Bond Market Data
Interest Rate Spread - 2yrs vs 10yrs - LCY Bond
Data vary across markets. For details download spreadsheet.
Interest Rate Spreads

2yrs vs 10yrs spread = 10yr benchmark bond yield – 2yr benchmark bond yield

The size of the interest rate spread indicates the slope of the local currency (LCY) benchmark bond yield curve. The higher the absolute number of the spread, the steeper the yield curve. If the spread is positive, the yield curve is normal. If the spread is negative, the yield curve is inverted. The spread is based on the previous trading day’s last bid for government benchmark bond yields. Spreads are given in basis points (bps), where 1% yield equals 100 basis points.
Note on the Data:

1. BLOOMBERG provides closing data of bid yields of LCY benchmark 10-year and 2-year government bonds.