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Detailed Guidance for Issuing Green BondsView Factsheets

This detailed guidance has been created to assist bond issuers and their advisors to understand the process and key considerations for a successful green bond issuance.

Demand for green bonds and other sustainable finance products is increasing rapidly. Issuers are seeing an opportunity to be part of the green bond market, but are often not sure about how it works, what they need to do, and the key decisions to be made along the way.

The section covers all of the steps required to follow best practices in labeling bonds. They include relevant examples, links to further details, and key resources for green bond issuers and their deal teams. More details

Outline of the Labeling Process
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ASEAN Sustainable Finance State of the Market 2020

April 2021

The ASEAN sustainable finance market maintains rapid growth despite the negative impact of COVID-19, focusing the attention on the need for a sustainable economic recovery. The report outlines regional and national developments covering three overarching debt themes, Green, Social, and Sustainability. Also covered are key policy developments that are anticipated to drive ASEAN’s sustainable finance market.

Sustainable Debt: Global State of the Market 2020

April 2021

Sustainable Debt-Global State of the Market report assesses the scale and depth of the green, social, and sustainability (GSS) debt markets as of the end of 2020. This report is the tenth iteration in our flagship State of the Market series, encompassing established green markets and the expanding social and sustainability labels.

How to Issue Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds
(English) | (Vietnamese)

April 2021

The Handbook on “ How-to Issue Guide for Green Bonds, Social Bonds and Sustainability Bonds” is part of a wider effort to expand the knowledge and understanding of Vietnamese market participants about how to issue green, social and sustainability bonds based on the best available international practices and experiences already applied by other issuers across the region.

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