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June 2015

The Cross-Border Settlement Infrastructure Forum (CSIF), a forum under Task Force 4 of the Asian Bond Markets Initiative published the Common Understanding on Cross-Border Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Cybersecurity during the 21st ASEAN+3 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting in Manila, the Philippines. The
objective of the publication is to create basic
common understandings among CSIF members.
The finance ministers and central bank governors
were pleased with the publication and noted that
the issues of BCP and cybersecurity are essential
for creating safe linkages among Central Securities
Depository–Real Time Gross Settlement
(CSD-RTGS) systems to ensure the resilience of
increasingly interconnected financial systems.

Market Watch
LCY 10 Year Government Bonds Latest Yield YTD Change (BP) MTD Change (BP)
CN 3.760 26.0 2.0
HK 2.327 49.3 11.5
ID 7.579 126.0 65.8
JP 0.049 0.1 0.6
KR 2.720 25.3 0.3
MY 4.223 30.9 8.4
PH 6.280 58.2 7.7
SG 2.613 60.9 8.3
TH 2.694 37.0 25.4
US 2.977 57.2 2.4
VN 4.618 58.6 4.5
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