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Market Watch
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April 13, 2021
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 0.430     0.0 2.1 ▲ 6.0
5 Year 0.970     0.0 ▲ 0.6 ▲ 38.6
10 Year 1.923     0.0 5.0 ▲ 60.2

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
THB per USD 31.513 0.1 0.7 5.2
THB per JPY 0.289 0.4 1.3 ▲ 0.4

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D BIBOR 0.501     0.0     0.0 ▲ 0.1
3M BIBOR 0.623     0.0     0.0 ▲ 0.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
1-day Repurchase Rate 0.500     0.0     0.0

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I A- stable 2020-03-11
RAM BBB1 stable 2019-06-07
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB+ stable 2020-10-29
S&P BBB+ stable 2020-11-18

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2016: Thailand

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides various information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, speciic characteristics of the market, trading and transaction including settlement systems, and other relevant information. Bond Market Guide 2016 for Thailand is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Thailand. The report should be recognized as a collective good to support bond market development among ASEAN+3 members. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for Thailand
August 2015

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for Thailand are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of Thailand market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Size and Composition

Total local currency (LCY) bonds outstanding in Thailand fell 0.7% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) to reach THB13,923.5 billion (USD464.8 billion) at the end of the fourth quarter of 2020. The contraction in LCY bonds outstanding was driven by negative q-o-q growth in both the government and corporate bond segments. Government bonds comprised 73.5% of total LCY bonds outstanding at the end of December 2020.

Notable Corporate Bond Issuances in Q4 2020

New issuance of LCY corporate bonds reached THB277.0 billion in the fourth quarter of 2020, down from THB324.5 billion in the previous quarter. Growth contracted 14.6% q-o-q and 27.3% year-on-year amid weak investor confidence. Siam Cement was the largest issuer of corporate bonds during the quarter. 

Title Source Date
Debt Securities Auction Results: Auction Date: 9 April 2021Bank of Thailand2021-04-09
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Business registrations rise amid improving sentimentBangkok Post2021-04-12
Thai Large Banks Have Ratings Headroom Despite Weak RecoveryThe Nation Thailand2021-04-09
Spending to drop by B50bn a monthBangkok Post2021-04-09
BoT recommends additional aid measuresBangkok Post2021-04-08
BoT minutes: Spike in long-term govt bonds had limited impact on economyBangkok Post2021-04-07
CPI for March edges downBangkok Post2021-04-06
Blue bonds studied to help oceansBangkok Post2021-04-05
Feb factory output down 1.08% y/yBangkok Post2021-03-31
Employment demand pops last monthBangkok Post2021-03-30
FPO warns 4% growth this year will be difficultBangkok Post2021-03-30
Thailand loses 1.45m tourism jobs from pandemicBangkok Post2021-03-29
Customs readies digital platform to aid importersBangkok Post2021-03-29
Launch of the Interoperable QR Payment Linkage between Viet Nam and ThailandBank of Thailand2021-03-26
February exports see 2.59% year-on-year contractionBangkok Post2021-03-26
BoT reduces annual growth forecast to 3%Bangkok Post2021-03-25
Bank of Thailand keeps key rate at record low, cuts 2021 GDP outlookBangkok Post2021-03-24
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 2/2021Bank of Thailand2021-03-24
State vows to roll out third phase of co-payment schemeBangkok Post2021-03-24
Policy rates seen on hold, GDP forecast likely cutBangkok Post2021-03-24
SEC prepares wallet for digital assetsBangkok Post2021-03-24
Prayut orders faster stimulus releaseBangkok Post2021-03-23
Thai-UK pact sets stage for agreement negotiationsBangkok Post2021-03-22
New methodology for three indices to commence in JulyBangkok Post2021-03-20
Confidence index at 26-month low as recovery slips awayBangkok Post2021-03-19
Krung Thai Bank launches USD600m AT1IFR Asia2021-03-18
Fitch predicts banks to face challenging times aheadBangkok Post2021-03-18
Govt aims for 4% growth this year driven by recovery in Q4Bangkok Post2021-03-17
Budget for fiscal 2022 wins cabinet approvalBangkok Post2021-03-17
GSB rolls out measure to stop debts turning badBangkok Post2021-03-16
SEC to revise terms of liquidity risk conductBangkok Post2021-03-16
Thai ESG funds' asset value jumps to B34bnBangkok Post2021-03-15
SCB lifts Thai GDP forecast to 2.6% this yearThe Nation Thailand2021-03-12
Debt office touts Japanese rating as vindicationBangkok Post2021-03-12
Consumer confidence index perks upBangkok Post2021-03-12
Infrastructure outlook remains positiveBangkok Post2021-03-12
SET trading rose 43% in February, signals recoveryBangkok Post2021-03-09
Ministry proposes shorter quarantine from next monthBangkok Post2021-03-09
Ministry working on third phase of co-payment subsidyBangkok Post2021-03-06
Government adamant on growth target of 4% this yearBangkok Post2021-03-05
Investor outlook buoyant for third month in a rowBangkok Post2021-03-05
Savings Fund membership push proposedBangkok Post2021-03-04
Asset warehouse scheme predicted in 2 monthsBangkok Post2021-03-04
Cabinet okays MoU on expanding trade cooperation with Russia, targets $10 billionThe Nation Thailand2021-03-03
Corporate bond issuance climbs above B100bnBangkok Post2021-03-03
TCG crafts bad debt guaranteesBangkok Post2021-03-03
February exports to see uptrendBangkok Post2021-03-03
BoT preps new asset warehouse programmeBangkok Post2021-02-26
BoT: New wave less of a hitBangkok Post2021-02-26
MPI records 6.03% rise in JanuaryBangkok Post2021-02-26
Thai exports see highest jump in 29 monthsThe Nation Thailand2021-02-26
Growth hinges on inoculation, foreign arrivals, exportsBangkok Post2021-02-25
Equities related to tourism see sell-offBangkok Post2021-02-25
Bad loans to rise even further this year, says Bank of ThailandThe Nation Thailand2021-02-24
Exports edge up for second monthBangkok Post2021-02-24
SME bad loans peak in Q4 of 2020Bangkok Post2021-02-23
Banks’ bad loans may rise gradually amid outbreak - BoTBangkok Post2021-02-22
Asset warehousing gains groundBangkok Post2021-02-22
Baht unchanged as currency market awaits Fed chief's meeting with US CongressThe Nation Thailand2021-02-22
Covid, stronger baht pull Thailand down in world food marketThe Nation Thailand2021-02-19
Central bank sees hazy tourism outlook as major riskBangkok Post2021-02-18
BoT set to issue standards for SFIsBangkok Post2021-02-18
Recovery hinges on fiscal support, Covid control: BoTBangkok Post2021-02-17
Cabinet approves B50bn loanBangkok Post2021-02-16
Govt approves additional B37.1 bn stimulus for workersBangkok Post2021-02-15
Govt cuts economic outlook despite smaller Q4 GDP fallBangkok Post2021-02-15
Economy contracts 4.2% y/y in Q4, less than expectedBangkok Post2021-02-15
Gross Domestic Product: Q4/2020Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board2021-02-15
Regulator mulls increasing bonds sold via e-wallet appBangkok Post2021-02-15
Lacking vaccination plan, TAT sees Q3 return for foreignersBangkok Post2021-02-12
SEC to boost recovery, beef up capital marketBangkok Post2021-02-12
Ministry preps B37.1bn financial relief packageBangkok Post2021-02-12
Finance lines up perks, deterrentsBangkok Post2021-02-12
Debt aid scheme directed at credit cards, personal loansBangkok Post2021-02-11
January tallies 25-month sinkholeBangkok Post2021-02-11
Foreign investment pledges slump 54% in 2020Bangkok Post2021-02-10
We Win bonds close to sold out, first batch goneBangkok Post2021-02-10
Pandemic pauses plans for higher revenue collectionBangkok Post2021-02-08
Consumer price index January 2021Ministry of Commerce2021-02-05
Consumer confidence dipsBangkok Post2021-02-05
Thai investor confidence rises for second month in a rowThe Nation Thailand2021-02-04
Bank of Thailand likely to cut growth outlookBangkok Post2021-02-03
Bank of Thailand holds key rate, lets fiscal policy leadBangkok Post2021-02-03
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 1/2021Bank of Thailand2021-02-03
Soft loans tweaked for SME accessBangkok Post2021-02-03
Confidence from January remains bullishBangkok Post2021-02-03
State firms plan outlay of B300bn in 2021Bangkok Post2021-02-03
Fitch: Thai firms confront headwindsBangkok Post2021-02-03
Liquidity support for hospitality firms underwayBangkok Post2021-02-02
Households pile up debt as new virus wave weighs on incomeBangkok Post2021-02-02
Export recovery poised to continue, says BoTBangkok Post2021-01-30
Baht appreciates against dollar but market turbulence predictedThe Nation Thailand2021-01-29
BOT warns uneven recovery shaken further by new virus waveThe Nation Thailand2021-01-29
SET follows global bourse downturnBangkok Post2021-01-29
FPO slashes growth forecast to 2.8% on low tourism figuresBangkok Post2021-01-29
Signs of economic recovery in December, but virus sapped sentiment: Finance MinistryThe Nation Thailand2021-01-29
Investment eyed in lower-grade bondsBangkok Post2021-01-28
Dec factory output falls 2.44% y-o-y after new outbreakBangkok Post2021-01-27
Relief package wins green lightBangkok Post2021-01-27
Foreign investment funds see 27.5% rise in 2020Bangkok Post2021-01-27
Local Economy Scheme aims to save jobs among SMEsBangkok Post2021-01-26
PDMO bonds at B60bn imminentBangkok Post2021-01-26
Vaccines, stimulus beef up GDP expansion to 4-5%Bangkok Post2021-01-22
Steps to boost SME liquidityBangkok Post2021-01-21
Mutual funds tally massive net outflowsBangkok Post2021-01-21
Cash handouts, co-payment scheme to boost Thai GDP by 1%: MinisterThe Nation Thailand2021-01-20
Fitch sees 'very dim' path for GDP growthBangkok Post2021-01-20
Cabinet approves Bt217bn cash handout schemeThe Nation Thailand2021-01-19
BoT and Ministry look to tweaking soft loans for SME aidBangkok Post2021-01-19
Retail slump prompts calls for actionBangkok Post2021-01-19
Industry Ministry preps SME soft loansBangkok Post2021-01-18
2m debtors poised to join bank schemeBangkok Post2021-01-15
TBMA: Firms choose loans for fundingBangkok Post2021-01-14
Foreign investors seen shunning Thai bonds amid low returnsBangkok Post2021-01-13
BoT offers borrowers debt holidayBangkok Post2021-01-13
Pandemic, e-commerce to influence headline inflationBangkok Post2021-01-13
Ministry preps B200bn for new relief measureBangkok Post2021-01-12
Confidence for stocks remains bullish in first quarterBangkok Post2021-01-12
Household debt rises 42% to 12-year highBangkok Post2021-01-12
Finance Ministry mulls details of cash handoutsBangkok Post2021-01-11
Resurgence threatens shoots of recoveryBangkok Post2021-01-11
Exchange rates tipped for shaky 2021Bangkok Post2021-01-08
Ad hoc banking crisis team formingBangkok Post2021-01-08
Consumer sentiment falls amid increasing infectionsBangkok Post2021-01-08
Commerce ministry announces core missions this yearThe Nation Thailand2021-01-08
Another economic stimulus package in the worksThe Nation Thailand2021-01-07
Relief rate deliberatedBangkok Post2021-01-07
MPC: Growth may fall below forecastBangkok Post2021-01-07
Govt plans new two-month Covid-relief package for 40 million peopleThe Nation Thailand2021-01-06
Forex flexibility for non-resident firmsBangkok Post2021-01-06
Inflation to remain muted until AprilBangkok Post2021-01-06
Bourse poised for short-term declineBangkok Post2021-01-06
Govt to launch more relief packages as Covid surges to record highThe Nation Thailand2021-01-05
Export drop brings decline in use of perksBangkok Post2021-01-05
BoT to meet banks on debt rejigBangkok Post2021-01-05
Finance Ministry focuses on three areas to revive Thai economyThe Nation Thailand2021-01-04
Thai Economic Conditions Tipped to Worsen as Virus SpreadsBloomberg2021-01-03
Thailand ranks No.2 among Asian IPOsBangkok Post2020-12-29
Budget endorsed to help SMEs out in fiscal 2021Bangkok Post2020-12-29
FPO upbeat on 2021 forecastBangkok Post2020-12-29
BoT alters SME group definitions for soft loansBangkok Post2020-12-29
Economic recovery accelerated in November, says Finance MinistryThe Nation Thailand2020-12-29
Baht’s Rally Stalls as Thailand Battles Virus Pandemic FalloutBloomberg2020-12-28
Investors to spend more on IPOs next year, say expertsNation Thailand2020-12-28
Long-term investment optimismBangkok Post2020-12-22
Lockdown worries rifeBangkok Post2020-12-22
Thai, Indonesian central banks expand rupiah-baht settlement frameworkThe Nation Thailand2020-12-21
Brexit to have no impact on Thailand, but senior official urges FTA talks with UKThe Nation Thailand2020-12-21
Manufacturing sentiment rising for seven months in a row: FTIThe Nation Thailand2020-12-18
BoT begins probe into SAM's NPA and NPL salesBangkok Post2020-12-18
BoT: Exchange rate not a toolBangkok Post2020-12-18
Investment disbursement tallies 16% of fiscal 2021Bangkok Post2020-12-17
Deteriorating of households, SMEs to pay debts still a risk: BOTThe Nation Thailand2020-12-15
FPO sees smaller contractionBangkok Post2020-12-15
Four major banks delay sale of non-performing loansThe Nation Thailand2020-12-14
GSB sets aside capital reserves worth B12.4bnBangkok Post2020-12-11
Central bank discounts AMC optionBangkok Post2020-12-11
Thai economy to grow 4% next year, 1 point lower than Asean average: ADBThe Nation Thailand2020-12-10
Baht set to rise until end of 2021Bangkok Post2020-12-10
TNSC predicts 3-5% growth in 2021 forecastBangkok Post2020-12-09
Foreign fund flows likely to continueBangkok Post2020-12-09
Co-payment scheme to fortify GDPBangkok Post2020-12-09
Current account still healthyBangkok Post2020-12-08
Thailand’s inflation to hit 1.2%, if economy expands as expectedThe Nation Thailand2020-12-05
CPI posts small drop in NovemberBangkok Post2020-12-04
Investor outlook very bullishBangkok Post2020-12-04
Consumer Confidence Index rises for two months runningThe Nation Thailand2020-12-04
Central bank revises rules to meet international standardsThe Nation Thailand2020-12-03
Finance minister sees 4-4.5% growth for Thai economy next yearThe Nation Thailand2020-12-03
Phase 2 of shopping subsidy schemes put to Cabinet next weekThe Nation Thailand2020-12-03
Thailand facing 3 core risks: BOT policy committeeThe Nation Thailand2020-12-03
Automotive, product manufacturer, retail shares benefit from stimulus packagesThe Nation Thailand2020-12-02
BAY foresees baht hikeBangkok Post2020-12-02
BoT preps more measures for bahtBangkok Post2020-12-01
Thai economy shrank further in October, central bank saysThe Nation Thailand2020-11-30
FTI demands tougher currency measures to save exportsBangkok Post2020-11-27
PTT president says fuel price passed lowest point as global economy recoversThe Nation Thailand2020-11-27
Thai export sector hit by rising shipment costs, labour shortageThe Nation Thailand2020-11-27
SET rallies on news on vaccine, US transitionThe Nation Thailand2020-11-25
Smaller contraction for industry from stimulusBangkok Post2020-11-25
SEC to ease rules on foreign investment in line with BOT regulationsThe Nation Thailand2020-11-25
Shippers seek baht managementBangkok Post2020-11-25
Export contraction steepens in OctoberBangkok Post2020-11-24
SET boosted by Thailand's latest credit rating: Deputy PMThe Nation Thailand2020-11-24
Private fund growth booms in search for yieldBangkok Post2020-11-23
7 Thai firms on DJSI named 'industry leaders'Bangkok Post2020-11-21
NESDC works to expedite spendingBangkok Post2020-11-21
Central bank moves to curtail baht's riseBangkok Post2020-11-20
BOT accelerates measures to advance the development of the new Thai FX EcosystemBank of Thailand2020-11-20
Baht cools as central bank considers measures to temper rallyBangkok Post2020-11-20
BoT's forex management 'to propel economy'Bangkok Post2020-11-20
S&P keeps BBB+ Thai credit ratingBangkok Post2020-11-20
Tris Rating debuts green bond verifierBangkok Post2020-11-20
Sentiment up for fifth monthBangkok Post2020-11-19
BoT prepares more baht measuresBangkok Post2020-11-19
Bank of Thailand leaves policy rate unchangedThe Nation Thailand2020-11-18
Monetary Policy Committee’s Decision 7/2020Bank of Thailand2020-11-18
BoT studies warehousing conceptBangkok Post2020-11-18
Public Debt Management Office gets savings bonds in order to fund stimulusBangkok Post2020-11-18
Baht appreciation expected to be shortlivedThe Nation Thailand2020-11-18
Public Debt Management Office gathers loans for co-paymentsBangkok Post2020-11-17
Economy shrinks 6.4% in busy Q3Bangkok Post2020-11-17
Repayment progress in Q3Bangkok Post2020-11-17
New trade agreement to help exports, tourismBangkok Post2020-11-17
Thai economy to grow by up to 4.5% next year: NESDCThe Nation Thailand2020-11-16
Gross Domestic Product: Q3/2020National Economic and Social Development Council 2020-11-16
Tax restructure projected for 2021Bangkok Post2020-11-13
BoT to consider dividend paymentsBangkok Post2020-11-13
Consumer mood brightensBangkok Post2020-11-13
Economy passed lowest point, to contract less than expectedBangkok Post2020-11-12
BoT, Finance Ministry wrangle bahtBangkok Post2020-11-12
Agencies poised to draw up spending measuresBangkok Post2020-11-11
11 billion baht spent on subsidised goodsBangkok Post2020-11-10
PM leads committee on two-year emergency planBangkok Post2020-11-10
State enterprise status for KTB preservedBangkok Post2020-11-10
SET surges almost 2% after Biden victoryThe Nation Thailand2020-11-09
Millions register for government's 50-50 schemeBangkok Post2020-11-08
8th straight month of CPI decreaseBangkok Post2020-11-06
Co-payment scheme reopens on Nov 11Bangkok Post2020-11-06
Inflation and Core InflationThailand: October 2020Ministry of Commerce2020-11-05
Investor confidence hits 7-month low on protest concernsBangkok Post2020-11-05
Cross-border volume downBangkok Post2020-11-05
GSP suspension gauged to cost $19m in lossesBangkok Post2020-11-03
Political uncertainty hits confidenceBangkok Post2020-10-31
Tris keeps LH debt at A+ and stableBangkok Post2020-10-30
FPO upgrades 2020 GDP decline to 7.7%Bangkok Post2020-10-30
IPOs active despite outbreakBangkok Post2020-10-30
More SMES given access to soft loans thanks to new credit guarantees: BOTThe Nation Thailand2020-10-30
MPI sees increase in SeptemberBangkok Post2020-10-29
BAY projects ESG bonds to reach B60bnBangkok Post2020-10-28
Thai corporate confidence shakyBangkok Post2020-10-28
Green bonds in high demand as investors embrace ESG: KrungsriThe Nation Thailand2020-10-28
Thai Economic Recovery Shaken as Protests Pose New RisksBloomberg2020-10-27
STA registers debenture upgradeBangkok Post2020-10-27
Pruksa debt assessed at A and stableBangkok Post2020-10-27
Use of FTA perks, GSP declines in first 7 monthsBangkok Post2020-10-27
PDMO sets B2.3tn for fiscal 2021 planBangkok Post2020-10-26
Shipment contraction thins againBangkok Post2020-10-23
Thais, Russians aim for US$10bn in trade by 2023Bangkok Post2020-10-23
Covid triggers jump in Thai household debtThe Nation Thailand2020-10-23
More big firms opting for sustainability bonds to raise fundsThe Nation Thailand2020-10-22
Banks see double-digit dip in profit as NPLs advanceBangkok Post2020-10-22
Brighter export outlook for the rest of the yearBangkok Post2020-10-22
SEC promotes ESG bond issuance trend via hubBangkok Post2020-10-22
Bigger deficits aheadBangkok Post2020-10-22
Panel to monitor debt restructuringBangkok Post2020-10-21
State-run banks extend payment holiday as Bt5.5trn debt suspension expiresThe Nation Thailand2020-10-21
Thai economy can survive shocks, but political unrest worrisome: new BOT governorThe Nation Thailand2020-10-21
BoT okays extension of B500bn soft loan planBangkok Post2020-10-20
Investors sink SET index by 2.02%Bangkok Post2020-10-20
EconThai: Jobs drag into Q1Bangkok Post2020-10-19
BoT prolongs debt moratorium for SMEsBangkok Post2020-10-17
SET plummets more than 1.5% as protests escalate, emergency rule imposedThe Nation Thailand2020-10-15
B340bn flows out during January-September runBangkok Post2020-10-15
BoT mulls unlocking offshore rulesBangkok Post2020-10-15
Home Product prints Bt2bn 3yr bondsIFR2020-10-14
SET slumps despite progress in talks on new US economic stimulus measuresThe Nation Thailand2020-10-14
Measures to pump in B192bnBangkok Post2020-10-13
Tax rebate scheme to fire spendingBangkok Post2020-10-13
Baht and Asian currencies expected to weakenThe Nation Thailand2020-10-12
Sluggish recoveryBangkok Post2020-10-12
SET: Geopolitics key in upcoming market activityBangkok Post2020-10-09
September consumers less confidentBangkok Post2020-10-09
Govt urged to set up corporate bond guarantee fund to rescue tourism industryThe Nation Thailand2020-10-09
B30,000 tax break gets nodBangkok Post2020-10-08
Cross-border shipments dip 7.42% in first 8 monthsBangkok Post2020-10-08
Central bank to issue new rules to curb penalty on loan defaultersThe Nation Thailand2020-10-07
Strengthening baht, shortage of migrant workers worry exportersThe Nation Thailand2020-10-07
SME bourse slated for Q3 2021Bangkok Post2020-10-06
CPI continues dip in SeptemberBangkok Post2020-10-06
Central bank keeps an eye on debtors' ability to repay as banks brace for NPLsThe Nation Thailand2020-10-06
Strong baht, low production pull down Thai rice exportsThe Nation Thailand2020-10-05
BOT mulls extension of debt moratorium for some sectorsThe Nation Thailand2020-10-04
Public debt seen hitting 57% of GDPBangkok Post2020-10-03
TAT confirms special tourist visa schemeBangkok Post2020-10-02
Stimulus measures under consideration to lift property sector, consumptionThe Nation Thailand2020-10-02
Manufacturing ticks up again in AugustBangkok Post2020-10-01
BoT predicts growth in upcoming Q2Bangkok Post2020-10-01
World Bank sees 10.4% contractionBangkok Post2020-09-30
0.25% GDP boost sought from stimulusBangkok Post2020-09-30
B1bn debentures from NN2Bangkok Post2020-09-30
Household debt has risen to alarming levels over past decade, BOT study findsThe Nation Thailand2020-09-30
Govt to borrow Bt1.3 trillion, as public debt borders fiscal sustainability thresholdThe Nation Thailand2020-09-30
FPO: Indications of GDP shrink diminishing in Q3Bangkok Post2020-09-29
August indicators show Thai economy recoveringThe Nation Thailand2020-09-29
NESDC sees poverty surgeBangkok Post2020-09-28
Govt's struggle to deploy fiscal spending weighs on outlookBangkok Post2020-09-28
Ailing economy to get 'Bt100bn injection' from Oct-DecThe Nation Thailand2020-09-25
CIMBT promotes individual bond tradingBangkok Post2020-09-25
August sees drop in new registrationsBangkok Post2020-09-25
BoT starting digital factoring next yearBangkok Post2020-09-25
BoT sees slower recovery in 2021Bangkok Post2020-09-24
Exports maintain recovery in AugustThe Nation Thailand2020-09-24
BOT leaves rate unchangedThe Nation Thailand2020-09-23
Monetary Policy Committee's Decision 6/2020Bank of Thailand2020-09-23
Cabinet approves Bt51bn stimulus package for low-income workersThe Nation Thailand2020-09-22
SET returning to normal short selling rules on October 1Bangkok Post2020-09-22
BoT allays deposit run concernBangkok Post2020-09-22
PM advises rehabilitation focus for 20-year strategyBangkok Post2020-09-22
Treasury tweaking SEZ perks for companiesBangkok Post2020-09-21
Government panel pushes Bt1.2-trillion transport mega-projectsThe Nation Thailand2020-09-21
SET slumps over protesters' promise to rally next monthThe Nation Thailand2020-09-21
BoT develops digital system for better SME funding accessBangkok Post2020-09-19
Officials expect cash subsidy to reach 24mBangkok Post2020-09-18
Confidence rises for third straight monthBangkok Post2020-09-18
B2tn in SME loans risk turning sourBangkok Post2020-09-17
New B3,000 handout approved for 10m peopleBangkok Post2020-09-16
Fiscal 2021 disbursement faces one-month delayBangkok Post2020-09-16
Derivatives buys signal receptiveness to THORBangkok Post2020-09-16
Cabinet approves long-term tourist visasBangkok Post2020-09-15
TBMA: Policy rate static throughout 2020Bangkok Post2020-09-15
Delay in 2021 budget set to affect investmentThe Nation Thailand2020-09-15
Confidence in Thai stock market drops as govt slow in rolling out stimulus measuresThe Nation Thailand2020-09-15
New stimulus package to boost spending power of low-income groupsThe Nation Thailand2020-09-14
Central bank urges market participants to be ready for end of LiborThe Nation Thailand2020-09-11
Cross-border commerce drops 8.5%Bangkok Post2020-09-11
Central bank says revised LTV rules will stay putBangkok Post2020-09-11
BoT issuing THOR bonds next yearBangkok Post2020-09-11
Economy to get 1-1.5% boost from latest cash handouts: UTCCThe Nation Thailand2020-09-10
SET weighs keeping revised rulesBangkok Post2020-09-09
Fitch flags political tensionBangkok Post2020-09-09
"Last chance" to invest in govt savings bondsThe Nation Thailand2020-09-09
Covid forces half a million to quit national pension fundThe Nation Thailand2020-09-09
Revised gold trading rules to shield baht due soon: BoTBangkok Post2020-09-08
Govt earmarks Bt140bn from 2021 budget for Covid reliefThe Nation Thailand2020-09-08
Exports plunge over 11% this JulyThe Nation Thailand2020-09-08
TAT reworks stimulus termsBangkok Post2020-09-08
Host of borrowers struggling from Covid-19 fallout apply for second debt-relief schemeThe Nation Thailand2020-09-08
BOT says banks not doing enough to lower charges, loan conditionsThe Nation Thailand2020-09-08
BAAC slashes loan target due to CovidBangkok Post2020-09-08
FPO: Next stimulus hinges on past outcomeBangkok Post2020-09-07
Resumption of tourism between China and Thailand 'not happening any time soon'The Nation Thailand2020-09-07
Thailand slips one place in 2020 GIIBangkok Post2020-09-04
August sees lightest CPI dip in 6 monthsBangkok Post2020-09-04
Govt sets aside Bt45 billion for new 'Let's Go Halves' stimulus packageThe Nation Thailand2020-09-03
Govt plans cash handoutBangkok Post2020-09-03
Investors urge SET-listed companies to adjust to 'new normal'The Nation Thailand2020-09-03
Predee bombshell hits baht tradingBangkok Post2020-09-02
BoT adds debt restructure optionBangkok Post2020-09-02
Thai banks debut new overnight repo rate THORBangkok Post2020-09-01
Second Covid-19 wave may hinder economic recovery: BOTThe Nation Thailand2020-09-01
BoT warns of tourism meltdownBangkok Post2020-09-01
OIC okays revised calculation of RBCBangkok Post2020-09-01
July exports fall 11.9% y/y, current account turns to surplusBangkok Post2020-08-31
Baht at crossroads as economy seen bottoming out this yearBangkok Post2020-08-31
FPO: Q3 looking less dire as 'swoosh-shaped' bounce loomsBangkok Post2020-08-29
Central bank issues debt relief measure to slash Thais' interest burdenThe Nation Thailand2020-08-28
Finance minister: Economic fundamentals still solid amid pandemicBangkok Post2020-08-26
July factory output drops 14.7%, worse than forecastBangkok Post2020-08-26
TCG gives nod to B57bn in SME loan guaranteesBangkok Post2020-08-24
Central bank soothes debt concernsBangkok Post2020-08-21
PDMO: Cabinet-endorsed credit line for potential public debtBangkok Post2020-08-21
CPF issues B20bn in bondsBangkok Post2020-08-21
Govt to sell B50bn of savings bondsBangkok Post2020-08-20
TCG: SME guarantees increase 167%Bangkok Post2020-08-20
Prayut's new economic panel targets 1m jobs, tourism boostThe Nation Thailand2020-08-20
BoT needed to preserve limited policy room - minutesBangkok Post2020-08-19
B214bn borrowing approved to cover revenue shortfallBangkok Post2020-08-18
Cross-border trade drops by over 9% in first halfBangkok Post2020-08-18
BoT gauges dividend suspension decisionBangkok Post2020-08-18
NESDC slashes forecastBangkok Post2020-08-18
Bad debt rises to 3.09% but banks remain resilient, says BOTThe Nation Thailand2020-08-18
Performance of the Thai Banking System in the Second Quarter of 2020Bank of Thailand2020-08-17
Q2 GDP shrinks 12.2% y/y, weakest in 22 yearsBangkok Post2020-08-17
Gross Domestic Product: Q2/2020Office of the National Economic and Social Development Board2020-08-17
Bank of Thailand seeks to lure more loan intermediariesBangkok Post2020-08-17
Uneasy sense of deja vuBangkok Post2020-08-17
BAAC deposits edge higher on state aidBangkok Post2020-08-14
New centre to rehabilitate economyBangkok Post2020-08-14
FPO: B758bn available for outbreak rebuildingBangkok Post2020-08-14
Fetco incentive proposals setBangkok Post2020-08-14
New finance minister ready to seek remediesBangkok Post2020-08-13
BAAC OKs 32% of relief loansBangkok Post2020-08-12
Finance Ministry holds provident fund hearingBangkok Post2020-08-11
FTI to deliver SME strategy to PredeeBangkok Post2020-08-10
Investors opt for corporate bonds as Covid-19 impact easesThe Nation Thailand2020-08-10
Trade Competition Commission sets up protection for restaurantsBangkok Post2020-08-10
Private sector cuts GDP forecast to -9% as baht adds to business worriesThe Nation Thailand2020-08-06
Stocks jump as BoT says economy recoveringBangkok Post2020-08-05
Bank of Thailand leaves policy rate unchanged at record lowBangkok Post2020-08-05
Monetary Policy Committee's Decision 5/2020Bank of Thailand2020-08-05
Bank of Thailand likely to hold rates now, cut laterBangkok Post2020-08-05
TNSC: 15% export decline if 2nd-half rebound faltersBangkok Post2020-08-05
ADB loan of Bt48bn will not strain public debt, says govtThe Nation Thailand2020-08-05
ADB injects $1.5bn loan to aid Thai Covid-19 recoveryThe Nation Thailand2020-08-04
Virus, drought slash agricultural GDP by 5.1%The Nation Thailand2020-08-04
Business sentiment improves over three months, says central bankThe Nation Thailand2020-08-04
Exporters cautioned as headwinds mountBangkok Post2020-08-03
FPO mulls cutting tax revenue targetBangkok Post2020-08-01
Falling economy has bottomed out, says BOTThe Nation Thailand2020-08-01
Press Release on the Economic and Monetary Conditions for June and the second quarter of 2020Bank of Thailand2020-07-31
Thai economy improved in June: Central bankThe Nation Thailand2020-07-31
Modern trade index cratersBangkok Post2020-07-31
Finance Ministry cuts 2020 GDP forecast to -8.5%The Nation Thailand2020-07-31
MPI rises for second month as normalcy resumesBangkok Post2020-07-30
Traders on board with US$ valuationBangkok Post2020-07-30
New BOT governor faces historic challenges as Thailand plots recovery pathThe Nation Thailand2020-07-30
Travel stimulus scheme may run till year-endBangkok Post2020-07-30
Tourist arrivals slump 66% y/yBangkok Post2020-07-29
BoT looks to lighten burden for distressed borrowersBangkok Post2020-07-29
Third quarter crucial for signs of recoveryBangkok Post2020-07-29
Fetco lines up stimulus proposalBangkok Post2020-07-28
Public debt not scary yet, PDMO saysBangkok Post2020-07-27
FTI says unemployment could hit 8mBangkok Post2020-07-24
BoT allays concerns over currency manipulationBangkok Post2020-07-24
Current state of politics leaves businesses worried despite resumption of operationsThe Nation Thailand2020-07-24
BOT to relax conditions on Bt500bn SME loan schemeThe Nation Thailand2020-07-24
Net profits dip as loan buffers spikeBangkok Post2020-07-23
Business registrations up in JuneBangkok Post2020-07-23
Reopening to local tourismBangkok Post2020-07-23
Thai rice exports drop 32%The Nation Thailand2020-07-23
Dim prospects for employment recovery in latter halfBangkok Post2020-07-22
Gold approaches 9-year peakBangkok Post2020-07-22
Baht strengthensThe Nation Thailand2020-07-21
BoT rules out IMF help, cites fundamentalsBangkok Post2020-07-21
Bank shares take hit as Q2 results revealedThe Nation Thailand2020-07-21
Investors urge government to avoid economic policy vacuumBangkok Post2020-07-21
All eyes on the horizonBangkok Post2020-07-20
BoT eases Debt Clinic conditions for bad loansBangkok Post2020-07-18
High-yield bonds back in styleBangkok Post2020-07-17
Baht erodes further after Somkid's exitBangkok Post2020-07-17
2nd-phase stimulus to fan out touristsBangkok Post2020-07-17
BOT's extension of reduced FIDF contribution boosts bank shares, but experts warn of decline in profitsThe Nation Thailand2020-07-16
Central bank allows gold traders to apply for FCDsBangkok Post2020-07-16
World Bank sees two-year recoveryBangkok Post2020-07-16
BoT taking CBDC to retailersBangkok Post2020-07-16
Labour Ministry resumes migrant permit servicesBangkok Post2020-07-15
BoT predicts two-year recovery pathBangkok Post2020-07-15
Debt moratorium for small businesses not to go beyond October, says governorThe Nation Thailand2020-07-15
Bt100 billion set aside to help small tourism operators hit by Covid-19The Nation Thailand2020-07-13
Bank deposits swell as investors avoid risk assets in uncertain timesThe Nation Thailand2020-07-13
Bond market tipped to recover in second half as Covid threat recedesThe Nation Thailand2020-07-10
Corporate bond issues to hit B800bnBangkok Post2020-07-10
Mutual funds spur growth in tradingBangkok Post2020-07-10
Border trade activity down 9.7% in first 5 monthsBangkok Post2020-07-10
IPOs to revive in second halfBangkok Post2020-07-10
Confidence edges higher in June pollBangkok Post2020-07-10
Thai industrial investment tipped to recover stronglyThe Nation Thailand2020-07-10
June hits 30-month trading high for stocksBangkok Post2020-07-09
Job creation, tourism thrust of Bt92-bn stimulus projects okayed by CabinetThe Nation Thailand2020-07-09
Monetary Policy Report, June 2020Bank of Thailand2020-07-08
TAT predicts 80% plunge in arrivalsBangkok Post2020-07-08
Confidence remains stuck in neutral until SeptemberBangkok Post2020-07-08
Institutional investors keen on PTT debenturesBangkok Post2020-07-08
Q1 household debt at 80% of GDP, highest in 4 yearsBangkok Post2020-07-07
Central bank not ruling out further easingBangkok Post2020-07-07
PDMO readies 2nd batch of 1-baht savings bondsBangkok Post2020-07-07
Tax breaks to ease coronavirus stressBangkok Post2020-07-07
Bank equities see plungeBangkok Post2020-07-07
Investments in small, mid-cap stocks help some funds buck the market trendThe Nation Thailand2020-07-07
NESDC looks to B400bn budgetBangkok Post2020-07-06
Tourism aid to spur domestic spendingBangkok Post2020-07-06
Export of gold surges as demand for safe haven rises amid global downturnThe Nation Thailand2020-07-06
KBank upbeat on debt repayment levelBangkok Post2020-07-03
June sees consumer sentiment recovery, albeit to still-low levelBangkok Post2020-07-03
Tourism in Thailand stands to lose up to $47bn from Covid-19: Unctad studyBangkok Post2020-07-02
TBA talks soft loan criteria with BoTBangkok Post2020-07-02
GSB raises bad loan provisions by B50bnBangkok Post2020-07-02
Panel revises forecast, predicts further slump in economyThe Nation Thailand2020-07-01
Central bank allays NPL concernsBangkok Post2020-07-01
Confidence index plummets, jobs lostBangkok Post2020-07-01
Fund inflows into extra SSF units estimated at B10bnBangkok Post2020-07-01
May index sees slight rise after lockdown easedBangkok Post2020-06-30
Manufacturing falls 23% in May, sparking plea for post-virus recovery planThe Nation Thailand2020-06-30
Bt50 billion fund to be earmarked for loans to SMEsThe Nation Thailand2020-06-30
Council raises issue of NPL surge at SFIsBangkok Post2020-06-29
Investment in EEC drops more than 18%The Nation Thailand2020-06-29
Somkid comes up with new policy to 'energise' Thai economyThe Nation Thailand2020-06-26
Predictions of slow recovery make Thai stocks unattractive to local investorsThe Nation Thailand2020-06-26
Second half to witness more business closuresBangkok Post2020-06-26
Asia Capital defaults on B689m debtBangkok Post2020-06-26
State agrees export dip exceeds 5%Bangkok Post2020-06-25
BoT forecasts record contractionBangkok Post2020-06-25
SET renewing volatility rulesBangkok Post2020-06-25
BOT sees dark cloud of 8% contraction looming over economyThe Nation Thailand2020-06-25
BOT may focus on rising bad debts and leave key policy rate untouchedThe Nation Thailand2020-06-24
Fitch backs BoT curbs on capital distributionBangkok Post2020-06-24
Central bank tweaks B500bn soft loan scheme for SMEsBangkok Post2020-06-24
BoT orders stress tests from banksBangkok Post2020-06-23
Central bank soothes investors, saying new measures aim to avoid a repeat of 1997The Nation Thailand2020-06-23
Master plan for Bt6.5-tn circular economy unveiledThe Nation Thailand2020-06-23
Revenue chief set to chop collection targetBangkok Post2020-06-22
BOT orders commercial banks to hold off on interim dividends, bans share buy backThe Nation Thailand2020-06-20
Car exports down 35% in first five months of 2020Bangkok Post2020-06-19
New relief package to sustain debtorsBangkok Post2020-06-19
ADB predicts steeper GDP contractionBangkok Post2020-06-19
Banks poised to extend assistanceBangkok Post2020-06-18
More cash changed hands in April, as people made large withdrawals out of uncertaintyThe Nation Thailand2020-06-18
1-baht savings bonds to debut on June 24Bangkok Post2020-06-17
Cabinet gives the nod to B3.3tn fiscal budget billBangkok Post2020-06-17
Sluggish economy, deficient government pulling down Thailand's competitivenessThe Nation Thailand2020-06-17
SET prolongs losses on global snagsBangkok Post2020-06-16
BoI perks aim to lure foreign agri-businessBangkok Post2020-06-16
TOP issues $1bn in debenturesBangkok Post2020-06-16
PDMO launching cheap bonds via blockchainBangkok Post2020-06-16
Commerce Ministry seeks B6bn to bolster recoveryBangkok Post2020-06-15
Household debt could soar beyond 80% of GDP due to Covid-19 crisis: NESDCThe Nation Thailand2020-06-15
Central bank clarifies debt figuresBangkok Post2020-06-13
Rental cut for state lands proposedBangkok Post2020-06-11
Foreign investors eager to returnBangkok Post2020-06-11
Q3 profit-taking sell-off on the cardsBangkok Post2020-06-10
SET slides after rising continuously over past four weeksThe Nation Thailand2020-06-09
ASP: Slower growth and exports tether bahtBangkok Post2020-06-09
SEC mulls alternative bond fundingBangkok Post2020-06-09
SET Index has highest price to earnings ratio in Asia, but faces more risksThe Nation Thailand2020-06-09
BAAC's B55bn fund empowers farmersBangkok Post2020-06-06
Budget disbursement surpasses targetThe Nation Thailand2020-06-06
Stocks up, foreign inflows returningBangkok Post2020-06-05
Sentiment shows signs of recoveryBangkok Post2020-06-05
BoT sounds out forex dealers on gold quotation in US dollarsBangkok Post2020-06-05
May prices down 3.4%, led by oil slumpBangkok Post2020-06-05
Over 250 trade activities planned to boost Thai exportsThe Nation Thailand2020-06-05
With inflation in negative domain, Thailand may enter deflation, warn economistsThe Nation Thailand2020-06-05
Headwinds dent foreign fund investment inflowsBangkok Post2020-06-04
7 listed firms extend debenture maturityBangkok Post2020-06-04
Pandemic leads to falling rents, glutBangkok Post2020-06-04
BoT: Baht gain up for discussionBangkok Post2020-06-04
MINT wrestles with liquidity and capitalBangkok Post2020-06-04
Negative factors still clouding export outlook, shippers sayBangkok Post2020-06-03
Big push for local tourismBangkok Post2020-06-03
Investors cautious amid uncertain outlookBangkok Post2020-06-02
Kasikorn Research revises down 2020 GDP projection to minus 6%The Nation Thailand2020-06-02
Senate approves Bt1.9tn stimulus packageThe Nation Thailand2020-06-02
Recovery stimulus coming togetherBangkok Post2020-06-02
SME D Bank hastens giving out B40bn to small firmsBangkok Post2020-06-02
BoT warns baht uptick could increase fragilityBangkok Post2020-06-02
Thai stocks close highest since March 6Bangkok Post2020-06-01
Bank of Thailand ready to curb recent baht strengthBangkok Post2020-06-01
FTI sounds alarm on auto industryBangkok Post2020-06-01
Budget Bureau gives nod to further B100bn in borrowingBangkok Post2020-06-01
Edge of a dilemmaBangkok Post2020-06-01
Finance Ministry seeks ways to boost bio-economyBangkok Post2020-06-01
MPs push Bt1.9-trillion Covid-19 aid package through ParliamentThe Nation Thailand2020-05-31
NESDC: 14.4m workers at riskBangkok Post2020-05-29
Ministry-led B5bn venture capital fund moves aheadBangkok Post2020-05-29
Two-year path to prior growth seenBangkok Post2020-05-29
Registrations see further fall in AprilBangkok Post2020-05-28
MPI dips to lowest since 2011Bangkok Post2020-05-28
News of third phase of easing measures buoys SETThe Nation Thailand2020-05-27
Loan growth for 10 banks as debt relief kicks up credit linesBangkok Post2020-05-27
Panel okays B1.7bn for 10,000 SMEsBangkok Post2020-05-27
Lockdown easing, US-China tension boost industrial estate stocksThe Nation Thailand2020-05-26
NESDC okays guideline for B400bn rehabilitationBangkok Post2020-05-26
Thailand 'keeping a close eye' on US-China conflictThe Nation Thailand2020-05-25
Somkid readies H1 restartBangkok Post2020-05-25
B150bn from future budgets may be usedBangkok Post2020-05-25
Exports rise 2.1% in April on boost from agriculture, goldBangkok Post2020-05-22
Monthly stipend scheme near 100%Bangkok Post2020-05-22
Four banks trim prime lending ratesBangkok Post2020-05-22
Baht, stability key to recoveryBangkok Post2020-05-22
Thai stock market's valuation vaults to record in pandemicBangkok Post2020-05-22
SET to extend revised short-selling rulesBangkok Post2020-05-21
Anti-virus B50bn govt savings bonds sold out in a weekBangkok Post2020-05-21
Rate cut, higher crude oil price inject positive sentiment in Thai stock marketThe Nation Thailand2020-05-21
Ministry to cut THAI stakeBangkok Post2020-05-21
April confidence hits in 11-year nadirBangkok Post2020-05-21
TCG proposes front-loading loan guarantees under PGS9Bangkok Post2020-05-21
Automobile production in April lowest in 30 years, says FTIThe Nation Thailand2020-05-21
MPC cuts key rate, urges banks to speed up debt restructuring for households, SMEsThe Nation Thailand2020-05-21
Monetary Policy Committee's Decision 3/2020Bank of Thailand2020-05-20
BoT cuts key rate to 0.50%Bangkok Post2020-05-20
Baht is Asia's top outperformer on tourism rebound betBangkok Post2020-05-20
Listed firms see big dip in Q1Bangkok Post2020-05-20
Hotelier Minor plans B25bn funding in pandemic-hit marketBangkok Post2020-05-19
Commercial banks' NPLs hit 9-year high at end of MarchBangkok Post2020-05-19
NESDC predicts 5-6% contractionBangkok Post2020-05-19
Corporate bond issuance plungesBangkok Post2020-05-19
Economy shrinks for first time since 2014 on virusBangkok Post2020-05-18
Gross Domestic Product: Q1/2020National Economic and Social Development Council 2020-05-18
NESDC report expected to project bleak economic outlook for the yearThe Nation Thailand2020-05-18
SEZ interest pales next to EECBangkok Post2020-05-18
State readies B350bn in aid for informal workers, farmersBangkok Post2020-05-16
Q3 rebound eyed from relief boostBangkok Post2020-05-15
Somkid: Aid for keeping employees on payroll comingBangkok Post2020-05-15
Investment trends will change in post-Covid era, predicts BoIThe Nation Thailand2020-05-15
US indicates FDI supportBangkok Post2020-05-14
Tourism sector will only start recovering next year, say expertsThe Nation Thailand2020-05-14
NCB: Lenders' NPL ratio rises to 8.1%Bangkok Post2020-05-13
Cabinet okays transfer of B88.45bn from ministriesBangkok Post2020-05-13
Quality of commercial banks' assets expected to be low in Q2The Nation Thailand2020-05-13
Post-pandemic trade overhaul proposedBangkok Post2020-05-13
SME debt scheme hampers loan accessBangkok Post2020-05-12
Companies eye bonds to raise funds as foreign investors slowly returnThe Nation Thailand2020-05-12
Thailand's Slump Pushes Spreads on Risky Bonds to a Decade-HighBloomberg2020-05-12
SCB to offer easy loans to SMEs bidding for govt projectsThe Nation Thailand2020-05-12
Stakeholder meeting to discuss withering outlookBangkok Post2020-05-11
75% wages compo plan 'put on hold'Bangkok Post2020-05-11
Finance Ministry to issue savings bonds soonBangkok Post2020-05-09
Economic rehab plan en routeBangkok Post2020-05-09
Asset managers get provident fund infoBangkok Post2020-05-09
Somkid: Q1 GDP 'not good', Q2 will be worseBangkok Post2020-05-08
KAsset chairman sees Q3 turnaround in bond marketBangkok Post2020-05-08
Cash goes to 13.4m non-formal workersBangkok Post2020-05-08
SET rebounds on news of US-China trade talks, second phase of easing lockdownThe Nation Thailand2020-05-08
Joint panel's trade view decays as global virus fallout deepensBangkok Post2020-05-08
Business groups see GDP contracting 3%-5% this yearBangkok Post2020-05-07
Very few small businesses able to access soft-loan offer from central bankThe Nation Thailand2020-05-07
Industry jittery over summer rainBangkok Post2020-05-07
Thai economy not suffering deflation yet, Commerce Ministry saysThe Nation Thailand2020-05-07
Interest-free SME loans from KBankBangkok Post2020-05-06
Cross-border movement down 7.6%Bangkok Post2020-05-06
Shippers maintain full-year view of 8% export declineBangkok Post2020-05-06
Q2 prices projected to fall 2.28%Bangkok Post2020-05-06
Consumer prices fall 2.99% in April, biggest drop in 11 yearsBangkok Post2020-05-05
Businesses welcome govt measures to boost liquidityThe Nation Thailand2020-05-05
Bt400bn earmarked for small-scale govt projects to create jobsThe Nation Thailand2020-05-05
SET falls amid renewed trade war fearsBangkok Post2020-05-05
FTI readies coronavirus recovery planBangkok Post2020-05-04
PDMO to borrow B50bn for farmer handoutBangkok Post2020-05-04
Stronger baht may not be sustainable, central bank warnsThe Nation Thailand2020-05-01
Bond market more stable but not yet fully recovered: BoTBangkok Post2020-04-30
9 banks seek central bank MFLF aidBangkok Post2020-04-30
MPI dragged down to record low negativeBangkok Post2020-04-30
Thailand to keep US trade list spotBangkok Post2020-04-30
March factory output drops 11.25%Bangkok Post2020-04-29
BAAC aims for coverage of 45.7m raiBangkok Post2020-04-29
Registrations hit hard by health crisisBangkok Post2020-04-29
Recovery for factories under preparationBangkok Post2020-04-29
Cabinet green-lights tax breaks to lure more factoriesThe Nation Thailand2020-04-29
NIA puts aside B100m for innovationBangkok Post2020-04-28
Aid for farmers, Bt400-billion stimulus package in the pipelineThe Nation Thailand2020-04-28
Retail market resigned to Q1 results carnageBangkok Post2020-04-28
EEC to revise this year's investment targetThe Nation Thailand2020-04-27
Cabinet to mull joining Pacific trade pactBangkok Post2020-04-27
Noble preps for corporate bond rolloverBangkok Post2020-04-27
Import of automated production systems rising in face of Covid-19 crisisThe Nation Thailand2020-04-27
Weakening baht boosts gold price to eight-year highThe Nation Thailand2020-04-24
Extra cash available to fund handoutsBangkok Post2020-04-24
Sentiment nosedives in March to 28-month lowBangkok Post2020-04-24
Mutual fund assets down sharply in Q1Bangkok Post2020-04-24
Auto production target for 2020 revised down in wake of Covid-19 crisisThe Nation Thailand2020-04-24
March foreign tourist arrivals tumble 76.4% y/yBangkok Post2020-04-23
Moody's follows stable refrainBangkok Post2020-04-23
Most banking equities in the redBangkok Post2020-04-23
Ministry lines up PNs worth B70bn to buffer viral impactBangkok Post2020-04-23
BoT records net profit on baht retreatBangkok Post2020-04-23
Trillion-baht stimulus to boost domestic debtBangkok Post2020-04-22
Suriya eyes Bt10-billion boost for SME sectorThe Nation Thailand2020-04-22
Thailand will work on strengthening local economy first: SomkidThe Nation Thailand2020-04-22
SET Index still under pressure from falling crude oil priceThe Nation Thailand2020-04-22
No negative oil prices in ThailandBangkok Post2020-04-22
State upbeat on full-year exportsBangkok Post2020-04-22
Cabinet shifts budgets into central fundBangkok Post2020-04-22
Gold sales volume halves as price peak passesBangkok Post2020-04-22
Exports unexpectedly riseBangkok Post2020-04-21
Banking trio announce uneven Q1 resultsBangkok Post2020-04-21
Brokers called on for supportBangkok Post2020-04-21
Thailand corporate profit outlook bleakest in Southeast AsiaBangkok Post2020-04-20
Slowdown dents investmentBangkok Post2020-04-20
Tax-collecting agencies unlikely to meet targetsBangkok Post2020-04-20
Decrees on Covid-19 aid package come into effectThe Nation Thailand2020-04-20
Adequate funds for cash handout scheme, Budget Bureau assuresThe Nation Thailand2020-04-20
Unemployment soars to 700,000 as factories closeBangkok Post2020-04-18
Big stimulus borrowing could spur yield-curve controlBangkok Post2020-04-17
IPO launches on hold amid crisisBangkok Post2020-04-17
Fitch: Big Thai firms strained by outbreakBangkok Post2020-04-17
Govt reconsiders budget to ease impact of Covid-19 falloutThe Nation Thailand2020-04-17
Index at 33-month low pointBangkok Post2020-04-17
Banks: Not all SMEs get soft loansBangkok Post2020-04-16
IMF: Thai GDP down 6.7%Bangkok Post2020-04-16
Thai stocks lower as market awaits easing of lockdownThe Nation Thailand2020-04-16
Nielsen: Behavioural changes run deepBangkok Post2020-04-16
Krungsri Consumer readies B50bn for debt reliefBangkok Post2020-04-15
S&P revises Thailand's ratings to stable on Covid-19 jittersBangkok Post2020-04-15
Textile, garment industry suffers badly from contagion crisisThe Nation Thailand2020-04-15
Thailand PM Tells People to Sell Gold Gradually, Not in Large AmountsBloomberg2020-04-15
Auto parts sector shrivelsBangkok Post2020-04-15
BoT eases Debt Clinic conditionsBangkok Post2020-04-14
NESDC ordered to rejig strategiesBangkok Post2020-04-13
SET sheds B4.6tn in market cap during Q1Bangkok Post2020-04-13
Avoiding a debt meltdownBangkok Post2020-04-13
CEOs: Covid-19 impact more severe than Tom Yam Kung crisisThe Nation Thailand2020-04-13
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