Policy Initiatives and Reforms
Indonesia Capital Market Plan

The Capital Market and Financial Institution Supervisory Board (BAPEPAM-LK) operates on a 5-year capital market plan. The most recent plan (2010–2014) outlines specific development strategies for various market participants and a general strategy for the capital market and non-bank financial industry. Proposed reforms are also included in the Capital Market Plan.

Indonesian Banking Architecture

The Indonesian Banking Architecture (weblink provided below) establishes the banking system’s direction, outline, and working structures for a 5–10 year period in support of a strong, stable, and efficient banking system that promotes national economic growth.

The Indonesian Banking Architecture comprises the following sections:

  • Six Pillars of Indonesian Banking Architecture;
  • Challenges Ahead; 
  • Action Plan; and 
  • Phases of Implementation
Blueprint for the Development of Islamic Banking

Bank Indonesia (BI) maintains a 10-year blueprint for the development of Islamic banking. The blueprint formalizes Indonesia’s strategic bid to strengthen Islamic banking institutions with respect to shari’a compliance, regulatory structures, operational efficiency, and systemic stability. This effort is regarded as an important step towards building Indonesia’s Islamic capital markets.