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Corporate Bond Market Structural Issues
Data vary across markets. For details download spreadsheet.
Local Currency (LCY) Bond Market Liquidity Survey — Corporate Bond Market Structural Issues

The AsianBondsOnline LCY Bond Market Liquidity Survey asked market makers from ASEAN+3 countries to make qualitative judgments on the importance of specific initiatives to increase liquidity in LCY corporate bond markets.

Respondents were asked to rate each initiative as either “very important,” “important,” “somewhat important,” “not important at all,” or “don’t know.” Survey results were then quantified based on a scoring system ranging from 4 (“very important”) to 0 (“don’t know”).

Responses were averaged for both individual markets and the region. The closer the average was to 4, the higher the significance attached by respondents to a particular initiative to foster improvements in overall liquidity. The lower the score, the less importance attached to this initiative by market makers.
Note on the Data:

AsianBondsOnline 2015 LCY Bond Market Survey.