Bond Market Data
Size of LCY Bond Market in % of GDP
Data vary across markets. For details download spreadsheet.
Size of Local Currency Bond Market in % of GDP

LCY bonds to GDP ratio = Total amount of LCY bonds outstandingx 100

Annualized Nominal GDP

This indicator shows the size of local currency (LCY) bond obligations as a percentage of nominal GDP. Sub-ratios are computed for the government bond market and corporate bond market. Government bonds include obligations of the central government, local governments, the central bank, and state-owned entities. Corporates comprise both public and private companies, and include financial institutions. Bonds are defined as long-term bonds and notes, treasury bills, commercial paper, and other short-term notes.

Note on the Data:

1. The bonds of state-owned entities are categorized as government bonds.

2. Nominal GDP is from the CEIC Data Company Ltd. ; End-of-period exchange rates are from Bloomberg, LP.

Vietnam Bond Market Association and Bloomberg LP.