Bond Market Data
Bonds Turnover Ratio
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Bonds Turnover Ratio

Bonds turnover ratio = Value of bonds traded

Average amount of bonds outstanding

The Bonds Turnover Ratio is a measure of bond market liquidity. The ratio shows the extent of trading in the secondary market relative to the amount of bonds outstanding. The average amount of bonds outstanding is computed by determining the average amount of bonds outstanding at the end of the previous and current quarters. This ratio is computed separately for government and corporates, and excludes repurchase transactions.

The higher the turnover ratio, the more active the secondary market.
Note on the Data:

1. Specific data source:

TH: Bank of Thailand and Thai Bond Market Association (Thai BMA). Only Thai BMA registered bonds are included. Government bonds include government and central bank issuance, treasury bills, state-enterprise and specialized organization bonds. The value of bonds traded is reported at market prices.