian bondsBangkok Post2023-09-18
Consumer confidence increases in AugustBangkok Post2023-09-15
Bank of Thailand governor proposes fiscal suggestionsBangkok Post2023-09-15
SET to beef up listed company oversightBangkok Post2023-09-14
Cabinet approves economic stimuli, including debt moratoriumBangkok Post2023-09-13
Industrial sentiment at one-year lowBangkok Post2023-09-12
Stocks slip following policy statement by governmentBangkok Post2023-09-12
Economy may grow as forecast - deputy finance ministerBangkok Post2023-09-08
Inflation predicted to remain stableBangkok Post2023-09-06
Stock investor confidence at 7-month highBangkok Post2023-09-06
GDP growth, inflation seen lower than previous forecastsBangkok Post2023-09-05
Inflation up 0.88% in AugustBangkok Post2023-09-05
Press Release on the Economic and Monetary Conditions for July of 2023Bank of Thailand2023-08-31
Thailand records current account deficit of $0.4bn in JulyBangkok Post2023-08-31
Thailand records 17.57m foreign visitors since JanBangkok Post2023-08-29
Warning over household debt surgeBangkok Post2023-08-29
Employment growth drops in Q2 as economy slowsBangkok Post2023-08-28
Revenue beats target for first 10 monthsBangkok Post2023-08-28
Exports down 6.2%, bigger slump than forecastBangkok Post2023-08-25
Thailand needs tighter fiscal stance - central bankerBangkok Post2023-08-25
Bank of Thailand policy focuses on ensuring smooth landingBangkok Post2023-08-24
Recovery intact, but some weak spots - Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2023-08-23
Local stocks surge amid renewed political optimismBangkok Post2023-08-23
Q2 GDP growth below forecast, outlook trimmedBangkok Post2023-08-21
Thai Economic Performance in Q2 of 2023 and the Outlook for 2023National Economic and Social Development Council 2023-08-21
Economy likely grew 3.1% in Q2 on higher tourist arrivalsBangkok Post2023-08-18
Thailand Industry Sentiment Index reaches lowest level in 10 monthsBangkok Post2023-08-17
Politics plays a role in baht driftBangkok Post2023-08-17
Economic recovery intact, says Bank of ThailandBangkok Post2023-08-16
Market forecasts rate hike cycle hears endBangkok Post2023-08-16
BoT keeps wary eye on bond rolloverBangkok Post2023-08-14
Consumer confidence drops for first time in 14 monthsBangkok Post2023-08-11
Federation of Thai Industries announces glum export outlookBangkok Post2023-08-10
Bank of Thailand keeps its options open on ratesBangkok Post2023-08-10
BoT: Growth forecasts may need to be revised downBangkok Post2023-08-09
Headline inflation edges up in JulyBangkok Post2023-08-08
Thailand pushes yuan, ringgit use to curb baht volatilityBangkok Post2023-08-08
Thai Stocks Rebound in Sign Locals See End of Political GridlockBloomberg2023-08-07
Energy Absolute sets guidance on triple-trancher of up to Bt10bnIFR Asia2023-08-04
Baht sheds 1.1% on fresh vote delayBangkok Post2023-08-03
Bank of Thailand foresees further budget delayBangkok Post2023-08-03
Thailand Raises Key Rate as It Signals Tightening Nears EndBloomberg2023-08-02
Monetary Policy Committee's Decision 4/2023Bank of Thailand2023-08-02
Ministry preps steps to mitigate new standardsBangkok Post2023-08-02
Official jobless rate steady at 1.1%Bangkok Post2023-08-01
Press Release on the Economic and Monetary Conditions for June and Q2 2023Bank of Thailand2023-07-31
Thailand records current account surplus of $1.4bn in JuneBangkok Post2023-07-31
Economy in limbo amid logjamBangkok Post2023-07-31
Banks respond to household debt planBangkok Post2023-07-28
New government urged to cut budget deficitBangkok Post2023-07-28
June factory output drops 5.24%, more than forecastBangkok Post2023-07-27
Bank of Thailand to hike rates by 25 bps on Aug 2Bangkok Post2023-07-27
True achieves maximum target size from Bt25bn public bondIFR Asia2023-07-27
Ministry still upbeat on export recoveryBangkok Post2023-07-27
Growth forecast revised down to 3.5%Bangkok Post2023-07-27
Stocks facing pressure if government in limboBangkok Post2023-07-27
June exports fall 6.4%, less than forecastBangkok Post2023-07-26
BoT issues warning over volatility in bond, capital marketsBangkok Post2023-07-26
State revenue collection beats budget targetBangkok Post2023-07-25
Budget jittersBangkok Post2023-07-24
Stocks fall amid political chaosBangkok Post2023-07-21
BoT calls for stable policiesBangkok Post2023-07-20
Easing political uncertainty pushes baht to 2-month highBangkok Post2023-07-18
14.15m foreign arrivals so far this yearBangkok Post2023-07-18
Delay poses risks to the economyBangkok Post2023-07-14
Companies on edge regarding delayBangkok Post2023-07-13
Thai consumer confidence index rises again in JuneThe Nation Thailand2023-07-13
SET index fluctuates amid uncertain political outlookBangkok Post2023-07-13
Premier delay will affect fiscal budgetBangkok Post2023-07-12
SET upbeat despite plunge in trading valueBangkok Post2023-07-11
BoI applications catapult by 70% to B364bn in first halfBangkok Post2023-07-11
Trade takes another hitBangkok Post2023-07-10
SET stumbles on domestic, external risksBangkok Post2023-07-07
Krungsri anticipates uptick in baht volatilityBangkok Post2023-07-07
Central bank to launch first phase of sustainability guidelines for businessesThe Nation Thailand2023-07-06
Panel trims export growth forecastBangkok Post2023-07-06
SEC pushes for regional green financeBangkok Post2023-07-06
True sets to offer a new A+ rated debentures to investorsThe Nation Thailand2023-07-03
Household debt 'worrying' but no problem yet, says central bankBangkok Post2023-07-03
Production hit by exports slowdownBangkok Post2023-07-03
Brighter economic outlook foreseen in H2Bangkok Post2023-06-29
FPO requests debt restructuringBangkok Post2023-06-29
Fiscal fundamentals remain 'solid'Bangkok Post2023-06-28
BoT eases forex rules for stabilityBangkok Post2023-06-28
Bourse edges down amid global jittersBangkok Post2023-06-28
Thailand to Ease Forex Rules as BOT Warns More Baht VolatilityBloomberg2023-06-27
Government outperforms revenue goalsBangkok Post2023-06-27
Exports drop 4% in MayBangkok Post2023-06-27
Economy stable but household debt still a worryThe Nation Thailand2023-06-26
Tourism firms cash in on travel boomBangkok Post2023-06-23
Thailand to Tighten Listing Rules as Stocks Whacked by ScamsBloomberg2023-06-22
Stark told to pay B6.9bn to bondholdersBangkok Post2023-06-22
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