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Lao People's Democratic Republic

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June 20, 2024
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LAK per USD 21,937.970 ▲ 0.0 0.9 6.7
LAK per JPY 138.035 ▲ 0.5 ▲ 0.3 ▲ 5.3

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RAM B2 stable 2017-06-13
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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2017: Lao People''s Democratic Republic

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide provides an in-depth look at the region's bond markets. It explains the markets’ legal and regulatory frameworks, specific characteristics, trading and transactions (including settlement systems), and other relevant information and data. The Bond Market Guide 2017 for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is the result of comments and contributions from ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. A highlight of this guide is an update on the development of the country’s securities market. View Report

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2024 Mar

Market Summary

Local Currency Bond Market Size

The Lao People’s Democratic Republic’s (PDR) total local currency government bonds outstanding reached LAK26.6 trillion at the end of 2022, up from LAK24.0 trillion in 2021, due to the issuance of investment bonds and triangular bonds to finance domestic public investment. By the end of 2022, investment bonds accounted for 56.9% (LAK15.1 trillion) of total local currency bonds outstanding, followed by triangular bonds (24.6%, LAK6.5 trillion). Treasury bills issued via the Lao Securities Exchange and the Bank of the Lao PDR collectively accounted for 18.5% (LAK4.9 trillion).

Foreign Currency Bond Market Size

Total foreign currency bonds outstanding issued by the Government of the Lao PDR and the corporate sector rose to USD2.7 billion by the end of December 2022 from USD2.4 billion in 2021. Central government bonds used to dominate the Lao PDR’s foreign currency bond market until 2018, with their share of the total declining from 56.3% in 2018 to 42.2% by the end of December 2022 as corporate bond issuances increased. In particular, hydropower companies—such as EDL Generation, Xayaburi Power, and Nam Ngum 2 Power—tapped the Thai bond market for financing. 

Title Source Date
Laos Sees Fourth Month of Trade Deficit, Lao Kip Hits Record LowThe Laotian Times2024-06-13
Prime Minister Highlights Economic Growth Despite ChallengesThe Laotian Times2024-06-11
Lao Kip Hits Record Lows Against US Dollar, Thai BahtThe Laotian Times2024-05-08
Laos Faces Economic Struggles Amidst Rising Inflation, Trade DeficitThe Laotian Times2024-05-03
Lao Economic Growth Remains Below 2019 Levels, World Bank Report RevealsThe Laotian Times2024-04-30
Lao GDP Forecasted to Grow in 2024-2025, Says Asian Development BankThe Laotian Times2024-04-12
Inflation Rate in Laos Dips Slightly to 24.98 Percent in MarchThe Laotian Times2024-04-02
Lao Government to Raise Value-Added Tax Rate to 10 PercentThe Laotian Times2024-03-20
Laos Inflation Hits 25.35 Percent in FebruaryThe Laotian Times2024-03-01
Laos Exceeds Agricultural Export Target, Trade Deficit RemainsThe Laotian Times2024-02-05
Government Targets Lower Inflation Rates in 2024The Laotian Times2023-12-29
Laos Charts Course for Growth in 2024 with Tourism Focus, Infrastructure Overhaul Amidst Economic ChallengesThe Laotian Times2023-12-27
Laos Grapples with 25.2 Percent Inflation in NovemberThe Laotian Times2023-11-28
Booming Sectors, Looming Debts: Laos Nears Halfway Point of Socio-Economic Development PlanThe Laotian Times2023-11-23
Laos Records Seventh Consecutive Month of Trade DeficitThe Laotian Times2023-11-16
Stricter Fiscal Management, Tighter Monetary Policy Key to Sustainable GrowthThe Laotian Times2023-11-09
Laos Records Seven Months of Trade Deficit in 2023, Totaling USD 675 MillionThe Laotian Times2023-11-07
Thai Credit Rating Agency Demotes Lao Sovereign Rating to Below Investment GradeThe Laotian Times2023-10-09
Inflation Rate Sees Slight Drop in September, Government Takes Aim at Rising Cost of LivingThe Laotian Times2023-10-03
Laos Records a Trade Deficit of USD 88 Million in AugustThe Laotian Times2023-09-25
ADB Lowers Laos’ 2023 Economic Growth Forecast to 3.7 PercentThe Laotian Times2023-09-21
Lao Kip Drops to Record Low, Breaches 20,000 to US DollarThe Laotian Times2023-09-15
Lao Government Allocates LAK 4.5 Trillion to Boost Domestic Production and Stimulate Economic GrowthThe Laotian Times2023-09-12
BOL to Issue Third Phase of Government Bonds Worth LAK 3 TrillionThe Laotian Times2023-09-06
Inflation Rate Drops Slightly in August, But Worries Still Cloud Lao EconomyThe Laotian Times2023-08-30
Lao Govt Issues Loan Policy of USD 128 Million to Boost EconomyThe Laotian Times2023-08-21
Skyrocketing Vegetable Prices Highlight Cost of Living Crisis in LaosThe Laotian Times2023-08-16
Laos, Cambodia Regulators Collaborate to Boost Capital Market GrowthThe Laotian Times2023-08-15
Laos to Receive THB 1.8 Billion Loan From Thailand to Develop Khamsavath Station in Vientiane CapitalThe Laotian Times2023-08-10
Laos Sees Highest Trade Deficit of 2023 in July at USD 166 MillionThe Laotian Times2023-08-09
Lao Kip Listed as One of Most Undervalued Currencies in WorldThe Laotian Times2023-08-08
Lao Households Struggle to Make Ends Meet Amid Economic WoesThe Laotian Times2023-08-04
Party resolves firm action to tackle economic issuesVientiane Times2023-08-03
Lao households struggle to survive amid high inflationXinhua2023-08-01
Laos eyes on promoting domestic products to boost economyThe Star2023-07-30
Specific measures needed to curb inflation: BOL chiefVientiane Times2023-07-27
Lao Govt Generates New Revenue Streams from Bitcoin and CryptocurrencyThe Laotian Times2023-07-25
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 126 Million in JuneThe Laotian Times2023-07-21
Govt orders action to regulate foreign currencies, address economic challengesVientiane Times2023-07-19
Lao Central Bank Governor Urges Curbing Luxury Imports to Tackle InflationThe Laotian Times2023-07-19
Laos to Issue THB 3.61 Billion “Baht Bonds” for National DevelopmentThe Laotian Times2023-07-14
Govt struggling to rein in rampant inflationVientiane Times2023-07-12
Company in Bokeo Collects Garbage Fees in Baht as Kip Continues DepreciatingThe Laotian Times2023-07-07
Lao Government Pursues Increased Investment to Tackle Financial ChallengesThe Laotian Times2023-06-30
NA urges govt to find solutions to country’s battered economyVientiane Times2023-06-28
National Assembly opens with PM pledging to tackle economic woesVientiane Times2023-06-27
Laos Records Trade of Over USD 1 Billion in MayThe Laotian Times2023-06-26
June Inflation Rate in Laos Sees Significant Dip From Last MonthThe Laotian Times2023-06-26
BOL Gives More Flexibility to Commercial Banks on Foreign Currency ExchangeThe Laotian Times2023-06-23
Laos Sees Fourth Consecutive Fuel Price Hike in June Amid Inflation and LAK DepreciationThe Laotian Times2023-06-22
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