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Market Watch
Close of
July 22, 2021
Change From
Govt. Bond Yields Latest Yield Previous Day Previous Week YTD
2 Year 1.930 ▲ 0.4 0.1 ▲ 10.5
5 Year 2.613 ▲ 9.5 ▲ 10.8 ▲ 49.4
10 Year 3.128 ▲ 2.1 10.4 ▲ 47.7

* Government bond yield changes are expressed in basis points.

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Currencies Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
MYR per USD 4.223 ▲ 0.2 0.5 5.0
MYR per JPY 0.038 ▲ 0.1 0.2 ▲ 1.5

* Exchange rate changes are expressed as a percentage change.

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Interest Rates Latest Rate Previous Day Previous Week YTD
1D KLIBOR 1.720 3.0 3.0 3.0
3M KLIBOR 1.940     0.0     0.0     0.0

* Interest rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Policy Rates
Change From
Policy Rates Latest Rate
Previous Rate
Overnight Policy Rate 1.750     0.0     0.0

* Policy rate changes are expressed in basis point change.

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Sovereign Ratings
Agency Rating Outlook Date
Regional Rating Institutions
R&I A+ stable 2021-06-02
RAM gA2 stable 2020-01-16
Non-Regional Rating Institutions
Fitch BBB+ stable 2021-07-18
S&P A- negative 2021-06-22

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ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide 2016: Malaysia

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guide is a comprehensive explanation of the region's bond markets. It provides various information such as the history, legal and regulatory framework, speciic characteristics of the market, trading and transaction including settlement systems, and other relevant information. The Bond Market Guide 2016 for Malaysia is an outcome of the strong support and kind contributions of ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum members and experts, particularly from Malaysia. The report should be recognized as a collective good to support bond market development among ASEAN+3 members. View Report

ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework

Implementation Guidelines for Malaysia
August 2015

The ASEAN+3 Multi-Currency Bond Issuance Framework (AMBIF) Implementation Guidelines for Malaysia are provided to review the AMBIF Elements and detail the corresponding featur​es of Malaysia market in relation to each element.

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Market Summary

Yield Movements

Local currency (LCY) bond yields in Malaysia jumped across all tenors between 28 February and 15 May. The yields tracked long-term United States Treasury yields which increased due to expectations of high consumer price inflation brought about by the government’s recent stimulus packages. Investors were also cautious over the uncertainty of the path of the COVID-19 pandemic. Some potential challenges to the economy are potential vaccine rollout complications and increasing number of cases that might necessitate another Movement Control Order. During the review period, the yield spread between 2-year and 10-year yields contracted from 126 basis points to 108 basis points.

Size and Composition

The LCY bond market of Malaysia grew 2.8% quarter-on-quarter (q-o-q) and 7.9% year-on-year in the first quarter of 2021, reaching MYR1,648.9 billion (USD397.8 billion). This expansion was due to the growth of both the LCY government and corporate bond market which grew 4.3% q-o-q and 1.0% q-o-q, respectively. The higher stock in LCY government bonds was supported by the increase in central government bonds. Outstanding sukuk or Islamic bonds jumped 2.5% q-o-q to MYR1,041.6 billion at the end of the review period, supported by expansions in both government and corporate sukuk.

Policy, Institutional, and Regulatory Developments

FTSE Russell said on 29 March that Malaysia had already been removed from its fixed-income watch list and the economy remained in its FTSE World Government Bond Index. The favorable decision was in consideration of Bank Negara Malaysia’s regulations that allowed better access for foreign investors to Malaysia’s financial market.

Title Source Date
5-Year Malaysian Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 22 July 2021FAST BNM2021-07-22
15-Year Malaysian Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 14 July 2021FAST BNM2021-07-14
91-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bill Tender Result for 9 July 2021FAST BNM2021-07-09
20-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Results for 29 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-29
3-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 22 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-22
364-Day Malaysian Treasury Bills Tender Result for 17 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-17
363-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 10 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-10
10-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Results for 8 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-08
364-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Results for 2 June 2021FAST BNM2021-06-02
5-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Results for 28 May 2021FAST BNM2021-05-28
364-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 24 May 2021FAST BNM2021-05-24
15-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Result for 19 May 2021FAST BNM2021-05-19
363-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 11 May 2021FAST BNM2021-05-11
30-Year Government Invesment Issues Tender Result for 7 May 2021FAST BNM2021-05-07
364-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 23 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-23
3-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Result for 21 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-21
182-Day Malaysian Treasury Bills Tender Result for 16 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-16
15-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 14 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-14
364-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 9 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-09
7-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Result for 7 April 2021FAST BNM2021-04-07
20.5-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 30 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-30
273-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 25 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-25
5-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 22 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-22
92-Day Malaysian Treasury Bills Tender Result for 17 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-17
10-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 12 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-12
273-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 10 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-10
30-year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Result for 5 March 2021FAST BNM2021-03-05
7-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 24 February 2021FAST BNM2021-02-24
364-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bill Tender Result for 19 February 2021FAST BNM2021-02-19
20-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 17 February 2021FAST BNM2021-02-17
273-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bill Tender Result for 8 February 2021FAST BNM2021-02-08
5-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 3 February 2021FAST BNM2021-02-03
273-Day Malaysian Treasury Bill Tender Result for 25 January 2021FAST BNM2021-01-25
10-Year Malaysian Government Bonds Tender Result for 21 January 2021FAST BNM2021-01-21
272-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bills Tender Result for 18 January 2021FAST BNM2021-01-18
15.5-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 14 January 2021FAST BNM2021-01-14
7-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 6 January 2021FAST BNM2021-01-06
10-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 7 December 2020FAST BNM2020-12-07
15-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 27 November 2020FAST BNM2020-11-27
7-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 19 November 2020FAST BNM2020-11-19
30-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 12 November 2020FAST BNM2020-11-12
5-Year Government Investment Issues Tender Result for 27 October 2020FAST BNM2020-10-27
10.5-Year Malaysian Government Securities Tender Result for 14 October 2020FAST BNM2020-10-14
364-Day Malaysian Treasury Bill Tender Result for 9 October 2020FAST BNM2020-10-09
3-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 6 October 2020FAST BNM2020-10-06
5-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 29 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-29
30-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 22 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-22
30-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 22 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-22
20-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 22 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-22
30-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 17 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-17
7-Year Malaysian Government Security Issue Tender Result for 3 September 2020FAST BNM2020-09-03
15-Year Malaysian Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 26 August 2020FAST BNM2020-08-26
273-Day Malaysian Islamic Treasury Bill Tender Result for 18 August 2020FAST BNM2020-08-18
20-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 13 August 2020FAST BNM2020-08-13
7-Year Government Investment Issue Tender Result for 30 July 2020FAST BNM2020-07-30
15-Year Malaysian Government Security Tender Result for 23 July 2020FAST BNM2020-07-23
Title Source Date

Title Source Date
Consumer Price Index Malaysia June 2021Department of Statistics2021-07-23
Malaysia should calibrate long-term economic plans, says MARCThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-21
Malaysia's 2021 fiscal deficit to hover between 6.5-7 pct of GDPMinistry of Finance2021-07-19
MGS and GII yields mixed last week: Kenanga ResearchNew Straits Times2021-07-19
Fitch Affirms Malaysia at 'BBB+'; Outlook StableFitch Ratings2021-07-18
CIMB Bank to issue US$20m bonds under US$5b schemeThe Edge2021-07-18
Foreign interest in Malaysian bonds waningRAM Ratings2021-07-16
Malaysia's GDP to grow by high single-digit in Q2, momentum halted by new Covid-19 infections?New Straits Times2021-07-16
Malaysia needs bold fiscal policy, not pander to rating agenciesThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-14
Index of Industrial Production, Malaysia May 2021Department of Statistics2021-07-12
Malaysia’s ESG practices on par with other developing marketsThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-12
BNM seen holding OPR at 1.75% until year-endThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-12
Political turmoil adds pressure on marketThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-09
Economists expect no OPR cuts this year as BNM keeps the key rate pat despite current lockdownThe Edge2021-07-08
Monetary Policy Statement for 8 July 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-07-08
Ringgit to trade in 4-4.20 range for next 6 monthsThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-08
Retail bonds time for a resetThe Edge2021-07-07
Malaysia allows more sectors to operate during EMCO in Selangor, E&E and aerospace includedNew Straits Times2021-07-07
Ringgit to focus on MPC meeting’s outcomeThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-06
2022 Budget to remain expansionary, may face nearly RM100bil deficit: Maybank IBNew Straits Times2021-07-06
Review lockdown or Malaysia may lose foreign marketsThe Malaysian Reserve2021-07-05
Investors don't see end to record-breaking equity rally just yetNew Straits Times2021-07-04
RCEP can be an economic recovery tool against Covid-19, says expertThe Edge2021-07-01
Monetary and Financial Developments in May 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-06-30
Malaysia’s unique position will enable bounce backThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-30
RHB Bank's US$500mil unsecured notes garnered an overwhelming responseNew Straits Times2021-06-29
Virus lockdown sends M’sia stocks tumbling to 7-month lowThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-29
CIMB Thai set to price M$ 10NC5 Tier 2 at 3.9%IFR2021-06-28
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, May 2021Department of Statistics2021-06-28
Malaysia’s CPI could soar higher post pandemicThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-28
Bursa Malaysia pushes sustainability among listed issuersThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-28
Consumer Price Index Malaysia May 2021Department of Statistics2021-06-25
MGS yield curve steepens due to nationwide lockdownThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-25
World Bank revises downward Malaysia's GDP to 4.5pct for 2021New Straits Times2021-06-24
RHB Bank prices US$500m 1.658% 5yr at T+78bpIFR2021-06-23
MGS yield curve steepened on lockdown due to infections surgeThe Star2021-06-23
S&P Global Ratings Affirmed Malaysia’s Sovereign Credit RatingsMinistry of Finance2021-06-22
Maybank prints US$35m 5yr at 1.27%IFR2021-06-22
GDP likely to be revised downThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-21
Crescendo sets up M$300m MTN programmeIFR2021-06-17
Ringgit falls 205 basis points against US dollar after Fed hinted at higher interest rates in 2023The Edge2021-06-17
JP Morgan to exclude Petronas, Pertamina from EM ESG indexIFR2021-06-16
Slower foreign inflow into Malaysian bonds in MayRAM Ratings2021-06-15
Cagamas concludes issuance of RM200m sukukThe Edge2021-06-15
Malaysia braces for 5th consecutive GDP contractionThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-15
Foreign selling of local equities widened to RM193.86m last week - MIDFThe Edge2021-06-14
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia April 2021Department of Statistics2021-06-11
Malaysia unemployment rate to remain pressured as downside risks remain, says KenangaNew Straits Times2021-06-10
Govt should look into philanthropy economy to complement fiscal policyThe Edge2021-06-09
GDP to grow at 5.6% with downside risks amid lockdownThe Malaysian Reserve2021-06-08
Sabah Development Bank raises M$485m in 1yr/2yr bondsIFR2021-06-04
RAM Ratings: Banks’ profitability recovered in 1Q 2021 but downside risks amplifiedRAM Ratings2021-06-04
Moody’s: Malaysia’s GDP to grow slightly above 5%The Malaysian Reserve2021-06-04
Consumer stocks involved in staple goods better poised to withstand FMCO headwindsThe Edge2021-06-03
Manufacturing performance in May dampened by surge in Covid-19 infectionsThe Edge2021-06-01
Monetary and Financial Developments in April 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-05-31
Stocks, Ringgit Slide in Malaysia After Nationwide LockdownBloomberg2021-05-31
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, April 2021Department of Statistics2021-05-28
Malaysia’s Fiscal Policy Supports Strategy for Economic Recovery and GrowthMinistry of Finance2021-05-27
Deficit target revised to 6 pct of GDP, statutory debt still below Parliament-approved limit - MOFMinistry of Finance2021-05-27
Foreign investors continue to flock to local bonds amid continuing optimism from FTSE Russell's decision to maintain Malaysia in the WGBIMarket Screener2021-05-27
Lack of clarity on MCO 3.0 conditions raises growth concerns, say economistsThe Edge2021-05-25
Bursa's first net inflow of foreign funds in nine weeksNew Straits Times2021-05-24
Muhyiddin: Malaysia's economy improves following govt's recovery measuresThe Edge2021-05-23
Foreign inflows into bonds continueRAM Ratings2021-05-21
Consumer Price Index Malaysia April 2021Department of Statistics2021-05-21
Sukuk yield movement should not correlate with conventional interest-rate environmentThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-21
Maxis Broadband sells M$900m 5yr at 3.5%IFR2021-05-20
Demand for Malaysia's corporate bond, sukuk issuances to remain healthy: MARC chiefNew Straits Times2021-05-20
Alternative Reference Rate and Strategic Direction on KLIBOR and KLIRR for the Malaysian Financial MarketsBank Negara Malaysia2021-05-19
Moody’s: Malaysia’s banking sector remains strongThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-19
Cagamas' RM1.04 billion Bonds and Sukuk Receives Overwhelming ResponseCagamas2021-05-18
MCO 3.0 derails Malaysia’s recovery abilityThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-17
Wider vaccination, herd immunity vital to recovery - Moody's AnalyticsThe Edge2021-05-14
More room for monetary policy to support Malaysia's economy: Bank NegaraNew Straits Times2021-05-12
Malaysian bonds still an attractive buy for foreign investors, says KenangaNew Straits Times2021-05-11
Economic and Financial Developments in Malaysia in the First Quarter of 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-05-11
Malaysia Economic Performance First Quarter 2021Department of Statistics2021-05-11
Quarterly Balance of Payments, First Quarter 2021Department of Statistics2021-05-11
Foreign inflows into domestic bonds outpace equity outflowsThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-11
BNM issues CCPT to prepare financial sector to be more climate resilientThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-11
Ample liquidity, low rate to favour equitiesThe Star2021-05-10
Bond market to stay resilient amid risksThe Star2021-05-10
Medium- to long-duration bonds the sweet spotThe Malaysian Reserve2021-05-10
Malaysia’s GDP expected to contract 2.1% in 1Q 2021RAM Ratings2021-05-07
No OPR cut by Bank Negara for 2021, say economistsNew Straits Times2021-05-07
Genting Malaysia subsidiary to redeem bonds under RM5b scheme ahead of maturity dateThe Edge2021-05-06
Monetary Policy StatementBank Negara Malaysia2021-05-06
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia March 2021Department of Statistics2021-05-06
RM slightly lower versus greenback on cautious sentimentNew Straits Times2021-05-06
CIMB Bank sells HK$610m 3yr at 0.88%IFR2021-05-04
Bank Negara expected to maintain OPR at 1.75%RAM Ratings2021-05-04
Labour market to remain tepidRAM Ratings2021-05-03
Equity outflow by foreign investors slowed to RM376.46m last week, says MIDF ResearchThe Edge2021-05-03
Monetary and Financial Developments in March 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-04-30
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, March 2021Department of Statistics2021-04-28
ADB projects Malaysian economy to rebound to 6% in 2021, stabilise at 5.7% in 2022The Edge2021-04-28
Bursa Malaysia to remain attractive, sees Q1 net profit almost doublesNew Straits Times2021-04-28
7-Eleven sets up M$600m MTN programmeIFR2021-04-26
Insurance and takaful sector holding up well despite pandemic adversitiesRAM Ratings2021-04-26
Consumer Price Index Malaysia March 2021Department of Statistics2021-04-23
Climate change could cut Malaysian economic growth 20% below expectations by 2050 - reportThe Edge2021-04-23
Petronas prices US$3b bond offeringThe Edge2021-04-23
Global oil prices key driver of headline inflation in 2021RAM Ratings2021-04-22
Malaysia prints first sustainability sukukIFR2021-04-22
Overwhelming response for Malaysia's world first sovereign dollar sustainability sukukNew Straits Times2021-04-22
Moody’s: Malaysia’s economic recovery lags behind APAC peersThe Malaysian Reserve2021-04-21
Genting Malaysia subsidiary lists US$1b bondsThe Edge2021-04-20
Foreign investors sell RM235.26mil of local equities: MIDF ResearchNew Straits Times2021-04-19
Further liberalisation of FEP by BNM seen as timely to revive the economyThe Edge2021-04-15
Robust bond issuance in MarchRAM Ratings2021-04-15
Malaysia bond laggards show signs of recoveryNew Straits Times2021-04-14
Investors must probe ESG credentials to deter ‘greenwashing’The Malaysian Reserve2021-04-14
Malaysia Bond Laggards Show Signs of Recovery: SEAsia CreditBloomberg2021-04-14
Genting Malaysia makes debutIFR2021-04-13
Malayan Banking prints US$28m 1.8% 7yr bondIFR2021-04-12
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia February 2021Department of Statistics2021-04-09
Foreign holding of government bonds at 25% in MarchThe Star2021-04-09
Maybank arm says did not proceed with baht bond issuance as it secured more cost-effective fundingThe Edge2021-04-08
Genting Malaysia budgets RM1b capex, said to be proposing US dollar bondsThe Edge2021-04-08
HSBC trims Malaysia’s GDP to 5.7%The Malaysian Reserve2021-04-08
Investing: A challenging year for bondsThe Edge2021-04-07
End of ultra-cheap borrowing as market seeks new equilibriumThe Edge2021-04-06
Negative business sentiment lingersThe Malaysian Reserve2021-04-06
Unemployment rate to ease to 4.3% this yearThe Malaysian Reserve2021-04-05
Boost for Malaysian government bondsThe Star2021-04-03
Global sukuk issuance in 2020 fueled by sovereign stimulus packagesRAM Ratings2021-04-01
Monetary and Financial Developments in February 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-03-31
Valuation of equity markets stable if inflation under 4%The Malaysian Reserve2021-03-31
FTSE Russell keeps Malaysia in World Government Bond IndexNew Straits Times2021-03-30
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, February 2021Department of Statistics2021-03-29
Foreign funds sell RM240mil net of Malaysian stocksNew Straits Times2021-03-29
Maybank prints Rmb350m 1yr at 3.1%IFR2021-03-26
Moody’s revises Malaysia’s banking system outlook to ‘Stable’The Malaysian Reserve2021-03-26
Malaysia’s Islamic banks geared up against COVID-19 headwindsRAM Ratings2021-03-25
Malaysia records positive inflation, OPR expected to remain unchangedThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-25
Turning point for local stocks as foreigners returnThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-25
Consumer Price Index Malaysia February 2021Department of Statistics2021-03-24
Turning Point for Malaysia Stocks Beckons as Foreigners Pile InBloomberg2021-03-24
Ruling of the Bank's Shariah Advisory Council on the Adoption of Risk-Free RateBank Negara Malaysia2021-03-23
Ringgit opens unchanged amid cautious investorsThe Edge2021-03-23
Government’s Temporary Debt Increase Due To Helping Rakyat & Businesses: Fiscal Discipline And Consolidation To Follow Once Economy RecoversMinistry of Finance2021-03-22
Govt able to meet debt obligation following gradual reopening of economy - MoFMinistry of Finance2021-03-22
Glacier Assets secures M$555m multi-tranche ABSIFR2021-03-22
Malaysian banks well poised to ride out current crisisRAM Ratings2021-03-22
US stimulus ignites global bond rout, sell-off spreads to MalaysiaThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-22
Win Streak Expected To End For Malaysia BourseNasdaq2021-03-18
Bond issuance remained steady in 2020, says MARCNew Straits Times2021-03-17
Petronas US$600m 7-year at T+85bpIFR2021-03-17
Bond market sees net foreign inflow again in February despite MGS yield spikeThe Star2021-03-16
Cagamas goes on multi-currency bond spreeIFR2021-03-16
Global and local bond yields spiked up in FebruaryRAM Ratings2021-03-16
Malaysia's investment slump shows need for structural reforms, says World BankThe Edge2021-03-16
Foreign funds net buyers of Malaysian stocks, againNew Straits Times2021-03-15
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia January 2021Department of Statistics2021-03-12
RAM Ratings revises upwards CPO price forecast amid sturdy demand and tight supply of vegetable oilsRAM Ratings2021-03-11
Hefty provisions and margin compression dented banks’ profitability in 2020RAM Ratings2021-03-11
Malaysian banks' earnings slump in 2020, still under pressure by impairments in 2021New Straits Times2021-03-11
Foreign portfolio inflows could reverse in March on higher inflation and steep US treasury yields, says UOB MalaysiaThe Edge2021-03-09
Labour market remains challengingThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-09
Worst is behind us, Malaysia will emerge stronger by year-end - Tengku ZafrulMinistry of Finance2021-03-08
Economic response to Covid-19 still a challenge to equity markets, says Franklin TempletonNew Straits Times2021-03-08
MGS yield spike on spillover from US bond rout could be an opportunityThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-08
Malaysia fund's holding in Malaysia Airlines diluted by debt restructuringNasdaq2021-03-04
Monetary Policy Statement for 4 March 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-03-04
Low interest-rate level helping drive property demandThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-04
Negative rating actions dominated in 2020 but overall credit quality still resilientRAM Ratings2021-03-03
HSBC Global Research now expects BNM to maintain OPR this yearThe Edge2021-03-03
RAM expects OPR to be held at 1.75% amid nascent recoveryRAM Ratings2021-03-02
Govt determined to open Malaysia’s economyThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-02
Tax collection of RM144b in 2021 possibleThe Malaysian Reserve2021-03-02
Malaysia Stock Market May Extend Friday's LossesNasdaq2021-02-28
Monetary and Financial Developments in January 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-02-26
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, January 2021Department of Statistics2021-02-26
Malaysian economy expected to turn positive this year on Covid-19 vaccine roll outThe Edge2021-02-26
Joint Statement by Bank Negara Malaysia and Securities Commission Malaysia: Towards Greening the Financial SectorBank Negara Malaysia2021-02-25
Malaysian Economic Statistics Review (MESR), Volume 2/2021Department of Statistics2021-02-25
A healthier economic outlook in the horizonThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-25
Sustained foreign appetite for domestic bonds in JanuaryRAM Ratings2021-02-24
Malaysia Airlines seals restructuringIFR2021-02-24
Consumer Price Index Malaysia January 2021Department of Statistics2021-02-24
Cagamas prints M$945m Islamic and conventional CPs/MTNsIFR2021-02-23
RAM anticipates rebound in headline inflation in JanuaryRAM Ratings2021-02-23
MGS begins 2021 with heightened volatility in JanuaryNew Straits Times2021-02-22
Continued Consolidation Predicted For Malaysia BourseNasdaq2021-02-22
Malaysia Bourse May Extend Friday's GainsNasdaq2021-02-21
Malaysia, Singapore to gain from global growth in 2022: Moody's AnalyticsNew Straits Times2021-02-18
V-shaped recovery highly unlikely for MalaysiaThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-16
2021 economic growth hinges on vaccine roll-out & virus containment - AmBank ResearchThe Edge2021-02-15
GDP growth better than international firms’ projection: Tengku ZafrulThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-11
Economic and Financial Developments in Malaysia in the 4th Quarter of 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2021-02-11
Malaysia Economic Performance Fourth Quarter 2020Department of Statistics2021-02-11
Quarterly Balance of Payments, Fourth Quarter 2020Department of Statistics2021-02-11
Govt aims to create 160,000 new jobs this yearThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-11
UOB: Foreigners snap up Malaysian bonds at the start of 2021The Malaysian Reserve2021-02-10
Malaysia’s GDP to contract 2.8% in 4Q 2020RAM Ratings2021-02-09
Analysts estimate GDP contracted in 4Q20The Malaysian Reserve2021-02-09
Telekom Malaysia to buy back all outstanding medium-term Islamic bondsThe Edge2021-02-08
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia December 2020Department of Statistics2021-02-08
Additional Allocation of RM2 billion for the Targeted Relief and Recovery Facility and the Establishment of a RM200 million Disaster Relief Facility 2021Bank Negara Malaysia2021-02-05
Export and import recorded growth in DecemberThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-05
Analysts offer mixed outlook on Bursa MalaysiaThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-04
Finance minister: Foreign inflows into bond mart reflect confidence in country’s policies, directionMalay Mail2021-02-02
RAM Sustainability launches R1ESGo - new benchmark for industry and entity ESG risksRAM Ratings2021-02-02
More fiscal injection needed to save economyThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-02
Malaysia’s trade outlook promisingThe Malaysian Reserve2021-02-02
Malaysia’s economy to worsen on muted private consumption - FitchThe Edge2021-02-01
Bond market remains robustThe Star2021-02-01
Malaysia’s external trade expected to remain modest in 2021The Malaysian Reserve2021-01-30
RAM revises Malaysia’s GDP forecast for 2021; recovery still at risk from further containment measuresRAM Ratings2021-01-29
Monetary and Financial Developments in December 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2021-01-29
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, December 2020Department of Statistics2021-01-29
Moody’s Reaffirms Malaysia’s Ratings and Stable OutlookMinistry of Finance2021-01-28
Malaysian Economic Statistics Review (MESR), Volume 1/2021Department of Statistics2021-01-27
Foreign interest in Malaysia's bond market to remain strong despite likely future rate cut - UOBThe Edge2021-01-26
Govt has no intention to increase statutory debt level - MoFThe Edge2021-01-26
The State of the Nation: MCO 2.0 could hasten OPR cut, stronger ringgit seenThe Edge2021-01-25
BNM can help finance budget deficit, but under strict conditionsThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-25
Consumer Price Index Malaysia December 2020Department of Statistics2021-01-22
Lockdown Will Take Toll on Malaysia’s Already Steep Yield CurveBloomberg2021-01-22
SC's Green SRI sukuk grant expanded, renamedNew Straits Times2021-01-21
Robust corporate bond issuance in 2020 despite pandemicRAM Ratings2021-01-21
KLCI rises 0.57% in line with global stocks as renewed optimism lifts sentimentThe Edge2021-01-21
Bank Negara Malaysia keeps OPR at 1.75% but has room to ease furtherRAM Ratings2021-01-20
Statement on Statutory Reserve RequirementBank Negara Malaysia2021-01-20
Monetary Policy StatementBank Negara Malaysia2021-01-20
Cagamas kicks off 2021 with bonds, sukuk issuances worth RM710milThe Star2021-01-20
Malaysia rate outlook split amid lockdownThe Edge2021-01-20
OCBC Bank: BNM likely to cut OPR againThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-19
A turnaround in CPI expected in 2021 on commodity pricesThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-18
Ringgit expected to outperform other Asian currenciesThe Sun Daily2021-01-14
HSBC forecasts 6% GDP growth in 2021 for Malaysia, ringgit to hit 3.96 by year-endThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-14
Malaysia and Asian bonds see foreign inflows for 7th straight month in DecThe Star2021-01-14
2021 GDP may be revised downThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-13
Malaysia’s Capital Markets to Remain Open; Most Sectors of Economy Remain OpenMinistry of Finance2021-01-12
Foreign buying of govt bonds held up in December despite Fitch downgradeThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-12
More fiscal support expected in 2021The Malaysian Reserve2021-01-12
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia November 2020Department of Statistics2021-01-11
KLCI sentiment stays negative amid lockdown fearsThe Edge2021-01-11
Movement control extensions to hit recoveryThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-07
‘January effect’ will not likely kick in on bearish influencesThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-07
Crude oil price rise boosts ringgitNew Straits Times2021-01-06
2021: Property sales outlook tied to health of economyThe Malaysian Reserve2021-01-04
Monetary and Financial Developments in November 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-12-31
November exports beat economists' forecastsThe Edge2020-12-28
Foreign selling on Bursa at RM24.76b year-to-date, says MIDF ResearchThe Edge2020-12-28
Economic recovery likely in early months of 2021 - DoSMThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-24
Malaysia Economic Statistics Review (MESR), Volume 8/2020Department of Statistics2020-12-24
Consumer Price Index Malaysia November 2020Department of Statistics2020-12-23
The Financial Markets Committee (FMC) will drive the development of an alternative financial benchmark rate for MalaysiaBank Negara Malaysia2020-12-21
Cagamas issues 11.7 billion ringgit of bonds, sukuk in 2020The Asset2020-12-21
Malaysia’s economic indicators point to recoveryThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-21
Steady demand for MGS and GII in NovemberRAM Ratings2020-12-18
MGS yields rise in November on vaccine hopeThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-18
Foreign-Local Tug of War Hangs Over Malaysia DebtBloomberg2020-12-18
Positive economic sentiment pushes ringgit to open higherThe Edge2020-12-16
Malaysia’s October industrial production drops 5%: Moody’s AnalyticsThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-14
Ringgit set to gain on stronger oil pricesThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-14
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia October 2020Department of Statistics2020-12-11
Air Selangor increases multi-tranche sukuk to M$1.1bnIFR2020-12-11
RHB: Malaysia will serve as safe haven investment destination in 2021The Edge2020-12-10
Malaysia's sovereign rating downgrade will not cause major bond sell-offThe Edge2020-12-10
Fitch ratings downgrade also reflects Covid-19 impact - MustapaThe Edge2020-12-09
Foreign holdings of Malaysian bonds rise to four-year highMalay Mail2020-12-08
High volumes to lift Bursa Malaysia's 4QThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-08
RHB Research: S&P, Moody's unlikely to follow Fitch's rating downgradeMalay Mail2020-12-07
Fitch downgrade unlikely to impact Malaysian financial markets, says RHBThe Edge2020-12-07
Fitch Downgrades Malaysia to 'BBB+'; Outlook StableFitch Ratings2020-12-05
Economic target out of reach if CMCO continuesThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-04
Fragile and uneven economic recovery limits Malaysia's fiscal spaceRAM Ratings2020-12-02
UOB Malaysia sees GDP to grow 6% next yearThe Malaysian Reserve2020-12-01
Monetary and Financial Developments in October 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-11-30
Cagamas sells M$2bn 6M/1yr at 2%/2.05%IFR2020-11-27
Economists see no further OPR easing in next MPC meet after October's 1.5% CPI dropThe Edge2020-11-26
Consumer Price Index Malaysia October 2020Department of Statistics2020-11-25
BNM: Malaysia to issue its first sustainability bond for environmental, social initiativesThe Edge2020-11-25
KLCI remains lacklustre as Budget 2021 voting keeps investors on tenterhooksThe Edge2020-11-24
Strong interest in Malaysian bonds in OctoberRAM Ratings2020-11-24
Malaysia set for 'slow' U-shaped recovery as virus risks mount - AzminThe Edge2020-11-20
Ringgit trades higher on RCEP, GDP dataThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-17
Dialog Group sells M$500m perpNC7 at 4.15%IFR2020-11-16
RCEP signing boosts Malaysia's positionThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-16
Malaysia unlikely to post positive growth in 4QThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-16
Budget 2021 a boon for bond marketThe Star2020-11-16
Economic and Financial Developments in the Malaysian Economy in the Third Quarter of 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-11-13
Quarterly Balance of Payments, Third Quarter 2020Department of Statistics2020-11-13
Malaysia Economic Performance Third Quarter 2020Department of Statistics2020-11-13
Ringgit stays flat on uncertainties over US stimulusThe Star2020-11-12
Political clouds continue to hover over the ringgitThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-11
Malaysia's GDP likely to contract by 5.2% in September quarterThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-10
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia September 2020Department of Statistics2020-11-09
Govt's debt may increase to RM1.3t on Budget 2021The Malaysian Reserve2020-11-09
RAM Ratings: Budget 2021 will lend strength to an uneven and fragile economic recoveryRAM Ratings2020-11-06
Ringgit rebounds against US dollar at closeNew Straits Times2020-11-05
Ringgit appreciation tilts towards Biden's victory, say analystsThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-05
Fund flows into fixed income, tech fundsThe Malaysian Reserve2020-11-05
BNM largely seen done with OPR cuts till end-2021The Edge2020-11-04
Monetary Policy StatementBank Negara Malaysia2020-11-03
Economic rebound in 3Q20 could be losing momentum - AmBank ResearchThe Edge2020-11-03
CIMB Group sells M$2.5bn 10NC5 Tier 2IFR2020-11-02
Monetary and Financial Developments in September 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-10-30
Bank Negara may cut OPR by 25bps at November 3 meeting: StanChartNew Straits Times2020-10-28
Felda to issue RM9.9bil sukuk, Cabinet agrees to terminate Felda's lease deal with FGVNew Straits Times2020-10-28
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, September 2020Department of Statistics2020-10-28
CMCO extension to dampen economic recoveryThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-27
Bleaker market outlook as uncertainties loomThe Edge2020-10-27
GDP set for moderate fall in 3Q, sharper decline in 4QThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-26
Cagamas issues RM450m Islamic bonds for affordable housingThe Edge2020-10-26
Budget 2021: Govt has room to borrow and spendThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-22
MGS/GII in favour, records fifth consecutive month of foreign inflowsRAM Ratings2020-10-21
Consumer Price Index Malaysia September 2020Department of Statistics2020-10-21
Cagamas announces combined issuances of short-term papers worth RM600mThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-20
Sustainable bond investment gains tractionThe Star2020-10-19
BNM likely to keep OPR at 1.75%The Malaysian Reserve2020-10-15
Release of the Financial Stability Review 1st Half 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-10-14
Latest Covid-19 wave threatens Malaysia's Q4 recovery: economistsThe Business Times2020-10-14
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia August 2020Department of Statistics2020-10-12
Foreign interest in local bonds strongThe Star2020-10-12
Ringgit, KLCI to trade mixed this weekThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-12
Malaysian green bonds should move beyond power projects: ReportBusiness Times2020-10-06
OSK sets up M$2bn Islamic/conventional MTN programmeIFR2020-10-06
Tropicana returns for M$318m dual-trancherIFR2020-10-05
OCBC: BNM to hold OPR at November meetingThe Edge2020-10-05
How Malaysia achieved a thriving domestic bond marketWorld Bank2020-10-03
Banking system records strong liquidity in August, says BNMThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-02
Lower GDP growth expected for Malaysia in next decadeThe Malaysian Reserve2020-10-01
Malaysia Economic Statistics Review (MESR), Volume 5/2020Department of Statistics2020-09-30
Monetary and Financial Developments in August 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-09-30
World Bank cuts Malaysia's 2020 GDP forecast again to -4.9%The Malaysian Reserve2020-09-30
Big test for Malaysian bondsThe Star2020-09-29
Unemployment rates recovering as Malaysia reopens economy amid Covid-19 pandemicStraits Times2020-09-28
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, August 2020Department of Statistics2020-09-28
Scale of corporate default, restructuring will riseThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-28
September monthly outflow set to slow down - Bank IslamThe Edge2020-09-28
Political twist adds to risks besieging Malaysian assetsThe Edge2020-09-25
Malaysia's economic recovery still weakThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-25
FTSE Russell announces results of Country Classification Review for Fixed Income and EquitiesFTSE Russell2020-09-25
Maybank prices 10NC5/10NC7 Tier 2 for M$3bnIFR2020-09-24
Politics, FTSE review pose threats for Malaysia's ringgitNasdaq2020-09-23
Consumer Price Index Malaysia August 2020Department of Statistics2020-09-23
MGS switch auctions of RM3.1 bil conducted to increase liquidity - BNMThe Edge2020-09-23
At worst, Malaysia may just remain on FTSE Russell WGBI watch list - RAMThe Edge2020-09-22
Malaysia Airlines defers payments to bond holders by six monthsThe Edge2020-09-22
Swirl Assets prints M$595m senior ABSIFR2020-09-22
Yield hunt boosts appetite for Malaysian government bondsRAM Ratings2020-09-22
FTSE Russell's WGBI decision to support ringgit rally?New Straits Times2020-09-22
Bonds remain relevant amid uncertain timesThe Edge2020-09-21
Ringgit to hold steady on unchanged US rateThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-18
Signing of Bilateral Swap Arrangement between Japan and MalaysiaBank Negara Malaysia2020-09-18
Roadblocks Loom for Best-Performing Malaysia BondsBloomberg2020-09-18
OPR cut boosts domestic activity, economic growth - ShaharThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-15
Malaysia 3Q GDP to be rebound strongly if production momentum remains, says RHBThe Edge2020-09-14
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia July 2020Department of Statistics2020-09-11
Enough for now at 1.75pct until first half next year?New Straits Times2020-09-10
Monetary Policy StatementBank Negara Malaysia2020-09-10
Economists divided on possibility of another rate cutThe Edge2020-09-10
Lure of Malaysia's high-yield bondsThe Star2020-09-09
Ringgit risk seen as FTSE Russell decision on Malaysia's WGBI status loomsThe Edge2020-09-08
Bank Negara buys bonds in the market if necessary, says Tengku ZafrulThe Sun Daily2020-09-07
Mixed views on further rate cut, says IHS MarkitThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-07
Another OPR cut will hit banks' earnings furtherThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-07
Malaysia's currency faces two key risks after beating Asian peersThe Edge2020-09-07
PM: Govt ready to implement additional economic stimulus package if necessaryThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-02
Ringgit gains on economic data, dollar weaknessThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-02
Lenders having mixed views on more OPR cutsThe Malaysian Reserve2020-09-02
Malaysia likely to remain in bond indexThe Star2020-09-01
Biggest weekly foreign selling in AugustNew Straits Times2020-09-01
Nation's economy showing positive signs toward recovery - MuhyiddinThe Malaysian Reserve2020-08-28
No more OPR cut this year, said RHBNew Straits Times2020-08-28
Monetary and Financial Developments in July 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-08-28
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, July 2020Department of Statistics2020-08-28
Govt planning for next phase of economic empowerment - Tengku ZafrulThe Edge2020-08-27
Positive outlook likely for Malaysia's equity market in 2021Malay Mail2020-08-26
Malaysian corporates in good stead to ride out recessionRAM Ratings2020-08-25
Economic rebound in 2H20 remains weak on low spending and investmentThe Malaysian Reserve2020-08-24
Growing consensus on another OPR cut by year-endThe Malaysian Reserve2020-08-21
Genting bond yield rises on Genting Hongkong cash crunchIFR2020-08-20
BNM OPR seen lower at 1.50% by end-2020 as MGS yields fall to record low - RAMThe Edge2020-08-19
Malaysian bonds benefit from sustained foreign demand in JulyRAM Ratings2020-08-19
Consumer Price Index Malaysia July 2020Department of Statistics2020-08-18
Significant industrial slack during lockdown created notable labour market weaknessRAM Ratings2020-08-17
Malaysia's 2Q20 GDP's sharp contraction a 'wake-up call'The Malaysian Reserve2020-08-17
Malaysia Bonds Blow Past Peers as Rate Cuts Power RallyBloomberg2020-08-14
Economic and Financial Developments in Malaysia in the Second Quarter of 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-08-14
What leading indicators say about Malaysia's 2Q GDPThe Edge2020-08-14
Malaysia's medium-term bonds remain attractive, says asset managerThe Edge2020-08-13
RAM expects 4.0% GDP contraction in 2020 as broad-based recovery remains constrainedRAM Ratings2020-08-13
Expect double-digit contraction in 2Q GDPThe Malaysian Reserve2020-08-12
Malaysia 2Q20 GDP to decline 18.5% y-o-y, UOB saysThe Edge2020-08-11
Ringgit maintains structural stability in face of Covid-19, global volatility, say economistsMalay Mail2020-08-10
Index Of Industrial Production, Malaysia June 2020Department of Statistics2020-08-07
Govt to raise debt-to-GDP ratio in newly tabled Temporary Measures Bill on Covid-19The Malaysian Reserve2020-08-07
Ringgit to hold steady on MGS yield and a possible OPR cutThe Malaysian Reserve2020-08-06
Maybank lists 205 million yuan bonds in SingaporeThe Edge2020-08-05
Ringgit ends broadly higher, hits five-month high against US dollarNew Straits Times2020-08-05
Manufacturing production rebound sustained in JulyThe Edge2020-08-03
Headline inflation falls in June over domestic fuel pricesThe Malaysian Reserve2020-07-31
Monetary and Financial Developments in June 2020Bank Negara Malaysia2020-07-30
YNH raises another RM87m via second bond issuanceThe Edge2020-07-30
Bursa Malaysia, Singapore's Hashstacs team up to develop LFX's bond marketplaceMalay Mail2020-07-29
Malaysia Economic Statistics Review (MESR), Volume 3/2020Department of Statistics2020-07-29
10-year Malaysian Government Securities yield still attractive, gives room for OPR cut by year-end, says RHB Asset ManagementMalay Mail2020-07-29
Press Metal announces tender offer for 2022sIFR2020-07-28
Malaysia External Trade Statistics Bulletin, June 2020Department of Statistics2020-07-28
No raising of SRR seen this yearThe Star2020-07-28
Maybank issues yuan-denominated bonds for SGX listingThe Edge2020-07-27
Strong foreign interest in Malaysian bondsThe Star2020-07-27
Low risk of perps not being redeemed, says iFASTThe Edge2020-07-23
UOB Malaysia sets final guidance at 3%IFR2020-07-23
Malaysia still in deflation as CPI dropsThe Malaysian Reserve2020-07-23
June net foreign bond inflows at six-year highThe Star2020-07-23
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