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Lao People's Democratic Republic

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January 14, 2022
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Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
LAK per USD 11,288.340 0.0 0.3 0.8
LAK per JPY 98.856 0.0 1.5 1.6

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
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Policy Rates
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Less than 1 Week Short-term
Lending Rate
4.000     0.0     0.0

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
RAM B2 stable 2017-06-13
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
No data available for this market

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2017: Lao People''s Democratic Republic

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide provides an in-depth look at the region's bond markets. It explains the markets’ legal and regulatory frameworks, specific characteristics, trading and transactions (including settlement systems), and other relevant information and data. The Bond Market Guide 2017 for the Lao People’s Democratic Republic is the result of comments and contributions from ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly in the Lao People’s Democratic Republic. A highlight of this guide is an update on the development of the country’s securities market. View Report

* Download previous issues PDF

Market Summary

Title Source Date
Govt pledges to reduce budget deficitVientiane Times2022-01-14
Laos’ Agricultural Exports Reach USD 900 Million in 2021The Laotian Times2022-01-07
Laos Records Trade Deficit of USD 45 Million in OctoberThe Laotian Times2021-12-03
Laos to See Mineral Earnings of USD 463 Million in Fourth QuarterThe Laotian Times2021-11-23
Government to Spend Over USD 100 Million to Boost Domestic Production in LaosThe Laotian Times2021-11-23
Lao Kip Drops to 15-Year LowThe Laotian Times2021-11-17
Laos’ on-year inflation rate logs 4.17% in SeptemberThe Phnom Penh Post2021-11-09
Govt urged to boost GDP, lower inflationVientiane Times2021-11-05
Laos Sees Foreign Currency Outflow of Over USD 303 Million this YearThe Laotian Times2021-11-03
Party resolves to address inflation, debt, unemploymentVientiane Times2021-10-25
Fuel Prices Rise Again in Laos Amid Covid-19 PandemicThe Laotian Times2021-10-20
Laos Records Trade Surplus in SeptemberThe Laotian Times2021-10-18
Laos plans to lower debt to 64.5% of GDP by 2023The Phnom Penh Post2021-10-13
Laos records $100M trade deficit in first nine months of 2021The Phnom Penh Post2021-10-12
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 24 million in AugustThe Laotian Times2021-09-13
Inflation jumps to highest level in 11 monthsVientiane Times2021-08-25
Govt reveals debt payment planVientiane Times2021-08-16
Laos-Vietnam trade value increases by 36.5 percentVientiane Times2021-08-11
Inflation Rate Increased by Nearly Four Percent in June this YearThe Laotian Times2021-08-02
Lao Kip Depreciates against Foreign CurrenciesThe Laotian Times2021-07-05
Laos Records USD 54 Million Trade Deficit in MayThe Laotian Times2021-07-01
Laos Sees Trade Deficit of USD 64 million in AprilThe Laotian Times2021-05-26
ADB positive about growth of Lao economy despite Covid-19 crisisVientiane Times2021-04-29
Govt seeks to overcome economic difficultiesVientiane Times2021-04-09
Inflation down, but financial hardship persistsVientiane Times2021-02-16
Govt pledges to reduce debt burdenVientiane Times2021-01-29
Title Source Date
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