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Lao People's Democratic Republic

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February 2, 2023
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LAK per USD 16,833.840 ▲ 0.0 ▲ 0.1 ▲ 2.9
LAK per JPY 130.819 0.2 1.1 ▲ 1.1

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RAM B2 stable 2017-06-13
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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2017: Lao People''s Democratic Republic

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide provides an in-depth look at the region's bond markets. It explains the markets’ legal and regulatory frameworks, specific characteristics, trading and transactions (including settlement systems), and other relevant information and data. The Bond Market Guide 2017 for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is the result of comments and contributions from ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. A highlight of this guide is an update on the development of the country’s securities market. View Report

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Market Summary

Title Source Date
Laos Hesitant to Raise Minimum WageThe Laotian Times2023-02-03
Residents in Laos Still Face Rapid Inflation in Meat PricesThe Laotian Times2023-02-01
More money needed for payment of debt, salaries, development schemesVientiane Times2023-01-20
Govt modernises tax collection in bid to boost revenueVientiane Times2023-01-17
Vietnamese investment in Laos surges 52.5 percentVientiane Times2023-01-16
Laos Sees a Trade Deficit of USD 23 Million in DecemberThe Laotian Times2023-01-12
Govt to mobilise more funds to repay debts, address fiscal deficitVientiane Times2023-01-10
Inflation jumps to new high of 39.27 percent in DecemberVientiane Times2023-01-09
Bank of the Lao PDR to Issue Saving Bonds Worth LAK 10 TrillionThe Laotian Times2023-01-06
Despite high economic growth, job creation remains limitedVientiane Times2023-01-05
NA approves economic growth rate of 4.5 percent for 2023Vientiane Times2023-01-04
Govt eyes 14.6 percent revenue increase from tariff-fees in 2023Vientiane Times2022-12-28
Laos Reports a Trade Deficit of USD 45 Million in NovemberThe Laotian Times2022-12-21
NA questions effectiveness of BOL’s 5-trillion-kip bondsVientiane Times2022-12-20
Stronger financial markets needed to boost Laos’ resilience to shocks: ADBVientiane Times2022-12-16
Govt struggles to regulate currency exchange ratesVientiane Times2022-12-15
Contrary to Experts, Govt. Predicts an Economic Growth of 4.4 Percent in 2022The Laotian Times2022-12-13
National Assembly adopts 2023 monetary plan with ambitious targetsVientiane Times2022-12-12
Macro targets likely to be met on way to resolving economic woesVientiane Times2022-12-09
Laos Won’t Default on its Loans, Assures PMThe Laotian Times2022-12-07
Laos Inflation Rate Shoots up to 38.46 Percent in NovemberThe Laotian Times2022-12-06
Tourism Sector Boosts Thailand GDP Growth to 4.5% in Q3The Laotian Times2022-11-24
Reform essential to restore economic stability in LaosVientiane Times2022-11-22
Laos Public and Private Debt to Cross 100 Percent of GDP by 2022-EndThe Laotian Times2022-11-21
Laos Inflation Rate Hits New High of 36.75 Percent in OctoberThe Laotian Times2022-11-07
Laos-Thailand Trade Crosses USD 5 Billion for First Eight Months of 2022The Laotian Times2022-11-01
Rising Currency Exchange Rates Adversely Impact Vehicle OwnersThe Laotian Times2022-10-26
Party Central Committee vows to battle rising inflation, economic woesVientiane Times2022-10-24
ADB projects steady recovery for Lao economy in 2023Vientiane Times2022-10-18
Lao economy projected to grow at only 2.2 percent this year: IMFVientiane Times2022-10-17
Laos Records a Trade Deficit of USD 233 Million in SeptemberThe Laotian Times2022-10-13
Inflation hits 22-year high of 34 percent in SeptemberVientiane Times2022-10-10
Lao Economy Suffers Setback from a Weakening KipThe Laotian Times2022-10-06
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 166 Million in AugustThe Laotian Times2022-09-27
Economic Corridor to Boost Regional Trade and Growth Through LaosThe Laotian Times2022-09-22
Laos Economic Growth Rating Lowered by ADBThe Laotian Times2022-09-22
Laos to Invest Over USD 2 Billion in Wind Power ProjectThe Laotian Times2022-09-16
Laos to Allow Yuan for Cross-border TransactionsThe Laotian Times2022-09-16
Vietnamese businesses increase investment in LaosVientiane Times2022-08-29
Customs duty on freight at Boten exceeds 290 billion kipVientiane Times2022-08-15
Fitch Downgrades Laos’ Long-Term Foreign-Currency IDR to ‘CCC-‘The Laotian Times2022-08-05
Prices Still High in Laos Despite Drop In Foreign Currency ValuesThe Laotian Times2022-08-03
VIP guests from Indonesia and Laos visit booths at the Indonesian-Lao Trade Fair in Vientiane.Indonesia, Laos expand trade growthVientiane Times2022-08-03
Lao migrant workers send home millions of dollar this yearVientiane Times2022-08-01
Laos among countries with highest inflation in SE AsiaVientiane Times2022-07-29
Laos Government to Resolve Debt, Fuel, Currency CrisesThe Laotian Times2022-07-25
Bilateral Trade Between Laos and Vietnam up 20.6% This YearThe Laotian Times2022-07-25
Chinese investment in Laos tops US$16 billionVientiane Times2022-07-19
Geothermal Power to Generate Over USD 600 Million Annually for LaosThe Laotian Times2022-07-11
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 133 Million in JuneThe Laotian Times2022-07-06
New Bank of Laos Governor: Mismanagement of Foreign Currency RifeThe Laotian Times2022-06-29
Laos losing billions from financial leaksVientiane Times2022-06-29
Laos Government Bonds Selling FastThe Laotian Times2022-06-28
Debts mounting but Laos won’t default: finance ministerVientiane Times2022-06-22
BOL places curbs on currency exchange in bid to stabilise kipVientiane Times2022-06-17
Govt asks NA to approve key economic figuresVientiane Times2022-06-15
Central bank tightens monetary policyVientiane Times2022-06-07
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 102 Million in AprilThe Laotian Times2022-05-19
Laos Economy Short-changed by Foreign Currency OutflowsThe Laotian Times2022-05-19
Bank of Laos Blames Currency Manipulation for CrisisThe Laotian Times2022-05-17
Inflation rate closes in on two digitsVientiane Times2022-05-09
Spiralling inflation causing increasing hardshipVientiane Times2022-05-06
Government of Laos Vows to Tackle Currency and Fuel Prices in MayThe Laotian Times2022-05-04
Government of Laos Agrees to Raise Minimum WageThe Laotian Times2022-05-01
Inflation jumps to record highVientiane Times2022-04-08
Uncontrollable Inflation Reaches 8 Percent in LaosThe Laotian Times2022-04-08
Investment, stronger agricultural exports drive economic growthThe Laotian Times2022-04-07
Overview of Laos’ Economy in 2021 and Forecast for 2022The Laotian Times2022-03-28
Laos’ foreign currency deficit an economic challengeThe Phnom Penh Post2022-03-22
Inflation jumps to six-year high of 7.3 percentVientiane Times2022-03-18
Laos Eyes USD 1.55 Billion Trade Surplus for 2022The Laotian Times2022-03-10
Lao logistics link a game changer for Lao economic developmentVientiane Times2022-03-07
Laos, Cambodia see leapfrog growth in trade, investmentVientiane Times2022-02-18
Thai Baht Reaches Five-Month HighThe Laotian Times2022-02-16
Rising inflation sparks public concernVientiane Times2022-02-16
Laos Reduces VAT to Support Hard-hit EconomyThe Laotian Times2022-02-16
Laos Records USD 1 Billion Trade Surplus in 2021The Laotian Times2022-02-09
Laos Has Second Highest Inflation Rate in ASEANThe Laotian Times2022-02-04
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