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Corporate Bond Market Structural Issues
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Local Currency (LCY) Bond Market Liquidity Survey - Corporate Bond Market Structural Issues

The AsianBondsOnline conducts an annual LCY Bond Market Liquidity Survey to assess liquidity conditions in LCY bond markets in emerging East Asia. The survey aims to provide an updated evaluation of the state of liquidity for each market in the region and identify potential areas for development. The survey is conducted through meeting interviews, phone interviews and e-mail correspondence with bond market participants. Market participants were asked about their perceptions of the current state of a number of structural factors that are known to affect bond market liquidity.

Respondents were asked to rate their respective markets on a scale of 1-4 for each structural issue. A rating of 4 indicates that the respective bond market is considered significantly advanced or developed with regard to a particular issue. One caveat is that the ratings are based on participant perceptions and may not necessarily reflect the actual development state of the bond market. Responses were averaged for both individual markets and the region.

Note on the Data:

AsianBondsOnline Local Currency Bond Market Liquidity Survey