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Asia Bond Monitor

The Asia Bond Monitor (ABM) is AsiaBondOnline’s quarterly publication released every March, June, September, and November. The report reviews recent developments in East Asian local currency bond markets along with the outlook, risks, and policy options. The ABM covers the 10 Association of Southeast Asian Nations member countries plus the People’s Republic of China; Hong Kong, China; and the Republic of Korea.

Monthly Debt Roundup

The ABO Monthly Debt Roundup provides a snapshot on changes in financial prices such as foreign exchange, yields, equity as well as recent monetary policy rate movements in the region. In addition, the ABO Monthly Debt Roundup provides data on foreign investor bond flows of local currency government bonds for the PRC, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines and Thailand.

Weekly Debt Highlights

The Weekly Debt Highlights Report provides a summary of the relevant key macroeconomic data and monetary policy updates released in the previous week in the various economies covered by ABO. The report also includes select government and corporate debt issuances, credit rating upgrades, and other relevant regulatory developments. The report is published every Monday.

ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guides

The ASEAN+3 Bond Market Guides is a series published by the ASEAN+3 Bond Market Forum in collaboration with ADB as its secretariat. Each country-specific guide provides information on the investment climate, rules, laws, opportunities, and characteristics of the local bond market. The guides are produced in close consultation with local policymakers and market players.

Other Publications

This section contains other relevant reports, studies, policy briefs, and papers from the ADB Economics Working Paper Series.

Good Practices for Developing a Local Currency Bond Market: Lessons from the ASEAN+3 Asian Bond Markets Initiative

This report shares the experiences of ASEAN+3 and provides a comprehensive picture on fostering a local currency bond market. Although every market is unique, some lessons from the region's varied experiences could still be drawn on how to expedite the process of bond market development in a developing economy

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